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June 7, 2010

Herrera Joins Other Republicans Towards the Bottom of EFF’s Big Spender List

by lewwaters

Evergreen Freedom Foundation (EFF) has released their list of Big Spenders from Olympia and Jaime Herrera has joined in with 16 other Republican and 3 Democrats in being placed at the bottom of the list.

As evidenced by the notice she placed on her facebook page, she is rightfully proud of placing so low along with so many others.

I congratulate Herrera for such an accomplishment.

But, I wonder how she would have faired had HB 1329 been passed into law as either she did not do her homework or ignored it, but Evergreen Freedom Foundation, along with the Family Policy Institute of Washington came out solidly opposed to HB 1329, which would have forced Washington States child care centers into public unions which donated a considerable amount to her 2008 campaign.

Did Herrera Even Read HB 1329?

Herrera Campaigns Attempt At Damage Control

Is Jaime so naïve that she cannot see such a measure, which would have been passed against the will of childcare enters across the state, would have hurt the very low income people she says she tries to help?

Is she too inexperienced to realize that during a time of severe economic recession as we have been in these past couple of years that “collective bargaining” for child care centers against their wishes will push low income workers and single parents out of the state subsidized support programs?

Can she not see that such raises in payments from the state would only benefit the unions at the cost of increased taxes, even more than we now see hitting us on so many things?

I have been told by some of her ardent supporters that she “is learning” and “that she just had a lapse in judgment.” But, as evidenced in the memo sent out by Casey Bowman, Jaime’s campaign manager, she stands by her co-sponsoring and twice voting for a bill that would have put child care centers into the public unions, after those same child care centers had declined offers to voluntarily join when approached by the SEIU.

Jaime claims she was asked by child care centers to support such legislation, but a 2009 House Bill Report shows child care centers testifying against the bill, while unions were testifying for the bill.

Jaime should be congratulated for placing towards the bottom of EFF’s Big Spenders list, but we also cannot forget that she abandoned the Republican leadership and joined in with tax happy Democrats in raiding our rainy day fund of its last $229,000,000.00 during special session this year.

Jaime is a pleasant person, no doubt. But, she is either too naïve or too inexperienced to be sent to Washington D.C. where politics is even more cut throat than in Olympia.

I remain convinced that David Castillo is the right candidate for Washington’s 3rd Congressional District as he brings his experience as a Financial Advisor, sub-cabinet position in both the Department of Veterans Affairs and Department of Homeland Security as well as the maturity of a parent with him to the race.

Castillo was the first candidate to enter the race in trying to unseat Brian Baird, unlike Jaime Herrera, who couldn’t even wait for the ink to dry on Baird’s retirement announcement before jumping in, after saying for months that she wasn’t ready and it just wasn’t the right time for her to run.

You just aren’t ready for the big leagues, Jaime.