Columbian Editor Creates Local Soap Opera

by lewwaters

Clark County residents can rest easier today knowing that the Columbian’s managing editor, Lou Brancaccio has successfully stopped local blogger, Kelly Hinton, from driving in parades for 18th legislative district candidate, Ann Rivers.

Following in the footsteps of Washougal city council member, Jon Russell, a distant opponent of Rivers known for stepping on people in his way, Brancaccio has devoted 2 weekly editorials on the acerbic writing style Hinton uses on his blog.

Guilt by association?

Creating distance from a problem

Hinton, known for his “take no prisoners” blogging at Clark County Politics, where he exposes corrupt politicians and their lackluster performance, has become a favored target. First of some Board Members of the Clark County GOP, who tried to damage 3rd Congressional District candidate David Castillo in favor of opponent, Jaime Herrera, the GOP establishment candidate.

He now seems to have become the favored target, first of scandal ridden council member Jon Russell and now Lou Brancaccio, who maintains that in spite of his columns, “She’s still the best” in reference to Ann Rivers.

Claims of Hinton being Rivers campaign manager or campaign consultant were quickly put to rest and we were told in the original column that Hinton occasionally drives in parades for Ann Rivers.

Meanwhile, scouring the archives of the Columbian and Brancaccio’s columns, I was unable to find any mention during last years Washougal Mayor’s scandal that Rivers opponent, Jon Russell was on the financial oversight committee that signed off on the missing expenditures. Russell pointed all fingers at former mayor, Stacee Sellers, the fellow Republican he threw under the bus in favor of Democrat mayoral candidate, Sean Guard, brother of Jeff Guard, the former mayor Sellers defeated in the previous election.

No red flags there, right?

Brancaccio gleefully informs us in the second paragraph of today’s column, “[the] controversial blogger would no longer be driving in [Rivers] campaign’s parades.”

You can sleep well tonight Clark County, knowing that the Columbian’s managing editor is protecting the community from bloggers who also occasionally drive in parades.

Brancaccio indicates a third column on this subject will be forthcoming.

Hinton continues blogging, undeterred.

Meanwhile, real news concerning a federal candidate and possible fraud remains ignored, not being as important as who drives a truck in a parade.

Tune in next week for the latest installment of “As The Columbian Turns.”

5 Comments to “Columbian Editor Creates Local Soap Opera”

  1. Lew, you should keep that “as the columbian turns” for every time you need it. It fits like a glove to the 1970’s soap opera acts that come on in the afternoon and seem to inspire one local newsman to greater titantic depths.

    Now I wonder who’s next on the sinking list…


  2. With what we know the Columbian has and the potential of becoming a National Political scandal, their delay in publishing it is curious.

    Of course, I’m sure their people are verifying the information, but any techie should be able to do that fairly easily.

    If they don’t run it soon, blogs will once again scoop them.


  3. National Scandal and columbian, isn’t this just fair play? Jaime was brought into state power by a sscandal that the paper brought to the fore by going after Representative Curtis of the 18th district. Then Jaime gets voted into office to fill the vacancy (by both cowlitz and clark county commissioners in a special meeting )left by his resignation.

    And you know what is even funnier now that I think of it? Anne Rivers was talking to the same commissioners to replace him as well.

    Who would have thought this was another coincident event powered by “the columbian that turns.”


  4. The initial appointment of Herrera has all the appearance of scandal. It makes no sense how, even by her admission, she was gone for so many years and moved back here specifically for that seat and as soon as she arrives, is the favored candidate over 11 others who have been here all along?

    I always knew there was corruption in the area, but never thought it was this bad.

    If they don’t run it real soon, I will. This is too big to just ignore.


  5. Do you see the coincidence by point? About how much scandal is brought forth and seems to power the press here?

    I mean I do not see this much in any other local news source that I have come across in the Pacific Northwest. Has anyone else come across this worse than I have??


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