Who Is The Establishment Candidate?

by lewwaters

With the condition the country has fallen, it is no surprise that conservatives are fed up with what the GOP has been offering. Voters showed back in 2006 that they were not going to support just any candidate simply because they had the ‘R’ behind their name when running.

Many stated they were not voting at all or throwing away their vote to “teach the GOP a lesson.” As big of a folly as that was, people did it, showing their displeasure with “the establishment,” regular run of the mill Republican moderates.

Use of the term “establishment” made big news back in the 1960’s as those aging hippies we have controlling the country today used it to paint the generation then running the country as “out of touch,” “unresponsive” and “out dated.”

Today, the term once again is being used and applied to those Republican that show the same aspects contrary to true conservatism. Being labeled “the establishment candidate,” being supported and endorsed by the Republican “establishment” indicates a candidate simply out of touch with the needs of the nation.

Candidates wishing to court the Tea Party movement, a loosely coordinated nationwide phenomenon of voters from all political aspects sick and tired of the status quo that continues to plunge the country deeper and deeper in debt and problems, do what they can to show they are not part of “the establishment.”

Some opportunistic establishment candidates try to minimize their own establishment connections and mislead voters that their opponents are the actual establishment candidate.

As we close in on our August 17 primary election, we see one such example in Washington State 3rd Congressional District candidate, Jaime Herrera doing just that by trying to paint her opponent, David Castillo “the establishment candidate” because he held sub-cabinet level positions in the Bush administration in the Department of Homeland Security and Department of Veterans Affairs.

I guess Jaime forgets her own deep connections to “the establishment,” though.

In the 3rd CD, Herrera is the only candidate running who gained the endorsement of 3 county GOP parties, all made long before we even reached the candidate filing cutoff date and enjoys the strong support and endorsement of several Board Members of other county parties, not to mention the Washington State GOP.

She doesn’t have that much support from her fellow legislators though, David Castillo gained those.

Castillo first entered the run against now retiring Democrat Brian Baird in April 2009, long before it was known Baird would retire. He entered expecting a tough campaign against an entrenched incumbent.

Herrera got wind of the retirement and threw her hat in less than 2 hours after the announcement was made, after months of saying she was not ready and had no intention of running. She quickly gained notice back in Washington D.C. seemingly within minutes as we were quickly told, “Republicans now have top candidates running in all four districts where Democrats announced their retirements in recent weeks” by a Washington D.C. publication.

Our own local newspaper of record, the Columbian, told us in April Herrera ‘on the radar’ of national GOPCamas Republican in line to get help in run for Congress.”

Can you be any more “establishment” than the National GOP?

While Castillo was traveling the district seeking donations and getting known to voters, Herrera left during legislative session to catch a red-eye flight to Washington D.C., not to do anything to benefit the legislative district she is supposed to be representing, but to seek donations from Washington D.C. insiders 3,000 miles away from our state.

Herrera is guided by sitting 5th Congressional District Congress Woman Cathy McMorris Rodgers who her self is an “establishment” party member. Herrera says during her time working with McMorris Rodgers that she expressed a desire to run for office herself one day. Reportedly, McMorris Rodgers told her, “You never know when the opportunity is going to come.”

We saw that play out when she parachuted in, after many years absence, specifically to gain the seat vacated by former representative Richard Curtis and somehow instantly became the “favored candidate” amongst 11 others who had remained in the district.

She also says, indicating her opportunism, that she and her new husband “tentatively decided that this was not the year” to run for higher office, until Baird announced his retirement, that is.

The Olympian tells us, “Herrera is also moving up in the National Republican Congressional Committee’s ‘Young Gun’ rankings.”


Herrera has been blatantly dishonest with voters, misleading them on her support of the pro-SEIU bill HB 1329, that would have forced childcare centers into the union, after they had declined the union’s offer.

And now, Herrera has the audacity to claim David Castillo is “the establishment candidate” due to his hold sub-cabinet level position during the Bush Administration?

Also very telling to me is her silence over the revelation of an irregular poll showing her opponent Castillo supposedly at only 5% and she targets Castillo, instead of David W. Hedrick, who this very questionable poll places 2 points ahead of her.

Doesn’t a bogus poll touted by Hedrick affect Jaime Herrera too?

Why would she tell an Olympia radio host that her and Hedrick’s campaign get along greatly, as if old friends? Wouldn’t the target actually be the one you are most afraid will defeat you in the election and not the one supposedly dead last?

Jaime Herrera can try to divert the “establishment” claim onto David Castillo all she wishes, but clearly, everything about her points to she is in fact “the establishment candidate,” not David Castillo.

30 Responses to “Who Is The Establishment Candidate?”

  1. Hey Lew and everyone else (and yes Lew, I saw a couple of your posts on the thread on this.) there is a great back and forth from the 3rd congressional district representatives running in the primary election.

    It shows quite a difference in various questions. Its an hour long and I really enjoyed it. Though I do believe most of the show was about the republican candidates than a four way with Denny.


    (yes, its from an oregon public broadcasting source. But I think its the first time I have gotten to hear all four candidates, their basic philosophies and interests in the race. But it was worth the one hour to listen. And you can download a copy of the show if you want to listen to it on your MP3 player or audio system.)


  2. I listened to this yesterday, Jeremy. Over all, a good show giving some decent insight into the candidates.

    Hedrick sounded nervous to me, with his more than normal rapid speaking.

    Kathie Durbin also covered it in today’s Columbian, Hedrick urges Social Security privatization

    Some interesting comments already this morning.


  3. Interesting talk with another guy at work regarding politics and our countrys fate. He has stockpiled a years worth of food thinking that this recent surge or uprising from the people is going to cause a collision with the liberal left and established party players regardless of what side theyre on.

    He thinks the commoners are at the verge of revolution. Im not convinced were there yet but who knows what will happen with this election. I was wondering your thoughts on that Lew. Do you think its possible or just paranoia.


  4. Puzzl3d, I believe there is a small faction out there who think they could pull something like that off, but it would be short-lived and an utter failure. I could never take part if it came to that because I’d have to fire on our Troops and I admire these young volunteers too much for that.

    The true “revolution” will be at the ballot box, if enough people wake up in time.

    The inherent danger to “the establishment” is that the Tea Party did wake many people up. But, as always happens, something begins getting popular and everybody and their brother ruins it by deciding to grab their 15 minutes by imitating, infiltrating or acting as if they are in charge of it.


  5. We have the ballot box to spare us revolutions. The “Second Amendment” solution we occasional hear about is an unconstitutional solution clothed in wording to make it palatable to the crazies and their encouragers who would rather have anarchy and bloodshed than see others having a decent shake. Our American Taliban.

    I note your observations Lew that some are mimicking Tea Party to win votes. I think this will backfire both because its obvious and also because Tea Party positions will hurt candidates in some but not all races.

    I question your statement about Herrera: “She doesn’t have that much support from her fellow legislators though, David Castillo gained those.”
    Herrera does have the support of two fine local legislators, Orcutt and Zarelli, as well as Commissioner Boldt. These are three solid folks who work hard in their respective positions, are constructive and serve our community well. Castillo has Don Benton’s endorsement.

    Hedrick, however true to the Tea Party, slit his own throat politically speaking when he voiced his position on Social Security on OPB. That issue has been run before and suppressed the conservative vote. Castillo’s handling of this issue is more nuanced.

    Personally, I voted an evenly split ticket. I didn’t vote for two positions. I did vote for one of the mimics as I know him personally and respect his work for the City.


  6. Pat, your vote is entirely your business. I appreciate your comment on it, though.

    As for legislator support of Jaime, I’m aware that she received endorsements from Orcutt, Boldt and Zarelli, but if you look over the complete list of endorsements from legislators, Castillo received far more than just three.

    He received the endorsement of Benton, Swecker, DeBoldt and Mielke in the 3rd CD.

    In addition, he received endorsements from Rep. Tom Campbell, Cary Condotta, Larry Crouse, Doug Ericksen, Joel Kretz, Jim McCune, Kirk Pearson, Skip Priest, Dan Roach, Roger Bush – Pierce County Council Chair & former State Representative and Shawn Bunney – Pierce County Council .

    Additionally, he also received endorsements from Attorney General Rob McKenna, Former Attorney General Ken Eikenberry, Former Congressman Randy Tate and Former U.S. Attorney Michael D. McKay.

    He also has received the endorsements of several others, but those are what I was referring to when I said he enjoys the bulk of legislator support.

    Most of those are people who have worked closely with Jaime during her short time in the state legislature and they chose Castillo over her.

    That’s very telling to me.


  7. Slitting ones own throat may come from incumbent endorsements in this race. That may be the kiss of death for Castillo. Swecker and DeBolt are not popular any more. Getting too comfortable with their seat. It will be a very telling primary.


  8. I don’t know, Puzzl3d, DeBoldt was well received at a recent function here.

    I guess we’ll have the answer Wednesday morning, though.


  9. Lew,
    I was not saying she has more endorsements. She does have the endorsements of several local politicians who work with her on local issue who I respect.

    Incumbent endorsements affect each race differently. Most don’t want my endorsement…

    I think what is most important is the voters guide statement. Folks don’t buy much negativity. Tea Party types and mimickers need to tread carefully as their statements will be repeated in the general election guide when they are facing more, less partisan voters. It might be best to post partisan rhetoric on your website where you are not so locked in. You could win the primary with the activist support you have sought and surrounded yourself with and not see the forest of voters to be faced in November. (For example, where one sees tolls another sees cheap light rail transportation with more money to spend after giving up one of the family cars. So it might be wise to go lightly on some matters as your closest associates might reflect current realities.)


  10. What good is it for a man to gain the whole world yet lose his soul.


  11. That is one of the many reasons I like David Castillo, Puzzl3d. I believe he will stay true to himself and us.


  12. Whoever makes it, I pray they do! Weve had enough career politicians. We need a citizen statesman in there for a change. Lew, you should run for Hererras spot next!


  13. Thanks Puzzl3d, but I live in the 49th and I believe Ann Rivers will win Herrera’s seat.

    I expect she will do a great job.


  14. Open up the comments on your latest Lew, you cant hit and run. Wheres the fun in that??? You serve up a tasty meatball like that then wont let the dogs out? lol

    Now that you and I have voted Lew and cancelled each other out, whats next?

    Also, just looking ahead to 2012 for the presidency, I hope God raises someone up we can ALL get behind. And no, not Palin. Be more fun to fight beside you for once than across from you. Not that you and I have really fought but you know what I mean. Best bumper sticker I saw in 08 said, “If Obama and McCain are the answer, it must have been a really stupid question.”

    Hope your staying cool! Whew!


  15. I am staying cool, thanks. Growing up in Southeast Florida before AC became really popular was enough heat for me.

    I turned off the comments on the latest for a reason. That being, it takes me too long to delete the vitriol I will see coming in from the Hedrick/Ron Paulies.

    I prefer to chuckle to myself how all are fuming so much.

    Dirty trick? Maybe. But no dirtier than what has been being thrown at David Castillo all along, much of which I have never made public (by request from a close personal friend)

    As for 2012, we’ll have to wait and see what pops up. So far, I haven’t seen anyone I really want for president. I do like Sarah Palin, but am not convinced she is ready for the presidency. Of course, she couldn’t be any worse than what we have now.

    For now, I’d just like to see some good races in 2010 and a bunch of incumbents sent to the unemployment line.


  16. Amen to that brother. This is no time to be an incumbent, thats for sure. I hope the soccer mom gets more time to drive her kids to soccer!!!

    Dont get me wrong, I like Palin too. Just not convinced like you said. I really cant think of anyone else though. Definitely no more Reagans out there. I read an article/blog where someone thought Glen Beck might take a stab at it. That would be interesting. “Talk show hosts runs for president. Story at 11.”

    You know, I never was really into politics before Obama got elected. I think that was what woke me up to it. Ive alway voted, but just never took the time to get to know the candidates. This year Ive gotten to know quite a few, met them personally, visited their sites etc. Never was interested in these blogs either but I must say it is pretty interesting. Might go so far as to say its sort of fun.

    I dont like the drive style of blogging though. Kind of chicken dookie if you know what I mean. I like this kind where you and I can totally disagree on a candidate but still be respectful of each other. I like Hedrick, you like Castillo, you dont like Hedrick, I dont like Castillo, but thats okay.

    As far as Castillo getting mud thrown at him, Hedrick has had his share of mud slung too. Your last blog for instance. 🙂 How did Herrera stay so clean through all this??? Too bad it went this way. Seeing this kind of stuff happen makes it hard for the good guys that were thinking about running to actually run. Gotta be nuts to want to put yourself through this. Whats sad is were a party divided now and if we could just come together, we would have more votes than the dems. Oh well. Maybe the rapture will happen soon and I wont have to worry about it. 🙂

    Hey, if I ever decide to start a blog like this one, will you help me out? I must say, you are a cranky old fart but youre definitely growing on me!! Take care. Also, next event were at together, Ill introduce myself. Then well figure out who buys coffee!


  17. Puzzled, it would be a HOOT to have a “cranky old fart” blog from clark county.

    You know, there are NOT enough Good, quality fun blogs from our community that don’t focus on things other than politics. (Yes, there are a few but there is never enough!)


  18. Puzzl3d, I’m not nearly as cranky as some people think I am, but I will admit to getting under some people’s skin.

    I began supporting and following Castillo in June 2009, long before anyone else entered the race against Baird. I watched as the GOP began supporting him and how some abandoned him for Jon Russell, who is nowhere near prepared for a run to the House.

    I gave him fair coverage, though, until he pulled what he did with the Washougal Mayor’s scandal, distancing himself from his own shortcomings and pointing fingers at everyone else. I have every reason to believe much of the mud began from his campaign as that was when the whisper campaign began against Castillo.

    I was more disappointed than you will ever know to see how Herrera jumped in only when it became evident she would not face an entrenched incumbent and how the party turned their backs completely on Castillo for her, save a few. If there is nothing else you ever pick up about me, I am a very loyal person.

    Jaime too is not ready for this office, as she often said herself, before Baird announced retirement. She doesn’t have what it will take to stand toe to toe with Denny Heck, either.

    I had the utmost respect for Hedrick and blogged in support of his stunt in the August town hall. I defended him when Baird sucker-punched him the second time and left him with egg on his face. I lost all that respect when I met him face to face and he told me the cock and bull story about “classified mission.”

    I met Chris Boyd and instantly took a liking to him. We have a lot in common. He discussed with me the idea of dropping out the night before he announced it and I recommended he follow his values, which left me believing he was going to stay in.

    The next morning, at Esther Short Park, he told me he had to decided to drop and get behind Castillo and about the offer to pay his filing fee, made by Pacific County GOP Chair, Nansen Malin, a very strong Herrera supporter.

    Rumor had it that Hedrick was dropping too and all of a sudden, he stayed in and came on like gang busters with mud flying from his camp, but only at Castillo.

    Doesn’t it make any one wonder why all the effort is against Castillo when the questionable they tout has Castillo dead last and Hedrick and Herrera neck and neck?

    And, have you noticed that since the news of the potential linkage of that poll to Hedrick’s websites, it hasn’t been updated? Wasn’t it releasing numbers on a fairly regular basis just prior?

    And somehow, Herrera, in a statistical tie with Hedrick according to that poll, has no comments on it, is left alone by Hedrick’s people who expend all of their energy attacking Castillo, who they believe is dead last.

    That just does not add up at all and stinks to high heaven.

    Something really dirty is going on, much dirtier than when She flew back to Clark County, quitting her job in D.C. after being gone 11 years and instantly became the hands down favorite to replace Richard Curtis over 11 others.

    I am rapidly becoming very disillusioned with the Republican Party, much like I did with the Democrat party years ago. And, I don’t see the Ron Paul wing as any better and in some regards, worse.

    Oh yes, as for politics itself, I have been mildly curious about them and like others, often discussed a race with friends, but my main interest came in 2004 with the effort to defeat Kerry by the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth. Since I was Army I couldn’t join them, but did get deeply involved with the discussion forum where I remain one of the Admins (although very little goes on their now). To say it was hopping in 2004 is an understatement.

    Anyway, we’ll see how things shake out Wednesday.


  19. And yes, should you ever choose to do a blog, just holler. I’ll help you out where I can.


  20. You are the man, Lew. I knew you would help if I asked. And I can tell you are loyal. I’m die hard Hedrick and you Castillo but youre still willing to help a fellow American. And if you ever needed a hand with anything, Id be there to help you. Thats how its supposed to be. Have a great day Lew. Ill be at the Eagles or something like that tomorrow night for the big countdown. In the end, were all on the same team. If I see you Ill say hi.


  21. Puzzl3d, you and I know we are ultimately on the same side. But as was seen in 2008, many others do not follow that and continue to split the vote on our side, right to the end.

    If you do see me out an about, just say hi. I’m not nearly as cranky as some seem to think.


  22. Sounds good.
    Hey, did you take that picture of the helicopters on your Twitter background?


  23. No Puzzl3d, I didn’t take that one. That one was from 1972 after I left, but is of the unit I served in. We have an online group of people who served in all years with the unit and one of the guys sent that one to me, since I was there earlier.

    As I understood it, it was taken at Khe Sahn.


  24. Pretty cool. My dad was in the Navy in the 50s and still gets choked up talking about pulling in to Pearl Harbor, just 14 years after the attack. He was on a carrier and told me that the whole ship would line the rails as they went by the Arizona. My only regret in life is not going in. My dad actually talked me out of it, probably just trying to protect me. Anyway, my hat is definitely off to anyone who served or is serving.


  25. Kind of nice not talking about campaign stuff…


  26. Well, there is more to life than politics.

    I’ve only been to Hawaii for fuel stop, both trips to Viet Nam. One d ay, I hope to go see the Arizona and visit D.C. and see the real Wall.

    Navy pays a lot of respect to those who died on the Arizona.


  27. Was there in 07 and took the Admiral’s tour. Friend I went with is retired military. Amazing. We were the only one’s on the memorial. Lots of good pics. Highly recommended!!!



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