David Castillo: Receiving the Attention He Deserves

by lewwaters

I first began hearing about Republican, David Castillo in May 2009 and was privileged to finally meet him face to face at the June 13, 2009 GOP Central Committee Meeting. From the start I was impressed with his stand on issues and his reasons for running for office. To me, David was a rebirth of the conservative movement that swept into power in 1994, before they abandoned their base and shifted left, presumably to hold power as did the Democrats for nearly 40 years.

My initial impressions are recorded at Castillo For Congress, 3rd District, Washington State

Castillo has been campaigning the old fashioned way for nearly a year now, traveling the width and breadth of the 3rd Congressional District, building his support base and gathering donations from private citizens. He has maintained a consistent message of conservatism and answered pertinent questions based upon his long-held values, not what sounds expedient before a certain group.

He entered the race prepared for a tough campaign against a powerfully entrenched Democratic opponent, Brian Baird, who was in his sixth term as 3rd CD Representative, unlike another who jumped in only after Baird announced retirement and assuming “chosen one” status as GOP machine insiders gathered behind with the same old flawed policy that continues to lose elections for the GOP.

Some noise was made in national media over Jaime Herrera’s sudden entrance into the race, less than 2 hours after Baird’s announcement as an article appeared in congressional media outlet, The Hill, telling us, “Herrera fills out GOP lineup card in retiree districts” as if none were running already and had been building support within our District.

Since Herrera’s sudden entrance in December, we have been treated to media claims of her conservative bona fides, Democrats false comparison to Sarah Palin and even local liberal reporter, Kathy Durbin, suddenly finding a Republican she could fawn over.

Castillo was pushed aside by GOP insiders who falsely seem to think that who they promote is who the voters will go for as 2 county parties prematurely endorsed “the chosen one” over all others.

Castillo kept his head down and continued campaigning as he had, not flying back to Washington D.C. to court special interest money.

At least 2 local bloggers saw through the façade and through many documented public sources, revealed inconsistencies in her legislative record. Besides Clark County Conservative doing so, Clark County Politics, along with the mirror site, Jaime Herrera Watch have steadily maintained a consistent effort to get the truth out about these candidates hoping to win the nomination for the 3rd Congressional District seat in the House of Representatives.

Bucking party insiders of these counties has brought cries of “hate speech,” “rabid Herrera haters” and “liars,” from some party leaders in at least 2 counties, who never documented a single claim.

Their efforts seem to be failing as conservatives are noticing who articulates a strong, consistent and conservative message and it isn’t Jaime Herrera, who is most often vague and general outside of prepared remarks.

Earlier in May, Swing State Project informed us,

“You keep hearing from Beltway media that state Rep. Jaime Herrera is the person to beat in the GOP primary for this open seat, but other than ex-Sen. Slade Gorton and her ex-boss, Rep. Cathy McMorris Rogers, I’m hard-pressed to think of any endorsements of consequence for her. David Castillo has lined up most of the local support within the 3rd, and now he got endorsements from a variety of local leaders in the evangelical community, including Joe Fuiten (probably the most prominent Christian right leader in Washington) and ex-Rep. Randy Tate (who briefly led the national Christian Coalition after getting bounced out of office).”

In late April, Seattle P.I.’s Joel Connelly, covering the first candidate’s forum held in Longview, told us about Castillo,

“He is considered an underdog to State Rep. Jaime Herrera on the Republican side of the fence. But he was by far the most articulate and engaging of GOP candidates on stage Thursday night.”

Also from the Seattle P.I. in May, we are told that although

“The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) immediately began touting State Rep. Jaime Herrera, and virtually ignored Castillo, Castillo bagged Tea Party activists and now he has captured Christian conservatives” and “Castillo has proven a fighter. He stood out among four Republican hopefuls at a recent debate in Longview…”

Today, May 17, 2010, Roll Call, covering congressional races tells us,

“After Baird’s announcement, national Republicans appeared to be most excited about state Rep. Jaime Herrera, although now it appears there will be a competitive race for the GOP nomination. Former Bush administration official David Castillo got into the race before Baird said he was leaving, and he appears to have a great deal of support from conservative activists in the area.”

My friend and fellow blogger at Jaime Herrera Watch states, “The problem is the scrutiny and Herrera’s inability to withstand it.”

How true. As I witnessed myself last Thursday evening, Herrera has trouble in taking a strong consistent stand on matter of national importance without cue cards in front of her. Some questions she didn’t even answer directly, but skirted around trying to sound as if she were addressing them.

Conservatives are tired of the same old, same old. They don’t want imitation conservatives who walk across the aisle and are unable to draw the other side to our side. It needs to be a two way crossing all of the time, not only one way.

Our country is in deep trouble and we can no longer afford anointed party groomed insiders with a record of sponsoring and voting for bills that cost taxpayers more in taxes while touting they are working for us.

David Castillo is the candidate we have been searching for over the years. Although he doesn’t have a legislative voting record or wads of special interest money funding him, he does have conservative support and a consistent stand on issues that matter to us.

The party can continue to front Herrera, but they are missing that people are beginning to pay more attention to candidates themselves and less to party recommendations.

One Clark County GOP official, upset over a truthful call about Herrera’s record, stated,

“we would all have supported David had he been successful rather than Jaime in the primary election. But that offer is no longer on the table.”

This same official has been continually ignoring the whisper campaign against David and it appears, ignoring what voters prefer as well.

David Castillo is the true conservative running for this seat. He gives us the best chance we have had in a very long time to turn our government back to actually representing the people, not special interests.

His experience, ability and consistent conservative stand on the relevant issues is what has won elections in the past for conservatives.

He is getting the notice he deserves and we conservatives in the 3rd Congressional District deserve to finally have a strong conservative candidate running to represent us.

I invite you to give David Castillo a serious look. I am sure you will not be disappointed.

5 Comments to “David Castillo: Receiving the Attention He Deserves”

  1. Castillo is the one. Had the NRCC actually looked instead of tippling McMorris’s Kool Aid, we wouldn’t be in this fix.


  2. I am very impress with Mr. David Castillo’s conservative message. It appears to me that Castillo is providing a message that is straight from the heart. He definately has my vote of confidence. I’m sure that the Citizens in the 3rd will reward David Castillo with their vote in the August Primary. Why? Call it a strong belief that common folks out there knows that Castillo is the real deal versus Herrera the unsellable.


  3. Why is there no mention of David Hedrick? Hmmmm. David Hedrick was the clear victor of both the Longview Chamber Forum (even the local Dems said so) and the Republican Women’s Forum. Neither Castilo or Herrera can compete with Hedrick in the debate atmosphere. Lew, you were at the Women’s Forum and witnessed Hedrick’s domination for yourself. Hedrick was the only candidate to receive thunderous applause and clearly won the night. Why didn’t you write about that? Why is Hedrick, clearly the most Conservative candidate in the race, and winner of every exchange these individuals have had to date, being ignored?


  4. J, Hedrick came alive Thursday evening, more than I have seen him before. But, he did not “clearly dominate” the evening.

    I like Hedrick and I like Boyd, but neither has yet to generate the support or donations that Castillo has and neither has been in as long.

    I would definitely say Hedrick did much better than Herrera, but overall, Castillo carried the evening with applause and command of the issues, followed by Hedrick in my estimation.

    Should he gain some significant support I’ll give him more coverage. But, I simply cannot cover every single person who jumps into every race.

    However, WordPress and Blogger both offer free blog sites and I see no reason you could not begin one of your own in support of anyone you wish.

    I’ll even be happy to lend you a hand with one, if you wish.


  5. I was also there.. In fact I have been to several events and I will say Castillo did the best he ever did that night.. I do know I will not vote Herrera and she is just out for herself.

    I spent the last (2) days reviewing every clip I could find on the candidates and Herrera really has issues with keeping here story straight. She downright avoids questions and has a canned response for many.

    I remember a story about David & Goliath and we know who won that one!

    It’s not the money that will win this election. It’s the People that vote that will decide it. As I see it Candidates don’t have a limit on what they can give to their own campaign so we really don’t know who has the most $$$.

    As long and Hedrick, Castillo get out to the people Herrera has little chance as she will get the Business Owner support, but she lacks getting the many more employee’s support! Alot more Employee’s than owners.

    Only Issue I have with Castillo is the Constitution. He needs to read up on it if he wants to claim to be a Conservative.. Otherwise like I said he is doing alot better speaking than before.

    My issue with Hedrick is his Sunglasses.. Does he ever not have them on? I also like the fact he is not “entrenched” with prior politics like Herrera.

    I can’t forget Boyd… While I met him and he seems to be a nice person, He is clearly lost when speaking. Maybe he will get better, but he has a long way to go.

    One final note.. I see Castillo got the endorsement from Freedomworks.. But did he not work for them or was deeply involved with them a while back? I emailed them and got the response that Freedomworks did not look at the other candidates at all. So clearly something is up on that..

    Once again, All candidates need to get out to the People.. Yes the little people that go to work every day to make ends meet because they are the ones that in the end will vote!

    As for me, I’m voting for either Castillo or Hedrick, and I don’t care how much money either raise or don’t raise.. I care about what they offer us residents of Washington State.


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