Hedrick Supporters Prove Even They Don’t Believe The Polling

by lewwaters

David W. Hedrick, candidate for the 3rd Congressional District seat being vacated by Brian Baird is riding high on his ego after spreading his video of the confrontation he had with Baird last, ignoring the second confrontation where he was left with egg on his face.

Somehow, he magically has zoomed into the lead in the race, according to a highly questionable poll by Washington State Political Polls, besting even the establishment candidate, Jaime Herrera. I’m sure this alleged Marines chest is puffed out over this poll.

But, is it a true representation of district? I highly doubt it. And, if you read through comments both here and on the Columbian’s comments section, apparently even his supporters don’t believe it.

The poll results released August 1 show the alleged Marine holding 24%, Jaime Herrera 22% and Castillo only 5%, even though Castillo has made a clean sweep by being endorsed by all 4 major newspapers covering the district that make endorsements.

Hedrick did not gain a single endorsement!

Looking over the Survey Information page we can readily see the unreliability of this poll. They state in part,

“Survey participants are selected from our database of Washington State residents.”

“About 10,000 participants are selected in each district to complete the survey however we experience about a 10 – 15 percent return on those that are selected.”

“While we try to survey only registered voters, some people are able to take the survey that are not registered voters…”

“Our surveys are sent via email, and each survey can be responded to only via our website.”

So, an email survey of pre-selected recipients with a low return that may or may not include non-registered voters. No random results like more reliable legitimate polls such as Rasmussen.

While I’m sure Washington State Political Polls makes every effort to be unbiased, who ensures their database is equitable and unbiased? It can’t be done. It’s too easy for supporters to stack the database, much like we saw being done in 2008 with Ron Paul placing so well in polls, yet not placing anywhere in actual votes by voters.

I find no track record on the past successes of their polls on accurately reflecting voter’s intent in past polls.

But, if there was ever any question on how Hedrick supporters actually view this, all you have to do is look at comments throughout this blog and on the Columbian’s web site on articles and posts covering David Castillo.

If Castillo were really only polling at 5%, would Hedrick supporters be on a full court press smearing him and his family every which way they can? Would they be accusing him of being an “Anchor Baby” and born to illegal immigrant parents as commenter’s have been doing?

Would they be smearing him for being the only 3rd Congressional District candidate invited to speak before the National Doctors Tea Party opposing Obamacare?

No, they would not.

If he truly was only holding a 5% in the polling, they would turn their backs and move on, ignoring such a poor performing candidate.

That they have begun such a full court press against only one candidate, it is only too obvious that they know this is not a true reflection of voter intent in Washington States 3rd Congressional District. They know that Castillo is ready to slaughter the alleged Marine who hides behind claims of “classified” service instead of speaking of even the basics concerning his service, come August 17.

They know that his cries of “keeping my oath” are questionable, what with his bailing out of the Corps sometime after the horrific terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 instead of deploying off to the War on Terror and defending the country.

Oh, he wants you to think he served in such a capacity, but he told the Columbia he enlisted in 1997. He told the Longview Daily News he served 5 years. He was in college in 2002, so he had to have decided to get out sometime after 9/11 and not standing up for the country he says he defended.

He makes noise about authoring a bill to repeal Obamacare. A great sound bite, other than such bills have already been introduced.

The smears coming from his camp proves beyond any shadow of doubt that they remain afraid of Castillo and know they cannot match him on ideas, stature or record.

No one focuses so heavily on the candidate that doesn’t stand a chance, no one!

They only focus so heavily on the one they know is beating them.

Ignore the hot air and smears from Camas and support the real conservative who will actually make a difference, David Castillo, the one a boastful alleged Marine is afraid of.

UPDATE: Apparently, I am not the only one who questions this method of polling. From Washington’s 7th Congressional District, SNOOKERED

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  1. The claim that Baird really nailed Hedrick in the second town hall is not the actual case. Disregarding Hedrick speaking in hard-to-decipher fast-forward speak, Baird referred to there being legitimate debate over the Commerce clause. Well he’s wrong, and there is not!

    This Constitution phrase that is often mis-interpreted to give unlimited power to the Federal government states one of the enumerated powers is to “regulate commerce … among the several States”. If Baird reads the founders’ Federalist and Anti-Federalist writings, he would know that to regulate meant to “make regular” (essentially enforce a free trade zone among the states) – not micromanage and control, and that there would be no reason to list certain rights of the Federal government if one of those rights was to function as a blanket clause for un-limited government. There is no argument to be had if the founders’ intent of limited Federal government is understood. If Baird is still unconvinced, then he can refer to the 9th and 10th amendments for clarity.

    As far as talk of poll credibility goes, the sample size is too small and the Undecided = 10%, which means this poll provides no clarity of who the true leader is… But sure makes for fun political quackery.


  2. Polling aside, Cory, there is always legitimate debate over everything. That’s how we received the constitution.

    I agree with you on the commerce clause, but people more educated and in higher places than us disagree. That’s what we have a Supreme Court for.

    My comment on Baird leaving him embarrassed was over the admission by Hedrick that Medicare was not constitutional since it isn’t in the constitution. Hedrick readily agreed then was smacked by Baird’s “neither is VA Healthcare” and “you are not the only one entitled to interpret the constitution.”

    Maybe you did not see that part since at one point, the video of the encounter was chopped off at the end at You Tube.

    Another point to ponder, since many of you consider yourselves “strict constitutionalists,” just how is that you all consider federal control of illegal immigration a Constitutional matter?

    It was not written into the constitution either, but was ruled as “implied” by the Supreme Court under Article 1, Section 8, which grants congress the power to regulate naturalization.

    I happen to agree with the finding and even agree with Hedrick on we must take action to curb illegal immigration. But, I don’t go around picking and choosing court rulings and claiming to be a “Strict Constitutionalist” either.

    And no, I do not want our immigration laws ignored or abandoned. I want them enforced and no amnesty.

    But, how do we pick and choose what is implied in the constitution and be consistent?

    There are several things we accept today as “constitutional” and they too were not written into the constitution, but ruled implied.

    As I recall, one of the defenses to Arizona’s immigration law currently is based upon the very claim that since federal control of immigration is not in the constitution, it is a states matter.

    Feds Argue Pre-Eminent Authority over Immigration

    Yet, haven’t we argued for years it is a federal matter?

    And, just to be clear, this is only an example of what appears to be selective embracing “constitutional” points.


  3. Lew,

    I have watching this blog for over a year and it’s interesting that you believe its Hedrick and Herrera supporters bashing Castillo. But please consider these facts.

    You openly support David Castillo and you do so on this blog and you yourself have made many claims Hedrick is a liar, and so forth. You also take swipes at Herrera. So clearly this blog is against 2 candidates.

    Now the Herrera Watch blog person clearly does not support Herrera or even Hedrick. But the Herrera Watch Blog is clearly a Blog against other candidates.

    Can you point me to any Blog done by a Hedrick or Herrera Supporter? Let’s not deal with rumors or what you believe but only facts. Show me one site that is bashing Castillo that is linked not by rumors, but facts that they support Hedrick or Herrera.

    Don’t go saying “Castilloforcongress” on youtube because it has been proven it’s not a Hedrick or Herrera supporter making those videos. In fact the maker of the videos says he would never vote for Hedrick or Herrera!

    But I find it interesting that all the rumors and lies about Hedrick and Herrera point back to your blog or the Herrera Watch blog. And there is nothing linking Hedrick or Herrera to any smear campaign except you saying they are.

    I don’t see Hedrick bashing Herrera, or Herrera bashing Hedrick. They have both taken the high road and respect each other, where Castillo cannot get along with either. Don’t you see that as an issue?

    Why don’t you just stop posting Herrera, Hedrick and Castillo stuff and get back to what you did a year ago. The Republican Party is already damaged enough.

    But the fact is Lew, this blog and Jaime Herrera Watch are being used as a smear campaign on Hedrick and Herrera and that’s bad politics.

    It would be respectful if you made the comment ” David Hedrick washed out of Boot camp and here is a copy of his discharge” that would show the people it is a fact if the document was real.

    However saying “Alleged Marine Hedrick” is not based on any fact and is only a smear campaign. Can I ask what documents you have that makes him an alleged Marine? Do you have any evidence he was not on any classified missions? What evidence do you have to back up any of your claims?

    I see it also as at least (2) candidates agreeing to disagree and maybe Castillo should join them and stop the BS in these blogs!


  4. Benny, perhaps you forgot, since you have been watching my blog for a year now, that I am a Viet Nam Veteran. I not not only outranked Hedrick, I remained on active duty nearly twice as long as he did and unlike him, did not bug out when my country was a war and called me.

    I actually extended my time in Viet Nam, voluntarily.

    That gives a bit of insight into Military operations those who did not serve do not fathom, such as claims of “classified missions.”

    Interestingly enough, such claims are number 3 on the list of “How to Spot a Phony.”

    That does not mean I think he never served, I accept that he did. But, I do not accept trying to rely on claims to make him appear to have served in war fighting for the country when apparently, he did not.

    If he had, he has had every opportunity to say so and not only to me.

    Perhaps you do not realize that I am also aware of some very dirty dealings going on and coming out of the Board of the Republican Party in Clark, Cowlitz, and Pacific Counties, against Castillo.

    There are reputable people looking into Hedrick’s Military Records, at least what is available publicly. I am only waiting for word to come back.

    I have no connection to Jaime Herrea Watch, even though I know who runs it. Then again, you may not like what he and I reveal, but has a single point, points I document by articles and public record, been refuted at all?

    Neither Castillo or any candidate has any thing to do with this blog. I do not ask permission nor do they ask me for favors. I write what I feel like.

    As for Hedrick, I clearly state it is assumption at this time based upon his own stonewalling and lack of forthrightness.

    You may not like what has been written here lately, but if you knew the dirty dealings that have been going on behind the scenes, you might have a different outlook.

    It isn’t Castillo pulling the dirty tricks nor is it him attacking others.

    Try reading the attacks every where he is written about on the Columbian, including bogus claims of starting fights in parking lots and going bezerk, yet not a single cell phone photo or video in spite of claims of dozens of witnesses.

    Hedrick’s name was not mentioned as having any part in an attempted provocation recently, why then did his supporters defend him on it?


  5. I’m PUzzled.
    Your biggest concern with Hedrick is that he wont tell you how he injured his back because according to him, it was on a mission that was classified if I read your words right. Because of that, you totally discard everything he says in public, his support of the constitution, his stance against Obamacare, which would seem to match pretty closely to the very message YOU are trying to preach. I just dont get it. Why all the hatred for something that just might be true? You havent proven anything youve conjured up yet. Its just been hateful and personal against Hererra and Hedrick especially. So what if he proved to you that he did get injured in a classified mission? My guess is that youve painted yourself into a corner now so it wouldnt even matter if he showed you his paperwork. My guess is youd come up with another reason to hate him. For some reason you really do hate Hedrick and I dont think anything would change your mind. Then you say Castillo is getting smeared and lied about. What are the lies about him? I havent heard anything negative from Hedrick or Hererras side. Only allegations by you and Castillo? I thought campaigns were supposed to be about the issues yet you dont write about issues, you write about Hedrick and Herrera as if they were the antichrist. You dont write about the issues, you make it personal. If you truly cared about the issues, you wouldnt bash people the way you do. Hedrick and Hererra both have families but that doesnt stop you from spreading your hate and discontent. Lately youve been getting worse too. Almost like a drowning man that is flailing just trying to stay afloat. Its pretty sad. You could be such a voice for the republican party but you turn people off with your hatred. You could do so much good with what God has given you yet you put that all aside to make everything so personal. Its really sad to watch.
    Like I said, Im puzzled.


  6. Ummm, Lew….
    I must say I agree with you 110% on this one!!!!

    “No one focuses so heavily on the candidate that doesn’t stand a chance, no one!

    They only focus so heavily on the one they know is beating them.”

    AND…regarding the endorsements, getting endorsed by the liberal papers that Castillo got endorsed by may just hurt him. It would be like Nancy Pellosi saying she endorses Lew Waters!

    “The poll results released August 1 show the alleged Marine holding 24%, Jaime Herrera 22% and Castillo only 5%, even though Castillo has made a clean sweep by being endorsed by all 4 major newspapers covering the district that make endorsements.
    Hedrick did not gain a single endorsement!”

    I’m still puzzled Lew! For someone who wants to come across like a grass roots guy who loves this country and loves the constitution, you are so full of hate that it makes me wonder. Like I said earlier, you could do so much good for the Republic that you once fought for but now you spew your hatred and smear campaign against the candidates that youre not supporting and it immediately turns people off. Even Castillo supporters dont like to see stuff like that and people are tired of this kind of politics and this kind of journalism. Its wrong Lew.


  7. PUzzl3d, my biggest concern is not that he won’t disclose the injury, but that he chooses to obfuscate with a claim that almost always points to either a phony who never served (which I do not think is the case) or someone wanting to make their service come across as more than it was.

    Hedrick is running on being a Marine during a time we are in a war and making such a claim comes across as if he were wounded in that war, protecting America.

    He chose instead to get out early on.

    Voters deserve to know the truth of someone claiming Military Service to help propel them into office. That he is unwilling to state anything about that is highly suspect.

    Ah yes, that highly questionable poll.

    Apparently you missed Jason on Victoria Taft’s program this past Wednesday that did a little computer tracking on that poll. Techie stuff over my head, but very interesting.

    Maybe I’ll post the 7 page report he has written on it. Then again, I believe I heard him say on the radio that he had an appointment with the Columbian scheduled for yesterday.

    Oh, at least one of those “liberal newspapers” is known for being a very conservative newspaper.


  8. “Oh, at least one of those “liberal newspapers” is known for being a very conservative newspaper.”

    Im guessing youre referring to the Chronicle because its in Lewis County and they are known for being a more conservative county. Im pretty sure they were going to support Castillo anyway since hes the hometown boy and theres no reason not to IMHO. What doesnt make sense though is the oxymoronic (not saying youre a moron, just pointing out the irony) but the oxymoronic way you state Hererra and Hedrick are bashing Castillo and then you bash them with what havent proven yet to be facts, just intuitive guesses based on your being a veteran, which while honorable, that in and of itself isnt a qualifier and certainly doesnt prove what youre saying. You definitely write from your heart but sometimes thats not enough to prove a point. Sometimes it makes you look hateful and bitter and like your going after Hedrick for nothing when hes the one that is most similar to you! Castillo is nowhere near the conservative Hedrick is and actually believes in amnesty but doesnt call it that. And Castillo himself said on stage, I was there and heard him as were you, that he didnt know much about the constitution. I thought that was pretty peculiar for a candidate running for congress to say and I thought if anybody would have picked up on that it would have been you! It just seems like you are writing all this negative stuff about Hererra and Hedrick and not sticking to the issues. I think you are great thinker and expositer of the Conservative values that we hold so dear and it shows unless youre taking cheap shots like youve been doing. Its really concerning and I didnt think you would go there, especially for a politician. I know you support Castillo and thats great, that is your God given right, but be careful Lew, its the same as holding a poisonous snake, becuase in the end, all snakes bite and I dont want to see your good reputation get tarnished by just another politician which is what they all are. You chose to champion this cause for conservatism because you believe in freedom. Dont get sidetracked by the petty bashing that you have been doing through this campaign. Youre better than that Lew and your readers dont want just another angry blogger trashing other people.

    “Voters deserve to know the truth of someone claiming Military Service to help propel them into office.”

    Castillo claims service in the Navy and how that experience will make him a good Congressman. I asked him personally what he did in the Navy and he told me some code name that didnt mean anything to me. Another gentleman that was standing there that was in the Navy too said that meant he was a secretary. Castillo sheepishly agreed.

    I asked Hedrick the same thing, what he did in the marines. He told me he was in recon. Again, another gentleman told me that meant he was in special forces. Now Im sure both of those things can be proven, classified missions or not. So when two candidates say they have military experience, just a little clarifying question can go a long way to help a voter like me choose which one would be a better fighter, which is what we need in Congress right now. Hmmm, a special forces guy or a secretary. Even you gotta see the logic in that Lew.

    BTW, you say in just about every message you write that you had 18 months of boots on the ground and revolunteered in Viet Nam and all that cool stuff, but what did you do in Viet Nam? Now, if you tell me that you were a cook, or a clerk, it kind of deflates that whole combat tough guy aura that you like to portray. But if you tell me you were like a fighter pilot or secret squirrel ninja dude with a necklace made of ears or something cool like that, well, that would definitely paint a different picture of you. So what was it that you did in Viet Nam Lew? You keep saying you were there, now fess up to what it is you actually did.

    And please stop being so hateful in your blogs. It really doesnt become you. Ive talked to you before and you really are such a nice man.


  9. Uh, PUzzl3d, Castillo doesn’t identify himself as “Chief Petty Officer” on all of his correspondence nor does he say “send a Sailor to Washington D.C.”

    Apples and oranges.

    As for what I did in Viet Nam, you haven’t followed me much. I have consistently said my MOS was 67V20, OH-6-OH-58 Helicopter Crew Chief/Technician. I was assigned to C Troop 7/17 Air Cav/412th TC Det in the Central Highlands of Viet Nam from mid 1969 to January 1, 1971.

    If you care to look on my facebook page, there are several photos I’ve posted of my time there.

    I have offered in the past to open my records to a neutral third party alongside Hedrick’s and so far, no response.

    And, I’m not even a candidate.

    By the way, Special Forces are the Army.

    As for classified missions, uh, they don’t remain classified forever. Clandestine might, but they are not mentioned at all.

    And, not every mission that is begun as classified has anything to do with war or special ops. One I was involved in was during my time in Germany, searching for an overdue helicopter presumed crashed.

    Once the crash site was located, it was no longer classified.

    Wouldn’t it be easier for Hedrick to just come clean instead of all of this spin?


  10. I dont see him spinning anything though is the problem. What is evident though is that you have become the source of the spin and I thought you were above that. I know youre above that.

    Thanks for the info on your Viet Nam days though. Thats very intriguing. So what did you do on the helicopter?


  11. I’m not necessarily the source all of the time, but a mouthpiece. I mostly deal in facts or obvious observances, although I do speculate from time to time and try to state when it is such.

    When I see obvious wrongdoing and things that just don’t add up, I’m going to mention them.

    And, as for who should be “above all that,” shouldn’t that extend to supporters that flood every article on Castillo at the Columbian’s comments sections to slander and spread lies on him?

    As for what I did on the helicopters, whatever needed done. As an enlisted man, I mostly maintained and repaired them and also flew in them from time to time.

    After Nam, I did 3 in Germany doing the same and 3 more in Ft. Bragg, NC after that, doing the same, until I ETS’d in 1977.


  12. Wow, thats very admirable of you. I had a nephew that worked on planes on an aircraft carrier. Someone has to keep them flying. Thank you for that.

    I certainly agree that nobody should be slandering anyone else for anything. Usually the cream rises to the top no matter what happens or who says what about who. Now if Castillo wants to point out something Hererra says that isnt good policy, or how she votes that isnt putting the district first, then he should. And if Hererra wants to point out that Hedrick is too far to the right for her just right of center stance on things, then she should. But when people start getting down right nasty about other candidates, that breeds contempt and nobody listens to it anymore.

    When I say youre above that, I meant it. I was afraid that you were getting too caught up in the moment and too personal against Hererra and Hedrick, not sticking to their issues. I didnt want you to lose popularity with your readers because I do believe in what you stand for and I do believe that you do have a voice here in Clark County for those of us who dont get listened to but still believe in our constitution.

    When I first heard Hedrick, I thought for sure he would have your support but I guess not. Thats what puzzles me still. You say you believe in the same things he does but the reason your backing someone else is not the issues, its personal, and thats where I didnt want you of all people to fall in to that old trap.

    Its okay to have personal differences right? Thats what makes this country great. What Im waiting for from you are the reasons why you dont support Hedrick based on issues. And Im not talking about him being an alleged marine because frankly, youre not convincing me of that. Give us something substantial, something to believe in with Castillo and Ill vote for him. So far, Castillo has come across as slick and Ive heard him answer the same questions in different ways at different times. Thats more of the same old regime weve had and I thought thats what you have been fighting against all along.

    What went wrong Lew?


  13. PUzzl3d, the only thing that “went wrong” is that I stumbled across some very serious character flaws in both of them. Jaime’s rapid entry, less than 2 hours after Baird’s announced retirement, raised a red flag with me and I began searching. I stumbled across her dishonesty in her continuing claims of her support and votes for HB 1329, the bill that would have forced child care centers into Unions, after they had declined the offer from the SEIU.

    The more I looked, the more I found, leading me now to question her very appointment back in 2007. I have to ask, since she claims to have quit her job as a legislative aide to Cathy McMorris Rodgers and returned to Washington, after an 11 year absence, specifically for that seat, just how did she become the hands down favorite against 11 others that had been here all along and were up to date in issues here, as soon as she said she was here?

    That doesn’t add up or make any sense.

    As for Hedrick, I did fully support what he did at the first town hall with Baird, we all did. When he stated to Baird, “I’m a disabled former Marine,” my thoughts automatically jumped to “he took one for us in Afghanistan or Iraq.” I tried to contact him through email and never received an answer.

    Several people from around the country contacted me to ask about his “disability,” so I wanted to know too. I got the chance to ask him in February and his reply raised huge red flags to me. His reply of a back injury on a “classified mission,” “on of those we were we where not supposed to be things” sent my red flags up really high as I know that the over all majority of such claims are pure bunk.

    That I heard it expressed more later on sent me searching into him too and piecing together small claims here and there, discovered he had to have gotten out of the Marines sometime shortly AFTER 9/11. His constant stonewalling on basics concerning his service adds to that skepticism of aura he appears to be trying to create.

    Since he runs on the claim of his Marine service, stonewalling on basics is a question all should be asking.

    Oh, and I’m not the only one raising the question, just maybe the most vocal.

    Even in his current ad and at forums and events, he boasts how he will “personally author a bill to repeal Obamacare.” That sounds real great, except there are already bills authored and proposed by more experienced legislators to do just that. Why does he not acknowledge that, but act as if he would be the first?

    He often states obvious facts that we all already know, such as spending too much, but offers no concrete solutions on what to do. Herrera often does the same.

    And, this ridiculous poll that he claim shows him in the lead over Herrera and Castillo so far behind, yet Castillo wins the endorsement of all 4 major newspapers and the attacks against Castillo by his and Herrera’s supporters continue daily in the Columbian’s comments sections, raises huge questions as well.

    More on that poll soon that could result in a major national scandal.

    What went wrong isn’t with me, but a couple of establishment charlatans trying to hide in the Tea Party.

    Did you know that Nansen Malin, chair of the Pacific County GOP and a staunch Herrera supporter offered to pay Chris Boyd’s over $1700.00 filing fee to keep him in the race?

    Was a similar deal made with Hedrick that he accepted? I have no idea, but it does raise suspicions.

    Pointing fingers at Castillo, besmirching him as an “anchor baby” and “starting fights” in parking lots is not sticking to the issues, but what we read in the Columbian’s comments section from their supporters.

    Castillo even had to issue a disclaimer to the GOP that he disavowed what Kelly Hinton wrote and deny rumors spread that he was a campaign consultant of Castillo’s.

    Yet, neither Herrera nor Hedrick have been asked to write a disclaimer against Keath Huff or Gary Wiram write against Castillo.

    I dislike double standards.

    Even I have been accused of being a paid staffer of Castillo’s and I can tell you now, I am not on his campaign staff, do not receive pay nor have I been offered anything nor asked for anything to support him.

    Castillo has remained above the fray and stuck to his message. Even the infamous and much hated robo-call made back in February was the truth that no one denies the claims made in it.

    His so called attacks on Herrera have been on her voting record, which she tells us to look at.

    I have never heard him utter a word against Hedrick, yet Hedrick blasts him by name and then cries victim.

    I haven’t changed, but this campaign has and it’s gotten really nasty, the nastiest I have ever seen and much it points right back to the GOP establishment.

    All I’m doing is slinging their mud right back on them, and by documentation most of the time.


  14. Hmmm, Ive got to go play some pinochle right now but Ill think this one out for awhile…


  15. I haven’t played pinochle sine I was in the Army, PUzzl3d. We played a lot of double deck then. Fun game.

    Enjoy the game and have a good time.


  16. Well, the GOP establishment is not long for this world, thats for sure. This tea party movement is the best thing Ive seen in years.

    What is meant by the “anchor baby” comment against Castillo. I havent heard it and Im not sure what is meant by it. Navy thing maybe?

    Castillo did not start a fight in a parking lot. I wasnt there but a lot of people that I know personally were there. Right there. I also know that Castillo was not assaulted like he himself is telling people. There were cops standing right there that actually support Castillo and he is telling people that he was assaulted and giving their names as witnesses. The problem with that one is that if a cop witnessed an assault, wouldnt they have stopped it or at least intervened? Of course they would. And in his haste to make an issue of it, Castillo was telling people that he was assaulted and gave one of the officers names as being a witness.

    Well, that puts the officer in a bad position because if Castillo was assaulted and the officer witnessed it, that officer was derilect in his duties. If Castillo was not assaulted, it puts that officer in the position to either have to lie for him, which that officer wouldnt do, or tell the truth that there was no assault. Which in turn makes Castillo the liar. See the logic in that? There were also others that are running for different offices up there who Castillo said were witnesses but one of them was inside the building when it happened and the other only saw a part of it. The incident isnt the big deal. The big deal is that Castillo is making it out to be more than it was, and telling things about it that arent true. So if hes willing to lie about small stuff like that, whats he willing to lie about if he goes to congress. But dont take my word for it, ask Castillo for yourself, get his version of events, then ask the others that were there that witnessed it and see if it matches. And not his family either. Has to be a disinterested third party to count. I think you owe that to yourself, Lew. You deserve the truth.

    Pinochle went well except me and my partner lost 2-1. Did have fun though.


  17. PUzzl3d, I agree that the GOP establishment is soon to be gone. But, missed by many is that there are those who call themselves “TEA Party” that have had that ambition to weaken and take over the GOP long before the TEA Party movement began.

    The “Anchor baby” comment was a result from a week ago Saturday when David held an online District Wide Meet & Greet and took questions phoned or typed in to him. One person in particular, going by the screen name jeffman99 came in praising Herrera, then launched into some fairly strong words against Castillo.

    Among them was David should his family of illegal immigrants and go back to Mexico (or something along that line). Not knowing who it really was, I assume a Hedrick supporter because they made such a point of identifying their self as a Herrera supporter first off.

    That carried over to the Columbian comments section by a “jennyk” who posted, “Just watched a video on Youtube and we may have a first here!

    Is it possible that David Castillo is an “Anchor Baby”

    I find it odd he made the statement ” I won the Birth Lottery because I was born here in America.”

    Why would he say that? But it does open a whole new idea that maybe he is not who he says he is.”

    Followed, naturally, by others jumping in to bash Castillo, who was born to American Citizen parents in King County, a White woman and an African-American man and adopted by an American citizen of Hispanic descent when his Mom remarried.

    Scroll through the comments at Castillo sweeps endorsements

    On the charge of the parking lot fight. I was at the breakfast when I first heard David mention it. You might not agree with it being an assault, but the term is subjective. He never identified anyone as being behind it and I blogged on it when I wrote about the breakfast.

    In email I received a reply from a “Carl Buster” that said, “You’ve got it wrong about Hedrick and his “thugs”. There was no set up at the picnic in Centralia, no videos, no blackmail. Just an angry Castillo yelling threats and profanities in front of his wife and child. Tons of people saw it. Call it what you want in order to sell more articles.”

    Remember, neither David nor I indentified any candidate as being behind it. Carl went on to say he was told this by a “third party” as he wasn’t there but they were. I’ll gladly forward you the emails if you wish.

    That was on July 28.

    On July 21, again in the Columbian’s comments at the article David Castillo: Self-made man with D.C. plan a commenter going by “prog” began the string of claims with, “Castillo is the HotHead! I just got this from a trusted source. Castillo got into a fight last night in the parking lot at an event in Centralia. I guess he didn’t like being criticized by the crowd in his home town and snapped under the pressure. Hedrick got a louder reception in Castillo’s home town by the way. Take note Columbian. Castillo was screaming profanities and gesturing wildly. His wife even got into it yelling that people were destroying their lives and she personally threatening to kick the a%% of others in attendance. Castillo was proud of this and threatened to let her. The police had to come to stop Castillo.

    Castillo can not handle the pressure. Sounds like he is the hothead. If he can’t handle the pressure now when he is WAY down in the polls to Herrera and Hedrick, how will he handle himself in WA DC when he doesn’t get his way?

    I have heard that there is a video and pictures of the confrontation, but lets hear Castillo’s groupies deny it before that is put out there.

    Can’t wait to see the video.”

    Scroll down to several more comments on that.

    Last Wednesday, a man named Jason contacted Victoria Taft and laid out how he is a computer techie guy that has worked with the AG’s office in computer forensic stuff (way over my head). He said how he found the poll placing Hedrick so far ahead unbelievable and began searching around in web hosts and domains and stumbled across the poll sharing extremely similar IPs, and identical domain and web hosts as does Hedrick’s site, FreedomAnswers.com.

    I have a 7 page report he wrote on it that the Columbian has and if they don’t publish it soon, I will be. It is all the techie stuff explaining how he found what he did and what it means.

    As I was on hold for my weekly segment on Southwest Washington Update, Hedrick came on and was in near melt down, saying he is being accused by Castillo and others of starting a fight with Castillo that night and he wasn’t even up there (Some people I know up that way just happened to be there and while Hedrick did not seem to be personally involved, he was standing off in the distance).

    Victoria called him on it and asked if he were starting rumors on her program and why does he only condemn Castillo and not Herrera, who this “poll” he touts has him in a statistical tie with her and Castillo so far down he can’t possibly win.

    She hasn’t put the audio online and I am trying to obtain a copy.

    The big deal of the incident was that there was an attempt to instigate something by someone I now presume to be Hedrick supporters due to the comments and the defense of Hedrick when Hedrick was not even mentioned as having any part in it.

    There were cameras and camcorders present to catch it, but there ended up being nothing to catch as David did not take the bait.

    But, if it is Hedrick being accused, why was it his supporters making all the fuss when they felt they had something to run with?

    And, with Castillo supposedly being so far down in this poll they tout and Hedrick and Herrera being so close, why is the target from Hedrick’s people always Castillo and not Herrera?

    Wouldn’t it be Herrera they were trying to defeat and not someone so far back he could not possibly catch up, if the poll is legitimate?

    That’s known as overplaying your hand, as I’m sure you realize.

    This and the other stuff I mentioned above is why I say this is the nastiest campaign I have ever seen.


  18. You know, this whole thing has gotten out of hand. No one can focus on the issues because of all of this smoke and mirrors stuff. Why cant a person just run for office and not get drug through the mud? Thats why alot of good people that should run dont. Not worth it to them.

    As far as overplaying your hand, I understand what you are saying. Do you think possibly that you are on the offensive against Hedrick and Hererra because that poll says your guy is losing? It is just a poll. Like you said, polls come out differently all the time. Back in May, you made the comment that you would back any of the three veterans before you backed Hererra. Now Boyd is out and working for Castillo, and forgive me for saying this, but that seemed like it was planned all along. Im not saying your doing this, but it does have the appearance that youre attacking Hedrick now that you think he has a chance of beating Castillo. What will you do if he does? Vote for Heck?

    Also, I know alot of people supporting all three candidates and all of them good people. Seriously, the most animosity Ive seen yet has come from your camp.

    I personally dont care about the incident that happened. If two men want to have a heated discussion, let them. But if one wants to make it into something its not to gain sympathy, then thats dirty politics. From the way it sounded, it was mutual. Castillo even left and came back for round two. Leaving and coming back doesnt sound like being accosted to me. But who really cares about that. So he was ticked off at the guy. Big deal. Its the poor me attitude now and him telling people he was acosted and assaulted that is bunk. Thats why I dont trust him. If he cant be honest about that, what else is he willing to do. Doesnt that bother you in the least to know that there is another explanation to what really happened up there? It does me. And I know you can see the logic in what Im saying. Ray Charles could see it.

    And whoever said that the cops had to come and stop Castillo is full of crap. I dont care who they are, that didnt happen. Thats a matter of public record too. No reports on file. Which also tells me Castillo wasnt assaulted like hes saying he was. That would have been in the same report and one doesnt exist. You cant just take Castillo at his word or the others at their word. You have to ask everybody. But when someone makes a statement about it like it was fact, you have to track that down and either prove or disprove it.

    Well thanks for the dialogue Lew. You take care of yourself through this whole thing and please just watch out that you dont get bit by the very snake youre holding. I know you can take care of yourself, but Im just saying. Youve got a good thing going and I would hate to see you get into trouble or anything else over some stupid politics. Also, if your Hedrick book thing is not legit, that will make you look like Dan Rather when he came out with that unsubstantiated report. Id hate to see that happen to you. Just be careful.


  19. LOL Lew,

    This is what I was trying to say about Castillo about the alleged assault in Centralia. I had to get it from the pro! Good night.

    Im still puzzled Lew.

    lewwaters Says:

    August 6, 2010 at 4:29 pm
    Uh, David, an FEC Violation is an FEC Violation!

    If he cannot be honest over this simple matter, he has no business in this race.


  20. PUzzl3d, you say you don’t care about the Centralia incident, yet continue to bring it up.

    Given the things I mentioned above on it and read on the Columbian and heard Hedrick say on Victoria’s program, not to mention asking my friends who were up there that evening, I give credit to Castillo.

    Obviously, you don’t, for whatever reason you have. Your privilege.

    As for what I said back in March, do you think it probable I have learned more about Hedrick since then? I do perform a lot of research in every avenue I can.

    That poll is as bogus a poll as I’ve ever heard of. Even without the information from Jason, if it were true, Castillo would be ignored and Hedrick and Herrera would be fighting it out, not holding joint events.

    You seem hung up on the word “assaulted.”

    as·sault (…-sôlt“) n. 1. A violent physical or verbal attack. 2.a. A military attack, such as one launched against a fortified area or place. b. The concluding stage of an attack in which close combat occurs with the enemy. 3. Law. a. An unlawful threat or attempt to do bodily injury to another. b. The act or an instance of unlawfully threatening or attempting to injure another. 4.a. Law. Sexual assault. b. The crime of rape. –as·sault v. as·sault·ed, as·sault·ing, as·saults. –tr. 1. To make an assault upon; attack. 2. To rape. –intr. To make an assault. –as·sault“er n.

    As I said, it is subjective and you have created your own perception of the word. Again, your privilege, but that doesn’t make David Castillo dishonest.

    And, rest assured, I do have the originals of the screen shots in the Hedrick book post with all of the personal data on them.

    But ask yourself why it doesn’t bother you that so many blasted me and tried to goad me into revealing information, presumably so they could track those people down?

    Also, I did in fact contact the FEC about it and confirmed with them it is a violation.

    Boyd dropping out came out of the blue. Both Vitoria Taft and I were surprised as we had discussed with him just the evening prior and he was struggling with the decision of what he should do, seeing he was not gaining any traction, but in heart wanted to run as he felt it was the right thing to do.

    I had met with him privately weeks before over coffee and we discussed his running. Both times, I recommended he follow his heart and his values.

    And again, why does it not bother you about the underhanded tactic of a GOP Party Chair and staunch Hedrick supporter offering to pay out over $1700.00 to keep him in? That alone is a dirty tactic.

    You also have no idea of the emails that have been copied to me by a Clark County GOP Board Member pulling similar dirty tactics that I have yet to publicize, before realizing I am “the enemy.” Also a Herrera supporter.

    On that poll, you better believe the truth is going to be revealed on it really soon.

    What you can’t seem to figure out yet is that I am the one trying to reveal the corrupt nature of this race and a couple candidates.

    It is not Castillo pulling all of these dirty tricks. He is the one actually trying to stick to the issues. When he does and mentions Herrera’s record, the very record she says to look at, he is accused of brutal and vicious attacks.


  21. There you go again, Lew, making it personal. I thought we were having a civilized conversation and the temptation got to you. Im not calling you the enemy here.

    What I dont care about regarding the Centralia incident is the incident itself. In my mind, inconsequential. In Castillos mind, an opportunity which he thought he could capitalize on at the McKenna breakfast.

    It would be like me and you getting into a heated blog here then me going somewhere else and saying that I was acosted on-line by this really mean bully blogger. That is what my issue is with Castillo over that whole thing. Its slimy. Like two boys getting into a fist fight mutually then one going and telling the teacher first so he doesnt get in trouble and the other does. The reason they fought and the fight dont really matter. Its the sissy that runs and tells first that is the problem. Thats exactly what Castillo did and everyone knows it. Hes a big baby. Why would I vote for someone like that.

    You mentioned “Carl Buster” in one of your messages. Look at this.


    Hopefully I did that right.

    I AM hung up on the word assaulted becuase thats the word Castillo is using. The point that you are ignoring here is that if there were a cop standing right there like Castillo is saying, wouldnt there have been intervention??? Cmon Lew, not even you can deny that.

    Again, I quote the “blog father” (thats you)

    If he cannot be honest over this simple matter, he has no business in this race.

    Honesty IS the best policy Lew.


  22. PUzzl3d, you’re straining a gnat. As shown, a verbal encounter is also considered an assault and no, Cops don’t come running every time someone raises their voice. Just admit it, you don’t care for Castillo and nothing he says or does will make any difference to you.

    Your privilege.

    But, why do you give Hedrick a pass for much worse than using a word you perceive differently? Bias? Prejudice? Only you know that.

    Okay, so there is a detective named Carl Buster. So what?

    Does that give him more validity for some strange reason? He said he wasn’t even there and in the email exchange, seemed very uninformed about blogs and much else.

    Then again, who can say the email name is the true name of who sent it?

    As for “sissy,” who is making it personal now? My comment on my being “the enemy” was in the context of what has been directed towards me from some board members on the Clark GOP, not you.

    And don’t forget, Hedrick too went crying to Victoria Taft this past Wednesday saying he was accused of starting a fight, when the comments I gave you links to on the Columbian clearly show Hedrick supporters claiming the opposite many days before Castillo ever mentioned the incident.

    Is he a “sissy” too in your eyes?

    If you really believe in “honesty is the best policy,” try looking within. I did many years ago and that led me to be willing to expose charlatans when I see them.


  23. What do you mean by charlatans in this case?

    And no, the cops dont go running to verbal altercations which is all that was. Thank you for proving Castillo a liar. And Im not talking about assault vs acost vs he hurt my feelings vs whatever. David Castillo has said that he was assaulted. He said that the guy he was arguing with physically assaulted him by grabbing his shoulders and not letting him go. But again, dont take my word for it. Take his and his people who are spreading that around.

    I can lead you to the water Lew, in this case the truth, whether you choose to drink it or even explore it is entirely up to you my friend.

    Also, go see “The Other Guys”…hilarious.

    About the Detective guy, he wasnt there, you werent there, I wasnt there, but there were lots of other people there that saw what happened and knew who was involved and knew what Castillo was talking about when he brought it up at the breakfast. I know a lot of them and asked everyone that I know. Hedrick supporters, Castillo supporters, Hererra supporters and all of them said that there was no assault and that out of the two of them, Castillo was the one most likely to punch the other.

    Now if I told you that I was a Hedrick supporter, which obviously I am, and that the sky was blue, you would run outside and double check wouldnt you. What keeps me coming back to this point is that there was no assault, you even admitted that, but Castillo says that there was, and hes saying it was physical, Ive read the emails his supporters have sent out stating that he told them that with his own mouth. And the cops were right there, because I talked to him too, and he said he is voting for Castillo and that nobody assaulted anybody. The cop that was there told me

    That makes Castillo a liar and you wont accept it because youve burnt all your other bridges and basically painted yourself into a corner. I really feel for you Lew. Everyone else sees it but you and Castillo. Now that is NOT a personal attack. That is plain old logic and common sense.

    btw has anyone ever told you youre stubborn???!!!

    One of these days when this is all over, you and I are going to sit down and have a nice tall cup of whatever it is that youre buying! 🙂

    Talk to you later Lew.


  24. woops, the cop that was there told me that nobody assaulted anybody!



    Dadgummit Lew! I just thought about it and thats what hit me so hard. What you said about the detective is about as hypocritical as you can get. This is what you said…

    “Okay, so there is a detective named Carl Buster. So what?

    Does that give him more validity for some strange reason?”

    I was just pointing out to you that there really IS someone named Carl Buster out there and happens to be a detective. You took it as I was saying that makes what he says credible and attacked that. But you yourself like to throw your being a veteran out there ALL THE TIME as if it were some magical authenticator of what you have to say. That makes your statement hipocritical!!!

    Read what you wrote…

    “Benny, perhaps you forgot, since you have been watching my blog for a year now, that I am a Viet Nam Veteran. I not not only outranked Hedrick, I remained on active duty nearly twice as long as he did and unlike him, did not bug out when my country was a war and called me.

    I actually extended my time in Viet Nam, voluntarily.”

    There are lots of others that I could cut and paste but I have to pee. You cant go on like this Lew. Your credibility is on the line and these politicians will be gone just as soon as they arrived. Now Im showing you with your own words that you are believing a lie and making statements that contradict your own.

    Now Im buy YOU the drinks.


  26. Let me guess, PUzzl3d, you are also mesmerized by Ron Paul too, aren’t you?

    You’re hung up on semantics and narrow definitions of words that you accept, ignoring additional definitions given those same words.

    Typical tactic of Paulistinians.

    As for Carl Buster, to make your point valid, you must prove that the Carl Bust who contacted me in email is the same Carl Buster you gave a link to and that someone didn’t just use his name.

    You also ignore that I know others up in the region who also just happened to be there that evening.

    You also ignore first mention was by Hedrick supporters making all the wild claims of out of control Castillo was, but unable to produce any cell phone photos or video.

    You also ignore you said your people said Hedrick was up there but inside while Hedrick claimed he was not up there at all.

    My Veterans status only gains me credibility where it is concerned, unlike Hedrick who makes sure to mention he was a Marine in every aspect of his campaign.

    Your point didn’t make it, sorry.

    Oh, and yes, I am very stubborn. Haven’t you ever dealt with a Libra before? We are noted for that once we are convinced we have made the correct decision, It just takes us a long time looking at all sides to actually make the decision.

    Look up Libra’s, if you don’t believe me.

    I’ll pass on the drink, I don’t use the stuff.


  27. I think Ron Paul is for abortion so no, I dont back him.

    As far as the semantics, Castillo defined assault by being grabbed by the arms and not let go of. I asked the cop who was there if that happened and he said no.

    I dont know if the carl buster that wrote you is the real guy. How does anyone ever know who is writing this stuff. Is your name really Lew Waters? Not that it matters but you know what I mean. I actually know the real one and hes a decent guy. Very professional.

    You going to the Didier thing up there tomorrow?

    As far as the drink goes, whatever your poison is, Im buying. Coffee, tea, latte, milkshake, water…

    Goodnight Lew, pleasant dreams.


  28. Oh yeah, one of the guys that saw it is a pastor.


  29. PUzzl3d, you continue to strain a gnat over absolutely nothing. As I said, the term assault is subjective. Many husband has been accused of domestic assault for doing exactly as you described.

    You said earlier the cop did not go over, so how would know exactly what occurred? None of us has 360 degree vision.

    Same thing for the Pastor.

    As my name actually being Lew Waters, I guess in your book I write under an assumed name since both my drivers license and birth certificate say Lewis, not Lew.

    As for professional, he still is, you just don’t like that he exposes someone you support.

    No, I’m not going to Didier’s event. I’m thinking of going to Akers tomorrow evening instead.

    Anyways, goodnight to you too.


  30. I agree. It rests in the mind of the victim. Thats when you have to objectively prove it right or wrong. Oh well. Well go round and round on this one. Maybe Im stubborn too. Who knows.

    Ok Lew. Talk to you later.

    I liked your latest about something strange going on. We agree on that even though we dont agree on who would be best for congress. I still think you should reign in the mean spirited talk about Hedrick. Its just not professional. The libs are probably enjoying themselves over it too. Ill say a prayer for you tonight Lew. Ive enjoyed the talks.



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