Jaime Herrera’s “Outlier” Moments

by lewwaters

More and more, when I hear Ms. Herrera speak, I feel she should follow the example of Barack Obama and use a tele-prompter to avoid embarrassing herself with contradictions and questionable justifications for part of her controversial voting record, that she tells us to look at and judge her by, but is labeled an attack against her should you mention it.

Her support of and votes for HB 1329, the controversial pro-union bill that would have resulted in forced unionization of childcare centers that accepted state funds for low-income families, had it not been for the efforts of Senate Republicans, remains an embarrassing vote for her and she has tried various defenses of it, all falling flat.

After months of defending and justifying her actions in regards to this bill, in a recent Vancouver Business Journal interview, she now says her support and vote was an “outlier vote and not indicative of her three-year record in state government.”

First off, she doesn’t have quite 3 years yet, but why get wrapped up in minor technicalities.

But, “outlier?” A curious word referring to a statistical difference in sampling which brings up a question as to her using it.

Jaime maintains she supported and voted for the bill as a “result of concerns voiced by members of the day care industry in her district.” She also has maintained she will vote the concerns of her constituents over party interests any time. Yet, she tells the Vancouver Business Journal such support amounts to “an outlier vote.”

Does that mean her support of pro-unions legislation is “outlier?” Or, voting for the best interests of constituents is an “outlier?”

If it really was an “outlier vote,” as stated, why did Jaime’s campaign manager send out a memo defending and justifying her vote and not once mentioning it was an “outlier vote?”

Herrera Campaigns Attempt at Damage Control

I suspect another “outlier vote” for Jaime would be her crossing the aisle to help Democrats strip the last $229,000,000.00 out of our rainy day fund. Of that, Herrera said, “In my mind, it was raise taxes or take money from the rainy day fund. And I’ll choose taking money from the fund over taxes every time.”

Did she somehow miss the recent slate of newly implemented and raised taxes and the new push to fool voters into accepting an income tax?

Was it just another “outlier vote” that now leaves us with no safety cushion and a looming $3 Billion budget deficit the next legislature will be dealing with, up from the previous $2.6 Billion deficit allegedly just balanced?

In another recent article appearing in the Columbian, Jaime told Kathie Durbin, “Not once have you heard me criticize Brian Baird’s performance in Southwest Washington.”

Yet, several times now, Jaime readily criticizes the very party she seeks support and votes from, lastly at the Leadership Clark County forum where she expressed admiration for Barack Obama in that he made health care a “priority” while the Republicans completely failed on any health care issue.

At previous forums I attended she criticized Republicans for issues ranging from border control to poor congressional performance, once stating Republicans losing control of both houses of congress in 2006 “was a good thing.”

Yet, she readily boasts of “not once criticizing Democrat Brian Baird’s performance in Southwest Washington.” Is the ongoing criticism of the GOP just another “outlier” moment too?

Just how many “outlier moments” does it take before you realize that her main Republican opponent, David Castillo is correct as he states, “Her pro-business rhetoric does not match her record?”

Perhaps it’s a case of Jaime Herrera’s “Outlier Moments” are more common than many are willing to admit.

Little wonder that seeing her place a campaign sign directly under a pro-union sign on 78th Street just seemed the most appropriate place to place one.

8 Comments to “Jaime Herrera’s “Outlier” Moments”

  1. Clearly, pounding away on this “Guardian of the SEIU” is starting to impact.

    It’s just a shame that any Republican out there actually believes this woman is anything approaching “conservative.”

    Unfortunately for us all, she’s “herrerarian.”

  2. I wonder if that will become a breakaway party? The Clark County Herreraian Party? 😉

    I’m still amazed at the favoritism shown her as she boasts of never criticizing Brian Baird, but constantly criticizing the GOP.

    Then again, she did also recently state she is “right of center,” which is far from conservative.

    Thinking back, wasn’t it those “right of center” Republicans that cost the GOP control of both houses of congress in 2006 and the White House in 2008?

    The same article in the Columbian where she boasts of never criticizing Baird also says, “Herrera describes herself as “right of center,” but says she’ll cast votes for the benefit of her district first and with her political party second.”

    Which brings us back to just which way is her “outlier” votes?

  3. Okay this story is NOT a waste of time. I completely agree.
    I’ve went back and read your blogs. Most of the I like.

    Why so hard on Bart Hansen, do you know him? Strong values, strong family, he is a great man for council and will do a great job well into the future for our community.

    Are you friends with Jenkins or have some-kind of loyalty that you can’t break away?

    You push him so hard in many blogs, it doesn’t seem very balanced? Almost like you sponsor him? Just curious?

  4. Odd, seriously, I didn’t realize I was pushing Jenkins on so many blogs. I’m active on two of my own and Victoria Taft’s and I don’t recall mentioning him on the others.

    Perhaps I left a comment on the Columbian once or twice.

    I have met John Jenkins and submitted several questions to him to write the post on him. Do I sponsor him? No. Am I a personal friend? Not really. So, why did I write favorably on him?

    Perhaps, as stated in the title of the two blog posts I’ve done so far, I would like to see a conservative voice sitting on the council.

    My main problem with Hansen is over the cavalier attitude he, Jeanne Harris and Tim Leavitt expressed over the Special Events Ordinance when it came to peaceful assembly and freedom of speech.

    However, only Hansen is facing election this period.

    Perhaps in time he will mature, but his expressed anger at being told how Democrats in the South misused such ordinances during the Civil Rights era and his desire to have free speech assemblies on the same restricted par with other events, rock concerts was mentioned in the meetings, tells me he isn’t quite there.

    I do not see conservatism in him. With a council comprised of 4 slightly left of center centrists and 3 liberals, I see no reason why at least one liberal couldn’t be replaced with a conservative and give all citizens of Vancouver representation on the council.

  5. Herrera has fiercely defended her SEIU sell out as well as her robbery of the state’s emergency fund.

    She made it clear during the appointment process that she was going to be a “friend to organized labor,” and they responded with $5000 in campaign contributions for her 08 run while she responded with co-sponsorship of an SEIU bill that would have required mandatory unionization of day care workers.

    “Outlier?” Maybe her Herrerian double speak is best described as “Out liar.”

    Like the story of the snake the woman brought in to keep from freezing to death, who subsequently bit her… the fact is that those voting for this empty suit knew what she was when they brought her in.

    They shouldn’t be surprised when she bites us in the future like she’s bit us in the past.

  6. Several people from the Herreraian wing of the GOP have labeled her “outlier” vote as “just a mistake, she’s learning.” Jaime has fiercely defended her vote and co-support of HB 1329 as the proper thing to do.

    Now, she still maintains it was the right thing to do, but at the same time says it does not fit with her normal pattern of voting.

    Her claim of joining the Progressive Democrats in raiding the last $229 Million from the rainy day fund to keep from having tax increases is ludicrous. We still received tax increases, new taxes and we now face a $3 Billion projected budget shortfall as tax revenues are falling, down some $91 Million already.

    It was exactly this sort of fence straddling that cost the GOP heavily in 2006 and again in 2008 and here they are, fighting hard to keep doing it.

  7. I meant your blog here, not on other blogs. You continually push Jenkings. Until you actually give Hansen a chance I feel you are playing a favorite. Sorry.

  8. I refer you to the title of the blog.

    Hansen has not shown me any conservative credentials.

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