Castillo District Wide Meet & Greet

by lewwaters

For any who, like me, missed viewing David Castillo, candidate for Washington States 3rd Congressional District as he took questions from an audience and from online viewers this morning, the video is online at UStream.TV

You can see for yourself why Castillo has now been endorsed by the 4 major newspapers covering the 3rd Congressional District.

4 Comments to “Castillo District Wide Meet & Greet”

  1. I got to hear it, although I was harrased in the chat by a troll sent in from one of the other campaigns. Very racist and hateful.

    But, again let those that saw it decide.


  2. At for those who did not get a chance to watch it, its on David’s campaign blog near the bottom.



  3. Castillo’s wife works for McKenna. Hmmm

    Also, Castillo’s proxy said that he’s not taking his wife to DC but he is taking the proxy. Wow, whos yo proxy!!! She was smokin hot!


  4. Funny Joe, you insinuate it is really something to be ashamed of working in a high capacity for the government, but somehow can’t see that your boy is seeking an even higher capacity job, with a higher wage and freebies tacked on, while not having a single qualification to handle it.

    And yes, Candice is an attractive young lady who wouldn’t give you the time of day.

    But, thanks for showing the sexist attitude of the Hedrick camp.

    Very telling, son.


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