Herrera Gains More Establishment Endorsements

by lewwaters

For all of the cries of not being the “establishment candidate,” Jaime Herrera, candidate for the 3rd Congressional District, seems to keep rolling up the premature establishment party machine endorsements and boasting of the endorsement by our RINO Secretary of State, Sam Reed, at a recent forum.

With the primaries not held until August 17, the so far three county Republican Party endorsing her and doing their members and voters in their counties a huge disservice, as I previously wrote about when Cowlitz and Pacific Counties decided to make decisions for their voters and issue endorsements long before the primaries are held.

A breakdown of the counties can be seen at Jaime Herrera Watch

From Herrera’s website,

Wahkiakum County GOP Votes to Endorse Jaime Herrera
Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Jaime Herrera announced today that she received the endorsement of the Wahkiakum County Republican party in her campaign to replace retiring Brian Baird for Congress in Southwest Washington’s 3rd Congressional District.

Last night, grassroots individuals from the Wahkiakum County GOP voted to support Herrera’s candidacy during their central committee meeting. Wahkiakum became the third county Republican organization to endorse Herrera, adding to a list that includes the Pacific and Cowlitz County parties. She remains the only Republican candidate to have earned endorsements from county grassroots GOP organizations.

“This citizens’ movement to bring fresh leadership to Congress and restore jobs to Southwest Washington continues to grow,” said Herrera. ‘The only way to win this election is by having grassroots individuals throughout this region get on board. I’m honored by this endorsement’.”

I hate to burst Jaime’s bubble, but organized parties are not exactly “grassroots individuals,” they are organized parties. Same Reed is hardly a conservative. I would describe as a bit left of center, hardly what one would classify as “grassroots” either.

There remain two other candidates, David Castillo and David Hedrick. To date, Castillo is the only one is consistently articulating clearly on his stand on issues or background.

Jaime remains vague on issues and didn’t even make a statement on immigration until AFTER goaded into it and then, it too was vague. Does Anyone Know Jaime Herrera’s Stand On Illegal Immigration?

She has yet to fulfill the promise she made to me on February 9, 2010, when she called me at home, to provide her reasoning for co-sponsorship and voting for HB 1329, a bill that would have forced childcare centers into public unions, after those child care centers had declined the offer to join voluntarily. A Phone Chat With Jaime Herrera.

Instead, weeks later, her campaign manager sent out a memo accusing those of us who dare ask about her questionable judgment of spreading falsehoods about her. Herrera Campaigns Attempt At Damage Control.
Left unexplained is just Who Is Jaime Herrera? What is it that brings her followers, after barely over two years in the legislature, never serving a day in the Military, never holding any private job, sketchy voting record and eagerness to leave the job just over two years ago she claimed there was nothing else she would rather have, that merits such Ron Paulian backing?

And now, she comes forth with the thought that a third establishment party endorsement is “grassroots?”

I guess she was correct when she chimed in that she is “not your typical Republican conservative.”

Imagine the rude awakening she and the establishment parties promoting her will receive should they succeed in getting her the nomination and she folds like a house cards against Democrat Denny Heck.

At the convention this past weekend, you said you and your husband were saving to buy a house. Is it safe to assume that house you are saving for is not located here in Washington State?

Sorry hon, but you’ll get no favors from him like you did others to get where you are today.

11 Comments to “Herrera Gains More Establishment Endorsements”

  1. Just so.

    As a brief aside, have you noticed that Pacific County (one of the three counties drinking the Kool Aid), home of Nan Malin, is, perhaps, the most democrat county in the United States?

    Maybe if she stayed in Pacific and tended to business there, they would have found at least ONE Republican… to run for SOMETHING… ANYTHING. But it was not to be.

    And these people endorsed Herretra. Gee. What a surprise.

  2. Lew,

    Not long ago May 25th 2010 you posted a video about a comment Jaime Herrera made.

    Herrera Says, “That Was A Good Thing” remember that?

    When you listen to her whole speech she is talking about it waking up the American people as they are now doing something.

    You thought this was a bad statement..

    However on June 12th at about 2 min into David Castillo’s speech he made the following comment. Sitting there in the convention I was shocked.

    “Although we all wish our country had chosen a different path 18 months ago, we can be thankful that this President and this Congress have brought us to this moment.”

    Seems he liked that line so much he used it in his speech at the Republican Convention. So it’s bad for Herrera but ok for Castillo?

    My point is, I have been to many of David Castillo’s events and each event he changes what he says to adapt to what others are saying.

    If David Castillo could only be David Castillo then he may be a good candidate. But I hear him using Herrera’s comments and Hedricks comments more and more often.

    If you remember David Castillo first was saying he was not a Constitution person as his wife knew more about the Constitution than he did. But today he is making himself out to be a Constitutional Conservative.

    David was never a Tea Party Candidate, but since it’s working for Hedrick he is jumping on that wagon also.

    Did you catch the (3) quotes Castillo used in his speech that Hedrick always uses?

    If you really know David Castillo, then tell him the people want to hear from him and not hear what others are saying.

    As for Chris Boyd dropping out of the race, if you know David Castillo then you know the real deal.. I talked to one of his family members and got the real story.

    That’s my 10 cents worth..

  3. Yes, Robert, I recall the video and regardless of what she thought she meant, the wake-up should have been in 2006, before allowing Democrats to seize control. We now have Obamacare, Cash for Clunkers, on and on and on. There is no leadership, just the socialist agenda.

    It’s too late to wake up to a flood after your house is floating down the river with you in it.

    Nice try on the Castillo quote, but even with your stretch, it doesn’t quite make it. Did Jaime say anything about it being the wrong course? If she thinks it is, why does she join in with Democrats to raid the last $229,000,000 out of the rainy day fund and co-sponsor SEIU supportive legislation, after accepting some $5,000 from public unions?

    As for him using someone else’s comments, didn’t Jaime follow along months later and call out Heck, acting like she did it first?

    What copyright does Hedrick on the quotes he takes from others?

    BTW, mentioning Hedrick, has he ever openly discussed what he really did in the Marines? Why is he so coy, when Castillo is open? And, don’t think for a minute I fall for that old “can’t talk about it, it was top secret” canard. Been there, done that, know better.

    Baseless accusations don’t cut it with me. When I state a claim, I document or source it.

    If you have something of substance, document or source it or it is meaningless, just hearsay.

    I know both David and Chris and have spoken to both, Chris the evening before and again just before he made his announcement on Victoria’s.

    Bottom line is, neither Herrera nor Hedrick can win against Heck. He will chew them both up. Hedrick’s brash in your face confrontations like he did with Baird won’t work in a debate against Heck and I have yet to hear him say much of anything all that different from the others on issues.

  4. Edwards-go to Castillo’s youtube page and watch his speech from July 4th 2009. That will make it clear that he has been walking the walk since long before we ever heard of Hedrick.

    As for the constitution comment, I was at the we the people event where Castillo said that. It was quite clear that he was jocking. Go back and watch the July 4th speech and quit spreading half truths and mischaracterizations.

  5. Edwards you should go to castillo’s ýoutube page and watch his speech from July 4, 2009. He spent a lot of time talking about our founding principles and this was long before anyone had heard of hedrick.

    And by the way, I was at the We the People event where castillo made tha comment about “not knowing the constitution” and he was clearly joking. Apparently everyone but ignorant shills for hopeless candidates like you figured that out.

  6. Actually, I always thought McMorris made her up out of spare parts laying around the office back in DC during the Spring recess.

  7. I figured you would have a response like that so in other words this is just a David Castillo Blog…

    It’s people like you that drive people to other candidates.

    Yep.. I’ll vote (D) before I vote for Castillo.. Because of People like you.

  8. Robert, you obviously have not looked over this blog or you would see since I have started it, many candidates have been supported and many subject covered.

    People like you aren’t “driven to others parties,” you only fool yourself that you aren’t there already.

    But, you go ahead and vote Democrat. Your support of Hedrick will guarantee Denny Heck wins.

    But, thanks for the chuckle.

  9. Better than Castillo…

  10. Nyah, Nyah, nanny nanny boo boo.

    Grow up, Robert.

  11. Heck instead of Castillo?……only a liberal democrat would say that!!

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