Who Is The Conservative Voice on the Vancouver City Council?

by lewwaters

Vancouver, Washington and our surrounding areas is truly a diverse community comprised of several ethnicities and political persuasions. Throughout the years officials have been elected from nearly all trains of thought at one time or another and sent up to Olympia, back to Washington D.C. or to fill local offices.

But, a recent ordinance barely passed by the Vancouver City Council gave me pause to think, where and who is the conservative voice for Vancouver citizens on the council?

If you will recall, a few weeks ago I wrote Free Speech Gains a Short Reprieve from the Vancouver City Council, explaining how a proposed ordinance that held the potential to regulate free speech gatherings was sent back to staff for further rewriting in order to remove that potential of regulating public speech.

At the time, 4 centrist council members saved the day while 3 more progressive council members, including newly elected mayor, Tim Leavitt, expressed they had no problem with the ordinance as written and could not see the glaring possibility of its misuse in the future.

One of those progressives was Bart Hansen, appointed to fill the seat vacated by Leavitt as he stepped over to the mayor’s chair, who now voted against the ordinance, along with Mayor Leavitt and fellow council member, Jeanne Harris, once the wording was changed to remove the potential the ordinance held to regulate free speech.

Hansen cited his opposition as he cannot support anything that is not straight across the board equal, equating our constitutional right to peaceful assembly to express support or dissent of political issues with a rock concert.

Mayor Leavitt, who strongly supported Hansen and appointed him, stated that now the city would have no involvement in such gatherings. Harris cannot see what “the big deal is.”

Our right to peaceful assembly was protected by one vote when the vote should have been unanimous. As said before, I applaud council members Pat Campbell, Jack Burkman, Jeanne Stewart and Larry Smith for the votes and foresight that seems to be lacking in Bart Hansen, who must run for election this year.

Of the 4 council members who “saved the day,” so to speak, I would place all as centrists with a very slight lean to left, some more than others. If only one had been swayed, our constitutional right to peaceful assembly and free speech might have been under regulation in the City of Vancouver. We were fortunate that did not happen this time.

This brings me back to who on the council is a strong and consistent conservative voice for Vancouver’s conservative citizens?

We have a chance to place a conservative voice on the council again this election in John Jenkins, 56 year-old Vancouver businessman running to take over the seat Bart Hansen was appointed to.

Jenkins will bring his experience from chairing the 2004 Salary Review Commission, sitting on the 2006 Vancouver/PDX Aviation Noise Advisory Committee and co-chairing the 2009 City of Vancouver Charter Review Committee to the council.

Jenkins’s had applied for the seat Hansen was appointed to last year, but with no voter input, Hansen was appointed.

At a fund raiser held on his behalf just last evening, it has been reported to me that

“When asked why should a liberal vote for him, John Jenkins conservative response was that he would be mindful of his fiduciary responsibilities, not waste tax dollars and prioritize spending. When asked about Prioritizing Spending John Jenkins advised those present that Citizen’s Safety led by adequate funding of police and fire service would be at the top of his priority list. He was candid and well spoken when he announced that he did not support Bridge Tolls and/or the extension of Portland, Oregon Light Rail into the City of Vancouver. It is too expensive and would cause taxes to increase, he said.”

Vancouver, let’s get serious this year. In spite of all the bashing that has been going on against conservatives, propelling liberals and progressives into power, our economic and personal security has slipped into a very grave situation as once again, the reality shows that conservatism is what benefits people overall the most.

We can begin turning the page to a real recovery by electing John Jenkins.

Don’t forget when it came to foresight in protecting our constitutional right to peaceful assembly and free speech in Vancouver, Hansen bailed!

12 Responses to “Who Is The Conservative Voice on the Vancouver City Council?”

  1. Lew,

    The peaceful assembly and free speech you mentioned that Bart bailed on is completely inaccurate and you are not being honest.

    As a conservative I’m surprised you would even consider Hansen progressive, have you ever sat down and spoke with this fellow?

    Safety first! When my granddaughter is trampled on when a group decides to assembly at Esther Short without informing the correct people for safety plans to be in place, I’ll be coming after you and the Jenkings cronies.

    Mr. Hansen is a fine man that stands for safely and protecting our families. Stop spreading misinformation. It’s this crap that put the progressives in power in the first place. When you and Larry send out stuff like “John is for all the people.” That’s a lie. My daughter tried to talk with Larry concerning light rail last weekend in the park, and the moment he thought she was against it, he wouldn’t listen to her.

    I may not agree with light rail but many in our community do, will Jenkings listen to them? Or is this another scam to get elected?

    Acting this way is not conservative values.

    ML, Vancouver


  2. Mike, I was present at the council meeting both nights and heard what I heard.

    Your fear is unfounded as no such event has happened and even the council admitted there had never been any problems from either side. You describe more of a riot which would not pay attention to the ordinance any ways.

    Under the initial writing, had this ordinance been in place and we tried to hold an assembly as we did in Olympia for Rob McKenna, with just 2 or 3 days notice, we would have been prohibited from doing so.

    Since you have grandchildren, surely you can recall the Civil Rights era where Southern Democrats used such ordinance across the South to deny Blacks their right to assemble and march. Hansen didn’t like hearing that, but it is a historical fact that he should check out.

    This ordinance was wrought with potentials for future abuse by either side, as noted by the 4 council members who voted to pass it. I am shocked that the other 3, the younger of the 7, failed to see the dangers.

    Need I remind you that Larry is not running for office nor is he in office. If you really need to discuss the fallacies of light rail, it should be with a council member at the council meetings. Larry just expresses his opinion, as do the rest of us.

    And yes, many disagree over light rail, that is why many of want it put to vote in the community, not just a gerrymandered voting district.

    And finally, please don’t push off your definition of conservatism on to me. You may define and live it as you see fit.

    I will do the same.

    Surely you don’t expect me to buy that Bart Hansen is a conservative, do you?


  3. I agree with you hold heartily when you speak of the social issues of our past.

    I stated that Larry isn’t helping Jenkins when he sends out emails about Jenkings. Let Jenkings speak for himself. When Larry did this during the appointment it backfired on Anne, and now he is pandering the same rhetoric in favor of Jenkins.

    I’ve always found Hansen as an approachable young man. My daughter also spoke with him last weekend in the park. He is solid, supports families, safetly and healing our budget issues.

    We need new life. I can’t expect you to buy anything about Hansen until you sit down and talk to him yourself. But promise me as a conservative and hopfully a believer? Be fair and give him a chance.

    Our party needs to stop believing in all the conspiricy theories and start standing for a strong defense, small government, low taxes, and fiscal responsibility.


  4. I am a strong supporter of Bart Hansen as well. I obviously didn’t agree with him on this one.

    Knowing the Council as I do it is obvious we a a mix of experiences and viewpoints. I think the city benefits from this.


  5. Mike,

    If you would like I could sit down with you too. You might like me. I worked with Bart all of his tenure with the PUD while I was there all 32 years. I went on to the YWCA where I learned alot more about people and diversity. Minimum paying jobs are everywhere. These are people who do the hardest work for almost the lowest pay and consistently are asked to pay more in taxes. I would love to sit down with you. To much is ‘Lost in Translation’ via email or blogs. After you visit with me then anything you post about me you could do so with substance. If I am elected I promise you this…every Monday from 10am to 1pm I will make myself available to the public to hear from them what is on their mind before the weekly Monday evening meeting. This is one way everyone has their opinion heard. I have the time to do this the incumbent does not.


  6. Hi Pat nice hearing from you. My experiences are greater and deeper in breath. I have worked retail (Meier and Frank), newspaper (Columbian), Public Utility (PUD), Social Non-Profit (YWCA) and my own business (Saltopus Security Services – shutdown). I have the depth of character needed to provide stewardship, life experiences and connections. I look forward to the chance to prove all of this to you.


  7. Thanks all, I will take you up on the John. I would be honored to meet with you. I was also disappointed to find that you are only (PDC) mini reporting. In my work with INternational Resources for many years, I was hoping to see your Public Discourse Compliance. I feel a candidate, no matter what office, should be forth coming about everything.

    Can someone please stop Larry Patella from sending out emails where he continually misspells words, including Jenkins, he spells his name Jenkings, which I also made the mistake after reading his email. It makes him look foolish and again gives conservatives a bad name in our community.

    Our conservative voice need to unite and stop dividing our community. Reading Patella’s last email and stating Hansen is a liberal made me fall out of my seat. Stop LYING! and making crap up. Lying is a sin. Making up crap about tolls (which City Hall have NO say in. Which Tim has proven that point, thank you Larry for supporting him, now Tim sounds just like Royce).


  8. Pat, you have every right to express support for Hansen. One of my own daughters, who went to school with him, would likely disagree with me too, but I have to call them as i see them, just as you do.

    His expressed position on the ordinance about free assembly is more than just a minor disagreement to me. It shows me a lack of foresight and a deep lack of knowledge of the history of our country and especially factions of his own political party.

    Perhaps in time he will come to see matters differently, that remains to be seen. In the mean time, we need differing voices and insight on the council and as much as I appreciate the votes, comments and actions of you, Stewart, Smith and Burkman on this ordinance, the conservative view is not adequately represented in my opinion.

    The centrist views you 4 often express are appreciated, but Hansen shows me he hasn’t a clue about conservatism, possibly seeing the view through the false depictions often leveled by National Democrats and the media.


  9. Mike, I think it a very good idea for you and John to met and discuss these things between you. You may come away still disagreeing on some things, but you at least will hear the words from his own mouth, not mine.

    As for Larry, why do you even read his emails? He has the right to express his views as he see fit, just like the rest of us. He’s much older, had a career serving the country and is entitled to his views.

    If I disagree with him, I just delete the email and go see for myself.

    As far as what Hansen is, if he isn’t a liberal, what is he then? He sure isn’t a conservative.


  10. Is it any wonder that someone who is in favor of limiting & restricting peaceful assembly would also target free speech? “…Can someone please stop Larry Patella from sending out emails…”

    Where does it all end…how many more of our freedoms and liberties have to be eroded away before WE the people stand up and say enough?


  11. B.R., I guess some people don’t realize that on every email Larry sends out, there is a little ‘X’ in the upper right hand corner that clicking on results in the magic disappearance of the email.

    There is also a link at the bottom to “unsubscribe.”

    Just because Larry and many others send things out, people choose to read them.

    I am amazed at how many read Larry’s emails, complain and continue receiving them.

    It also eludes some that, although I have the ability and the right to, if I so choose, delete or block their comments on my blog, it is rare that I exercise that.

    On the rare occasions that I have deleted a comment, they immediately cry first amendment free speech.



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