Is Patty Murray Afraid to Face Voters?

by lewwaters

I just got off of the telephone where I was listening in on Patty Murray’s latest unannounced tele-conference call, lasting shortly over a half-hour.

As usual, the call come, unannounced and those who answer are given a chance to participate if they choose. This is about the fourth such call I have received from Murray and for once, I was able to participate.

I was not able to ask my question due to time constraints. Although I pressed the necessary numbers and was acknowledged as waiting to ask a question, the screener never asked my name or location.

But, the real question is, why doesn’t Patty Murray actually schedule town halls or give voters in Washington State prior notice of a pending call to ask pertinent questions of her?

If she fears face to face meets around the state, why the unannounced calls and such a short time where only 3 or 4 people receive the privilege of asking her questions instead of scheduled conferences where more people can participate?

Is it really representing voters to claim such out of the blue acts is communicating with us?

I don’t believe so.

3 Comments to “Is Patty Murray Afraid to Face Voters?”

  1. Did she not just do a shindig over at the Port with Seanator Cantwell at the Port of Vancouver for the West Vancouver Freight Access thingy about three to six months ago? (I mean seriously really within the past couple of months.)

    I think it would be wonderful if someone actually set some thing up like an event and invited both senators to address us in Vancouver. I know Cantwell was here a couple of months back and its on CVTV if you go search the archives. Patty does a lot of pat-on-the-back events here in Vancouver but I do not ever see her do any events were she sits down and talks to the voters and answers questions like you suggested.

    If Don Benton really wants to make such a thing an issue, he could hold his own town hall events throughout the state and make it an issue in the campaign. (Yes Don, if you read this, it MAY help you TOO!) But it any data gained from an event might also help give Patty a leg up too. So these town hall events can be double edge swords.

    I remember a Dino Rossi event that someone was recording with a cell phone camera (and I guess they asked for people to not record it for this very reason) as it might be used as ammunition by the other side politically.

  2. Breezing in and out of town for fundraisers or photo ops is not what I classify as conencting with the voters, Jeremy.

    But, if prior notice can be made on functions where donations are sought, why not email notices of the time and phone number of tele-conferences or even a real town hall?

    These calls have come unexpected and out of the blue around dinner time, when many are just getting home from work, sitting down to dinner with the family or what have you. I received yesterdays call at 5:16 PM and it sounded as if it was already underway, although no questions were asked just yet.

    If you think back, even Brian Baird issued prior notice of when his tele-conferences would be held and stayed on for almost an hour.

    Benton would do well to hold some sort of town halls around the state, so we’ll see what he does.

  3. Yes Lew, I do remember Brian putting out press releases for his tele-conference but do you remember all the shenanigans he pulled? I think the town halls were also a fiasco too. Not sure if it was Brian’s political senses or it was an underling that really got that bad ball rolling.

    Was it not one of the past bloggers sense that Brian was trying to avoid the face to face voter angst like Patty Murray is doing now? I mean like a year or more so ago. He pulled this same political nonsense teleconferences to not have to face his constituency and it needs?

    My brain was really fuzzy but I remember he was pulling these same moves until he was called out for it. Then the famous incidents came out right after that.

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