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August 1, 2010

Ann Rivers Endorsed By the Longview Daily News and the Columbian

by lewwaters

The Longview Daily News has today, Sunday August 1 issued Ann Rivers an endorsement to advance as one of the candidates in our top two primaries to win the seat being vacated by Jaime Herrera for the 18th legislative District.

They also included Washougal’s scandal ridden council member, Jon Russell.

Rivers was considered the favored to win the seat Herrera was appointed to in late 2007, until Herrera suddenly appeared and became the hands down favorite, somehow.

The Daily News says of Rivers,

“[She] has a professional’s understanding of the political process that likely would be of considerable value in Olympia. She is president of AMR consulting, a government and public affairs consulting firm. Rivers has managed a number of political campaigns, as well as advised corporate clients on political issues. She has worked with the Republican Caucus in the Legislature and as consultant with the House Republican Organizational Committee in Southwest Washington.”

They also said,

“Rivers is the candidate most familiar with Cowlitz County, having lived here for many years. As Rivers pointed out during our editorial board meeting, she is the only candidate in the race who has lived in both Cowlitz and Clark counties.”

Of Russell they said,

“[He] is the only candidate for the 18th District House seat who has served as an elected official. He’s been a member of the Washougal City Council since 2006.”

What they neglected to include was Russell’s dismal performance while on the council where $100,000 came up missing and he pointed all blame on the Republican mayor, Stacee Sellers that he threw under the bus in order for Democrat, Sean Guard to be elected.

Russell Shows Lack of Experience on City Council

Jon Russell Says, “The People Deserve To Know The Truth”

Russell, seriously lagging in both funds and supporters, is resorting to the sleazy tactics he is known for by trying to link his opponent to a blogger who has exposed Russell’s own corruption and shortcomings continually on the blog site Jon Russell Watch due to a past business arrangement.

He condemns Ann Rivers, even trying to begin a rumor that she is not pro-life knowing her actions in regards to pro-life is something impossible for him to match, by “guilt by association” and gives himself a pass for throwing a Republican under the bus in favor of a Democrat in 2008.

Jon Russell Watch is also where Jon was exposed for claiming an Academic degree he does not hold, as picked up by the Columbian.

Ann Rivers, besides being the best qualified candidate, has remained above the fray. Although she knows this blogger, so does Jon Russell, they also having worked together in the past.

Ann Rivers is the candidate that called on ALL candidates to respect and restore each others campaign signs as they became vandalized, a call Russell seems to have ignored as far as I can tell. Rivers and her husband have maintained that pledge since making it, restoring and repairing competitors’ signs.

Ann Rivers, along with the lone Democrat, Dennis Kampe, received the primary endorsement from the Columbian, who said,

“Rivers is the most visible, effervescent and persuasive campaigner among the four GOP contenders. To balance the state budget, she would send it first to state Auditor Brian Sonntag, who this year in performance audits identified millions of dollars in potential savings.”

Of Jon Russell they acknowledge,

“[He] has been mired in multiple controversies of that council and has been less than forthright in describing his academic background.”

While I concur with the Daily News on Ann Rivers, if I lived in the 18th legislative district, I’d give serious consideration to Brandon Vick for one of the top two spots.

August 1, 2010

Castillo 4, Heck 3, Herrera 1, Hedrick 0

by lewwaters

For all of the smoke and hype associated with political campaigns, newspaper editorial endorsements seem to reflect some of the better polling on candidates. No, they are not always right and they don’t always choose the best candidate, at least according to our own thoughts.

But, they have the chance to actually view the candidates the most and spend the most time sitting down and discussing more issues one on one with them in order for their editorial boards to select who to endorse. They see the candidates back stage and view how they interact with campaign staff and others, something most voters never see.

I believe such is the case now that the larger newspapers are issuing their editorial board endorsements for Washington State 3rd Congressional District candidates.

At least 2 camps I’m sure will disagree and complain, but what else is new from them?

So far, the Seattle Times, the Columbian, the Longview Daily News and the Centralia Chronicle have chimed in for our primary election coming August 17. Since it is a primary election on who to choose to move forward to the general election, each chose two they desire to see win the nomination in our top two primary.

Every single one has chosen Republican David Castillo for one of the top two slots. Three chose Democrat Denny Heck for the second slot and one chose Republican Jaime Herrera for the second slot.

None chose David Hedrick who says he served in the Marine Corps and acts as if he and he alone know best about the constitution.

Also not selected was Democrat Cheryl Crist, a gutsy lady running on an anti-war anti-military platform. I say gutsy because she is willing to stand before audiences where the majority disagree with her and often jeer her. She does not back down from them and cower.

Norma Jean Stevens, the lone Independent was also not endorsed. Norma Jean Stevens is a political novice who entered the race late but has shown much improvement in her delivery and confidence in expressing herself. Should she not win in this primary and choose to continue pursuing public office, I believe she will fair well in the future.

The Seattle Times was the first to issue an endorsement in this race, selecting Castillo and Heck. Of the 2 men they stated,

“On numerous issues ranging from financial reform to federal spending, Heck elevates the discussion with his vast knowledge and solution-oriented approach. Castillo wraps no-nonsense earnestness into conservative principles, which have room for compassion for people living in poverty.”

Next Came the Columbian who chose to endorse two Republicans, David Castillo and Jaime Herrera. Of the two Republicans they said,

“The new voices of Castillo and Herrera resonate more compellingly with both traditional and visionary values,” adding “Castillo entered the race early, months before Baird retired, and wasted no time attacking both the incumbent and the Obama administration. His cut-spending, promote-the-private-sector platform is imbued with bedrock GOP principles, but he also proffers innovative ideas.”

Next came the Longview Daily News, who also chose David Castillo and Denny Heck. Of the candidates they said,

“Heck and Castillo impressed us as the most capable candidates in this crowded field, and they would offer voters in a district that trends both red and blue an excellent choice come November. Both hold fast to the principles of their respective parties, but they have the maturity and experience required to understand the practical value of moderation and cooperation.”

Lastly we come to the Centralia Chronicle who also chose Republican David Castillo and Democrat Denny Heck. They consider the nomination of Heck a given, considering he is the lone Democrat running at the top. Of Castillo, however, they state,

“Castillo’s combination of military service, work with the Department of Homeland Security, his tenure as the deputy assistant secretary for Congressional and Legislative Affairs for the Department of Veterans Affairs, his presidential appointee for the Intergovernmental Affairs Office with the U.S. Department of Labor, his time as Chief of Staff for the state House Minority Leader, his master’s degree from Gonzaga University, and his successful business as a financial advisor, give us the most assurance he would be able to handle himself and stick to his conservative principles when he leaves the Evergreen State to represent us back East.”

After apologetically saying Hedrick did not have what it takes, they said of Herrera, who had some support on their editorial board,

“we question her overall experience to navigate during these most trying of times in our nation, from fighting two wars, a deep recession and a push by the Democrats for Big Government at every turn.”

The Chronicle ends their endorsement with,

“Castillo is in line with our views on the economy. We can trust he will remain true to his fiscally conservative outlook. Castillo is the right choice for this primary election.”

With the condition of the nation’s economy and the ever deepening recession, we need to send a well qualified and sincere person to Washington D.C. We need not only strong leadership and representation for the 3rd Congressional District, but we need a strong voice of conservative sanity, one that doesn’t feed an ego off of a YouTube video or that is just too naïve to understand what she is doing.

We need David Castillo, the only candidate endorsed by all 4 major newspapers in the 3rd Congressional District to date.