Large Turnout at Leadership Clark County 3rd CD Forum

by lewwaters

Direct Link to CVTV video of the Forum, with thanks to Jeremy for posting it in comments :

For any who may think politics are boring and few are paying attention, this evening’s forum for 3rd Congressional Candidates, held at Clark College’s Gaiser Hall should put that to rest as the auditorium was near capacity as Clark County voters turned out to hear what just may be the only chance we in Clark County have to see and listen to all 6 candidates running to replace retiring Brian Baird.

Attending the forum were Democrats Denny Heck and Cheryl Crist, Independent Normal Jean Stevens and Republicans, David Castillo, David Hedrick and Jaime Herrera. All answered questions posed by moderator, Elson Strahan.

I found some of the questions a bit curious, not readily seeing the relevancy to the 3rd Congressional District, but at the same time I realize a congressman will have to vote on and address issues outside of our district. Also, such questions do give voters the ability to see how well each candidate is informed on all of the issues and their ability to think on their feet.

I was immediately disappointed to hear Jaime Herrera state she placed “dead last” on Evergreen Freedom Foundation’s Big Spender list. Disappointed because she is but one of 20 that placed that low on their list.

Asked bout the Columbia River Crossing project, Denny Heck stated he supports a new bridge with light rail and as for tolls, he quoted, “No Tolls, No Bridge.”

David Hedrick, 31 year-old former Marine and accountant spoke of his last employer being a bridge builder, granting him insight into such a project.

Cheryl Crist surprised me as she stated she is receptive to a new bridge, but not to tolls, saying the Federal Government should either for the cost 100% or form a partnership with Oregon, Washington and the Federal Government to fund the project.

Adding her anti-war leaning to the answer, Crist added that if we can build state of the art facilities for Baghdad, they should be able too across the Columbia River as well.

Jaime Herrera agreed with Crist and David Castillo drew a laugh as he stood up saying “the apocalypse is upon us” as he agreed too.

Asked about the ongoing war, Crist responded that we had killed over one million in Iraq and we should bring the Troops home from both theaters and spend the money elsewhere.

Hedrick spoke of the constitution giving congress the authority to vote for and fund the war, but the president is Commander in Chief.

Herrera replied that Barack Obama did the right thing in firing General McChrystal and that he should create a “Unity of Purpose” between the public, Congress and himself.

Castillo pointed out that Iraq is a success and on the road to being a “Muslim version of Israel” in implementing a Democratic form of government.

Denny Heck remarked that Afghanistan is now America’s longest war and what do we have to show for it? I would answer no additional terrorist attacks on our soil during the remainder of the Bush administration, Denny.

Asked about the current Health care reform that recently passed, Jaime Herrera called for a complete do over, but expressed admiration for Obama in that he made health care a “priority” where the Republicans completely failed on any health care.

Castillo is running on a promise to fight to repeal the health care reform bill and pointed out that Herrera’s comment earlier that she favors free market solutions in reforming health care do not fly since she voted in the legislature to give the state Insurance Commissioner more control over private health care insurance and that is not a “free market” solution.

Denny Heck spoke of ways to bring the cost of health care down while Norma Jean Stevens said the bill was not the way and that there are many ideas out there to look at.

Hedrick claimed he would personally author a bill to repeal health care reform and that should Obama veto it, it will be his last veto as he is going to be gone in 2012. I think he might have overlooked that before it can get to the president’s desk, first the House must pass the bill and then the Senate and both must be in agreement with each other.

Sorry Corporal, but you missed some important steps in your rhetoric.

Herrera called for an immigration system that works, reminding the audience that we immigrated here too.

Castillo continued his call for sealing the border, placing National Guard troops there, implementing e-verify, use drones and find illegal’s within our jails that did not commit a capital crime and immediately deport them.

Denny Heck said the current Arizona law is an example of the failure of the Federal Government in handing the problem of illegal immigration and that he favors a comprehensive immigration reform, while Hedrick chimed in that we cannot afford not to deport all of the illegal’s currently in the country.

Cheryl Crist spoke of no fence, lightheartedly referring to it as communist fence, but favored electronic monitoring along the border. She also called for what she labels a “compassionate but vigorous path to citizenship” for illegal’s currently residing in the country.

The candidates were asked 9 questions in total and each gave their answer, Norma Jean Stevens saying she wasn’t up to speed on some of them.

After the event, I had occasion to speak to several people who all came away with a better understanding of the candidates. One lady did not know about Herrera’s support for the pro-SEIU bill, HB 1329 mentioned by Castillo or of her joining in with the Democrats to raid our last $229, 000, 000 from the rainy day fund, with yet another $3 Billion budget deficit facing us. She was very interested in hearing some particulars on it.

Leaving the hall I ran into Denny Heck and also had a pleasant conversation about the forum. He stated he too is particularly impressed with David Castillo and his command of issues, even ones he does not share David’s view of. I have to admit, I found Denny and his family very likable, even if we do disagree on many political issues.

In my estimation and that of several others present, once again Democrat Denny Heck and Republican David Castillo showed over all that they are the two we should see in the general election as they are the ones who continually exhibit the best knowledge of the issues and present the most specific ideas of how to address them.

August 18 will show us just who faces who in November, though.

I congratulate Leadership Clark County and Miller Nash Attorney’s at Law for hosting and sponsoring this opportunity for Clark County to see all of the candidates together in this pivotal campaign.

28 Comments to “Large Turnout at Leadership Clark County 3rd CD Forum”

  1. Absolutely on target. This particular forum was SRO with a very engaged crowd.

    Kudos to the school, and the two organizations who actually sponsored the forum, Leadership Clark County and some law firm who, unfortunately, I can’t remember. (Davis Wright?)


  2. Writing this as late as I did, I neglected to mention both Miller Nash and LCC for giving us the opportunity to see all 6 candidates together. I corrected that.

    What I find most disturbing is coming out of the Herrera groupies on the Columbian’s article.

    She is constantly telling us to look at her record and how proud she is of it, but when it is looked at and David Castillo sheds light on her failings in that record, he is “attacking her.”

    Playing the victim card does not work for Conservatives, that is a Liberal tactic.

    And, as I said there, if she cannot take the heat she brought on herself, she should withdraw and let the grown-ups run.

    It’s her record and it’s all true.


  3. Oh come on Lew, let’s not be ridiculous. Of course Hedrick knows a bill must pass Congress before it reaches the Presidents desk. And the way things are looking, Republicans have a very good chance of taking over Congress this November, making a repeal of the healthcare bill that Hedrick has said repeatedly he would sponsor (funny to hear Castillo using that line now) is very likely to pass. Which will then go to the President’s desk where he will almost certainly veto it.

    We need a Constitutionalist in office, someone who knows and understands the Constitution. As you can see, Hedrick is definitely that. Every answer he gives is phenomenal and constitutional based. His keen knowledge of the Constitution and Founding Fathers is what is so attracting. It’s rare to have a candidate like Hedrick.

    In past forums Castillo has stated ” I am not a Constitutionalist, but my wife is.” That is troublesome to me. Any candidate in my opinion, needs to know and understand the Constitution. Castillo admits hes not too familiar on it. We need the actual candidate to understand it, not a companion.

    And Castillo’s youtube video of him videotaping himself and his passengers while driving down the freeway isn’t to wise. We need REAL change, we need a Constitutionalist….WE NEED HEDRICK!!


  4. Nancy, the great thing about America is that you are free to be as wrong as you wish.

    If Hedrick “Of course knows a bill must pass Congress before it reaches the Presidents desk,” he should not stand and speak as if he will have such power as a junior legislator. Should he win, which is a very small likelihood, voters will be disappointed when he cannot deliver on his words. You know, there are some 434 others that must be dealt with too and standing before congress as he did Baird will not resonate in gaining cooperation in congress.

    Yes, Republicans do stand a chance at making some strong gains this election, but don’t count your chickens before they hatch. Realistically to regain a one-seat majority in the House, Republicans would not only have to retain every single one of the 177 seats currently held, but gain 40 seats as well. Not impossible, but a tall order.

    Neither Hedrick nor Herrera has what it takes to actually debate Denny Heck, who undoubtedly will be one of the top 2 after August. Brashness and playing femme fatale does not win debates on knowledge and ideas.

    Then again, didn’t Gregoire count her chickens before they hatched in counting on receiving millions of dollars in federal funds to balance the budget that are not coming now? Is that how Hedrick thinks he will be elected?

    Claims of rolling the constitution back shows a naiveté on understanding the constitution. Once an amendment is passed and ratified, as per the constitutional directives built in by the founders, it is part of the constitution. Repealing amendments is also a tall order, being as though only one has ever been repealed.

    Then again, just which amendments does Hedrick plan to repeal?

    It’s a lot more complicated than a 45 second talking point.

    If you desire a strict constitutionalist as you claim, it is the Supreme Court we need to worry about, which is out of the hands of a single congressman in the House, as per Article 2 section 2 of the constitution.

    Also, as described by political scientist and constitutional scholar David Fellman: “Constitutionalism is descriptive of a complicated concept, deeply imbedded in historical experience, which subjects the officials who exercise governmental powers to the limitations of a higher law. Constitutionalism proclaims the desirability of the rule of law as opposed to rule by the arbitrary judgment or mere fiat of public officials…. Throughout the literature dealing with modern public law and the foundations of statecraft the central element of the concept of constitutionalism is that in political society government officials are not free to do anything they please in any manner they choose; they are bound to observe both the limitations on power and the procedures which are set out in the supreme, constitutional law of the community. It may therefore be said that the touchstone of constitutionalism is the concept of limited government under a higher law,” which David Castillo has displayed for over a year now.

    As for his wife, she is an attorney who I believe deals with constitutional matters, hence him saying she is more of a constitutionalist (my words, not David’s).

    Spare me the rhetoric on the video tape. If that is all you have to oppose David Castillo, you have nothing. Even the Washington State Patrol chimed in and said it was not illegal to do so. It might not have been the smartest thing anyone ever did, which David admitted to, but it was not against the law and I bet Hedrick has pulled some pretty dumb stunts in his past too, like everybody else has, including you.

    Then again, if you desire to be that nit picking, take a closer look at your boy Hedrick, who has been embellishing his worth sine his ego was inflated by his video of him and Baird, the first time. He doesn’t talk much about the second time though, does he? Could it be due to Baird kicking his butt and leaving him looking like a fool? Even when I tried to spin that confrontation, he still comes across as not being very bright.

    He claims he has been involved in politics since he was 9 years old because he held up a Bush for President sign on the sidewalk.

    I once wore an “I Like Ike” campaign button in 1956 and had a Nixon sticker on my notebook in 1960. How much would you laugh if I claimed now that I have been involved in politics for 54 years because of it?

    With Hedrick, all you stand to gain is another loud mouthed boorish ineffective ego-driven politician.


  5. Geez, Lew..calm down. Now I see why people say you and your blogs are so disreputable. You biased and continuous slander of anyone you don’t agree makes yourself and writings discreditable.

    Hedrick winning is very likely. Knowing this because I am actively involved in being out in the public sphere talking with fellow american citizens daily who are intrigued and in strong support of Hedrick, and according to the new poll released where He and Herrera are neck and neck and Castillo nowhere near is telling. Voters will not be disappointed when they see Hedrick sponsor a repeal of the healthcare bill. It may pass or may not, but the effort to put it out and it not pass would not upset me.

    Yes, I do understand it is the Supreme Court we need to worry about and I understand it is out of the hands of House Congressman and woman. That doesn’t mean we don’t need strong Constitutionalist in both the House and Senate. All are very critical.

    I have nothing against Castillo, he would be my second choice after Hedrick of course. As a concerned mother of the direction our country is going in, I just feel Hedrick is the best man for the job. I like that he is going to fight, hes not going to be a career politician. Castillo not to long ago, at a Rotary Club meeting in Woodland in his closing statements said he feels the country in on the right tract. That concernd me.

    I will be actively involved and fighting to get David Hedrick elected. He is the real deal!


  6. – Republicans have a very good chance of taking over Congress this November,-

    How do you know this? What data supports that opinion?


  7. Nancy, I am not the least bit upset over anything. Maybe it is you who needs to “calm down” as it seems to be you who cannot stay away from such “disreputable blog” spewing “biased and continuous slander of anyone I don’t agree with.”

    Don’t most people avoid such discredited blogs? Yet, you don’t.

    You are free to think Hedrick is God’s gift, but in order for him to be “the real thing,” there are matters he still has not come clean on and explain to the public.

    That poll is as questionable as the one Herrera’s camp commissioned as when I sought the demographics on it; the first red flag I saw was their comment of relying on their database of voters. Then again, I rarely place much confidence in any poll.

    All too often, they end up not actually representing the public.

    Please provide actual proof and context of Castillo saying the country is on the right track currently. Saying that shows you feel he and Obama are in agreement, which he is not. Perhaps you only heard part of what he said, if he actually said that.

    Can you explain why Hedrick merits points over Castillo on repealing health care? Both say they are against it and run on repealing it. However, Hedrick’s brash confrontational style tells me he would be hard pressed to gain much support from others, while Castillo shows a more measured approach that might actually draw people to his view.

    Hedrick’s confrontation worked well for a town hall confrontation, but it likely will not draw others to his view in congress. You see, and I’m sure you ultimately realize this; an effective legislator must also possess the ability to build alliances with those they may disagree with in order to reach a compromise between sides to build the best program for the people.

    Hedrick has not shown that ability. Herrera has shown she is willing to cross the aisle to help Democrats, but I haven’t seen much where she draws people from the other side to ours.

    Castillo, working in sub-cabinet level positions in the Department of Veterans Affairs and Department of Homeland Security, has shown that ability as that is how things ultimately get done.

    Fight for your candidate as you see fit, that’s your right and I support it. But afford me the same right to fight for who I think is best.

    Most of all, let’s hope the deep wedge that has been driven through the party by latecomers Herrera and Hedrick, mostly by supporters, can be healed after the primary.

    Basil, the best indicator I see that we do stand a chance is your fear of it happening.


  8. “It’s time to end the silly “argument” over whether climate change is real. Here’s a better question: Would it be more appropriate for humanity to spend, say, $1 trillion reducing carbon emissions, and thus save thousands or millions of lives that could be lost to drought or sea-level rise or whatever at the end of this century or the next, or to spend that money providing clean water in places such as Congo or Bangladesh, saving thousands or millions of lives right now?”


  9. -Basil, the best indicator I see that we do stand a chance is your fear of it happening.-

    Telling that you couldn’t cite a single poll, a specific piece of analysis……

    Sorry, but there isn’t going to be a Republican upsurge; No poll, no stats support it. Just a lot of noise from the farther right, that mostly in forums such as this.

    “Republicans would need to win 10 of these 11 races to take over the Senate; even if they gained further momentum nationally (our model does not assume that the races behave independently), this is somewhat unlikely, given the idiosyncrasies involved in many of the contests..”

    “Democrats lead Republicans by a slight 47% to 44% margin when registered voters are asked which party’s congressional candidate they would support in their district..”

    “Unlike some analysts, we have never once predicted that Republicans would win enough new House seats to take control of the chamber. They may well do so in November due to the factors with which we’re all familiar (a bad economy, sagging presidential popularity, public concern over spending and debt, and so on). But in our eyes, there has been and still is insufficient data to suggest an impending turnover.”

    Interesting that you only admit to ‘stand a chance’…


  10. It would be better to do neither.

    Thanks for asking.



  11. Castillo never said the country was on the righjt track at Woodland ro country w


  12. Not true about Castillo in Woodland. He never said that the country was on the right track. I was there. Also, Castillo has been talking about repealing obamacare since it was passed. Check and see who has signed the Club for Growth’s repeal it pledge. Speak the truth Nancy.


  13. Ah, Basil shows up to my little disreputable blogsite, now I know how wrong Nancy is.

    First and foremost, Basil, don’t think for a minute that are going to get away with spamming my blog as you do the Columbian. They may tolerate your juvenile antics, I will not. If that ruffles your sensitive little delicacies, tough patooties. This is not a free speech zone.

    That being said, you are quite comical with your “have you stopped beating your wife” style question on the global warming hoax. Ordinarily, I’d give you links to several articles and studies showing what a hoax it is, but that is not this subject of this post. Attempting to highjack my posts will result in deletion.

    Stick to the subject, or leave. Your choice.

    Now, as for the forum and any Republican resurgence, as I said your presence here is proof enough to me that you and your ilk are worried about just that happening. But, since your delicate little sensitivities are ruffled over no links for you to ignore,

    Rasmussen, Generic Congressional Ballot: Republicans 44%, Democrats 38%

    NPR Poll Shows Tough Road Ahead For Democrats

    Gallup: GOP moves ahead of Democrats in generic ballot poll

    Generic ballot polls suggest possible epic party disaster for Dems

    I hope those don’t get your little ruffled panties in too much of a twist, I just hate it when a small minded dullard breaks down crying. In lieu of tears, fell free to suck your thumb.

    As for saying there is a “chance,” yes, I said there is only a chance as even a total jackass like yourself should know there are no guarantees in elections. And, the GOP seems hellbent on losing another election by throwing everything they have behind the party machine establishment candidate.

    The only way this will even be a close race is if David Castillo and Denny Heck are the two moving on to the general.

    Wes, thanks, I didn’t think David Castillo ever said anything like that, but felt I could give Nancy benefit of doubt.

    As for asking for honesty out of the Hedrick camp, both his and Herrera’s seems to be severely lacking in the honesty department.


  14. Wow. Talk about blinders.

    Isn’t being a Constitutionalist from the same sort of religious fervor, group think and cult-like following as the Ron Paul worship. Yup definitely one of those Ron Paul code words.

    Who on that stage was a Conservative? Any idea amigos? There was only one.


  15. Wes Joyner…you claim to be at that meeting, how many people were there, if you had to take a guess?


  16. -I hope those don’t get your little ruffled panties in too much of a twist, I just hate it when a small minded dullard breaks down crying. In lieu of tears, fell free to suck your thumb.-

    So the orig poster said: – Republicans have a very good chance of taking over Congress this November,-

    I showed three reports that disagree with the ‘taking over’. You counter with some that don’t support a ‘take over’ either. So, what is the complaint?

    You may delete from here, if you wish.————-

    I’d be interested in your ‘hoax’ resources.. Feel free to post them either on the columbian article where the Republicans are quoted with similar opinions as yours or at my blog, such as it is,

    ( and sorry if that seemed like hijacking your thread, odd that you didn’t want to mention their opinions on that topic)


  17. Nancy, you would look better if you simply sourced or presented what you claim he said in complete context. Or, have you joined in on the whisper campaign against Castillo that has been ongoing?

    Maybe you are joining forces with Britany Welles in her totally bogus claim that both Castillo and Herrera are currently being heavily backed by the SEIU?

    “Hedrick’s “Republican” opponents are being backed by powerful Washington lobbying groups and even the radical SEIU. These groups are pouring money into the campaign coffers of Hedrick’s competition because they know Hedrick will do everything in his power to limit government spending across the board.”

    Is that what Hedrick is depending on, blatant lies from supporters?

    No games here, Nancy, you cannot supply proof and must rely on trying to initiate rumors. Dirty pool will not help your boy at all.

    Basil, as I noted, I gave you 4 links to separate polls showing Republicans leading in the polls (and I don’t even like polling) and you cry about your 3 leftist links, ignoring bona fide polls as I said you would.

    I saw your 3 and raised you 1.

    You also ignore where it was said there are “No Guarantees” in politics, typical of what I see you doing on the Columbian.

    When I feel like discussing the global warming hoax with you, I will. If you take exception to what any of the candidates said last evening addressing the subject, I suggest you contact them. This post is an overview of the forum and its not going to slide into a debate on a single subject.

    If you wish to know more, listen to Victoria Taft’s radio program, on daily from 11 AM to 3 PM as she occasionally has Dr. Timothy Ball on who is ” is a renowned environmental consultant and former climatology professor at the Univ. of Winnipeg. Dr. Ball employs his extensive background in climatology and other fields as an advisor to the International Climate Science Coalition, Friends of Science and the Frontier Centre for Public Policy.”

    He is but one source used.


  18. -You also ignore where it was said there are “No Guarantees” in politics…-

    True enough. But there is a long history of polling matching election results.

    And none of your links support a ‘takeover’.

    Or was there some other argument you were trying to answer?


  19. Basil, do you always have such a problem with comprehension? My exact words above were, “Yes, Republicans do stand a chance at making some strong gains this election, but don’t count your chickens before they hatch. Realistically to regain a one-seat majority in the House, Republicans would not only have to retain every single one of the 177 seats currently held, but gain 40 seats as well. Not impossible, but a tall order.

    Polling is not always that accurate either. If you recall, the Ron Paulies had Paul way out front in every single forum or category in 2008, yet he gained what, 35 delegates?

    I also find many people follow polls and vote according to who they see as the one favored, wanting to be “on the right side” so to speak.

    That and how questions are structured and interpreted leaves me with little faith in polls.

    Then again, this is a very strange election year and many I have discussed with agree that former political norms are skewed this time what with TEA Parties and another strong push by the Paulistinians pushing weak candidates like Hedrick.


  20. I am speaking the truth. I have no reason to lie. Im not going to sit here and argue. Like I said, I have nothing against Castillo. Just some of the things he has said in the past concern me. If his speech was recorded that day I will look into trying to get the video and I will post it. When I heard his comment about the country being on the right track it shocked me. I was with two friends who also heard that comment and we all looked at eachother and thought does he really think that?

    I am not joining any “whisper campaign against Castillo” I just feel Hedrick is the man we need to get elected. Smear me more if that makes you feel better. It just makes you look bad.


  21. “Strange election year”…”former political norms are skewed”…You got that right Lew. The average americans are waking up and saying enough. We are backing candidates that are the real deal (i.e. Hedrick), not these rinos that like to run as a conservative then when elected run to the center/left (i.e. Herrera, and I get the same feeling with Castillo)


  22. nancy I have known David Castillo and been supporting him and following him for over a year now, long before Hedrick confronted Baird in Vancouver and was made a fool of in Olympia when he tried to do it a second time.

    If David felt the country “was on the right track” as you claim, he would not be running and voicing such strong opposition to Obama and the Democrats.

    As a Hedrick groupie, you have EVERY reason to lie.

    As a Viet Nam Veteran, I can tell you Hedrick does not add up. His claims of “classified mission” fall flat as he does not back it up and classified missions do not remain classified after they are completed.

    Too many who had less than stellar Military Careers have made the same claim, leading us to often say, “apparently there were no cooks in Viet Nam,” even though we ate every day in Mess Halls.

    I have spoken face to face with him about it and heard him speak it to audiences. We are not ones to have the wool pulled over our eyes easily by those who wish to embellish their resume’s with such rhetoric, much like he did last evening by claiming he had experience in bridge building.

    If, as he claimed, his last employer was a company building bridges and he is an accountant, a very junior one at that, what real experience would a junior accountant really have?

    He enjoys repeating his “politicians like bringing home the pork, but first must steal your pig” idiom, but do we really need a pig in a poke telling us what we already know?

    In an actual debate on issues after the primaries, both Hedrick and Herrera will fall flat on their faces against an experienced man like Denny Heck.

    I find it curiously odd that you groupies refuse to take the same critical look at him as you do others nor will you listen to others older and served long before him and are willing to back up their claims by Military documents.

    Every Veteran I have ever spoken to that was really “there,” regardless of where “there” was, readily stated their rank, MOS, areas of operations and retained photos of their travels. Even Chris Boyd posted a photo of himself in Afghanistan when he was running. David Castillo has a photo of himself as a young sailor. I have several of me in Viet Nam.

    Hedrick would do better by just being honest about his service. Wearing the uniform honorably is all that was needed, regardless of whether a clerk or infantry. There’s no need to embellish.

    All you are doing is handing the Democrats the seat back on a silver platter while ripping the Clark County GOP to pieces.


  23. -I hope those don’t get your little ruffled panties in too much of a twist, I just hate it when a small minded dullard breaks down crying. In lieu of tears, fell free to suck your thumb.-

    -Basil, do you always have such a problem with comprehension? My exact words above were, “Yes, Republicans do stand a chance at making some strong gains this election, but don’t count your chickens before they hatch. –

    Nope I can read and understand. I was talking to the other poster who did state a ‘takeover’ was going to happen. My sources, and yours as you so eloquently point out, say that’s not going to happen.

    Thank you for helping me make my case to Nancy regarding her 9:10 am posting.


  24. Sorry basil, but your point of such a thing absolutely not going to happen is not proven.

    While I said is that it is a tall order, I also said it is not impossible.

    Difficult to accomplish yes, but in a year of very odd political norms, still a possibility.

    We will have to see what happens comes November.


  25. “I just feel Hedrick is the man we need to get elected. Smear me more if that makes you feel better. It just makes you look bad.”

    Haha. Constitutionalist = Ron Paul followers = Independents that can’t seem to get elected. So, did the rude group (Ron Paul group) talk Hedrick into staying in the race, or did that coaxing come from another faction? Not to worry it will all come to light in time.


  26. Direct Link to CVTV video of the Forum :


  27. Lew, all I can really say to you is Grow Up!! I cant believe I even wasted my time arguing with an ignorant, immature old man who uses words like “groupie”….. I highly recommend giving up the blogging, you are actually making Castillo look worse.

    *corrected typo for nancy*


  28. Nancy, I corrected the typo for you and deleted your notice of it. Typos are not that big of a deal to me, anyways.

    Now, on to your comment.

    Spare me the condescending rhetoric. If what I say hurts Castillo, how much more does it hurt Hedrick that you come here to perpetuate a lie?

    If all you Hedrick *groupies* have is lies and and disinformation to pile on to David, on top of Hedrick’s already questionable claims, it is you who should give serious consideration to giving up reading blogs and engaging in politics.

    For a group of people who so readily lay claim to being “Christian,” the list of lies that have been being spread about David Castillo from amongst your numbers is astonishing.

    group·ie n. Slang. 1. A fan, especially a young woman, who follows a rock group around on tours. 2. An enthusiastic supporter or follower.


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