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June 13, 2010

Bittner Condemns Campaign Sign Destruction

by lewwaters

Anthony Bittner has come forward and condemned the destruction of campaign signs that seems to have escalated with the presence of the Washington State GOP Convention in town this week and weekend.

Several signs have been vandalized and whoever has done it has placed Bittner’s in front of, next to or inside of vandalized signs, being just too obvious in trying to set up Anthony as if he were doing the destruction.

Seeing how so many signs have been destroyed this weekend I contacted Anthony to see if he knew anything about it and to recommend that if some of is supporters were engaging in this conduct, to have them knock it off as it would only reflect negatively on him and his campaign.

As we all know, campaign signs are expensive and can eat up a large chunk of a candidates funds, constantly replacing them.

Ann Rivers, Anthony’s opponent in the race for the 18th Legislative District, issued a call earlier for candidates to repair everyone’s signs they see knocked down or vandalized and pledged to do so herself. Anthony has answered the call as he assured me that he has repaired some of her signs over the last few weeks.

When I asked Anthony about it, he replied,

“There has been a massive amount of sign destruction done over this weekend. I had around thirty of my signs stolen completely, and about ten vandalized. I have nothing to do with this sign destruction and would honestly like it to end. I don’t have the funds to continue replacing my signs.”

Ann Rivers has posted some photos on her facebook page showing the destruction this weekend.

Whoever is doing this is unknown, but it is a juvenile prank, whether it’s younger kids or not.

I know both Ann and Anthony and this is not the conduct either appreciate or would engage in.

If it is a supporter of any candidate, you only hurt your candidate by engaging in such juvenile conduct as well as drive up the cost of their campaigns that could be better spent elsewhere.

It seems every campaign, sign destruction grows around town. Whether it is kids seeking kicks or opponents from the other party, it is unnecessary, uncalled for and counter-productive.

For all of the calls to end sleazy politics and run clean campaigns from voters, you’d think some would realize that engaging in such juvenile antics as tearing down signs of candidates is just that, as sleazy as it gets.

If you witness someone tearing up signs, take their photo if possible or write down the license number of their car then turn it over to Police. Destruction of campaign signs is a criminal offense and maybe some fat fines might help such vandals mature some.

Let’s grow up, Clark County and show the rest of the state how it should be done.

June 13, 2010

A Quick Education for Jon T. Haugen

by lewwaters

I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised to see Jon Haugen attempting another run for public office, after he failed displace state senator Joe Zarelli in 2008. Even though Zarelli is considered a weak Republican by many, he defeated Haugen by a significant margin, nearly 10% more votes.

Haugen ran as a Democrat in 2008, but chose to enter as “prefers neither party,” joining an already crowded field vying for the 18th Legislative District position 1seat being vacated by Jaime Herrera.

I remember in 2008 when I took Haugen to task for his reliance on mudslinging against Zarelli over his own qualifications.

Expecting similar sleazy tactics, I popped over to his website to see who would be his target in the crowded field and what I found leaves me somewhat speechless as to his intent should he somehow be elected.

While he espouses some impressive conservative stances on some issues, I was shocked to see that a retired Naval Veteran would make a call to, “Eliminate the Washington State House of Representatives,” who should know that the House is constitutionally mandated and for good reason as our founding fathers saw that instituting such “Checks & Balances” would be needed to prevent tyranny.

Can you imagine one body deciding all of the time what bills and laws are passed as we see today with single party rule? Can you imagine such a lop-sided governing body full time?

While the House is expensive, costs can be decreased by getting government back under control, not eliminating one of the intended measures of “Checks & Balances” designed by the founders to ensure we remain a free people.

I refer Mr. Haugen to our state constitution where it states in Article II, “The legislative authority of the state of Washington shall be vested in the legislature, consisting of a senate and house of representatives,” clearly modeled after our United States Constitution where the founders designed the system of “Checks & Balances” we have enjoyed for over two centuries now.

A reasonable explanation of this set-up is explained by Robert Longley at under, Why We Have a House and Senate, Driven by Their Differences.

Be sure to visit the Federalist Papers linked to as well.

Longley explains, “The Founders intended that the House be seen as more closely representing the will of the people than the Senate,” echoing what I was taught in 8th grade Civics class.

In other words, Haugen, by intending to eliminate this body of government, seeks to eliminate the very voice we the people were supposed to have as designed by the founders.

Granted, we have not always had that voice due to poor representation, but that does that call for throwing the baby out with the bath water approach Haugen suggests?

Wouldn’t it be better for increased efforts in voter education to ensure we actually receive that voice in the government by electing truly qualified representatives?

Haugen claims on his web page this move of his “Saves at least $10 million per year.”

I only ask Mr. Haugen, a man who I’m sure served honorably in the U.S. Navy, how much is our freedom worth?

Is it worth so little that you would advocate the elimination of the very system of “Checks & Balances” our founders designed to ensure our freedom from oppression and tyranny?

While such a stance might resonate amongst some of the fringe elements, clearly such a stance would not serve the people of Washington State.

I am unaware of a single state within our country that does not have such a system modeled after the “Checks & Balances” our founders designed.

Should Washington State begin the march towards the very tyranny they sought so hard to avoid?

He might have admirable stances on some other issues, but our freedom is fragile enough without Jon T. Haugen’s desire to slowly take them away from us.