Herrera & Hedrick Primary Victory Party, 12 Days Before the Primary?

by lewwaters

Be it arrogance or corruption, isn’t it a bit premature for cute little Jaime Herrera to be throwing a Victory Party, 12 days BEFORE the primary election ballots are due in? I was a little surprised to find the following in my email recently,

No one can fault poor little Jaime for wanting to step up into a high paying job where she will be paid $175,000 a year, with massive benefits and perks, but to already assume it’s hers for the taking is a bit much.

Well, maybe not so much as thought, if she knows something others don’t know.

With the highly questionable poll being touted by David Hedrick, claiming that he is leading the pack, is it possible there is more there than meets the eye? I have to wonder after also seeing this today,

Odd, isn’t it? Cute little Jaime is throwing a Primary Victory Party at the same time she is appearing for a Meet & Greet with the one who now claims to be ahead of her, while that same one and his supporters continue to smear and sling lies, insinuations and pure garbage at the one they claim has absolutely no support, David Castillo.

So, what is it? A Primary Victory Party already? Or, just another Meet & Greet? If just another “Meet & Greet,” why would the 2 alleged race leaders, supposedly duking it out for the nomination, be holding an adoring event together, while trashing the one single candidate they claim the polls show has absolutely no chance or support?

If you listened to the Victoria Taft program August 4th, heard daily from 11 AM to 3 PM on KPAM 860 in Portland, a man called in stating his qualifications as a computer forensics sort of guy. He too saw the disparity in the claims of the candidate supposedly not standing a chance according to this poll, yet sweeping the endorsement of all 4 major newspapers that cover the 3rd Congressional District and endorse in primaries, and began looking.

Now, I’m not a computer techie sort of guy and much of what he said went right over my head, but I have heard many a techie guy state that IP addresses mean a lot when real close, that shows connection of some sort. So, I did take notice when he stated how close the IP addresses of this questionable polls host site was to a company that is registered to David W. Hedrick as sole proprietor, FreedomsAnswer.com, which not too surprisingly, shares the exact same IP address with the site where Hedrick sells his book, The Liberal Clause.

Is Hedrick involved? Who knows, but he did himself no favors by calling in towards the end of the show and basically going into a degree of meltdown, accusing everyone of attacking and bashing him, ignoring that the comments left both here and on the Columbian’s comment sections show that is his supporters continually bashing and maligning Castillo. Even Victoria asked him if he was trying to start rumors on her program and why is it he only targets Castillo, never saying anything against Herrera, who according to the poll he touts, is in a statistical tie with him.

It makes one wonder about this adoring joint event they are holding currently and just what is really going on from the Republican Party in this race. If Hedrick is going to play cutthroat, wouldn’t it be against Herrera, in a statistical tie and not Castillo, who they state has no support and such poor polling as claimed?

Conspiracy theory? Tin foil hat time? Remarkable coincidence? Who knows. But, there does appear to be some sort of collusion in what is rapidly becoming the nastiest race in the country.

If this is indicative of the GOP, I will soon be washing my hands of the Republican Party.

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