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May 24, 2010

Will Jon Russell and Others Join Ann Rivers to End Campaign Sign vandalism?

by lewwaters

I have to admit, this press release put out by the Ann Rivers campaign is one of the classiest moves I’ve ever seen a candidate do.


Ann Rivers announced today that her sign crews have been directed to repair all campaign signs of either party out in the campaign area.

“It sickens me to see vandalized signs of any campaign. As a candidate, I know how hard everyone has worked to get the funds necessary to pay for these signs, and how much work campaign volunteers go through to get the signs up,” she said.

“We’ve been repairing and rebuilding everyone’s signs in our district when possible since we started putting signs up in April,” she added. “but that’s not enough. I’m convinced that the way to end the destruction of everyone’s campaign signs is to activate all sign crews to repair and restore downed and damaged signs whenever they can.”

Each campaign has spent a lot of money getting their signs up for name recognition. The largest signs can cost as much as $80 each. “Vandalism and sign theft will cost all campaigns in Southwest Washington thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours of volunteer time that can be put to much better use,” Ann said.

Ann, who is running for the House seat in position one of the 18th District, is calling on all campaigns in both parties to follow her lead. “Sign destruction has been a bipartisan effort. There appears to have been a concerted effort to knock down all campaign signs regardless of party in the same locations, and that has to stop,” she went on.

“I call on all campaigns and both parties to follow the example of our campaign and ask their sign crews to repair signs whenever possible, report signs damaged beyond repair to their respective party headquarters or campaigns, and to lend a hand to help end this nonsense,” said Ann.

For more information, contact the Rivers Campaign at (360)771-8133, or go to the Rivers Campaign website located at

I live alongside a fairly busy street and over the years have had more than my fair share of campaign signs stolen, defaced and vandalized. They not only cost campaigns money, but supporters most usually make a contribution to the candidates campaign to receive one.

I hope that all of the other candidates running in the 18th Legislative District race, Jon Russell, Brandon Vick, Anthony Bittner, Independent Richard Carson and Democrat Dennis Kampe will follow suit.

With so many saying they wish to see politics cleaned up, now is your chance to follow suit and begin.

Good going, Ann.

May 24, 2010

David Castillo Answers, Is The Tea Party Moving the GOP Too Rar Right?

by lewwaters

David Castillo, Republican candidate for Washington’s 3rd Congressional District hoping to retake the seat held for 6 terms by outgoing Democrat, Brian Baird, was interviewed recently by John McCaslin on America’s Morning News, Talk Radio Network.

Amongst the questions David was asked was to comment on a claim made by Maryland Democrat, Chris Van Hollen that the GOP is being moved to far right by Tea Party candidates.

David also commented on Obamacare and the Wall Street reform.

You can hear the interview HERE

To learn more about this candidate, please visit David Castillo for Congress

May 24, 2010

Dino Rossi to Announce Senate Bid Wednesday?

by lewwaters

Breaking news alert from Politico and mentioned in today’s Seattle Times, the long awaited decision by Dino Rossi as to whether or not he intends to run against Senator Patty Murray will be made Wednesday, May 26, 2010.

According to Politico’s news alert,

“Dino Rossi will announce Wednesday that he will seek the Republican Senate nomination in Washington state…, Rossi also recently hired a consultant, Pat Shortridge, to help him with his bid.”

I don’t know what good such a late entry will make or if he will add a third failed bid to his resume’, but at least now we know.

He has already lost the endorsement of Sarah Palin, who gave hers to Clint Didier earlier, who currently leads in funds raised.

Are we seeing another case of a party favored candidate like we see with Jaime Herrera in her rapid entry into the race for the Third Congressional District, less than 2 hours after Brian Baird announced retirement?

Only time will tell how voters decide, but I also know several people have not been happy with Rossi’s withholding announcing while others worked hard to get their campaigns going and drawing donations.

For me, I cannot honestly say I’m prepared to jump in behind Rossi just yet.

May 24, 2010

Chris Boyd, the Dark Horse in Wa. 03

by lewwaters

I first met Chris Boyd at the March 2010 Clark County GOP convention at Prairie High School, shortly after he decided to enter the race to replace retiring Democrat Brian Baird, joining David Castillo, David Hedrick and Jaime Herrera in hopes of changing the seat long held by Baird to the Republican side of the aisle.

From that first meeting, I liked Chris. Clean cut and very personable, down to earth were traits that I noticed as we talked and discovered similarities he and I had in serving in the U.S. Army, although decades apart.

Having sat down with him for coffee Thursday, I discovered we shared even more than I previously thought, both of us being Veterans of unpopular wars, assigned to the same stateside post and realizing just how precious and fragile our freedoms and liberties are during our tours, he in Afghanistan and me in Viet Nam decades earlier.

That realization of how easily we could lose those freedoms is what prompted Chris, married and father of 3, to continue the fight to protect our freedoms and liberties off of the battlefield of Afghanistan by taking his stand now by running for office.

Chris is the dark horse in this race, not having the name recognition of 18th Legislative District Representative Jaime Herrera or David Hedrick, known for his confrontation of Brian Baird at last years Town Hall in Clark County. Nor does he have the extensive experience of David Castillo, a former official of the Department of Homeland Security and Veterans Administration.

What he does have is a love of America and a desire to see the freedoms and opportunities many take for granted today remain intact for his 3 children when they reach adulthood and he has a grasp on ideas as how to protect them. He has a drive to place Washington D.C. back in touch with the citizens of Washington’s 3rd Congressional District.

Shortly after entering the race, he experienced family matters that drew his attention, inhibiting his campaigning. But, as I said when 18th L.D. candidate Shannon Barnett dropped his bid weeks ago over family issues, any one that places family first always deserves and gains my respect.

Chris is now getting his campaign back on track, as has been seen at various candidates forums held throughout the 3rd Congressional District where he articulates his views and takes spontaneous questions with ease, leaving none to wonder just where he stands.

Chris grew up in Portland, Oregon and witnessing the horrific effects of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks knew he could not sit idly by and do nothing. He enlisted in the United States Army, earning Airborne Jump Wings and served as a combat medic with the 82nd Airborne Division in Afghanistan near the border with Pakistan, achieving non-commissioned officer rank in short time, as well as receiving multiple Army Commendation Medals, Army Achievement Medals, Global War on Terrorism Service Medal, Afghanistan Campaign Medal w/Bronze Service Star, Letters of Commendation and other awards including Expert Field Medical Badge, Emergency Medical Tech-Tactical, and attending the US Army Weapons Unit Armor School.

Like many other Veterans, Chris experienced moments that made him feel proud while other moments left him feeling the sorrow and loss of seeing buddies cut down while trying to help those less fortunate. It was due to such moments that Chris developed his sense of serving others that he hopes to inject into this campaign.

Chris learned “strong and effective leadership” skills by serving under Brigadier General Sheila Baxter, Commander of the Western Regional Medical Command, Commanding General of Madigan Army Medical Center, and Chief of the Medical Service Corps.

He views himself as a “career citizen” rather than a “career politician.” Seeing the condition the country has slid in, Chris says,

“Our political system has been derailed and we need to get it back on track. It’s time for us — you and me — to stand up and do something about it. ‘We the People’ are the ones who created the American government, and ‘We the People’ are the ones who need to fix it.”

As a Disabled Veteran, Chris sees the need of improvement within the Veteran’s Administration to help our deserving Veteran’s receive the care they need and to ease the transition from the Military to civilian life, including hiring preferences for Veteran’s. Should he win the election, he would seek a seat on the House Committee on Veteran’s Affairs.

Likewise, on healthcare reform he makes a point I have seen none of the rest raise, “Requiring the Food Stamp Program to purchase a percentage of healthy products to encourage the reduction of obesity and future medical costs,” focusing on well care equally with healthcare.

Being considered a dark horse candidate, Chris doesn’t receive the media attention, endorsements or donations some of the others currently do. This places him at a disadvantage as he could be easily overlooked. But one thing is certain, other candidates are taking notice of his views and he is making a difference in the race by injecting his views and keeping others on their toes, knowing the current anti-incumbent attitude sweeping the nation could very quickly propel him from the dark horse to a candidate to be reckoned with.

Still, Chris’s demeanor, infectious smile and determination easily make him the one candidate the others all seem to like the most. His dedication of serving others and desire to work for “the person in mechanics shop as much as the person in the bank tower” merits your attention.

Should he not make it through the August primaries, Chris plans to focus on family first then on continuing his education at Clark College where is currently studying business. There is also mention of a possible run for state office in 2012 should he not win the primary, seeing some of our state elected officials as out of touch with voters and taxpayers and not giving Washington State citizens the representation we deserve.

But, I wouldn’t count Chris out just yet, seeing how party favored candidates did not fare so well in primaries in other states recently. And, like I said earlier, his campaign is just getting going and he is making a positive impact on the race.

The August 17 primary is still a long way off and in politics, anything can and will happen. If you have been unable to really connect with another candidate, give Chris Boyd for Congress a look. He just might be who you do connect with.