Washington State GOP Courts the Tea Party, While Herrera Camp Seeks Distance

by lewwaters

It’s difficult to believe that any one seriously claiming to be a “conservative candidate” in today’s politically charged climate would seek distance from the Tea Party movement, but all appearances are that one candidate running for Washington 3rd Congressional District is doing just that.

As everyone who ever reads a paper, a blog or turns on any news at all knows, the Tea Party movement is a growing group of voters and taxpayers across the nation who are fed up with elected officials, Democrat or Republican, not giving us the representation we desire. All across America, the Tea Party has been making their voices heard and even affecting elections, seeking real conservatives to send to Washington D.C., not far leftists or fake Republicans who side with Liberal Democrats too often, while receiving no cooperation in return.

Such poor performance swept the Republican Party out of congressional power in 2006 and in 2008, gave the White House to Liberal Democrats. While it can be argued that conservatives staying away from the polls, due to not seeing any candidate worth voting for, handed Democrats power, it cannot be denied that the lack of conservative actions on the part of the GOP brought it on.

Tragically, such power in the hands of people like Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, Majority Senate Leader Harry Reid and the Puppet now occupying the Oval Office, Barrack Hussein Obama, has set the country on a course of destruction that will be very difficult to turn around.

But, it can be turned around by restoring strong conservative values in government and selecting the best elected representatives.

Enter the Tea Party movement, who has had their fill of what is going on.

The movement has been marginalized, ignored, demonized and compared to Nazi’s, lied about and even attacked. Yet, they continue to grow and have organized their own support groups for candidates wishing to win an election.

Party establishment candidates have not won many elections so far this year, voters opting for a Tea Party candidate over party insiders. Many in the GOP, while not initially attacking the movement, have been slow to realize that if they wish to remain a viable party, they will need to change their ways to accommodate the movement.

Recently, Luke Esser, chair of the Washington State Republican party sent an article out to County Party’s saying, Republicans & Tea Party Activists Are Natural Allies. In the short article, Esser proclaims, “While the Democrats are scurrilously claiming that Tea Party activists are racists and extremists, the Republican Party welcomes the active participation of these principled and committed citizens.”

Another article that first appeared in the Seattle Times, State GOP cordial to tea partyers quotes Esser as labeling the Tea Party as, “a very helpful development.”

Apparently, some in the GOP are waking up as to where their best hope lies, in conservative Tea Party people over moderate establishment Republicans who have alienated conservative voters.

Perhaps that is why I was somewhat amazed today, after writing of establishment GOP candidate Jaime Herrera’s $35 a plate breakfast held at the Vancouver Hilton, to read of one reporter who attended the event as he noted Herrera’s main handler, Spokane’s Cathy McMorris Rodgers calling Herrera, “The new face of the Republican Party,” after former State Senator Hal Palmer said he was frustrated with the Tea Party and that they were “taking momentum away from the GOP.”

3rd District Republicans Say Herrera—Not the Tea Party—is “The New Face of the Party.”

I recall when Pacific County GOP Chair, Nansen Malin, attempting to run cover for Herrera with a lame attempt a discrediting this blog and fellow blog, Jaime Herrera Watch wrote, “Grassroots and Tea Party members who attended the recent caucus and conventions in the seven counties that make up the 3rd Congressional District voiced their support of Herrera.”

In truth, it was only two Counties, Pacific and Cowlitz. None of the other 5 issued any such endorsement for any candidate.

And today, at the Herrera event linked above, we are told, “Tea Partiers line up behind Herrera’s opponent in the de facto GOP primary, David Castillo.”

Is this why the Herrera camp seeks now to distance themselves from the Tea Party, because in spite of earlier claims, Tea Party people are getting behind a true conservative and not the GOP establishment candidate, Herrera?

Possibly too, in the Seattle Times article above, former Senator Slade Gorton, a moderate himself said the Tea Party “movement looked a lot like past insurgencies that swept establishment Republicans out in favor of more conservative leaders such as Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan.”

He added, “The overwhelming new blood in the Republican Party always comes from the right,” and, “We didn’t really like some of those people very well — and we don’t now.”

Those in attendance this morning think that Herrera might bring party factions together, but it is clear to me that she would be the last person with the ability to do so, based upon her comment made to reporters back in February in Washington D.C., “My husband and I rent. We both drive used cars. We’re not your typical Republican conservative.”

Apparently, her idea of a “typical Republican conservative” must be more in line with the party establishment and not blue collar workers who comprise most of the Tea Party.

McMorris Rodgers tells us, “She’s a young, Hispanic female. She represents the new face of the party.”

An earlier Publicola comment today tells us, “Herrera has the nod from the GOP establishment. Her former boss, U.S. Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-5, WA), and former U.S. Sen. Slade Gorton (R-WA), are featured guests at Herrera’s event.”

Which way is it? Is she the “new face of the party” or just the same old “establishment candidate?”

With Herrera’s vagueness on important issues, skirting many specific questions posed to her and abandoning conservatives in the house to join with Liberal Democrats in support of some bills, it seems the Tea Party has already figured out who would the best bet for Washington States 3rd Congressional District.

And, it isn’t Jaime Herrera.

2 Comments to “Washington State GOP Courts the Tea Party, While Herrera Camp Seeks Distance”

  1. Lew – Of all the people you mention in this post, why is the president the only one whose middle name is included? That’s a curious stylistic decision…

  2. Is there a problem with his name?

    Presidents have often had their middle names included, not Senators, Legislators or candidates.

    This post isn’t even about him, so your concern over the use of his middle name, like so many other presidents before him, is curious to me.

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