How Petty Will Herrera Become?

by lewwaters

Since it is more than obvious that Jaime Herrera, vying for the 3rd Congressional District seat against fellow Republican David Castillo and Democrat Denny Heck, cannot match either in the arena of ideas, I guess the pettiness and nit picking was bound to come out.

From a supporter and chair of one of the county parties that endorsed her, and who has a track record of not winning elections in her own county, we read a twitter of,

“@nansen: wow, a candidate for congress sends out 4th of July email of events and spells Independence WRONG. #wa03 #wcot #tcot”

First off, what candidate actually writes their own releases? Staff does that.

Misspellings are actually quite common, as we often see in the media.

But, how petty can Herrera’s camp get that after her inability to state a position on an important matter to a Latino Youth Group she recently appeared before, who wouldn’t state a position on immigration until after goaded into it by bloggers, they target something as pitiful as a staffers mistake in spelling?

More and more Herrera shows she is far from ready to represent Washington States 3rd Congressional District.

We do not need such pettiness.

Nansen Malin ought to be ashamed of herself for resorting to such pettiness.

2 Comments to “How Petty Will Herrera Become?”

  1. You know, that’s not close to being as pathetic as the chair of a county GOP organization that can’t find a single Republican that will run for anything in the entire county, a county where EVERY seat is held by democrats and NO Republican is running in the upcoming election!

    On the “pathetic” scale, I believe nansen’s miles ahead of a few spelling arrors.

    Clearly, she’s loking for a post-election job. And that’s the most pathetic thing of all.

  2. “@nansen: wow, a candidate for congress sends out 4th of July email of events and spells Independence WRONG. #wa03 #wcot #tcot”

    You are kidding me right? This woman is head of a GOP? What sort of person from the same party affiliation doesn’t make a simple phone call and point out the typo, to a candidate not less?

    You know this is the reason I can NOT get involved on the GOP level. Sorry, nobody owns me, or my vote. I am still voting for Castillo. He is not resorting to this level of stupidity. I admire his stance on the issues, and I admire him for not addressing Nancy Milin. Did I spell it right? Please go tweet as you feel necessary.

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