It’s Denny Heck and Jaime Herrera. Good Luck Republicans, You’re Going To Need It

by lewwaters

The dirty politics and smears worked their magic last evening as the GOP once again prepares to lose another National Election. Herrera’s hatchet man and his supporters did their job masterfully in ensuring that she waltzed to an easy victory for the GOP nomination in Washington States 3rd Congressional District.

From phony polls, to Anna Miller’s “senior moments” and stirring up contentions with Republican voters, to Pacific County GOP chair Nansen Malin labeling Senator Don Benton a “liar” for speaking the truth about Herrera and for her strongly trying to influence Chris Boyd to stay in the race, Herrera successfully received 27% of the votes in the district, to Heck’s almost 32%, granting her a place in the top two to run in November, the one Democrat Denny Heck will now coast to a landslide victory in.

It is unknown at this time just where they will try to find another hatchet man to go after Heck and highly doubtful they will be able to.

The Republicans continue to make the same mistake in the 3rd district year after year as they repeat the folly of fronting weak candidates heavily promoted by the establishment party machine.

Although they did not back the winner of the top two in 2008, the GOP lost that race 34% to 64%. In 2006 they lost by a 37% to 63% margin. In 2004, they lost by a margin of 38% to 62%. In 2002 they lost again by a margin of 38% to 62%. In 2000, a year Republicans performed fairly well nationwide, they lost 41% to 56%.

In 1998 they lost by 45% to 55%. In 1996 they barely won by a 50.1% to 49.8%. In 1994 they won a three-way with 52% to a 45% and 3%. In fact, 1998 and 1996 are the only two election cycles the GOP has won this seat since 1970, as far back in records as I can access.

Undoubtedly many of you will accuse me of sour grapes and being bitter and to an extent, you are correct. Seeing what dirty tricks were played by the machine against a strong conservative candidate has opened my eyes a lot as to why the GOP in Washington State wins so few National Elections.

From Luke Esser at the top all the way down, the Washington State Republican party lacks any real leadership. Cronyism prevails over quality. Self interest comes before conservatism. As is often said, “it is what it is.”

The dust and smoke is settling and I see no change coming as the vote count is finalized. Herrera and her handlers prevailed and she has the nomination. All she has to do now is defeat a well trained and highly successful Democrat who will not soft ball her but will give her the education of a lifetime in hardball politics.

The animosity created within the GOP to get her the win will be very hard to overcome. It is going to be interesting to see just how she manages that.

I vowed long ago that should she receive the nomination I would no longer write anything against her and that vow will now be honored. This will be the last mention I make of her. What I have previously reported will not be removed.

She won and now it’s up to her to defeat the Democrats.

The only question in that regard is, since she was too cowardly to be willing to oppose Brian Baird, how does she think she will stand up to Denny Heck, who is just as, if not more, politically ruthless?

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  1. Herrera will be with the unemployed come November. Other than longing for a career in politics she has a self-centerness about her that screams her desire to be the Republican Nancy Pelosi. I only hope she does a little research before having to debate Denny Heck. If she continues to bluff her way through debates simply relying on her smile and how good her hair looks, she will make an absolute fool of herself. The GOP is quickly going downhill and last night was like putting the final nail in their coffin. I for one won’t be contributing or assisting them in any way, at least not in the 3rd congressional district. This primary election has sure brought out the true colors of many people and proven them to be a bunch of amatuers.

  2. Olympia,
    Not sure where you are coming from there…

    Well brother, we both had a dog in the fight and we both lost. What is sad is the downfall of the GOP. I didnt and never will agree with your choice in candidates, nor you mine, but what I do agree with you wholeheartedly is the lack of leadership in the GOP. WHY WHY WHY are we putting a MODERATE in the fight against Heck??? The closer you are to the middle, the easier it is to speak out of both sides of your mouth. I cant stand with you on candidates, but thats over now, but I do stand shoulder to shoulder with you on your viewpoint here.

    Cronyism has prevailed and it is sad. I will never vote for a moderate. Might as well throw my vote away. This year, I will not vote in the 3rd Congressional general election. I will not give away my soul. It is what it is and be careful what you wish for. It may just come true.

  3. PUzzl3d, this is exactly what I was trying to warn people about. There is every indication Hedrick was enlisted to run interference for Jaime, just no proof yet.

    And, for both of them to come out today on Victoria Taft’s and say they discussed this weeks ago to pull together to defeat Denny heck, Hellooooo, did they forget there was another Republican (even though you didn’t like him).

    Add to that, last evening I was speaking with Sen Don Benton who told me the same thing I had heard from others in the Castillo campaign about Hedrick calling a meeting and telling them that he was going to drop out an support Castillo to keep Herrera out.

    Too many trustworthy people told me about that happening.

    Add to that the Pacific County GOP Chair offering to pay Chris Boyd’s filing fee to keep him in and it looks even more damning of collusion.

    I have no idea what will happen from here, but the party machine won out and too many people who are against the party machine seem to have been duped by Hedrick, who quickly last evening got behind Herrera.

    It is what it is and it isn’t pretty.

    As for Olympia’s words, it is basically what you are saying, just angrier.

  4. Today on the Victoria Taft Show, Jaime said on live radio that she and Hedrick were working together. Surprise, surprise. I just wonder how much he was paid?

    The same man that confronted Brian Baird, is now backing a candidate that is exactly like Brian Baird. Does anyone else find that odd? Hedrick sandwiched himself between Herrera and Campaign for Liberty. Hedrick has played Campaign for Liberty like a cheap violin. Talk about playing both ends against the middle. Herrera will NOT get the backing of Campaign for Liberty. They are a nutty Ron Paul group that has their own agenda.

    At any rate, the GOP is beaming………. for now. So now it is time to brush off and get behind Herrera? Ha ha. Bite me, Anna Miller.

  5. Lew,
    I was with the Hedrick campaign as you probably knew and there was NO conspiracy theories or anything else like that including the whole incident at the park up here. I will sit down with you someday and open up my file and show you what happened there step by step and you can take it for what its worth. I will introduce you to eye witnesses who were there supporting all three republicans and everyone of them said the same thing. It was a tiff between on old high school classmate of Castillos and Castillo. The classmate told him he should talk bad about Herrera when she wasnt in the room and Castillo went off. There was no plan or conspiracy to trap him in anything. There were also threats made to Hedrick supporters of physical violence over that whole thing and Hedrick wouldnt let us act on it or say anything because he didnt want to go there. As far as physical evidence of that, well…we need to sit down and talk. But I know for a fact and have proof that Hedrick did not want to retaliate in any way. The poll thing was a smear against him and so was the receipt thing. I was serious when I told you that you got duped with that. Wasnt trying to scare you or anything else but that sort of thing needs to, actually has to be corroborated before its posted.

    As far as forgetting there was another Republican in the race, Hedrick got marginalized from the beginning by EVERYONE! Nobody gave him a chance and he was left out of all the discussions and articles and dragged through the mud left and right by you and everyone else. Nobody ever commented on his issues, just wrote him off as a liar and a conspirator. He was definitely the strongest conservative in the race and definitely the most passionate but got crucified by his own people. That is a shame.

    Now were left to pick up the pieces and try to figure out what to do. How do we get these yahoos who run the republican party out? How do you and I get in there and get the party back to its roots. CONSERVATIVE VALUES!!!

    A Herrera friend of mine called me today and was gloating, in a friendly way, and I told him I could not bring myself to vote for a moderate. I dont care if shes nice or whatever. I cannot sell my soul. But if we say we believe in Jesus, believe in the constitution, believe that abortion is murder, were labeled as radicals. Moderation is the way to win elections now. Hooey. But, sad reality is that obviously people believe it and Obama is our president and Herrera is in and Hedrick and Castillo are out. Saddens me to see our country going the way of Greece. This is no longer the land of the free and the home of the brave. Its the land of the ruled and home of the moderates.

    This campaign really soured me to the whole process and I really feel that our country is headed in the wrong direction. Not much scares me in life, Lew, and when we meet you’ll understand why, but the way we are headed scares me to death.

    Im not into politics, Im into my kids. But if I stood up and said I wanted to run to make a difference, my good name and family and everything I stand for would be drug through the mud and smeared all over blogs and newpapers and I dont know if its really worth it. As long as Rinos are controlling our party, were radical troublemakers that get marginalized and smeared.

  6. PUzzled, I also know for a fact that Hedrick met with Castillo staffers and again with Senator Don Benton before the convention and told them all that he was dropping out and getting behind Castillo. I know for a fact that Herera Supporter nansen Malin offered to pay Chris Boyd’s $1700.00 filing fee to keep him in. Herefused and shortly after, Hedrick decided to stay in.

    I know fora fact that Benton was publiclylisted as a liar over saying Herrera supported a pro-SEIU piece of legislation by Malin, a fact I documented right here more than once. I documented that she both supported it and that it would have forced chgild carecenters into public uions.

    I also know for a fact that I heard both Hedrick and Herrera on the radio today saying they got together weeks ago and decided to pull together to defeat Denny Heck. Did they forget Castillo was in? Did they aim attacks at Heck? No, it was all aimed at Castillo.

    I know for a fact that several Hedrick supporters were all over the Columbian comemntssection boasting of that parking lot incident and how they had video of it and exagerrating whatever it was. I know several people said he was up there that night and he went on Victoria Taft’s and said he was not.

    I had never met the guy that uncovered the linkage on the poll before I talked with him on the phone. I met him and he confirmed that he had not decided to support anyone when he stumbled across that.

    What I have not let be known is that a couple days after, I received a phone call from someone calling themself “Andrew GAtes,” claiming to be with CNN in Washington D.C. I was queried about things around that and others matters here in the race. He asked for ‘Jason’s’ phone number, but I did not give it out. Instead, I had ‘Jason’ call him. I later found out that this ‘Andrew’ got very personal with ‘Jason’ wanting some very personal information before “flying out to interview” him.

    ‘Jason called me back with his concern and we found a phon number for CNN in D.C. and called them. They had never heard of “Andrew Gates.” The number was indeed a Washington D.C. cel phone number. I have no idea who it really was or what they really wanted as they never called either of us back. Related to either Hedrick or Herrera? Who knows, I have no idea.

    And yes, this campaign has soured a alot of people. Did you hear today when Victoria kept repeatin to Herrera that Castillo was a good guy and she would not say anything? Other than revealing her record, Castillo never said anything personal against Jaime. Nor did he ever ask anyone else to. I know Kelly Hinton and although his writing style is not what I do, no one tells him what to do.

    Yet, Anna Miller, a strong Herrera supporter on the Clark County GOP board and past chair, sent out an email quoting Kelly’s words on Jaime and saying Castillo put him up to it and that alone was reason enough to support Jaime. It escalated to the point that only Castillo had to end upreleasing a statement to disavow what Hinton said and to let it be known that Hinton did not work for him, which he didn’t.

    Neither Herrera nor Hedrick were ever made to say anything to disavow the slime and slurs thrown at the Castillo’s all over the Columbian by Hedrick & Herrera supporters.

    And now, both he and her admit on Victoria’s that they have been working together. Did he mean that he was the one running interference for her, as I have been saying all along? If he truly believed that poll, why all the effort at who they say was last and not towards one he had people believing he was trying to defeat for the seat? Was he even trying to actually win the seat or just to ensure the party machine RINO got it as she did?

    That you will have to look at for yourself and decide. But, as I said before, I lost all respect for Hedrick when he lied to my face about “classified missions,” knowing full well I am a Viet Nam Veteran.

    You have every right to support whoever you wish, but if you were to peel back the covers you would see that you all were just played by the party establishment machine you and I both dislike.

  7. Every claim like that can be corroborated or refuted. I will look into that. I told David to his face that I will not vote for Herrera so if thats the case, she is not getting my vote. The right NOT to vote is as powerful a tool as the right TO vote. Just because shes the only “republican” in there now, doesnt mean I have to vote for her.

    As for your other claims about what Herrera and the establishment did, nothing surprises me anymore. About the guy from CNN, good job on tracking that down. What a moron to think you wouldnt! Every candidate out there has over zealous backers that they cant control that make them cringe. I wish everyone would play nice but we know thats a fantasy.

    Its obvious by our entries that were both fired up over this whole thing and the venting does help. Thanks for being there! haha

  8. Also, to claim that Hedrick lied to your face about the classified missions, he told me the same thing. Do you have proof that it is a lie or are you just speculating? What if its the truth? You threw him under the bus based solely on speculation. I know plenty of people that were in the service that went on classified missions. Until they become declassified they really cant talk about them. I know a Navy Seal that cant talk about missions.

    To write Hedrick completely off, call him a liar, and totally throw him under the bus is really unfortunate. Unless you can absolutely prove that hes lying about it, why??? Also, what good would it do him TO make that up? What would that gain him to say he went on a classified mission? Castillo was a secretary, he still served and Im grateful for that. You were a mechanic, but you still served and Im grateful for that. Just because someone wasnt in the thick of combat doesnt take away from their service and I think most would agree. Why would Hedrick lie about it? It doesnt make sense. But thats your stance and I know you well enough on line now to know that you are stubborn. Part of why I keep coming back. But I do think you sold him down the river too soon and its a tragedy.

  9. If you have the chance, discuss those “classified missions” with Chris Boyd. He and I discussed that long before he chose to drop out.

    Hedrick was not a Navy Seal. He was the most junior grade NCO there is and never revealed anything about his service. I find that rather odd for someone who constantly boasted of being in the Service. I was a rank above his.

    The claim of “classified mission” is one that most people who never served always fall for and by itself, hard to disprove. But, it is also the favorite claim of phonies to claim or insinuate service or valor they do not have.

    It is very rare for anyone outside of a group like the Seals to have mission remain classified forever as most that began classified do not remain so.

    When charlatans make such claims, it is always other Veterans who end up tripping them up and this matter has not been dropped. The truth will come out.

    BTW, we mechanics stood guard duty on the perimeter, filled in on flights from time to time and were subjected to the same rocket, mortar and sapper attacks as were the infantry, not just the firefights as often.

    If you will remember, Casey Sheehan was also a mechanic. (don’t worry, I do not say that thinking you are disparaging me, just filling in some blanks.)

    Now, why would he do it? Status, that’s why. Undeserved status when he confronted Baird. I could spin some yarns about my service too, but choose honesty about it. That’s also why I received but 4 Air Medals and not the double digit numbers of many others.

    What I have no control over now is what happens in November. We all l got played, you all the most. Nothing I can do or say on behalf of Herrera or against Denny Heck can change what inevitably is going to happen November 2.

    Just look at the vote history of the district since 1970 and see for yourself how it continues to go.

    What’s Einsteins definition of insanity?

  10. We need folks representing us who can work together civilly across party lines to solve our current problems and work towards a better future. Where are those people and how do they rise to these national needs when politics are like this?

  11. Read at the following site. Pay less attention to the actual story and scroll down to the bottom to the list of Ten Ways to Spot a Phony.

    And no, I do not think it a case that he never served, but that he wants others to think his service was much more than it was.

    Such actions is why I confused one of the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth when I told him, “there were no cooks in Viet Nam.”

    What I meant by that was, who ever admits to being a cook or clerk at the VFW or elsewhere? It seems war stories galore run around such places with some guys trying to impress others as to what they did.

    Most of us can see right through them.

  12. Pat, I think both Herrera and Castillo would work well across the aisle with Democrats.

    The difference I see is that Castillo could have drawn them back to our side of the aisle instead of just going to their side all the time.

    Jaime has a record of working across the aisle. But I see no record of her ability to draw them back over to our side at all.

  13. Obviously David wasnt a SEAL. But more than just SEALS and RANGERS and DELTA get classified status. Depends on the mission. You could be a cook and get classified status depending on what youre attached to. This was during Clintons years and I would think there would be some record, independant of what anybody says about it, that we the public could access to see whether or not there was a classified mission in Asia. Those things happen all the time and the Marines are definitely a part of them. Hedrick is smart enough to know that it can be proven or disproven. I dont think that gives him any status whatsoever but thats just me. I didnt serve like a said before but Im friends with a lot of people that did and they had classified status depending on the overall mission. Even the support staff was classified. Just because something is classified, doesnt mean its super secret commando stuff. David himself told me that the reason for it being classified is pretty dumb but it is so he wont talk about it, upholding the oath that he swore.

    I totally understand where youre coming from regarding the dummies that do use “classified” to say they were something they really werent or arent. That happens all the time and yes, it is quite comical. But why would a guy running for congress say that, knowing it can be checked out? That doesnt make sense. It also doesnt make sense that you have written him off so easily just for that without corroborating it. How would you like to be lumped in with losers, called a liar, and other bad things said about you without me having proof but just a “hunch” based on my life experience. You wouldnt, I wouldnt, and Im sure David doesnt.

    His principles and the values that he stands for are what we need, or needed in this race. But the media attacked him, you attacked him, leftys attacked him and his own party attacked him for what? His claim that he was a Marine and he hurt himself on a classified mission. A classified mission that nobody bothers to find out about. All of this hate from you and everyone else that doubts him on an unsubstantiated claim or thought that hes lying about it. Wow! Now hes marginalized and put down, called a fake and a liar and everything else that happened to him. I really feel for him and I really feel for you too Lew because you lost your way and let your emotions take over. You jumped to an early conclusion about him and helped destroy what we have been waiting for.

    Castillo was a used car salesman and everyone knew it. He was slick. The press liked him but we see where that got him. He tied with Crist. Nobody trusts the media anymore and it shows. Hedrick believes in the very principles that you do Lew but you never gave him a chance. Now we have a moderate and a divided party. Im done with the GOP if the GOP is about moderation. If I did start a blog, Id call it “The Real Republican”

    Okay, Im done. I love you, man. Its your turn. 🙂

  14. PUzzled, the point is, such “classified missions” do not remain classified forever. As the one I told you of where we searched for a missing helicopter and crew, once found, or completed if you will, it is no longer classified.

    We gave Hedrick every chance to come clean on his service. He would not come clean on anything about it. Not where he served (which is not classified), deployed, training, varying jobs, nothing! One thing Veterans do is enjoy comparing notes on our service.

    Every candidate I cover is asked about any possible Military Service. All that served have been up front about that service, except Hedrick. It wasn’t just me either, but Chris Boyd asked him as did long before he dropped and supported Castillo and picked up on the same concerns I had.

    When things don’t add up, there is a reason. If he had told me he injured his back falling off of a bar stool, I would have respected that and joined with him laughing about it. Not that I ever did, mind you 😉

    It is not a case of I hate Hedrick, but that I now hate what he helped accomplish with Herrera and the establishment machine that will lose in November, as you state. If you backed up and looked objectively, you might see what I mean.

    And don’t forget, if Castillo was a bad as you say and stood no chance, why was he the target instead of Herrera or Heck from Hedrick supporters? Again, if that poll was to be believed, why target only the guy dead last?

    By the way, he also cut lawns as an adult for a short time too after his business failed in the dot com melt down. Is he faulted for that too?

    I did nothing to Hedrick. His own words are tripping him up in claiming he and Jaime worked together against heck, but the target was always Castillo from his supporters. Not my words, but all over the Columbian comments section.

    I still wait for your explanation of why Castillo was the target if that poll placing him and Herrera neck and neck was to be believed. And, don’t take my word for it. Go review comments in any article there about Castillo and see who was consistently attacking Castillo.

    Take a closer look at it all. Hedrick sold you people out, not me.

  15. Puzzled said:

    “If I did start a blog, Id call it “The Real Republican”

    Ahem, I’d love to see it!

  16. Jeremy,
    Clark County Conservative is already taken so I cant call it that. lol Then what if I got all famous. Then Id get a huge head like Bradd Ptt and wouldnt have time to blog with you little people anymore. BUT, Lew would blog circles around me anyway!!! When I walk, every third step is a knuckle!!

    I totally agree with being civil and reaching across the aisle but I dont agree with selling out to please others just to get re-elected which is what a lot of politicians do. Pretty soon they dont know what they believe in any more and just say what they think people want to hear. What attracted me to Hedrick is that even if you didnt agree, he said what he believed and was the only candidate to put that he was pro life on his site and voter pamphlet. That is paramount for a conservative like me. But because I dont believe in killing babies Im labled an extreme right wing radical! Even by other Christians!!!!

    I heard a guy in my church say that Hedrick was too far to the right!!! What the heck is that supposed to mean?!? Made me want to cry. Doesn’t anybody believe in ideals anymore and sticking to your guns? Why believe in anything at all? Why have laws? Why even have a constitution? I saw one comment on another blog that said these right wing radicals believe in the old constitution! What the crap??? Cant anyone believe in anything without getting smeared all over the place? I guess John Wayne is dead! Somebody tries to stand up for whats right and gets shot down by everyone. Even in his own so called party.

    I do believe in being nice to people but it doesnt mean that I wont protect my loved ones. Id do anything for anybody but hurt one of my kids and Ill be the last thing you see. So does that make me a radical? Well if it does, then Im a radical.

    Just because the Bible says homosexuality is a sin and I believe it, does not make me a hater. I have friends that are homosexual. I can hate the sin and still love the sinner right? Because were all sinners. Nobody is better than anyone else. But because I believe in an absolute truth that makes me a hater according to some.

    Lew is right. The GOP is doomed. Our country is doomed and were watching it slip away before our eyes. All of our blogging about it wont change anything. Nobody wants to be bothered by this stuff. There was only a 30% voter turnout or something like that. Most people dont vote. Most people leave it up to others and that is why were in this mess.

    The GOP needs an enema but nobody has the time to do it! All of that to say I disagree with going against your convictions to be a politicians. Viability and electability dont mean a thing if you compromise your own convictions. I cant stand these milk toast republicans like Rossi and DeBolt and the others that dance around issues and wont answer questions just because they dont want to piss anyone off, just so they can get re-elected. I was hoping Hedrick and Didier would make it in but the Party is too powerful and is not interested in anyone with balls enough to stand up for what they believe.

    So I say screw the party. Im not voting in the general knowing full well it doesnt change a thing. But at least Ill be able to look my kids in the eye and say I tried. I stood up for what I believed.

  17. And another thing Jeremy, sitting here typing in my underwear, picking my belly-button is not my idea of a good time. 🙂 My wife thinks Im weird anyway!

  18. Lew,
    I did look at the link to phony medal winners and Hedrick is hardly stating hes a MOH recipient. Just that he got hurt and the mission he was on was classified. I would say contact this guy in the article, give him Hedricks name, and see what he can do to verify it. Or contact the Marines and see if theyll tell you anything. If Hedricks lying about it, how can we believe anything else he says??? If he is lying, Ill confront him myself in person! But same with Castillo and the so called assault in Centralia! If hes lying about it, how can we believe anything else he says??? I did go to sources HE gave and they didnt agree with him. And they voted for Castillo!

    But if Hedricks telling the truth…

  19. PUzzled, you are more than welcome to your view as am I. We can argue endlessly, but it comes down to the same, nothing will change what has happened. It is what it is and what happens now is what will happen.

    We both agree on the GOP has given itself a fatal wound, at least in Washington State.

    You have your reasons for believing Hedrick and I have mine for questioning his claims, which have never been answered. The request for records is still out and waiting on them to return. I’m sure who made the request will make them public, as the portion that will be returned is public information anyway, nothing of a personal nature.

    That being said, there remains a very large question that remains unaddressed. That poll. Disregard whatever ‘Jason’ said about it and just think for a while on it. If Hedrick honestly believed that poll to be true, as he seemed to indicate in his ads and he was making a serious run for the nomination, why then did his supporters on the Columbian comments continue to target Castillo so vehemently, who that poll had as dead last and not Herrera, who that poll said was in a statistical tie with him for the lead?

    When that answer comes to you, this whole campaign will look entirely different.

    You ask, “Doesn’t anybody believe in ideals anymore and sticking to your guns?”

    What do you think I’ve been doing?

    As for a blog of your own, I say go for it. All they are is someone’s opinion, much like a Letters to the Editor but without the constraints (other than your own).

    If your wife believes you are weird, you’re in good company. So does mine 😉

  20. LOL…Now if only Victoria Taft would drop Lew from her blog and radio show, I would start listening again.

  21. You’re so full of crap, Mike. One call a week for 5 to 10 minutes causes you not listen to her when she is on 4 hours a day 5 days a week?

    Try spinning your lies somewhere else.

  22. It’s going to take more than a day to recover from the fact that my choice for 3rd Dist. did not win. (ditto for Didier) I hope that these 2 refreshingly non-political types are not lost to us.

    Now we have to look to the future. In spite of Herrera’s wrong moves in regard to the Rainy Day Fund & the promotion of a corrupt union for day care providers, we have to ask ourselves: which is the better candidate? Herrera or Heck? With all that we know about Heck, he will no doubt follow the Party line at all costs, which would be continuation of Obamacare, Pelosi policies, etc. Hopefully, Herrera has learned her lesson on going against her caucus & her constitutents. And I hope she gets more backbone & fearlessness when she is in the arena with the big boys who are much more intimidating than Castillo.

    What I would like to see in the Party is more unity. Being a strong conservative, it is a hard thing to do to support RINOs. But the alternative in office…the Dem….is much worse, at this moment in time, for this country.

  23. I cant answer for what his supporters did on the Columbian blogs. But every candidate has supporters that get overzealous. Castillo had supporters that were way out of line, including the one, who I wont name here, that threatened a Hedrick supporter with bodily harm over the incident in Centralia and the guy (Hedrick supporter) wasnt even involved! The only people involved were Castillo, the one Hedrick supporter, Castillos wife who was holding their child and thats it.

    I know you stick to your guns, Lew. Im talking about people running for office. The trend is to dumb yourself down on the issues and talk out both sides of ones mouth! How does THAT make for strong leadership in the GOP. The dems get to do it and are called progressive. Conservatives, REAL conservatives, do it and are called radical.

    Thats what was so upsetting in this race. There is a serious double standard from the democrats and the GOPs answer to it is to cave in and try to please them by sending in Herrera! I refuse to vote for anybody who is a moderate because its a slap in my conservative GOP Republican Pro-life pro-second amendment all around good guy face!

  24. Susan, right now, I am having a very serious reassessment of my involvement with the GOP. The corruption I saw unfold from the Clark County GOP Board and some other counties has shaken me deep. I am conservative. I’ve always been conservative and I will remain a conservative. I’m not convinced anything I do or say will make any difference in what is coming. I thought only the Dems engaged in the politics of personal destruction, but I now see I am wrong. The problem for me is that it wasn’t used against a Democrat but a fellow Republican.

    What sort of Christian takes part in lies and personal destruction against a fellow Republican just because he chooses to exercise his right to run for office and doesn’t move aside for a chosen princess?

    No, I don’t want to see a Democrat in the seat still, but there is nothing I can do to make the outcome any different. You see, the slanderous actions they took against Castillo were used against me too and now, I am supposed to just help them?

    They burned some bridges and are on their own. Sorry, but they are on their own.

  25. PUzzl3d, do you not see that you excuse the actions of one while condemning others? Why do you continue “correcting” Castillo on that incident while excusing how Hedrick supporters twisted it all over the Columbian? Castillo did not do that, several Hedrick supporters did. Who told them? Where did they get the information and knowledge that videos were made, only to have to deny it later?

    If you wish to condemn Castillo over the incident, that’s fine. But please, at least look and acknowledge that it was Hedrick’s camp that blew it all up days before Castillo ever mentioned it. I was going to give you a link, but i just checked and interesting enough, posts by “prog” mentioning it have been deleted. They missed someone asking about it later and unfortunately for them, I saved all of those comments.

    Again, Hedrick is at the top of the polls and get’s nothing from the Columbian.

    Castillo is the HotHead! I just got this from a trusted source. Castillo got into a fight last night in the parking lot at an event in Centralia. I guess he didn’t like being criticized by the crowd in his home town and snapped under the pressure. Hedrick got a louder reception in Castillo’s home town by the way. Take note Columbian. Castillo was screaming profanities and gesturing wildly. His wife even got into it yelling that people were destroying their lives and she personally threatening to kick the a%% of others in attendance. Castillo was proud of this and threatened to let her. The police had to come to stop Castillo.

    Castillo can not handle the pressure. Sounds like he is the hothead. If he can’t handle the pressure now when he is WAY down in the polls to Herrera and Hedrick, how will he handle himself in WA DC when he doesn’t get his way?

    I have heard that there is a video and pictures of the confrontation, but lets hear Castillo’s groupies deny it before that is put out there.

    Can’t wait to see the video.

    prog — July 21, 2010 at 12:43 p.m. ( permalink | suggest removal )

    I have no idea why “prog’s” comments are gone.

    As for dumbing down on the issues, can you not see Hedrick sold out to the establishment and used you all?

  26. “We need folks representing us who can work together civilly across party lines to solve our current problems and work towards a better future. Where are those people and how do they rise to these national needs when politics are like this?”

    We do, and I agree with you on that Pat. Even though I feel we need more Conservatives, to balance the Democrat, liberal mix. The people that want to make a difference, are out there alright, BUT, with politics like this, they don’t stand a chance.

    Jaime Herrera an insider, had backing from various Republican GOP party chairs, the SEIU, and eventually David Hedrick, who claimed he wanted something different than another tax and spend Pelosi.

  27. Lew, stop making up shit about me. I did NOT offer to pay Boyd’s filing fee! Never had a conversation with him about filing or money. The extent of my communication with Boyd was only a few very pleasant hellos and gee sorry I won’t be in town to meet with you on a specific day. You need to stop making up stuff and creating drama that just isn’t there.

  28. That part was corrected, Nan, but you did try to keep him in the race. Why lie about it?

    Maybe you should spend more time caring for your chair position and see if one day you can recruit a Republican to run for an office in Pacific County, any office.

    We sure didn’t see many running this year, did we?

  29. Someone telling lies? In the six years I have known Lew, he has never lied to me, never lied to anyone. A lot of folks don’t care for his blunt honesty though. Truth is not always easy to handle.

    So would you be one of those wonderful Christians that has always backed your home girl? Are you also a part of that level playing field?

    He is from time to time full of shit, but not the kind you mean, missy.

    If you need to speak with a blogger, I hear that Gary Wiram is the go-to guy. 😉

  30. I did invite Chris Boyd to Herrera’s kickoff breakfast. I had an extra ticket and he has always been nice. Update: Chris Boyd just called me and said he called you to say your story about me never happened.

  31. “we have to ask ourselves: which is the better candidate? Herrera or Heck? With all that we know about Heck, he will no doubt follow the Party line at all costs, which would be continuation of Obamacare, Pelosi policies, etc. Hopefully, Herrera has learned her lesson on going against her caucus & her constitutents.”

    None of this makes sense. Thats like saying which is the lesser of two evils. How has Herrera learned her lesson? If anything, she’s learned like a little brat, that if you don’t have substance/character/integrity, you can throw a fit to get your way. And whose to say that Herrera won’t do the same as Heck. She’s a pushover. She obviously didn’t have any wisdom/cajones to stand against the SEIU union. You think she’ll be able to stand against Pelosi policy’s and Obamacare?

    “What I would like to see in the Party is more unity. Being a strong conservative, it is a hard thing to do to support RINOs. But the alternative in office…the Dem….is much worse, at this moment in time, for this country.”

    Herrera certainly wasn’t thinking of the good of the country when she conspired with Hedrick to beat Castillo. She knew she couldn’t beat Castillo based on her own merits. Jamie is so small. She knew Castillo was a better candidate but she is an insecure selfish loser. Real women, selfless women, they sacrifice their wants for what is right. Herrera needs to get a real job and learn some character because she knows nothing of politics, integrity or the Constitution. I guess when I say it that way, she fits the criteria perfectly of the stereotypical politician.

    In a nutshell, 3rd Dist. constituents are screwed.

  32. Yes Nan, he did call me and he did not say this never happened. I might have misunderstood about the $1700 offer, but he did in fact tell me you tried to influence him to stay in.

    The GOP needs to return to honesty. As Ben Franklin said, “Nothing is useful that isn’t honest.”

  33. “Herrera certainly wasn’t thinking of the good of the country when she conspired with Hedrick to beat Castillo. She knew she couldn’t beat Castillo based on her own merits.”

    “Real women, selfless women, they sacrifice their wants for what is right.”

    Amen. Just to add, they are not the least little bit ashamed to do it either.

  34. Never happened. I didn’t even know he was getting out.

  35. So Nan, are you now calling Chris a liar like you did Don Benton?

    As I said, I may have misunderstood the $1700 offer and I can apologize for that, but the actions you took have been taken by many as trying to keep him in the race.

    With all of the other dirty dealings that went on in this campaign, I don’t find that unbelievable nor do I find Chris Boyd to be a dishonorable person to make stuff up.

    You may not like what I say, Nan, but I did not make any of it up.

    Why not try promoting Jaime on her strengths instead of alienating more Republicans?

    Remember your post “Stop the Attacks, Let’s Elect Republicans?”

    Keep that in mind as you look back over what you all did to a Republican, David Castillo.

  36. Lew,
    Im not condemning Castillo over the event itself. Like I said before, I dont care about two old high school buddies having heated words in a parking lot. The core of my issue with it is that Castillo said he was accosted to some and assaulted to others. Then he gave three names of people who were there and saw it. One of them was an elected official, one a police officer, and one a candidate for a local office. I know all three and spoke with two of them, because I wasnt there and did not witness it, and both of them said the same thing. Castillo was mad, waving his arms, and was never assaulted or accosted. You told me I was straining a gnat. No, just proving a point that Castillo made a claim, so instead of believing what he said on blind faith, I checked with HIS resources and HIS resources did NOT corroborate what HE said. That makes HIM untruthful and an opportunist trying to make the most out of an embarrassing situation because other people saw him lose his cool. And to put those people in that position was very foolish because if hes telling the absolute truth, then the officer there was negligent in his duties. According to the officer, it was a heated/passionate discussion but he never felt like he had to step in. EVER! And he voted for Castillo! THAT IS NOT STRAINING GNATS, THATS DOING MY RESEARCH AND NOT TAKING A SLICK USED CAR SALESMAN AT HIS WORD!!!!! Sorry for all capping you there… 🙂

    As far as that post about Castillo getting into a fight and the cops being called…THAT IS A LIE!!! I dont care who posted it, who they voted for, that didnt happen!

    I dont think that Nan lady likes you Lew. She cusses too. I hope that didnt hurt your feelings. lol

  37. Also,
    Mireyab, I cant wait to see Herrera debate Heck. Im bringing a large tarp to cover up with and sitting in the back because it will be messy!

  38. PUzzl3d, you and I are never going to agree on this. Your sticking point appears to me to be the use of the word “accosted.” We see the word differently. However, for sake of argument, let’s assume he did exaggerate in using it. I still maintain he is entirely justified in doing so.

    The quote I gave you by “prog” on the Columbian was made July 21. Castillo did not speak about the incident until July 27 at the McKenna Breakfast event. It took everyone by surprise as several gasped.

    That means, the false claims by an admitted Hedrick supporter, “prog” were being spread for 6 days before Castillo mentioned the event. I wrote about that same day, July 27.

    It’s no “slick used car salesman” to try to counter such a lie 6 days after he began being spread by your opponents camp.

    After numerous mentions of this incident by “prog” and several others, the following post appeared,

    I was the person who had the “LOUD” conversation with Castillo in Centralia. We were both loud. It was two old friends who had a passionate misunderstanding. That is it. The reports in these posts about Castillo, his wife, have been overly exagerated, and false. Please do not attack Castillo regarding this moment of our long friendship.

    PROG, TRUTHBETOLD2, CITYGIRLS999, SOWENS please take your related posts down.



    jrmcgee — July 21, 2010 at 10:43 p.m. ( permalink | suggest removal )

    That did not stop the slander from those people. And no, I do not know who this jrmcgee is for sure, but the point is, several people claiming to be Hedrick supporters spread this false rumor for 6 days before Castillo mentioned it.

    The incident and the lies about it by people not there to me would justify the use of the word”accosted.”

    You disagree and we will just have to agree to disagree on this point as it is now a moot point anyway. The election is over and nothing is going to change, other than when I spot corruption from the GOP, I am going to hold them as accountable as I do Democrats.

    Nan got her knickers in a twist, but a little over 8 years active duty in the Army, I think I can handle the “shit.” 😉

  39. Puzzled said:
    “And another thing Jeremy, sitting here typing in my underwear, picking my belly-button is not my idea of a good time. 🙂 My wife thinks Im weird anyway!”


    “Clark County Conservative is already taken so I cant call it that. lol Then what if I got all famous. Then Id get a huge head like Bradd Ptt and wouldnt have time to blog with you little people anymore. BUT, Lew would blog circles around me anyway!!! When I walk, every third step is a knuckle!!”

    I think from your long answers here prove you have enough to write about on a personal blog. Hey the 3rd congressional district always can use another blog, even another political blog.

    And yes, you might be surprised what what people think of my online activity. on the blogging sites and other places that I frequent online. They tend to ask, “Why are you so weird!”

    So I think that you, Lew and I are both hearing the same thing. So why not put up one? You don’t have to be a really prolific commentator. And don’t compare yourself to Lew or others. You have an opinion and its worth sharing!

  40. Jeremy is right, PUzzl3d. Even in disagreement, you have maintained a civil tone and expressed your opinion well. The more opinions out there the better.

    The only thing I caution others on is to make sure what you say is backed up or expressed as speculation with evidence, if written as such. Credibility draws readers as much as opposition to your opinion.

    Feel free to contact me if you decide to go with it and we can put our heads together.

  41. Lew, I think you nailed it right on the nails head. Nothing is worse than someone who spews in public either in written, verbal or graphical form some thing unsubstantiated.

    To do so may open you up to libel or slander lawsuits. That is why I would suggest if one is planning on a blog and they want to make it look some thing like Lew or Kelly’s blog, that they have evidence beyond someone’s personal word. That way you can cover yourself.

    Now if its just general or generalized opinion about a subject, your better protected than a direct link or naming names of a subject. That is why obfuscation without hurting the general subject matter helps one.

    Puzzeled, it sounds like you would be a great blogger. Re-read your own answers off this thread. Alone those answers (through some filtration of course) could have been your own blog for a week or MORE of posts.

    Some of our local blogs feed off each other and share data, linking or conversation pieces. Or points through linking of some thing going on.

    Please do consider it. I think you would be a wonderful edition to local blogosphere here in Clark County.

  42. Thanks for the support guys! Lew, the JR McGee guy has some on line videos for real estate. I looked it up. He was at some of the events. I met him, nice enough guy.

    Whats interesting to me now is that the passion that this campaign invoked in people, from me to Jeremy to Prog to Hedrick and Castillo! Everyone was fired up. Yes it got dirty at times, but even with all that, I have never seen this sort of involvement in a campaign. It was pretty impressive.

    Thanks for the great time Lew. As this dies down, the frequency of our chats may decrease as well. Thanks for everything. I will say hi if we ever meet.


  43. PUzzl3d, the offer of help with a blog if you decide to stands.

    As for the campaign, you express it very diplomatically. The passion and involvement far exceeded what should have been. For all of the blame directed at Castillo, he was on the recieving end of most of it and the Tea Party people weresold out by Hedrick. Most won’t believe that, but in time they will hopefully wake up.

    Look at Didier and how he is holding out to receive assurances from Rossi. Hedrick did none of that and just jumped behind Jaime within minutes, like it was planned to be that way.

    What’s done is done and will always be. The tragic part in all of this is that the GOP lost a strong supporter in me. You see, if you go back and look at the smears, they were directed at me too.

    Who from the GOP demanded Jaime or Hedrick be held accoutnable for their words like Anna Miller did to Castillo?

    I wish you well in what you decide, but as for me, my eyes have been opened to far more corruption and dirty tactics against a fellow Republican than should ever happen. I guess Reagan’s 11th Commandment only applies if directed at a party establishment candidate.

    Even the robo-call they complained about was issues related.

    The election is over and it’s time to move on. And I will be moving on from the Republican Party.

  44. “I dont think that Nan lady likes you Lew. She cusses too. I hope that didnt hurt your feelings. lol”

    Wow! You know oooooh so much, and aren’t you cute? 😉 Pfft.

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