Hedrick’s Children’s Book, A Hidden Campaign Donation

by lewwaters

David W. Hedrick, who claims to be the current leading Republican candidate in the Washington State 3rd Congressional District, touted writing and publishing a children’s book, the Liberal Clause some time ago, designed to help conservative families teach their children the pitfalls of liberalism. Or, so he claimed.

It turns out that some people who do not support his run for office, questioning his qualifications ordered the book for family members thinking that in spite of their personal forebodings on his character, the book might be a useful tool. Unbeknownst to them until AFTER payment was made; they were actually making a contribution to his campaign. Nothing on the books sale site discloses to purchasers that they are in fact making a contribution to his campaign.

From the time you look at the books site, all the way through ordering it, you are not told at any step that you are actually making a campaign contribution until after you purchase the book.




After making payment, they each received the following email.

Of note also, the book was scheduled for release July 15, 2010. As of this posting, August 5, 2010, none of the people who contacted me have yet to receive their purchase.

Is this the type of underhanded dishonesty we could expect on the off chance that Hedrick wormed his way into office?

You decide.

UPDATE: September 3, 2010. The people who sent me these documents have yet to receive their books. Emails to Hedrick requesting a refund have been ignored apparently as none have yet to receive replies.

Come on “marine,” can’t you repay people out of your 30 pieces of silver?

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  1. I’ll bet Lew ordered the book also and is pissed off thet the story did not end the way he expected it to. I’m not falling for this one.


  2. Lew,

    While I’m not your attorney, I would advise you to be careful in what you post as if these documents are not correct you just opened pandoras box for a big lawsuit!

    It will be easy for Hedrick to verify these documents you posted are true and actual copies of the documents. If they are then I don’t see an issue, but if one thing is false then who will believe anything else you say.

    I believe if someone has an issue, why would they contact you unless you are one of the people that ordered a book and you are not happy.

    If I was you Lew, I would be calling a good attorney because if I was Hedrick I would be coming after your house, car, and whatever else you own! And you say you support Castillo and here you are doing this.

    I can only take it Castillo had something to do with this.


  3. Lew,

    You may have something here.. You said these people contacted you so finally we have people that can support your statements!

    Please post their information as that will prove Hedrick did something wrong! It will also give this information some credibility.


  4. What you see is actual shots with names removed as the person who sent me the receipts (I chose to only post one) fears Hedrick, thinking he is unstable.

    That is why I removed their name and personal information only.

    The site and PayPal order page is a screen shot I took myself.

    Should the authorities wish to pursue this, I am sure they would agree to release their names to them.

    Odd, no one has shown where the disclosure of the book purchase being a campaign contribution prior to payment is.

    DP, bring it on.

    I called the FEC and they said an item offered for sale to fund a campaign must be disclosed as a campaign contribution at time of sale, not after.


  5. Castillo does not have competitive polling numbers. This is just sour grapes.

    Anybody that thought buying David Hedricks book would not support his congressional run was fooling themselves.


  6. Funny David, Hedrick’s NOT disclosing to buyers that they were contributing to a political campaign is the buyers fault?

    I wonder if the FEC agrees with that?

    If not a violation, it is very unethical and dishonest, David.

    Keep your eyes and ears open on that poll, David.

    Seems a computer techie discovered some very interesting data on it.

    Don’t you just hate those people who can uncover computer fingerprints and hidden data?

    Oh what a tangled web we weave, right?


  7. You know what? Hedrick is a Marine, is running for Congress, and is the front runner. You know that Lew. He can do whatever the hell he damned well wants to. Nothing you say or do can change that.

    “Don’t you just hate those people who can uncover computer fingerprints and hidden data?”

    YES!!!! Damn these smart people!!! >:l Damn them!


  8. Lea Ortiz (fake name) you are a a Castillo koolaiddrinker with Lew. You are going to be crying on election night when Castillo comes in a distant 3rd place. You need to be careful about tossing stones when supporting a candidate that bought his way out of service. $$$ More on that later.


  9. Oh mikey, is that best you can do? Nothing to say about your boy being in violation of FEC Regulations?

    If you got some real mud to sling, sling it. But, don’t be too surprised to see just how much splatters back on you and your boy.

    More fabricated stories like the parking lot fight?

    I still find it absolutely hilarious that you all claim Castillo only has 5% in polling, but you people only target Castillo with your mud.

    I believe it’s called over playing your hand.

    Oh, and there is that little matter of IP address range that broke on Victoria Taft’s Wednesday. Remember?

    Oh what a tangled web we weave, LOL


  10. “Lea Ortiz (fake name) you are a a Castillo koolaiddrinker with Lew. You are going to be crying on election night when Castillo comes in a distant 3rd place.”

    Oh no I am crying now, and my feelings are hurt, that is my real name Mike. As a matter of fact I do believe we have met.

    Yes give me dirt on that insignifcant 3rd place guy. What is his name again? Cas, Casti, crap. Is he still running even?


  11. Last minute “violations” are mud, Lew. You should know – it’s what you do.


  12. Uh, David, an FEC Violation is an FEC Violation!

    If he cannot be honest over this simple matter, he has no business in this race.

    Then again, we know the real reason he is still in, don’t we?

    Did you happen to catch Victoria’s program Wednesday?

    I loved hearing Hedrick in meltdown right before I went on, LOL


  13. Last minute? What is last minute? A violation? Not a Marine. NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!


  14. As a United States Marine and a Lifetime Democrat I support David Hedrick but will still vote for Heck.

    Lew you have taken dirty politics to a whole new level.

    When Castillo loses this election you will be able to say you are one of the reasons he lost. Maybe you missed the event last night but people were outraged at how Castillo and you are slandering the other candidates with fabricated lies.

    Clearly, I see why Hedrick would not give you the time of day.


  15. Lew,

    Hedrick and Herrera are running clean campaigns. Interesting they take the high road while you and Castillo take the low road.

    I guess when David Hedrick pays for his advertising the station General manager should disclose he uses some of that money to buy nice cars.

    Lew, your argument is false and the documents are altered more than you stated and that makes you a criminal when you did such.


  16. *YAWN*

    Spare me your condescending rhetoric.

    And again, no defense over an obvious FEC Violation?

    No mention of Hedrick’s people fabricating lies on Castillo?

    No mention of why Hedrick’s people target the one they say has only 5% in the polls, but embraces the one only 2% from him?

    Don’t you think that is carrying the Marine vs Navy thing a bit too far?

    But, as I have repeatedly said, I will gladly lay my records alongside Hedrick’s in front of a neutral third party anytime.

    Oh, and I’m not all that concerned about 2 Hedrick supporters whining at an event last night.

    Hey, when does Hedrick put up that video he is said to have of Castillo picking a fight in the parking lot?

    Odd, all those witnesses and not a single cell phone photo or video has surfaced.

    But, I wholeheartedly agree with you on one point, I’d vote Denny Heck before I would Hedrick.

    Strange too, a lifelong Democrat and Heck supporter attending a Republican love fest, hmmmmmmmmm.

    And finally, you can stop trying to fabricate accusations against Castillo. He has nothing to do with my blog nor do I coordinate with him.

    Better luck next time.


  17. Sorry Interesting, but your lies won’t wash here.

    The only thing altered was personal contact information as the people who sent them to to me see Hedrick as unstable.

    I have offered to show the media the originals.

    And, neither Herrera nor Hedrick have run a clean campaign.

    Anybody reading the Columbian comments sections can see the vicious attacks against Castillo only from their supporters, as they claim Castillo is not even placing in the highly suspect poll Hedrick touts.

    Keep your eyes and ears open on that poll.


  18. Are there dirty politics here? I know, I have always suspected that was the case.

    Here is something I have said before, not all Republicans are the sweet little Christians you think them to be. Or should I say, don’t mistake nice for stupid?


  19. The Hedrick and Herrera camps are saying Castillo who, and so are the voters. He may be able to get endorsements but he sure is not getting the support of the people.

    Interesting that the Hedrick and Herrera camps are running Commercials on TV and Radio and you don’t hear any from Castillo. What does that say!

    The only air time he gets is when he calls in or you plug him on Victoria Taft and that is not during prime time.

    As for the Hedrick and Herrera campaigns, they have better things to do than talk about Castillo. They are talking about the issues. Maybe you should get away from the keyboard and see how awesome they are doing.


  20. “As for the Hedrick and Herrera campaigns, they have better things to do than talk about Castillo. They are talking about the issues. Maybe you should get away from the keyboard and see how awesome they are doing”

    Are they running together? They are both Republicans like Castillo, (thanks, he is so insignifant I couldn’t remember his name) right? They are all running against each other right? I don’t understand why anyone would lump the two (Hedrick and Herrera) together. Thanks Info.


  21. LOL, info, yeah, uh huh, sure.

    If what you say is true, why do they continue to target Castillo and Castillo ONLY in the Columbian comments, leaving cute little Jaime alone? Who, last I heard, is the real threat to dethroning Saint Hedrick?

    Wouldn’t the target really be Herrera and not the one who is said to have absolutely no supporters or votes?

    If I get in another poker game any time soon, I sure hope it is against you all.


  22. Lew, you are a SWEETHEART and I hope some BIG FEC agent blasts Hedrick and his dummies

    You are a HERO to those serving in the military!


  23. I noticed the name and the dates where changed on the documents you posted.

    Why did you change them? Are you worried someone is going to find out you altered them and only told us after someone noticed.

    Like DirtyPolitics said, I would be contacting a good lawyer.


  24. Uh, go for it.

    Personal identification data was all that was removed or altered. I have offered to show the originals to any media that wishes to see them.

    The pertinent data remains as shown.

    Your spin will never hold up.

    The fact remains, there was no disclosure of the purchase being a campaign contribution, as required by FEC rules.

    Ya’ll ain’t too good at this, are you?


  25. So are you saying you did not change the dates and times now as they are different and do not match the ones you listed earlier.


  26. Nice try, son.

    I do find it quite comical that the FEC Violation doesn’t matter to you all.

    That’s what I find most curious about you people, how you pick and choose laws that should be followed, according to your mood at the moment.

    Like I said, the originals are available to the media or appropriate authorities.

    Now, this old man has to go to bed. You children play nice while I’m asleep.


  27. “Like DirtyPolitics said, I would be contacting a good lawyer.”

    You’re right Doc, if I were running for Congress I think I would too.

    Now, who should I vote for?


  28. Nice job altering the documents..

    You stated you only changed the contact information however the dates have been changed again since your first post as well as it’s not to Jon Doe..

    As a person who bought a book I never recieved any like letter when I bought the book.. I did however get a letter like that when I made a donation to his campaign.

    I’ll take it they did both and the two are not one transaction.

    I can take a news paper and edit it with your name in place of a child pedafile and post it on the web also. It’s just the same lowball tatics you are using.


  29. Now I bought 2 books as I wanted to see for myself again.

    If Lew would have bought a book he would have ended up on a ThankYou page and that page states you are not donating to the David Hedrick for Congress campaign.

    Of course you don’t have that screenshot do you? Buy a book Lew and post the results of that page.

    Maybe you already did and you omitted that information like you changed the information on the above documents.


  30. Try a different tack, boys. You aren’t doing too good with this one.

    What say we just let the FEC work it out, okay?


  31. It looks like Lew took the screenshot before anything was altered. Hence, “screne shot”. I am sure it has been since changed to reflect differently. So is Lew lying? I want to know the answer to that. Why would Lew lie?

    Someone is. Let the reader decide.


  32. What really needs answered is just why are Hedrick’s supporters so hell-bent on getting the personal information of the people who sent these emails to me?

    Hmmm, an unstable candidate who once claimed he won’t go where he cannot carry his concealed gun and his known for angry outbursts wants the personal information of people who exposed his violations?

    Sounds like some would want to pay a personal visit for some physical retribution to me.

    Of course, coming within compliance of the law would be too simple, wouldn’t it?


  33. Lew…are you really altering data and lying to your readers. Thats terrible! Why would you do something like that? Did you get a lawyer like some have suggested?


  34. Why Karen Bloom, why hide your name?

    It’s nice to see you again.

    Oh yes, I’m just shaking in my boots, ya know.

    Let’s allow the FEC to decide, okay?

    You people really should try acting like adults, if you think you can “save the country.”

    Now, go play outside while the grown-ups discuss things, okay Karen?


  35. I don’t remember James’ supporters getting so upset over his conversion of doggie care dollars to campaign contributions. There was nary a peep over contributions to McDermonts defense fund going to his campaign either.

    These people appear unhinged. Just fix the problem and get on with life folks. Attacking the alternative media messenger is not a Constitutionalist stance…


  36. Thanks, Pat.

    This seems to be the common denominator for all too many of these people from that side of the room.

    They just can’t seem to fathom that it isn’t the use of the funds, it’s not disclosing where they are to be used.

    Put up the disclosure and move on, as you say.

    The scary part is how hard they try to goad me into revealing the personal data of who sent me the information. If not for retribution against them, why?

    Little wonder they think Hedrick and many of his supporters are unstable & unhinged.

    Who knows, maybe next I’ll be labeled an “anchor baby” or they’ll try to start a fight with me in a parking lot soon, like they did to Castillo.


  37. Now it is the Hedrick supporters that are the issue.

    I guess you will want to know what the owners of Starbucks spend their profits on next!

    Who cares, at least Hedrick and Herrera are speaking on the issues and not your lies here!

    BTW, hows that taxpayer funded unemployment check you get doing?

    Go get a job, I see a big need for used car mechanics all over town.


  38. *YAWN*

    Keyboard warriors are so boring. I guess I’m going to have to refer you all for remedial troll training.


  39. These Hedrick supporters are truly scary….& they want us to believe they are Constitutionalists….that they believe in the First Amendment?


  40. They scare me too. The Hedrick cheer leading squad has a “secret, private” forum, where they go to come up with this underhanded crap, then come here and demand to know who certain buyers are. Amazing. Childish.

    I don’t know what this Ron Paul movement is about, but it can’t be good. My hunch is the Constitution is something they are using as their tool, because, who doesn’t want to uphold the Constitution, right? Talk about the Constitution and voila, you have instant believers, instant support, instant volunteers.


  41. Holy Cow Lew,
    This has to be the longest blog ever. Too bad it wasnt very useful. As far as I see it, the truth is the truth no matter what. The truth about the book receipts will come out regardless. Same as the truth about the incident that happened in Centralia. Which wasnt a fight BTW. I read about all the hubbub and knew some people that attended and asked them. Hedrick and Castillo supporters and was told the same thing. Hedrick was inside when it happened, and Castillo was not assaulted like he tells people. Castillo said there was a cop standing there watching and he called him a witness to the assault. The problem with that is if there was a cop there, and there was according to about five people I talked to that were right there, and there was an assault on a congressional candidate, well dont you think the police officer would have done his duty and stopped the assault and made an arrest? At least he would have written a report about it. Neither was done. Its public record, check for yourself.

    Ok, now Im REALLY going to bed. What a messed up thread this one was….


  42. PUzzl3d, the only ones I saw actually using the word “fight” on this was Hedrick on Victoria Taft’s program Wednesday and his supporters on the Columbian comments sections.

    And again, the term “Assault” is subjective.

    as·sault (…-sôlt“) n. 1. A violent physical or verbal attack. 2.a. A military attack, such as one launched against a fortified area or place. b. The concluding stage of an attack in which close combat occurs with the enemy. 3. Law. a. An unlawful threat or attempt to do bodily injury to another. b. The act or an instance of unlawfully threatening or attempting to injure another. 4.a. Law. Sexual assault. b. The crime of rape. –as·sault v. as·sault·ed, as·sault·ing, as·saults. –tr. 1. To make an assault upon; attack. 2. To rape. –intr. To make an assault. –as·sault“er n.

    Where are all of the cell phone photos since were so many people milling about?

    If, as you admit, Hedrick was up there but inside, why did he claim on Victoria Taft’s that he was not up there at all?

    If you think back to 2008, I believe, some Ron Paul supporters taped how they chased down Sean Hannity one evening to do something similar. They did not touch him, but do you think that might be construed as an assault?”

    Ron Paul supporters chase Hannity

    Ron Paul Supporters Chase Down Sean Hannity

    Open your eyes and see what is happening right in front of your face.


  43. @ Lea Ortiz,

    You have been caught posting spurious information, which means it’s plausible, but entirely false. I am the admin for the “secret, private forum” and it has nothing to do with coming up with spamming material for refuting Lew’s barrage of equally spurious blog posts.

    The message board system was created for active volunteers to organize and brainstorm ideas to campaign for Hedrick and his ideas that are unique among politicians (follow the Constitution, limit Federal Govm’t to enumerated powers).

    This private forum has no posts concerning how to respond to personal mud on this site. I don’t know who these commentators are on Lew’s site here, but from my perspective, the prevailing view coming from the Hedrick camp and grass-roots campaign team is to ignore this blog and anything posted here that is not affiliated to discussion of the issues and platform that David Hedrick is campaigning on (his Marines service has little to do with it).

    The way I see it, regardless of spurious non-stance/platform related blog posts here, the press exposure Lew provides for Hedrick, good or bad, gets attention directed to his campaign, where folks are bound to learn about who he is and why he’s running for Congress, and it’s only going to lead to more Hedrick votes in the primary… So thanks much for all the extra press, Lew. . . I hope your readership level is higher than some say ’cause every extra vote is needed since my candidate doesn’t have any special interests’ contributions to pay his way to office!

    And yes, we Hedrick supporters are certainly using the Constitution as a tool… I always carry one in my back pocket. It’s the supreme law and social contract of the United States and plenty of people are finally waking up to the fact that allowing un-limited Federal powers not delegated by the Constitution has lead to completely unaccountable government that doesn’t represent the people.


  44. Cory, I’ve always tried to give you more credit than this. You seemed like a sane in a bunch of unhinged fruitcakes.

    There is nothing “spurious” about the screen shots, other than the means to track down the personal identity of the person was either deleted or altered. And the question remains, why do so many want that personal identification?

    The originals are complete and will pass any muster the authorities look for.

    Shooting the messenger won’t work, Cory.

    As far as “Using the constitution for a tool” goes, isn’t that what we condemn liberals and others for? Making it a tool instead of actually following it? What education does Hedrick have that makes his view on it any better than someone else’s? Or, is it because that is what you and your group want it to be?

    You know, sort of how the liberals and their groups want it to be to suit them?

    What is funniest in your rant is your comment about, “completely unaccountable government.”

    Which of you is holding Hedrick accountable?

    Obviously none if seeing that he has violated FEC election rules causes this much angst against the messenger and none of you are calling up him to come within compliance.

    You can denigrate me all you wish, cast doubts on anything you wish, it doesn’t change anything.

    Your boy is no better than what is in power right now. He just wants all of you following him instead and will pull any trick to get there, just as those there now did.


  45. Your very premise illustrates “completely unaccountable government” perfectly.

    1) A candidate sells a book on his campaign website

    2) There is a law that he has to TELL people in advance that THIS sale can be used to further his campaign.


  46. Thank you David, for once again, providing absolute proof of how you people “pick and choose,” according to your whims, what laws must be adhered to or not.

    How horrible that a candidate for public office should have to disclose to potential buyers that what they are purchasing will be used to fund his campaign.

    You are often complaining about needing more “openness and transparency” in government, unless hiding something benefits the candidate of your choice.

    Of course, if it were another candidate, you would be the people screaming about a violation.

    You, more than just about anyone else, continue to show what a lunatic fringe you people are. Pat had it right, you all are “unhinged.”

    And still, not one of you seems to feel Hedrick should be held accountable for anything, while demanding everyone else be “held accountable.”



  47. I guess if you can’t find any dirt on a candidate you have to make it up!

    Documents are fake!


  48. @ Lew,

    I’m not concerned about the validity of screen-shots posted here, they seem perfectly legit to me. I am concerned about the potentially “spurious” claim that a candidate contributing personal income to their election fund is an FEC violation. The people that purchase his book are hopefully doing just that. I don’t know the law, but if Hedrick contributes personal income derived from book proceeds to his campaign fund, how is that also direct contributions from the individuals purchasing his book?

    Please do some journalistic research and provide your readers with cited law as evidence that Hedrick is violating a statutory rule, otherwise this whole post is based on a spurious charge. After you cite the law, check to see if this anonymous receipt-leaker has an un-intended federal campaign contribution to Hedrick’s campaign.

    In recent past, you have written about the spurious claim (plausible, but false) that Jason made on the Victoria Taft show concerning Hedrick’s web site being affiliated with the WA State Polls site. The only evidence presented so far only points to the truth that one web domain host is hosting both sites. They are unaffiliated clients that share similar DNS address details because they are likely operated from the same virtual server setup. . . In the last comment directed at Lea, I stopped short of calling you a liar, and just referred to unspecified spurious claims being posted on this blog and that are best ignored; so there’s one example, and there are more but I’ve demeaned myself enough already addressing this one.


  49. Candidates have always been able to spend their own money on their own campaigns.

    David selling his book makes his own money.

    So the rule from the FEC is spurious and indicates a completely unaccountable government rule making ability. No, Lew. I don’t care if it is Castillo, Obama or Carl Marx who uses his OWN MONEY for his campaign.

    Your slavish desire to enforce such a law indicates you would be just as happy to live in the soviet union, another place where federal agencies would stamp out nifty laws like that on a regular basis.

    Is it really any wonder why lawyers make up so much of congress? Or why so many laws are made with a congress of lawyers?


  50. “Bad Info?” BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!

    I don’t care how many false screen names you choose to post under, it changes nothing.

    Cory & David, feel free to call FEC Information Division toll-free at 1-800-424-9530 (press #6 when prompted) and ask them. I did.

    You can also scour through the 186 pages of the Campaign Guide for Congressional Candidates and Committees if you choose to, but the phone call is free and much faster.

    They close at 5 PM Eastern time, though.

    That’s 2 PM our time, David.

    And, David, why is it any law or rule you disagree with is “spurious?” Are you not doing exactly as the Progressives do and putting forth that only your view is acceptable?

    What would you do with those people that disagree with you? Lock us up as you claim the Progressives are going to do?

    Cory, are you a computer techie and looked at the actual claims made by Jason and his evidence?

    I have his 7 page report that the Columbian and other media has and had it looked over by a second person with such computer knowledge, since I’m not into the techie stuff.

    He agreed with Jason’s findings and pointed out even more.

    Since I don’t see it in the Columbian yet and I feel it is important information that voters still should hear, I guess I’ll do it a little later this evening.

    That should allow you time to get damage control at the ready.

    Maybe the FBI and FEC will have their computer techies look it over.


  51. Your spinning so fast I can barely see you, Lew. The only damage control I am worried about is what will happen when you stop.

    It is probably best that we all just give you a little room to settle down.

    Let us know when the FEC agrees to a jury trial. I would want the press there for that.


  52. Poor David. Are you off your Prozac again?

    Or, did you not get enough ninny when you were a baby?


  53. Time to move on. Ya’ll have whined this one to death and proven nothing, so comments are off now.


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