Brandon Vick: Landscaping to Legislative Candidate

by lewwaters

I haven’t mentioned much about Brandon Vick, also vying for the 18th Legislative District seat that Jaime Herrera is stepping down in this campaign season. He hasn’t been rated with the top runners, but he has run a clean consistent campaign, unlike some others.

I first met Brandon during the 2008 campaign season at a Clark County Republican PCO event for new PCO’s to get to know each other and to hear what was expected of us. Brandon showed his interest in local elections and growing the GOP. He expressed his ideas and listened to mine.

I was a bit surprised to see that he decided to campaign for the seat Jaime Herrera will be vacating as the field already had well-known candidates announcing they were going to try for the seat and Brandon is a novice. But, file he did and he campaigns as hard as any candidate out there.

Even though he and I might disagree on some points, I have to say I admire not only his tenacity in running, but for running a clean campaign, separating him self from some of the viciousness we have seen from Jon Russell. Russell, even though already elected to a city council position, could take a few lessons from Vick.

Funds have not been flowing to Vick in large numbers but that has not dampened his spirits. Brandon, with his lovely wife Darci by his side, can be seen manning booths for Vick, door belling, marching in parades and giving speeches at events. Obviously, he is not a quitter, even with the odds stacked against him.

Brandon works in his families business, Vick Landscaping established by his grandfather in 1961. I presume he oversees much of the operation today, but Brandon also impresses me as a “hand’s on” sort of guy who isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty.

Although scant on political experience, he brings with him some admirable traits, having earned Eagle Scout in the Boy Scouts, the highest honor you can attain in the organization that is responsible for turning many boys into men with a sense of pride in America and some impressive volunteer work for someone as young as he is.

It should also be noted that when Shannon Barnett, an experienced candidate from Cowlitz county who was running for the open seat, had to drop out, he endorsed Vick over other Republican candidates in the race

I might not agree with every point Vick speaks, but he stands before an audience and articulates his vision clearly without parroting talking points picked up elsewhere. Like any other novice candidate, there is a touch of naiveté as to just how government actually works, but Brandon has a vision of one day changing that, making government more responsible and less intrusive.

I have to credit Brandon in that for as little money as he has raised, he has used it wisely in running a smart campaign that, as I said above, has been very clean, avoiding uncalled for pot shots at opponents or belittling them either.

He has opted to rise above the dirt and just speak his message.

Odds are that he will most likely not make it past the primary, but I wouldn’t count on the odds. Jon Russell is hurting himself by running a sleaze campaign against presumptive front-runner, Ann Rivers while Brandon Vick continues to voice his message and gain recognition.

With Russell wallowing in the mud and Democrats not favored this election season, there is every chance Brandon Vick will win one of the top two slots in our top two primary.

Should he not gain one of the slots, I hope to see Brandon running for another office in the future. We need young people like him in office and even though I can find areas to disagree with him on, his vision will be needed in the future.

Win or lose August 17, Brandon will have set an example of how to run a clean campaign others would do well to follow.

See for yourself at Elect Brandon Vick

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