Dino Rossi to Announce Senate Bid Wednesday?

by lewwaters

Breaking news alert from Politico and mentioned in today’s Seattle Times, the long awaited decision by Dino Rossi as to whether or not he intends to run against Senator Patty Murray will be made Wednesday, May 26, 2010.

According to Politico’s news alert,

“Dino Rossi will announce Wednesday that he will seek the Republican Senate nomination in Washington state…, Rossi also recently hired a consultant, Pat Shortridge, to help him with his bid.”

I don’t know what good such a late entry will make or if he will add a third failed bid to his resume’, but at least now we know.

He has already lost the endorsement of Sarah Palin, who gave hers to Clint Didier earlier, who currently leads in funds raised.

Are we seeing another case of a party favored candidate like we see with Jaime Herrera in her rapid entry into the race for the Third Congressional District, less than 2 hours after Brian Baird announced retirement?

Only time will tell how voters decide, but I also know several people have not been happy with Rossi’s withholding announcing while others worked hard to get their campaigns going and drawing donations.

For me, I cannot honestly say I’m prepared to jump in behind Rossi just yet.

4 Comments to “Dino Rossi to Announce Senate Bid Wednesday?”

  1. Now THAT’s got to be the BIGGEST JOKE of the YEAR. Poor WANNABE I have NO JOB or PURPOSE Dino Rossi going after PATTY MURRAYS SEAT?

    I have the Theme song for his campaign, it’s by Aerosmith; DREAM ON!


  2. While I have a difficult time agreeing with you very much, Chuckie, I’d just have soon he stayed out. It’s too little too late and a dramatic entrance will do him no good.

    You and I obviously disagree over Murray, I think the Mom in Muddy Tennis Shoes needs to go, but I have serious doubts that Rossi can do it.

    Just which one of the others can, I remain undecided.

    But, I’d rather have seen Rossi stay out and get behind one of the others.

    Be a little more careful, we’re too close to agreeing 😉


  3. His delay is very irritating. Had he announced earlier, there were others willing to bow out to support him. However, now they’re committed. People have supported, contributed and worked for them and they are not going to go quietly. I don’t blame them. Sometimes candidate are their own worst enemy and this is another example.


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