Herrera Receives Washington State Farm Bureau Endorsement

by lewwaters

Jaime Herrera, candidate for Washington’s 3rd Congressional District proudly proclaimed the endorsement of the Washington Farm Bureau today, as noted on her campaign web page.

Bob Stuhlmiller, Chair of the Washington State Farm Bureau PAC said, “She’s helped us address the critical issues family farms need to survive and thrive. Even when she’s back in DC, she’s shown us she’ll be voting with those on the farms back here in Washington State.”

In April 2009, WFB released an article wherein they state, “AFBF and WFB are working for immigration reform,” and “in order to meet harvesting needs, farms must employ foreign labor.”

Rob Valicoff of Valicoff Fruit in Wapato and a member of the Washington State Farm Bureau also says, “the two strongest solutions for immigration reform are 1) employers’ ability to verify employee status, and 2) a transition period for current illegal immigrants to work toward citizenship.”

Washington State Farm Bureau also encourages participation in ImmigrationWorksUSA WHY REFORM CAN’T WAIT! “one-day conference and strategic planning session for employers who rely on immigrant workers and grasp the urgent need for immigration reform” coming in August.

The August 11, 2009 issue of Evergreen Freedom Foundation’s Living Liberty contains an article, beginning on page14, by Dan Fazio of Washington State Farm Bureau titled “Lasting reforms involve more than just enforcement.”

In the article, Fazio claims, “Jobs are the magnet for illegal immigration, but employers are not border patrol agents. Employers want to hire the most qualified people,” and after basically stating how E-Verify does not work, proposes, “The only real way to guarantee that only legally documented workers are hired would be to establish a national database of all citizens and visa holders, as many countries have done. Workers would receive an identification card with a magnetic information strip, and employers could swipe the card and offer a job, or not.”

Fazio admits, “Such systems are not very popular with many Americans because of privacy concerns.”

On her web page, Herrera claims, “The Farm Bureau and I have promoted the same issues,… that offer a blueprint for the direction Congress needs to take to get us back on track.”

This is a well earned endorsement Herrera should be very proud of.

One Comment to “Herrera Receives Washington State Farm Bureau Endorsement”

  1. So Herrera and the Farm Bureau are both aboard the fail boat on illegal aliens?

    Swell. This is one endorsement the GOP establishment candidate might well wish she didn’t get.

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