Ann Rivers Endorsed by the NRA

by lewwaters

Way to go, congratulations, Ann.

Ann Rivers Receives NRA Endorsement
“It’s Your Freedom – It’s Your Vote! Vote for Ann Rivers.” – NRA

The National Rifle Association Political Victory Fund announced today that they have endorsed Ann Rivers as candidate for the State Representative in District 18, Position 1. “Ann Rivers is a fellow NRA member and has indicated strong support for the Second Amendment and working knowledge of the issues surrounding this most important debate,” states the NRA press release, “so please be sure to spread the word to your family, friends and fellow gun owners to vote for Ann Rivers on Tuesday, August 17!”

Rivers was honored by the Friends of the NRA in February for her work on behalf of the Clark County Competitive Shooters. She and her husband Fred have been an NRA members for many years. “It is such an honor. First to be honored by the Friends of the NRA in February, and now to be endorsed by them, I am truly grateful,” states Ann.

Growing up in a family of hunters, Ann has hunted many times with her husband and two children. “One of the many legacies I want to leave behind is the right to hunt and to insure that families coming on after mine will continue to enjoy this fantastic hobby and adventure,” Ann said.

Ann is running for the open seat vacated by State Representative Jaime Herrera. The NRA indicated that Ann Rivers’ primary opponents were not endorsed because these candidates indicated hostility towards the second Amendment.

To learn more about Ann Rivers and her campaign, please visit

Ann Rivers continues to outpace her opponents and this latest endorsement, added to the Longview Daily News and the Columbian along with several others, shows the quality of who she is.

Ignore the smears being leveled her way and reject the despicable cur who initiated them.

Ann Rivers is truly One Working for All.

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