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June 3, 2010

Don Benton Ends Bid for Senate, Endorses Rossi

by lewwaters

Streaming video announcement at Benton for Senate

This is going to be a very tough race as patty Murray, the “Mom in muddy tennis shoes” has to be defeated. She has not actually looked out for Washingtonians as instead, has opposed efforts that would have helped us while endorsing and supporting the wild spending spree Barack Obama and the Democratic cartel in Washington D.C. has been on.

Don’t be fooled by her pandering to Veterans, either. She single handedly took credit for blocking efforts that would have exposed fraudulent claims against the Veterans Administration, which would free up funds and resources to be given to those deserving Veterans in real need.

In the weeks ahead I will lay out several other missteps Ms. Murray has taken that has not benefited either the state or the country.

As to who will be able to defeat her, I don’t know. Poll show Dino with the best chance, but polls have been wrong. I have been leaning towards Clint Didier, but much of the support he might have received was withheld while Rossi drug his feet in deciding if he was going to run or not.

I like Rossi, but recall that although the 2004 governor’s office was stolen from him, his 2008 bid resulted in even less votes cast for him.

Didier is an unknown in political circles, but has been building support, leading the GOP candidates in donation so far.

Paul Akers remains in as well and he too has shown a good effort at building support.

But, we will only be able to run one and as of this time, I remain undecided just who I will get behind for the nomination.

Whoever does get the nomination, we must support completely and make every effort to defeat Patty Murray. Her time must end.