Herrera Joins Other Republicans Towards the Bottom of EFF’s Big Spender List

by lewwaters

Evergreen Freedom Foundation (EFF) has released their list of Big Spenders from Olympia and Jaime Herrera has joined in with 16 other Republican and 3 Democrats in being placed at the bottom of the list.

As evidenced by the notice she placed on her facebook page, she is rightfully proud of placing so low along with so many others.

I congratulate Herrera for such an accomplishment.

But, I wonder how she would have faired had HB 1329 been passed into law as either she did not do her homework or ignored it, but Evergreen Freedom Foundation, along with the Family Policy Institute of Washington came out solidly opposed to HB 1329, which would have forced Washington States child care centers into public unions which donated a considerable amount to her 2008 campaign.

Did Herrera Even Read HB 1329?

Herrera Campaigns Attempt At Damage Control

Is Jaime so naïve that she cannot see such a measure, which would have been passed against the will of childcare enters across the state, would have hurt the very low income people she says she tries to help?

Is she too inexperienced to realize that during a time of severe economic recession as we have been in these past couple of years that “collective bargaining” for child care centers against their wishes will push low income workers and single parents out of the state subsidized support programs?

Can she not see that such raises in payments from the state would only benefit the unions at the cost of increased taxes, even more than we now see hitting us on so many things?

I have been told by some of her ardent supporters that she “is learning” and “that she just had a lapse in judgment.” But, as evidenced in the memo sent out by Casey Bowman, Jaime’s campaign manager, she stands by her co-sponsoring and twice voting for a bill that would have put child care centers into the public unions, after those same child care centers had declined offers to voluntarily join when approached by the SEIU.

Jaime claims she was asked by child care centers to support such legislation, but a 2009 House Bill Report shows child care centers testifying against the bill, while unions were testifying for the bill.

Jaime should be congratulated for placing towards the bottom of EFF’s Big Spenders list, but we also cannot forget that she abandoned the Republican leadership and joined in with tax happy Democrats in raiding our rainy day fund of its last $229,000,000.00 during special session this year.

Jaime is a pleasant person, no doubt. But, she is either too naïve or too inexperienced to be sent to Washington D.C. where politics is even more cut throat than in Olympia.

I remain convinced that David Castillo is the right candidate for Washington’s 3rd Congressional District as he brings his experience as a Financial Advisor, sub-cabinet position in both the Department of Veterans Affairs and Department of Homeland Security as well as the maturity of a parent with him to the race.

Castillo was the first candidate to enter the race in trying to unseat Brian Baird, unlike Jaime Herrera, who couldn’t even wait for the ink to dry on Baird’s retirement announcement before jumping in, after saying for months that she wasn’t ready and it just wasn’t the right time for her to run.

You just aren’t ready for the big leagues, Jaime.

9 Comments to “Herrera Joins Other Republicans Towards the Bottom of EFF’s Big Spender List”

  1. Lew, instead of the incessant, relentless assault on Jaime, why aren’t you extolling the virtues of your man, David Castillo?
    You post negatively on any and every newspaper and political site that remotely mentions Jaime, but I don’t see any positive, productive posts on the candidate that you seem to want to succeed the incompetent blowhard Brian Baird. I have to wonder why this is?
    When your candidate doesn’t have a record of serving and thus doesn’t have a record to run on, it is certainly much easier to try to bring down your competitor by bringing up the 2 or 3 things that she has done that are questionable to you.
    Guess what, no one is perfect, but there are a couple of truisms that I must mention here.
    As you well know, politics is not a perfect science, there are often gray areas that a representative may mean well when they are voting on something, or trying to get an agenda item through, and in the process it gets watered down or in order to get part of it passed, they must be conciliatory to move it forward. You know what? Sometimes they make mistakes. I don’t know about you, but I bet even Ronald Reagan made a few mistakes in the early days of his political career.
    I don’t know if this is the case in some of the things you bring up on Jaime. But, I know a good person when I meet her. And she has heart and has her values in the right place. She is a true conservative in her roots, and I trust her to make the right decisions moving forward. She is a good person!
    I think David Castillo is a good person too. I believe though, that Jaime has the legislative experience to help us more at this time in this position.
    I look forward seeing you at the Convention here in Vancouver.
    Let’s not make this such a cock fight amoung Republicans, we have a formidable opponent in Denny Heck that needs to be beat come November.
    Respectfully, John Vanzant

  2. John, it’s too bad you don’t seem to have the same attitude towards the ongoing whisper campaign that has been against Castillo for months now.

    If you had looked over the blog you would see I have extolled Castillo’s qualities, along with several other candidates.

    But, I notice that you, like many others have said in comments or to me personally, don’t actually defend the actions I question as reasonable or proper or attempt to explain them as rational.

    While I will agree with you that she is a good person, I do not share you view of her values, at least when it comes to legislating. Her one comment she made back in D.C. speaks tons more than anything on any website, that being, “My husband and I rent. We both drive used cars. We are not your typical Republican conservative.”

    No one has yet to explain just what her view of a “typical Republican conservative” is, if not blue collar workers who also rent and drive used cars. (my truck is 12 years old and my wife’s car 10).

    I don’t see how you say you can trust her to make the right decisions after her supporting a pro-SEIU piece of legislation like HB 1329 or abandoning the party leaders to join in with Democrats in raiding the last of our rainy day fund of $229,000,000.00.

    You are going to have to explain to me how that is the “right decision.”

    And you are also right that Heck needs to be defeated. I haven’t seen anything in Jaime to convince me she can. Listening to her comments to spontaneous questions, she is often vague and although speaking very nicely, doesn’t really address the question, unlike others.

    Sorry, John, but I cannot share your view on Jaime. From her rapid entry into the race, less than 2 hours after Baird announced retirement to her call to me at home, promising me the email reasoning behind her support of HB 1329 and not following through, I don’t see her as our best bet, just a party insider.

    You are more than welcome to your views, but I have seen nothing to share them.

  3. Lew…for you only & not for publication! What’s with all this so-called info out there that’s being circulated about David Castillo…his 16 jobs & declaring bankruptcy…that the Dems hope to use against him if he wins the primary? What’s up with this?

  4. James, David and 3 partners did begin a dot com business that got caught up in the dot com meltdown. Unlike some others, he did not blame others, but took the appropriate action by liquidating and rebuilding.

    16 jobs? That’s a new one on me. Sounds like the whisper campaign against him is going strong with wild rumors and false accusations.

    Truth be known, the Dems have far more things to throw back at Jaime, should she win, than they do against David.

    Claiming all the times she sided with them won’t earn her any Democrat votes, but sure can sour conservative votes.

    And, if her supporters think I’m being harsh against her, just wait until a real cut throat like Denny Heck gets a hold of her, should she win the nomination.

    If she was fearful to run against Brian Baird, how will she stand up to Denny Heck?

  5. Lew, in regards to your take on Jaime’s comment that “she drives used cars and rents and is not your typical Republican conservative”.
    I’m not sure what you find offensive here? One, what context was that statement given? She may have been eluding to the fact that many leftists believe that all Republicans think we all drive Lexus’s and Hummers and that we live in swank houses in gated communities.
    Seems to me a pretty innocuous statement.
    (As for me, like you, my cars are 15 years old and 8 years old)

    I’m not familiar with this ‘Whisper Campaign’ you are talking about against Mr. Castillo. I, myself, haven’t seen or heard much at all negative about David. Maybe you can clue me in.

    On the rest, we must agree to disagree.

    Ironically, we are both ultimately on the same side. And, I think, you, like me, are a true Reagan conservative trying to preserve this great union from the tyranny that is threatening us. I don’t think you necessarily have some kind of political agenda. I hope that you are just wanting that true conservative come forward to lead us and to help us in this fight to save our country.

    But, my friend, whatever the outcome of the primaries, I will stand with you for whichever conservative emerges and work and give my time to his or her action. You have my word on that. At this time in our history, we cannot stand idly by and let this country sink further into the depths of over egregious government, socialism and tyranny that seems to be permeating this nation.

    God Bless.

  6. John, the article the typical Republican conservative comment comes from is linked on Jaime’s page. If you haven’t seen it, it is at Herrera Plays Insider, Outsider Cards

    As for the whisper campaign, I find it odd how many say they have never heard of it, yet I continue to over hear negative comments on his character and background, all unfounded. I have even had people come and repeat them to me in an effort to show me why I should not support him.

    But, that is the beauty of a whisper campaign. They can’t be traced back to anyone and too many fall for the rumors. You can also see James’s comment above yours.

    I have no problem with agreeing to disagree. But, I refer you back to your first comment seeming to excuse Jaime’s support of HB 1329 as just a mistake.

    I am struck by others who also excuse it by the same thing, “she just made a mistake,” when neither she nor or campaign manager admit it to be a mistake, but try to misrepresent what it would have done, as I documented from several sources in the links in the post.

    I am totally at odds trying to understand why she receives such a pass for her “mistakes” that supporters excuse, when she doesn’t think they are mistakes.

    Excuse the language, but in the Army I learned that “all it takes is one ah shit to lose all of your attaboys.”

    I have no agenda other than I want to see the strongest conservative that can stand up to Denny Heck and defeat him nominated. As I have told many, the 5 years I was gone from the country in the Army, things completely changed. I have not recognized the country I returned to as the one I left.

    That being said, should Jaime win the nomination I’ll not say another word against her.

    But mark my words, when she loses to Denny Heck, the blame will be placed on me and others who tried to get a stronger candidate nominated.

  7. Lew, I don’t understand your statement “If Jaime loses to Heck, the blame will be placed on you”. No, It will be placed on me for backing who I believe is the stronger candidate. Your job is to back who you believe in. My job is to back who I believe in. If I’m wrong on who I back and then loses, then I need to live with myself. Same with your beliefs.
    By the way, thank you for your service to our country, I very much respect you for that.
    When was the 5 years that you are talking about? I assume you were in the Vietnam ‘conflict’?
    The only time I recognized my country was when Ronald Wilson Reagan was president. He was one of the only ones that actually wanted us citizens to have a say in what our government should and shouldn’t be doing to us.

  8. John, let’s just say that I am aware of some in the party that are quite upset that I have not fallen in step in support of the party favored candidate.

    As for my Army time, yes, I was in Viet Nam for 18 months, July 1969 to January 1, 1971 (I was actually supposed to leave a couple days earlier, but a SNAFU or two kept me from getting home before).

    After a short leave I was sent to Germany, where I served for 3 years and 1 month, returning to Ft. Bragg, NC until I ETS’d in March 1977, shortly after Jimmy Carter gave amnesty to draft dodgers. That was the last straw that led me to end my Army career early.

    I appreciate your thanks as well. As I’m sure you know, we received a far different reception back then.

    As for recognizing the country, I grew up in South Florida as a Conservative Democrat and recall life then.

    Oh, not really all that important, but I went back and looked over the posts and found that I have written 21 supportive of Castillo, 18 against Herrera and a handful supportive of her.

  9. My brother, a West Point graduate and Army Ranger during the time Jimmy Carter was in office, ended his career as well when the Carter administration made it difficult for servicemen to be appreciated in our country.
    I was just a young kid when our soldiers were coming back from Nam, but remember how terrible they must have felt when they had a country thumbing their nose at them when they returned. That was a dark time for our country, but it shaped my resolve for the future of our nation, that every American, has the honor and the duty to make our country better than when we grew up with it.
    Again, thank you for your service.

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