by lewwaters

Once again, elections have rolled in on us. Oh, it’s not the all important presidential election, but mid-term elections that for the local community, are just as important. With the burgeoning deficits and ever deepening debt of the city, county and state, this might be one of the most important local elections we will see.

That’s why it is so important that we voters and taxpayers have some good choices in who to elect and that’s what we have this time around, some very good choices in who to select to represent and govern us. Our choices will give us the opportunity to effectively neuter the out of control over spending and taxation we saw this year. Or, continue on ever deeper into the morass of economic decline, increasing unemployment and welfare state.

At the top of the list are Senator Patty Murray, elected 18 years ago and who has voted nearly lock-step with the socialist agenda brought in by the strangely different Democratic Party that used to actually care about hard working middle class blue collar America.

We have 3 choices to finally replace her and bring some sanity back to our Senate, former gubernatorial candidate, Dino Rossi, former football player, super bowl winner and farmer, Clint Didier and a highly successful businessman, Paul Akers. This is the race I just can’t make my mind up on who to support, just knowing that Patty Murray has to go and any on of the 3 could do a better job in representing Washington State and bringing a touch of sanity back to the US Senate.

We also have a highly contested race to replace retiring Brian Baird, another Democrat, in our 3rd Congressional District. Of a multitude of candidates, three stand out as having any chance at all, Democrat Denny Heck and Republicans state legislator Jaime Herrera and Navy Veteran David Castillo, who also has held sub-cabinet level positions in the Department of Veterans Affairs and the Department of Homeland Security.

My choice here is easy as only David Castillo has the well rounded experience we need to join in with others in turning America around. Heck and Herrera just don’t have it, Herrera too often choosing to join in with Democrats in a path that has brought us to where we are and Heck, a Democrat who would follow along that detrimental path.

At the state level we have several offices contested, one of which is the 18th legislative district seat that Jaime Herrera will be leaving, win or lose in her bid for the 3rd Congressional District Race. Hopefuls for that seat are Democrat Dennis Kampe, Independents Richard Carson and Jon T. Haugen along with Republicans Ann Rivers, Jon Russell, Brandon Vick and 18 year-old Anthony Bittner, just beginning a political career.

Since I don’t live in the 18th I really have no top choice, but by nearly all accounts, Ann Rivers stands out ahead of the rest as most likely to win.

We also see the seat in the 17th legislative district, won last election by Democrat Tim Probst challenged by Republican businessman, Brian Peck. Probst is one of those tricky Democrats who campaigned on promise of not voting for tax or spending increases and if you quickly look over his voting record, appears to have kept that promise. I say appears to because if you look closer, you will see that he doesn’t seem to support any alternative ideas put forth and voting no is easy when you know the spending measure will easily pass with the majority being so lopsided.

Then again, some bills he voted for would bring back door spending or tax increases, such as HB 1329, a bill that would have forced childcare centers to belong to a public union if they accepted state funds for low income families.

Peck, on the other hand, as operated a successful business that has won excellence awards 5 years in a row and knows the value of our hard earned tax dollars and how hard it is for us to earn them and support our families. Hands down, Peck would be my choice if I lived in the 17th.

The other seat in the 17th is open, being vacated by retiring Democrat, Deb Wallace. We see Republican Paul Harris, a businessman and former Evergreen school board member filing to run against Democrat Monica Stonier, a middle school teacher.

Both seats in the 49th legislative district currently held by Democrats Jim Moeller and Jim Jacks are being challenged this time. Moeller’s seat is challenged by another very successful businessman with a lot of experience in healthcare, Craig Riley. Jacks, who has proven the words he spoke in his 2008 campaign, “I don’t know how to fix it, I’m no tax expert” as very truthful, is facing Republican Bill Cismar, a Veteran with 3 decades experience in the high-tech field.

With how the Democrats have driven the state economy to the brink of ruin, both Jacks and Moeller voting to do so and since I’m in the 49th district, my choice here is easy to support both Cismar and Riley.

Moving down to more local races, we see County Commissioner Steve Stuart being challenged by Alan Svehaug, a Republican of varied experience, including contracting and teacher of chess and speed learning. Given the performance by Stuart, raising the ire of many in Clark County and having sat down and discussed with Svehaug his ideas on improving and restoring Clark County, Stuart just may see a tough challenge this time around.

A hint to fellow Clark County Commissioners Marc Boldt and Tom Mielke. Just because you’re Republican doesn’t mean your seat is safe in the next election. Both have not been acting all that “Republican” all too often.

Several in the community were upset over the appointment of Bart Hansen to replace Tim Leavitt, who was elected mayor, on the Vancouver City Council, with little or no citizen input heeded. I have watched Bart sitting on the council and his thin-skin and lack of knowledge of the civil rights opposition of the Democratic Party of old concerns me.

Challenging Hansen is John Jenkins and Jack King O’Neal III. O’Neal is a relative unknown, but Jenkins, 56, a retired information technology professional has ran for the seat before and shares many concerns with citizens on the cities purchase of the Columbian Building downtown for a new city hall as well as the council ignoring citizens on forcing light rail from Portland, Oregon upon us against our wishes.

For county assessor, three Republicans and one Democrat are vying to replace Democrat Linda Franklin, retiring due to medical reasons. David Horowitz, a retired certified public accountant, Daniel Weaver another retired CPA and certified appraiser Peter Van Nortwick. Janet Seekins, a Democrat currently with the County Appraisers office, threw her hat in the ring as well.

Given the problems seen in the County Appraisers Office in the last couple years, I think it is time for some new blood and I will be supporting Peter Van Nortwick.

Art Curtis, County Prosecutor is retiring this year so that seat is also up for grabs. Filing to run for the seat is Democrat Tony Golik, Independent George A. Kolin and Republican Brent Boger, of the City Attorney’s Office. As can be expected, Golik, a Democrat, enjoys Prosecutors Union support as he is currently in the Prosecutors Office, which would continue the current problems in the office should he be elected. Kolin is a private attorney from Washougal. I like Boger because he has some new ideas to make the Prosecutors Office more efficient and end some expensive frivolous prosecutions that shouldn’t even be brought to trial.

As you can see there are several races contested this time, only a few being uncontested. We have choices this time around and it is incumbent upon each of us to learn who these candidates are and work hard to elect who we think is the best suited.

We need to get away from just checking next to the familiar name and actually take part in our democratic process by knowing who we vote for and what they stand for.

Our forefathers left us this marvelous system of self governance and as shown above, we have choices this election.

Let’s do as they showed us and become familiar with the best candidates and actively exercise our choices. And, once elected, we must begin holding each and every one of them accountable.

23 Comments to “Choices”

  1. Lew, I’m awfully disappointed you didn’t acknowledge David Hedrick’s campaign in the 3rd Congressional race. Hedrick is THE grassroots- supported candidate as evidenced during the State convention. His speech had the delegates roaring by the end. Hedrick has an excellent grasp of national political issues and a refreshingly powerful, principled stance on the issues that will make a true difference as our U.S. Congressman. He is the only candidate in the race that truly understands the Constitutional limits of federal power, as cited by the founders, and who assuredly will honor the oath to defend the constitution if elected.

    He has proven that he has the gusto to stand up against government expansion and over-reach, being that he was that one guy at Brian Baird’s town hall who got national attention for being blunt and plainspoken when given the opportunity. What has Castillo done to take a clear stand against government tyranny and for properly limited republican government?

    Before you make the final call that Castillo is the most qualified candidate, please take a few minutes to learn more about Mr. Hedrick’s solid stance on the issues that matter at his web site: I would support Castillo for the job if I didn’t have the quintessential choice of David Hedrick instead.

    Also, thanks for providing a great informational resource in this blog and outing those that deserve it!

  2. I like your points. Thank you.

    Although, I’m afraid you are dead wrong on Hansen. He is a good man, strong on safely and well informed. I believe he should stay on council for another year in order for us to hear him out.

    Others you mentioned favor toward have been known to lie and break promises. For example Jenkins broke a promise on his Columbian blog posts (dig his history and you will find other surprises). And when will people realize our local officials have no control over tolls. Did you learn anything from Leavitts victory?

    Yes we need to get Marc and Tom out of this county, they have more control over the bridge and future of our area.

    Didier is the man to remove Patty, he is answering the hard questions…Rossi is out to lunch.

  3. Cory, when Hedrick is up front about his Marine Service, instead of feeding me that old “it’s still classified” nonsense I’ve heard come out of his mouth twice now, I’ll be more receptive to covering him.

    As a Veteran, that excuse doesn’t fly as even the most secret of missions is no longer secret after completed.

    Since he has made his Marine Service central to his campaign, he owes it to the voters to inform them of what his job was, as I’m sure that whatever it was, was performed properly.

    But, saying it is still classified is one of the main signs we use to ferret out phonies or exaggerators.

    BTW, that gutsy in your face confrontational manner might work well in a town hall setting with a sitting congressman. but, it will not work to gain votes in a debate or to draw other legislators to your point of view.

    Have him come clean about his time in the Marines, then we’ll talk.

  4. T, we are all entitled to our opinions. I watched as Hansen turned red in face one evening and made a public comment denying the culpability of Democrats in efforts to block Civil Rights Passage in the 1960’s.

    I was there, he wasn’t even born yet. It’s an ugly fact, but true too.

    I’m waiting to hear a bit more about O’Neal as he is an unknown to me.

    But, as I see it, the council needs a conservative on it. Slightly left of center is as far as it currently goes and although we conservatives are demonized, we deserve a voice too, if we are to truly have a council representative of the community.

    As for the Senate, I really have no idea who I will support for the nomination. I was leaning Didier until I heard him praising Ron Paul.

  5. Lew, I think Didier’s praise for Ron Paul doesn’t suggest agreement on all issues. Paul is a nut when it comes to national defense, in my opinion. I’m all in for Clint, he’s got the passion for our Constitution that we need right now to save our great country.

  6. David, that is a big part of my dilemma. I really like Clint too. I posted how, the night of the Lincoln Day Dinner, I was outside the Hilton holding a campaign sign for a candidate in another race and Clint, seing me wearing my Viet Nam Veteran hat, changed direction and made a point to walk over, shake my hand and thank me for serving. That really impressed me.

    However, on his facebook page, I read, “Clint Didier Just finished meeting with Ron Paul. What an inspirational leader! Makes me want to fight harder for Liberty! Pics to come. #wasen#wcot.”

    How is one a “nut” and an “inspirational leader” at the same time?

    Rossi is a party favorite and I don’t really think he can defeat Murray. He just doesn’t sound like his heart is really in this race.

    Akers sounds good too.

    So, I remain in a dilemma as to who to support for the nomination.

  7. Yea,
    Let’s get Republicans in there to fix things, they did an AWESOME job with the deficit and economy on the NATIONAL scene DIDN’T THEY?
    So if RECORD DEBT and ECONOMIC RUIN is what this state wants, then by ALL MEANS, lets elect Republicans!

  8. Poor Chuckie. I don’t know if it is all of that excessively loud music that has not only dulled your hearing, but your senses, but if you take a little peek, we are at “record debt and economic ruin,” both in the state and federal level, with Democrats in total and complete charge!

    This is that “New Direction” San Fran Nan proposed? This is that hopey changey thing Obama proposed and what do we foresee in the future leaving Democrats in such complete dictatorial control?

    More of the same and deepening debt and economic crisis.

    The Republicans running, for the most part, are a new younger breed that were not sitting in when the GOP stuck their heads up their butts and acted like Democrats.

    How you and your ilk can complain about Republicans and give Democrats a pass for more doubling everything in a negative direction, escapes me.

    Now, go stand in the corner for your time out.

  9. “RECORD DEBT and ECONOMIC RUIN” isn’t what we have now, courtest of the democrats and their unrestrained spending/income redistribution?

    While the observation is certainly correct; if I’m not mistaken, democrats have been in charge of most of government for 3 years or so now, haven’t they?

    Blaming Republicans. It’s what’s for dinner.

  10. I don’t find Ron Paul inspirational at all… a principled nut maybe? Chuck must be for finishing the job!

  11. I find it AMAZING that YOU REPUBLICANS can SOMEHOW SPIN the DAMAGE that YOU DONE on someone who takes over AFTER the fact!

    The BANKS, FAILED FOREIGN POLICY, and now The Gulf.

    But since The Republicans carry the southern states, THIS time at least, you FINALLY did it to YOURSELF!

    Sadly, the environment was an innocent victim to YOUR RECKLESS STUPIDITY!

    YOU guys are something else.

    Oh and I have a LITTLE SPIN on that overused and stupid “Hopey Changey” saying that Sara FAILin gave to you;

    Hows that “Offshore Drilly Thingy” working out for you!

    DEREGULATE, it’s whats for dinner!

  12. LOL, Chuckie, you are a card, son.

    Spin all you want, all you have to do is go look at the numbers and all of this began shortly after the Democrats minimum wage increase was implemented.

    That was not the total fault, of course, but more bail outs, more spending and failed stimulus, cash for clunkers, Obamacare and just about every thing this joker has done has more than doubled the very problems you lay solely on Bush.

    Remember 2003 and 2005 when Republicans tried in vain to correct and put more regulation on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac? Who blocked it? Uh, Democrats!!

    Funny thing is, Bush owns you all as long as you rely on him to blame everything your lackeys do on. I love how you all are so obsessed with him.

    Glad you brought up that “Offshore Drilly Thingy.” Did you miss that BP laid out a lot of dough to Obama campaign and his administration gave that well a big thumbs up just weeks before this happened?

    Sort of puts that “Offshore Drilly Thingy” right where it belongs, in Obama’s lap.

    So tell us, were you born this ignorant? Or, did you have to learn it?

  13. Actually Lew, you are caught up in twisting the facts to further a political agenda. Theres a word for that, hmmm, lets see, could that word be propaganda? By george I think it is [yuk yuk yuk]

    BP didn’t donate more to the Obama campaign than they did to the McCain.

    but the EMPLOYEES of BP did.

    You see Lew, whenever an individual contributes to a campaign, they have to list basic information, like WHO they are and WHO they work for.

    This informatiomn is PUBLIC.

    So if 10 people give to the Donald DucK campaign, and those 10 people happen to work for Horseglue Industries, and those 10 poeple each gave 20 bucks, then propagandasts such as yourself will claim that;

    Horseglue Industries gave $200 dollars to the Donald Duck campaign.

    With THIS litle education session Lew, NOW lets look at YOUR comment.

    You state that BP gave ALL THIS MONEY to the Obama campaign.

    Obama received $900,000 from BP, McCain received $2,400,000!

    where you propagandasts are spinning this is INDIVIDUAL contributions where Obama DID lead;

    Obama = $71,051 verses McCain = $36,649

    Of course YOU drop out the “INDIVIDUAL CONTRIBUTIONS” part of the story and report that Obama recieved TWICE AS MUCH contributions as McCain did from BP!

    Now if you add in donations that BIG OIL made to political action commitees to campaign AGAINST democrats [remember Lew, Obama is one of those] the amount is STAGGERING, and YOU KNOW THAT!

    We ALL know this, don’t play stupid Lew, it is common knowlege that the Republican party is funded heavy by big oil, and to deny that is foolish.

    As far as the rest of your “facts”, ANY FOOL can look at a timeline and figure out how we got to where we are.

    From the failed Banks, to the Wall Street debacle, TO THAT Oil gusher in the gulf, ALL CAUSED by Republicans making laws that benefit Corporations at the expense of the PEOPLE.

    YOU might not agree with me, but DON’T call me ignorant, I could, AND WOULD go TOE TO TOE with you ANYTIME LEW!

  14. Thank you, Chuckie.

    In case you did not notice, McCain did not win, Obama did and apparently, $900,000 buys a lot of favors.

    MMR that approved of the rig has been under Obama for over a year.

    You can continue blaming every one else, but it has worn so thin voters are abandoning ‘the One’ daily.

    Most of America doesn’t care much for a whiner who can never accept responsibility and always blames others.

    That includes you!

  15. WAKE UP Lew, it is FOOLS LIKE YOU that AMERICA is TIRED of!

    FACTS are FACTS!

    FAUX NEWS and CLOWNS LIKE YOU can CONTINUE to attempt to spin LIES.


    There is a NEW BREED of AMERICANS who are younger than BOTH you and me who DON’ T BELIEVE something JUST BECAUSE they heard it on the Television.

    They rely on this NEW concept called RESEARCH!

    Just pumping LIES down OUR THROATS won’t work any longer!

    Go ahead and round up ALL THE MONEY from EVERY CORPORATION in THE WORLD, that the FILTHY SUPREME COURT authorized you to use against us, it WON’T do ANY good.

    I haven’t turned on MY TV in over a YEAR!

    I don’ t waste MY TIME on CORPORATE funded TELEVISION TRASH TALK, and I am not unique it that situation, as the list of americans who have TURNED OFF the TUBE is becoming the norm, and continues to grow EVERY DAY!

    What good is FASHIST PROPAGANDA if WE refuse to TUNE IN?

  16. Gee, Chuck… that must explain perfectly why your sort is going to get crushed in November.

    Tsk, tsk.

  17. LOL, Chuckie, but you are a delightful distraction.

    I am amazed that someone as you, retired Navy and at the age you must have become, knows so little.

    All of your cute little sayings have all been heard before, most have been tried before and everywhere they were, has failed.

    You bring nothing new, just the same old discredited rehash of history.

    The only thing that has ever given this country the greatness, the unmatched prosperity and freedom we have had for so long has been the very thing you cretins wish to tear down, still falsely clinging to same nonsense spewed in Europe from the 19th century.

    And yet, those that would enslave you still find weak minded individuals who should be old enough to know better to fall for their con.

    Good Grief, Son, grow up.

  18. Ok ya all,

    Let’s put most all the blame for the current crises where it should be, on the American people themselves. We are a greedy, materialistic, want something for nothing society. We complain about taxes but then turn around and want the government to do everything. Granted both parties have not done the job they should have to protect this county from dangers that individuals can not do themselves and have funneled billions of taxes to individuals and companies that do not need or deserve the funds but to get out of this mess American’s themselves have to do the job, government cant.

    Quit waving your flags, saluting and start being a real patriot. Buy American products to give a fellow American a job, find out how a company treats it’s workers and only do business with those that provide a living wage and benefits, boycott companies and individuals that ship jobs out of the US and treat us like we are a subspecies, and give your time to help those that are willing to do something for themselves.

    In other words Americans get off your duff and helps yourselves.
    Watch what you buy, take care in your everyday life to be environmentally friendly so your great-grandkids will have something nice, be involved – volunteer, help others to achieve all they can be, and be a burr under the saddle of business and government…it’s your duty….

  19. Well Marilyn, maybe you “are a greedy, materialistic, want something for nothing” citizen, but not all of us. I don’t expect anything other than what I have paid for and even then, only as required.

    Funny thing about those jobs being shipped overseas. Ever hear of NAFTA? Guess who wrote, passed and signed that into law? You really want jobs to stay here? Talk to those who make the costs of those jobs go sky high, government agencies, labor unions, congressional mandates, taxes, fees and what have you. Businesses are not benevolent agencies, they exist to make profit nd to expand. When they expand, more jobs are created. More jobs created, more people work and pay more taxes into hte treasury, but at a reasonable level. Hence, tax receipts actually grow, not decrease as many think.

    When taxes have been lowered to reasonable levels in the past, revenues grew and so, unfortuantely, did government spending. Why are there 3rd and 4th generation welfare recipients collecting money from a program they never paid into? Why are people drawing funds and benefits that violate our laws to be here? It all adds up and the things mentioned are just the tip of the iceberg.

    I was recently having a discussion outside with a neighbor who expressed much of what you did. All against these jobs being sent overseas, all Bush’s fault, calling for a nigher minimum wage, corporations need to be broiught under stricter control the whole nine yards, right out of Saul Alinsky’s book. Then, we ended agreeing to disagree and he walked over and got into his foreign car. Mine is a domestic truck, but I’m the greedy guy sending jobs overseas.

    Go figure.

    I’d be careful too. “Help yourselves” is a conservative stance that many liberals don’t believe in.

    Oh yes, “real patriots” do stand up and fight our enemies as well.

  20. Hello Lewwaters,

    I’m a little confused. I didn’t blame Bush or anyone is particular except Americans citizens as a whole. The public as a whole are the only one’s who are going to be able to make a real difference.

    Some of my point is seeing people with big flags on their vehicles or spouting ‘patriotic themes’ and shopping at places like Wally world buying cheap junk made in China instead of buying at smaller local store and looking for the ‘made in America’ sticker like I do. Grated I do spend more money for the product but it is better made, will last and I have kept someone in the USA working. Not that I do not buy any foreign goods.

    Trust me I am not a fan of NAFTA, welfare as anything but short term, or people coming to this country illegally and being left alone because “we only go after the criminals”. Excuse me?????

    I have mixed feelings about unions as we who work for others owe them for all of the safety, sick leave, vacation, and rights we have. In the 1900’s before the unions were effective many employers were horrible and people were treated as expendable. Union people died for the safety and security we enjoy now. That said, I do believe that certain unions have made relations with business a tangled mess just to promote their own usefulness which in the end makes no one a winner except the union.

    I worked for Safeco Insurance for 20 years. The company and it’s employees were like family. People called us “stiff” and “stuffy” due to our conservative nature but it was a wonderful place to work and I was proud to be a Safeco employee. Not everyone could make the grade. The last few years were very sad as the company was destroyed by a few factors and no longer exists as a stand alone company. We had problems and hard choices had to be made but the CEO who flushed us down the drain did not have to to that. I will never forgive him for what he did. He was a greedy person who did not tell us the truth and sold off essential parts of Safeco until it could not stand alone. He walked off with millions and the company in death throes. Perhaps if we were unionized the employees could have fought him more effectively; who knows.

    For your information I have never set foot in Wally world and never will, own a 96 Mazda, 97 Ranger and 76 Circle J. Two out of three made in USA is not too bad. Used to own a Pontiac. Plymouth and Dodge.

  21. Marilynn, perhaps I misjudged you earlier when you said, Think I’ll stick to my liberal views, stay away from church. “ If this latest comment is your actual view, maybe you are more of a Libertarian then Liberal.

    It’s pretty hard not to buy something made in China today, but I agree with you. However, as I indicated, many factors have contributed to US made products being grossly overpriced and even lower quality. Labor costs, taxes, government fees and mandated entitlements all cut into profits, which are passed along to consumers until the product no longer sells and to remain competitive, more jobs go overseas.

    And, believe it or not, we have one industry ready to create hundreds of thousands of US jobs inside the US and who is blocked by the government and environmentalists, the oil companies. Not all of them are big corporations, but much smaller and they have jobs ready to go, if allowed.

    As for unions, I agree they did a lot of good in their day. However, they have grown too big and in many ways, have become what they started out to fight. I spent a number of years in the Machinists Union and saw much of it with my own eyes. As for the public unions, since they are negotiating for our tax dollars and most haven’t taken the hits the private sector has, I believe you can see where that hurts us all. I watched in 1980 as the Business Agent convinced members to vote for a strike that wasn’t really needed. For 10 weeks we stayed out at $50 a week, provided we walked the picket line. We were making over $500 a week with full benefits.

    Although we were told it wasn’t over money, we gained nothing but 50 cents an hour to come back and that 50 cents was just enough to increase union dues.

    Oh, you might not know it, but our “domestic” cars have a significant portion built in foreign lands too, mostly Canada and Mexico, but Brazil and elsewhere as well. Even Boeing, touting American built aircraft from the Northwest, has a significant number of components built in China.

  22. Hello Lew,

    I’m actually what used to be called an independent before Independent was an actual political party.

    My formative years were spent with WWII era but progressive parents. Most of the outlook was conservative but I was taught to always look at the different sides, do my own research, read everything I could get my hands on, and put myself in the other sides shoes. Especially to read opposing views to see why those folks have that particular opinion. There are a few nuts in this world but most people have a good reason for believing what they do. There are times I have changed my mind on a subject due to finding out a fact from the opposition I did not know about.

    For instance; one of my pet peeves is people taking anothers’ work and changing it to suit their view, especially if the creator is deceased. Politically correct fairy tales are one. If you do not like what is written, WRITE YOUR OWN, don’t change someone’s work to fit your view. It gives a different perception of that person. The one big change for me was the Pledge of Allegiance. Originally I was upset that a work of art that had been with us for years was being attacked and some wanted it changed to fit their own views. Perhaps it was not totally in line with the Constitution but as a historical document it should be left alone or WRITE ANOTHER. Then I found out the fact that the Pledge we recite today is not the Pledge as it was written in 1892. Items have been added to conformed to the views of some people.

    Well, knowing how I feel about messing with original work you can guess my new stance. It needs to returned to the original as the author did not make the changes or agree to them.

    “I pledge allegiance to my Flag and the Republic for which it stands, one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”
    Rev. Francis Bellamy 1892

    Rev, Bellamy was a Christian Socialist that was pressured to leave his Baptist church due to his socialist sermons. So it appears that even a socialist can do something good for the country every once in a while.

    About the vehicle manufacturing – I do know about that. Even my boyfriends old 93 full size Dodge was assembled in Mexico. Can’t say I do not understand as $20+ an hour here to screw on a bolt is insane.

    I’m back to work tonight for a while for long hours so you probably will not hear from me. (A relief, I know)

    Have a good day Lew.

  23. Marilynn, I was raised by WW2 conservative parents, Southern Democrats in South Florida. I switched to Republican when I saw how liberal the Dems had become with Jimmy Carter’s amnesty for Viet Nam draft dodgers, which, as a Viet Nam Veteran myself who was still on active duty, did not set well with me at all. Still, I have voted across party lines and even argued the point with a Political Science teacher at Clark College. Once I saw that nearly every candidate, once elected, clung to party lines, I saw the folly of that and tried the party line thing myself.

    Having seen now how both parties manipulate voters and the steps they are willing to take to ensure a good candidate loses to an establishment candidate that is completely unqualified and doesn’t stand for stated party principles, I am now more of an Independent, but still a conservative. I will back candidates that impress me as conservative, but will give nothing to either party, not money, time or support.

    I see your point on changing others work, but have to disagree somewhat. Depending on what was changed and why can make all the difference in the world. Rewriting something to change it from its original is totally wrong, but to enhance something to improve upon it is more acceptable, if done properly and acknowledged that it was done. Including “under God” in the pledge doesn’t bother me half as much as some of the assaults on our constitution from activist judges or even a legislature who doesn’t bother to study and see their new bill completely violates the constitution.

    During World War Two, the Supreme Court ruled that reciting the Pledge isn’t mandatory in a case brought before them by Jehovah’s Witnesses who don’t recite the pledge anyways. Then too, I see the term “God” as more of a generic title than a name or identification of a specific deity. We might disagree there.

    And yes, a Socialist can occasionally do something good. Believe it or not, Hitler had a soft spot for dogs and children and began some programs that did benefit Germany, but none of it negates his heinous acts. And no, not comparing the two men, just pointing out that the most despicable can also do something good, even if rare.

    Likewise, with Bellamy, his Socialist views do not negate his work on the pledge, even though Free Masons claim his original pledgeinfluenced German Nazism.

    Any way, enjoy your work.

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