Rossi Announces Run Against Murray

by lewwaters

Dino Rossi ended his long silence on whether or not he will enter the race against Patty Murray this morning by announcing his entry into the race with a video message placed on his website,

Rasmussen polls place Rossi nearly neck and neck with Senator Murray, but many comments from voters around the state aren’t as supportive as the polls indicate.

Some speculation has been expressed that others who have been campaigning would drop out and get in behind Rossi, if he announced.

State Senator Don Benton last evening stated he welcomes Rossi’s entry and looks forward to debating today’s issues with him.

Previously, Clint Didier has stated he is in the race to win and will remain in to the end.

Rossi is a Washington State Republican Party favorite, but to date, Didier seems to have raised the most funds and gained the most support. PAul Akers is second with Benton is third over all.

Democrats began slinging mud towards Rossi earlier in May, earning her the new nickname of the Mom in Muddy Tennis Shoes, a play off of her successful Mom in Tennis Shoes meme when she ran for the US Senate.

There is little doubt, though, that Murray is a formidable opponent with a campaign war chest totally some $5 Million and you can rest assured the Democrats plan on fighting hard to keep this little tax happy lady in office.

Whether or not Rossi is the one to unseat her remains to be seen.

You can sign up for updates to Rossi’s bid at

8 Responses to “Rossi Announces Run Against Murray”

  1. You do not mention Paul Akers. I am supporting him. I like the others, but he has both the means, the message and the motivation to win. He is the only candidate who, during an economic downturn since 2008 had a large company, determined to remain solvent, kept all his employees on, expanded the business and hired more employees. He did not take stimulus $, subsidies or bail outs to do so.

    His plan for 10/3 is awesome! Cut spending across the board in the federal government by 10% per year for 3 years and implement lean, mean policies like his company and many employ. There IS waste in every department of government, believe me.

    By the way, check out the Washington State website. They did a poll that came out Monday. The number one issue in Washington State? JOBS, JOBS, JOBS by 62% surveyed. Health care is way down in the low 30s. Taxes are at 6%.

    8 Months ago, the same survey had all three issues equal.

    Which of these candidates has not only talked about jobs but created them and saved them?

    Paul Akers.

    Take a look at his website:

    Ruth Gibbs

  2. While I have nothing against Akers, the top ones vying currently are those I mentioned.

    And, you are right that jobs are the number one concern in Washington State, but this is for a Federal office, not a state office. I really am not looking for someone who would create more government jobs from the federal level.

    I desire someone who would back moves to get government out of it and let business create all the jobs possible, private sector jobs.

    But, since you bring up cutting across the board, where and how much should be cut from defense, while we are at war?

  3. Your are right Ruth. Paul Akers deserves to be mentioned.

    Paul Akers owns and operates a product development company, FastCap; the company has distributors all over the world. Even in this economic downturn, Akers Company continues to grow, creating more manufacturing jobs right here in Washington.

    Paul is a real leader who will make bold decisions and he understand what it takes to run a business, make payroll, create jobs and get our country out of this recession by unleashing the genius of the American People.

    I too encourage everyone; go to

  4. Lew, I continue to be a HUGE fan of yours and look forward to your book someday. I plan to buy 10 copies you know, I am at 70 plus, so you need to write it soon.

    You are mistaken with Akers; he is an excellent conservative candidate for US Senate race.

    Didier stance on foreign policy is bad for America and Benton brings and offers more of the same career politician stuff.

    On the other hand, Akers is right on with the following issues; Economic & Fiscal Policies, Environment & Energy, Education, Immigrations, Guns, Veterans, and he hits a bull’s eye on the social issues.

    Well, young fella we can always agree to disagree.


  5. Thanks for the compliment, Angela.

    As I said, I have nothing against Akers. For some reason, he isn’t receivng a lot of press here yet, much like Didier. Possibly due to their focusing more up north for the time being.

    I truly am undecided on who I will back against Murray and am not 100% convinced Rossi is the guy. I have reservations on his running.

    No real disagreement so far, just indecision on my part.

  6. I am so impressed with all the candidates the GOP has offered for this position. My hope is that those who do not make it to the final 2 will stay involved and consider running for office at the state level. We NEED great candidates!

    When it gets down to it however, I firmly believe Dino will be the candidate to take on Ms Murray and is probably the only one with a real chance of winning. My hope is that everyone will get behind whoever that primary winner is and do what we can to rid Washington of the embarassment of Patty Murray!

  7. Should Rossi win the nomination, I will back him fully. But, his delay and indecision in entering and then, to claim he was waiting for the right campaign people as the reason isn’t setting well with many others.

    Right now, I remain undecided as to just who I will support for the nomination.

    I like all of the top contenders and any one of them would do us proud, I think.


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