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June 9, 2010

Clackamas Sheriff Blames New MAX Line For Crime Increase

by lewwaters

From a report on KATU,

“The Clackamas County sheriff said Tuesday he’s concerned the new MAX line is dropping off more than passengers at Clackamas Town Center; it’s dropping off crime too.”

“In the five months since the MAX Green line first arrived at the Clackamas Town Center, Sheriff Craig Roberts says crime in the surrounding area is up 32 percent this year and calls for service are up 56 percent compared to 2009.”

This is the same Light Rail our elected officials have decided we in Vancouver MUST have with any new bridge over I-5. That I recall, we have been poo pooed every time we express concern over increased crime.

TriMet, naturally, isn’t too sure about the obvious link in the increase in crime.

Crime is bad enough already, we don’t need more

We need to stand together and let those on the Columbia River Crossing Commission and all of our elected officials in Clark County that we cannot afford Light Rail, we don’t want all of the expense and we sure don’t need any more crime.