House Republican Leader, “Castillo is the Only Choice”

by lewwaters

As the campaigns for Washington’s Third Congressional District build towards our August primary, such a statement issued by Washington State House Republican Leader, Richard DeBoldt is quite amazing, considering that fellow House Republican, Jaime Herrera, is also vying for the seat DeBoldt endorses Olympia businessman and former White House subcabinet-level appointee David Castillo for.

DeBoldt made this statement in a campaign letter sent out on Castillo’s behalf recently. Since he has worked with both Herrera and Castillo, Herrera as a fellow house member and Castillo as the former Chief of Staff to the House Republican Caucus, that he selects Castillo over Herrera, just as the majority of House Republicans have, is very telling in who is best suited to hold this seat back in Washington D.C.

Of Castillo, DeBoldt says,

“David understands that the only way to get our country moving toward prosperity is to return to the common sense, conservative principles that have made this country great. David is not a conservative of convenience. He truly understands that the greatness of America lies in its people, not in government, and he is committed to restoring those principles.”

“As House Republican Leader in the Washington State Legislature, I have worked with David and I can tell you from first-hand experience, David Castillo is the only choice in this race. Only David combines practical real world experience in the private sector, with a keen understanding of government. Not only has David been a business owner, he has also worked at the highest levels of state and federal government. His experience is unmatched in this race.”

“I believe that the 2010 election will be the most important election in my lifetime. Not only is the quality of life for my generation at stake, but the type of country my son and daughter will inherit is at stake as well. I trust their future to David Castillo. I know David to be a man of integrity and character with a unique understanding of the difficult choices that will need to be made to save the America we all love.”

We have a clear conservative choice in this election, and that choice is David Castillo.”

Along these same lines, Brad Shannon, staff writer for the Olympian, while making no endorsement or favoring either candidate, recently wrote,

“Castillo has been the most active in laying out his positions, and he’s used the strongest rhetoric – accusing majority Democrats of socialism. Castillo also has pledged to repeal the national health-reform law and not raise any taxes; he favors Arizona’s new law requiring local police to arrest people in the country illegally.”

“Castillo had hammered at Baird last year on several issues, a tactic he quickly aimed on Heck in January. But in his joint appearance with Herrera, Castillo went after her, too – trying to paint her as the more liberal of the two GOP frontrunners. He told the lunch crowd of Republican moderates including Secretary of State Reed that Herrera, in effect, supported organized labor’s agenda by co-sponsoring a bill in 2009 that let child-care operators unionize.”

In her defense, Shannon wrote,

“Herrera replied that it was legislation that child-care operators in her district asked for; it let the centers bargain for better reimbursements from the state for the care of low-income kids.”

I have to question Herrera’s integrity in continuing to make such a claim on HB 1329 as I posted weeks ago in Herrera Campaigns Attempt At Damage Control, the public record does not agree with her claim. The public record shows unions testifying in support of the bill and child care centers testifying against it. The mandatory portion was modified only by the efforts of Senate Republicans.

If she cannot be straight with voters on that, what else is it she might not be completely honest about?

Denny Heck seems to be trying to buy the seat and David Hedrick’s 15 minutes were up long ago. He also should come forward explaining why he stated publicly his service leading to the disability he claims was “classified.” We Veterans know better. Since he makes his service in the Marine’s central to his campaign, voters deserve the truth from him.

Shannon tells us, “Secretary of State Sam Reed said he thinks it’s important to elect someone who has actually served in a legislative body and made decisions to vote on tough issues,” while Herrera chimed in with, “she would always vote her district’s interests and not cave in to what party leadership might want her to do,” which obviously explains why she abandoned her party to join Democrats in gutting the last $229,000,000 from the states rainy day fund, leaving us nothing in facing yet another $3,000,000,000 budget deficit looming on the horizon.

While Secretary Reed might have a point that electing someone “who has voted on tough issues,” shouldn’t that be someone who can see gutting our emergency funds before our economic troubles are passed leaves us with nothing as we continue struggling and sliding deeper and deeper into economic morass?

It might also be worthwhile to point out that many of Castillo’s endorsements are coming from current legislators who have recently worked with Jaime Herrera and chose Castillo over her.

Castillo has been subjected to some of the silliest and nonsensical claims from Republican opponents that I have ever read. Ranging from posting about his campaign staffs spelling errors to trying to paint him irresponsible because he taped himself while driving for a few seconds, something even the Washington State Patrol said was not illegal, not one of his opponents can match him in knowledge and standing on all of the issues facing us.

This seat has been held by liberals for the past 12 years and except for a couple years, even longer. We have a good chance to regain this important seat in the House of Representatives, but only if we make the right choice and choose the strongest candidate that has the strength, knowledge and command stature to face the likely Democrat opponent in a toe to toe debate on issues of concern.

I have to agree with House Republican Leader Richard DeBoldt, “Castillo is the only choice in this race.”

6 Comments to “House Republican Leader, “Castillo is the Only Choice””

  1. Frankly, this isn’t all that radical:


    Actually, in practice this is pretty much the way things are done in Clark County. You get arrested for a specific crime and taken to jail, have a records check, and then ICE referral and interview if suspected of being an illegal alien. The Arizona law will likely play out the same way unless we can afford to hire deputies and police officers to specifically target aliens.

    I am not going to vote for a seemingly intelligent man who is unwilling to make the new health care law work better. Any idiot can advocate doing away with the law. Castillo is wasting his resources and prior experience at the Veterans Administration in not wanting to better the new law. I want results from the Legislative Branch.

  2. While I can pretty much agree with you on the illegal immigration issue, Pat, we part company over Obamacare.

    Some laws are just too bad to be tweaked to work better and this 2500 page boondoggle is one, in my opinion.

    While we have some problems in health care, I see nothing from it so far that will lower the cost of health care and as written, will end up giving us less health care, as it has in many other countries, countries that are now moving away from such health options.

    Since you mention the VA and considering that I have not had a problem with them to date, several others have, most notably the recent potential infection of a couple thousand Veterans with HIV, long waits for appointments and such.

    I saw nothing attacking tort reform in those pages either.

    The only way to actually “fix” this POS is to scrap it and to actually work towards real health care reform, not forcing citizens to buy mandated health insurance, or get on the government plan.

    No matter how you dress it up, a piece of crap remains a piece a crap.

  3. Lew,
    You can have problem with any of health care systems, insurance, VA, Medicare, Medicare Advantage, Medicare, military or whatever. I was misdiagnosed last year, made copays, did painful physical therarpy, and finally saw my Washougal chiropractor Dr. William Gibbon. He diagnosed and fixed the problem within 5 minutes and I’ve been on the mend since. Still, I basically like my choices and the VA with their full yearly testing has worked as well as any and certainly better than my old Kaiser plan.

    This does not work for me nor many others: “On Wednesday, President Obama made Dr. Donald Berwick, an expert on reducing health care costs, a recess appointee to oversee Medicare and Medicaid. By using his power to make recess appointments while the Senate is on vacation, the president put Dr. Berwick in a position of critical importance in implementing the new reform law. According to The New York Times, “Republican senators had made it clear that they would use confirmation hearings to distort his record and rehash their arguments against the recently enacted health care reforms, mostly to score political points for the November elections.” ”

    Nor does this: Social Security:

    “House Minority Leader Raises Renewed Privatization Fears
    House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-OH) stated this week that he is unsure whether the Republican Party will revive their 2005 movement to privatize Social Security. Recently, Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI), a member of the president’s Fiscal Commission on addressing the national debt, released a budget blueprint that included dramatic cuts to Medicare and Social Security before effectively privatizing both systems. Boehner has distanced himself from Ryan’s blueprint without mentioning where he stands, leaving many advocates for seniors uneasy about the fate of these programs should Republicans return to power. ”

    Social Security has over $3 Trillion in assets invested in government debt. Lew, grabbing that money that workers and employers have invested in the system rather than pay the benefits is wrong. One year of paying out more out of that huge pot of assets than what is being put in is not a systemic problem. Mr. Castillo, an investment advisor (as I was once) should know this and I’d like him to give his views. A lot of hard core R’s including my FOX watching father-in-law get very, very upset over these matters. We need R’s to be the party of constructive conservative criticism.

  4. Pat, you apparently had better experience with a chiropractor than I had, but I attribute it to the individual chiropractor.

    I too like choices in health care and again, as much as I have received good care from the VA, we really don’t have that many choices within it, do we?

    I am greatly disturbed that as seen in too many areas involving bureaucrats, some become very lazy in their job and the care greatly decreases, as we have recently seen in reports of so many Veterans who may have been infected with HIV or Hepatitis because instruments were not properly sterilized. That it took so long for them to even contact those who might have been infected is even worse.

    I am in 100% agreement with you on the recess appointment of Berwick and his strong background in rationing.

    As I recall, there was a big and unnecessary scare raised over Social Security Privatization during the Bush years when he tried unsuccessfully to reform it. It wasn’t an outright privatization and people our age wouldn’t have even been involved in it.

    Whether or not it would have helped is a moot point now as the effort was blocked and social security remained going as it was and now, it seems to be more in trouble as for the first time, more is coming out than is going in.

    I agree that it is dead wrong to play with the assets of Social Security and both parties have been guilty of doing just that for far too long.

    I don’t know if this is what you are seeking, but on his issues page, under Fiscal Sanity and Personal Responsibility Act I find, “According to the Louisiana State University Federal Agency Directory, there are more than 1300 Federal agencies encompassing all three branches of government. In addition, the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that the federal government now employs more than 2 million people. And, that number does not include the US Postal Service. The only way to reduce the growth in government is to eliminate the vehicles for that growth.

    Upon election to Congress, I will join the Republican Study Committee’s “Sunset Caucus”. The purpose of the Sunset Caucus is to “shrink the size of government one wasteful, duplicative, or unnecessary program at a time.” I will join in this effort and will go further. I will propose a bill that requires each agency, no matter how large, to submit – in writing – justification for their existence to the committee with oversight responsibility for their agency. Each agency, from the EPA to the National Endowment for the Arts will, for the first time, have to explain why they should exist. They will have six months to comply with the bill or the Secretary or agency head will be found in contempt of Congress.

    Upon receipt of the individual reports, I will propose that the Sunset Caucus meet to decide which agencies will be zeroed out for funding in the next budget. Difficult choices will have to be made, but the American people elect their members of Congress to make just these kinds of decisions.

    I will also propose that the savings from the elimination of a specific agency be used for Social Security and Medicare and prohibit the use of the money for anything other than those two programs.”

    He also mentions the “Fair Tax,” and I’m not a big fan of it as currently written for a variety of reasons, but he also mentions a gradual approach in implementing it which might be more palatable.

    But, his idea of saving by actually eliminating duplicate agencies and unnecessary ones might help us quite a bit, if career politicians will join in and decide to actually work for the benefit of the country and not their own pockets.

    If that is not quite what you are seeking, Pat, please contact David or his campaign directly and ask him. Or, since he is frequently coming down her for events, make it a point to sit down with him and speak to him. I find him to very approachable and receptive to people.

    In fact, I was a bit surprised after the forum last evening speaking with Denny Heck that even he finds David to be very personable and someone he’d be very pleased to have as his neighbor, indicating they’d spar over politics, naturally.

    That is also why I continue to maintain that this race should be between Heck and Castillo. They are the only two who state the most specifics and seem the most knowledgeable on all of the issues.

  5. Thanks Lew. Sounds like Castillo is a POG (Priorities of Government) supporter like our state auditor and me. Moving the savings to Social Security isn’t necessary as there is the huge trust fund I mentioned that acts as an economic shock absorber for the immediate future. Long range some tweaking actions can help it out. Medicare is the program in need of immediate help.

    Have you had a chance to interview Paul Harris yet?

  6. Pat, its been my understanding for some time now that the trust fund you speak of is filled with IOU’s currently, the funds having been taken for other purposes.

    I see the immediate problem in Social Security being more people retiring early, mostly due to lack of jobs and not enough younger people to pay into the funding. I’m sure it much more involved than that, but that is what I keep hearing around town and elsewhere.

    No, I haven’t had the chance to speak to Paul Harris just yet. My usual method is after meeting a candidate and speaking a little, I sit down and submit a series of questions through email for them to answer and write something off of that, my impressions of the person and their answers to questions.

    That being said, if you didn’t read my take on the Thursday forum, after wards I met and had a chance to speak with Denny Heck and find him to be a pleasant person. I was shocked that he knew who I was, and it was a sincere acknowledgment, not the typical political statement of some politicians. You can usually tell the difference in their facial reactions and eyes.

    Even though I disagree with much of his political views, as does he and Castillo, his personal view of David of being well informed on so many issues as well as the type of person he would like to have as a neighbor set well with me.

    Visit David’s web site and look over the issues page. You may not agree with him on every issue, but he doesn’t leave you wondering just where he stands or what his ideas are.

    That’s a big reason why, in spite of party establishment opposition, I remain behind him and not another.

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