An Open Question For Washington State GOP Chair, Luke Esser

by lewwaters

In a Thursday, August 19, 2010 Columbian article, WSRP Chair Luke Esser says, “I am supremely confident we will unite to win the 3rd Congressional District this year. We thought we had a strong chance even before Brian Baird announced his retirement.”

How exactly does Luke Esser believe that was possible? The only candidate of merit prior to the time Brian Baird announced retirement was David Castillo, who the party allowed to be slandered, attacked and smeared by supporters of other Republican candidates who came on later.

Just how did the WSRP have such a “strong chance” of winning the 3rd Congressional District seat before Congressman Baird announced he was retiring, Luke?

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  1. Poor Luke, he appears to be losing control of what is happening to his party. His words are futile to the supporters of Clint Didier, David Castillo and David Hedrick.

    I will point to Hedirick supporters who are mad as heck when they learned that they been duped by him since, he adminted working with the Herrera campaign for over a month. NO INTERGRITY!

    I will point to Didier and his 150,000 plus supporters who are mad as heck and may not unite for Rossi.

    I admit I was a Castillo supporter, AND will not be supporting Herrera. I will leave that line item blank on the ballot. The key issue; INTERGRITY.

    It is clear to me that the WSRP have a “strong chance” of losing again the 3rd Congressional District as well as, the US Senate seat. Of course, since Luke is supremely confidence that we will all unite, don’t tell him about me.



  2. Hedrick’s supporters have every right to be mad as hell over his selling them out.

    But, it’s not like many of us did not try to warn them.

    The corruption, smears and dirty personal attacks from Hedrick’s goons, on behalf of the Princess and the GOP turning a blind eye while lying they were providing a level playing field has shaken me to my core. The curtain has been pulled back and I don’t like what I see.

    I cannot bring myself to cast a vote for either of the candidates and I can’t write in Castillo as it would be discarded since he made it through the primaries.

    So I’ll probably write in Chris Boyd. At least he seemed to have intergrity and character.


  3. Well, speaking as a Hedrick Goon, I am not mad as hell at Hedrick as he did not dupe me. He is simply backing the other candidate that ran a respectable race and did not smear any mud. As far as working with Herrera for over a month, Ive never heard that, only in blog world. Can you provide a link or proof of that so that I can see it?

    Some of us Goons have had to hold our tounges and stand and take it for the past few months. Corruption, smears and dirty personal attacks have been borne right on this very blog, Lew. The media marginalized Hedrick and he beat their guy. Now hes supporting the one that beat him fair and square, not with smears, schills, and mean cranky bloggers who wrote him off based solely upon unsubstantiated speculations that were pulled out of ones derrier.

    Sorry Lew, couldnt let that one go by without a fight. Maybe Ill stick around a just a little longer. HEY, you just pulled some blogger jedi mind tricks on me to get me to stay!!! I should have seen that one coming! 🙂

    Your turn…

    Wait…I’ll do it for you. Okay, Im Lew Waters now…

    (Puzzl3d clears throat, puts on denim shirt and black Viet Nam Vet hat and looks intently at his key board)

    PUzzl3d, if thats really your name, you are obviously blinded by your own deficiencies in efficiently seeing what you’re not able to see! Furthermore, my time in the army, I never knew anyone so puzzled as you and we in the business call that being all mixed up! Hate to tell you this but Hedrick was really working for Barack Obama-Bin-Laden in an attempt to overthrow the GOP here in the 3rd. I heard Obama on Victoria Taft just the other day and heard it with my own ears so you thugs are all mixed up. Maybe you should go back to kindergarten or have your mommy change your diapers. I don’t wear diapers. Well, there was this one time, but we won’t go there! Nope, PUzzl3d, your boy had you fooled the whole time and the rest of us seen it. Did I ever tell you I was in the military, son…

    Love ya Lew! Gotta go!

    (all in fun my brother, all in fun. If we cant laugh through this then we got nothing left)


  4. PUzzled, I’ve never listed you amongst the “goons.” But, they were there on the Columbian comments en masse and when O posted something here, one reason I turned off comments on a couple posts.

    If you look at how Didier is doing versus how fast Hedrick fell in behind the Princess, you should see a huge difference. Up to you whether or not you see it. At least Didier is holding out for some assurance in line with C4L position and not just rolling over.

    As for media trashing the dough boy, did you all forget Brancaccio’s glowing editorial or the one in the Centralia Chronicle in late July? While he might not have been given glowing front runner coverage, he was not “trashed” in the media. I saw him receive almost equal coverage. That he now wants all to believe he was a “victim” of the media speaks tons more on his honesty (or lack thereof).

    Feel free to post any and all media articles “trashing” him.

    It’s almost amusing to see how easily he leads some people around by the nose, but he wouldn’t be the first to take advantage of enraged people.

    And no, when I made my last comment I was not even thinking of you. I don’t play “jedi mind tricks,” that is someone else.

    You’re always welcome to stick around.


  5. I understand your frustration. I was raised democrat, prided myself on being independent and when Ford pardoned Nixon over Watergate, I voted on principle. I wanted to send the message we are all equal and should be dealt with equally so I voted for Carter. He turned out to be the worst President ever. I remember interest rates at 21%, thinking squeezing into a home at 10.25% was a bargain, watched him give away the Panama Canal and was shocked that a ‘born again’ man was pro-choice. Boy did I learn the hard way. And I think Obama is even worse than Carter! Please do not make the same mistake I did. Rossi is far better than Murray and Herrera is better than Heck. To sit this out is to hand victory to the other side. Apathy is what got us into this mess….and we do not have very many opportunities to get us out. I see this and maybe 2012 as our last opportunity to save our country from becoming totally socialistic.

    For the record, I supported Didier and Castillo. I believe they would have done a better job for us, but I will NEVER vote or fail to vote in such a way as to willingly give victory to Murray or Heck.


  6. Thanks brother! I hear the Chronicle had some words to say today as well. Havent seen it yet, paper comes late where Im at.

    I think Ill vote for some local guys in the general just to say I did but then go fishing instead for the national and 3rd district stuff. Just cant bring myself to vote for a Rino. You hear any news where the kings are bitin?


  7. I was pretty much the same, Dem2GOP. Carter lost all favor with me right away with the amnesty bit. As I told you before, I was still in the Army and that was the final straw for me to end an Army career.

    I will not return to the Democrat Party, they are just too liberal for me. But the corruption and downright dirty tricks I just saw coming out of the Clark GOP is more than just troubling to me. It has shattered the trust I had in Ryan Hart and the GOP itself. I wouldn’t feel like this had it actually been a level playing field, but the cronyism and favortism and allowance of dirty tricks is just too much for me.

    I am a fiecely loyal person and a lifelong conservative. Redefining conservatism to suit charlatans and moderate RINO’s will not change me, it will just drive me away.

    As I told others, they caused this rift and they must make amends. It is a lot more than just me, I’m just the vocal one.

    PUzzl3d, I hear there is some real good fishing up in Martin County. I have a camping trip next weekend in Southern Oregon with some other guys from sister units from Viet Nam. I don’t know about fishing while there, I might just get drunk for the first time in 30 years.

    As for voting, from now on I will vote my conscience and for an individual, no more party crap for me. If you go look over the comments from the real “goons,” they didn’t just smear Castillo, they smeared me too. Where was Anna Miller demanding the Princess or her dough boy be held accountable for that?

    They chose geography over quality and we all got punked. At least the 5th CD will be looked out for should she win.

    I see a big difference between the Princess and Denny Heck. At least Heck is honest about who and what he is.


  8. You see Lew, that is why I love you! Just as I was starting to consider what dem2gop was saying, you write your closing line and Im all puzzled again!!!

    dem2gop, I really understand and heartfully am considering what you are saying! Trust me, I do! But how can I go against MY standards and vote for Herrera or Rossi??? Hedrick and Didier represented more closely what I believe in and Dino and Herrera dont! I will admit that Herrera is closer to my views than Dino but not by much. But this is the quandry that Im in. This is it right here. So, Lew, Leah, Jeremy, dem2gop, and anyone else out there whether democrat or republican, space alien or whatever for that matter…WHAT DO WE DO AS AMERICANS???

    Do we vote to get the seat back like when Bush was in but only have RINOs in there that wont make a damn bit of difference? Or do we not vote and let the dems keep the seats until the American people come to realize that their freedom REALLY IS at stake and its for real??? That is the question that NOBODY has shown me a good anwer to yet and trust me, Ill consider them all!!!


  9. After this campaign and primary election, PUzzled, I figure i owe party NOTHING! From here out, I vote my conscience and individuals over party.

    Years ago, I took a political science course and argued over voting party line or individual. I came to voting party line but seeing the GOP as no better than the Dems in corruption and dirty dealings, I’ll use my one vote for who represents my values the best.

    If none do, I’ll no longer vote the lesser of two evils. I’ll no longer marginalize actions of a candidate or official simply because they are GOP or slam them only because they are Dem.

    After all the research I put into the Princesses voting record in the legislature, I see her as corrupt, arrogant and out of touch as any Dem.

    If that is a bother to the GOP (which I doubt), they should have thought of that before they engaged in the slanderous lies and smears against castillo and me.

    As was said long ago, “don’t piss on my leg and then tell me it’s raining.”

    People did not like what I wrote here, but it was all issues oriented. No one actually addressed issues, just began personal attacks that were lies and smears and then, blamed Castillo.

    And now, they want me to believe the Princess and the dough boy ran clean campaigns? I know better, I saw too much from behind the scenes.

    Just so you know, both Castillo and I knew all about the dough boy cheating on his first wife and never used it. We knew about the Princess not hiring the older lady as an assistant when she took over for Richard Curtis and didn’t use it. I knew dirt and chose to stick to issues and still, was smeared for it while no one addressed any issues, just slung the muddiest campaign I have ever seen.

    What can we do for America? I really don’t know. I’m getting old and have been fighting for America for many decades and in return, I have always gotten a kick in my butt. I’m tired. I can’t fight to save a country that doesn’t want to be saved.

    You younger people will have to figure it out. But I can tell you this, evil and corrupt is still evil and corrupt. A pretty face doesn’t hide the cold heart inside.

    I can’t trust either party any longer, so where do I go from here?


  10. We are at a critical crossroad that does not allow any of us to sit out on this election and still have peformed our civic duty. If you don’t think party matters, think about the healthcare bill. If there were 40 Republicans before the Senate passed its first bill, there would no longer be universal healthcare. It passed by one vote and I am grieved that you are all talking now as if there is no difference. Scott Brown was elected specifically to be that 40th vote and would have stopped it except for a procedural manipulation. By accepting the original Senate version, they avoided a filibuster made possible by the 40th vote.

    We may not be getting the total change we wanted and worked for but we are getting a change we absolutely, positively must have. We are saved when there is a balance of power. A RINO means Republican In Name Only. That covers a lot of issues and simply does not apply across the board. To not vote means you will get a democrat, possibly someone with you 20% of the time. Vote Republican and even if you only get 50%, which is better for the country you love? I am so worried about our future. We have a President who seems determined we must diminish so the world stage can increase. He insults our allies and bows to our enemies. He is the very first President to skip the National Day of Prayer yet has a Rammadan dinner at the White House.

    Anything we can do to weaken him helps our country. If you cannot see that, then there is no hope for our country. We deserve what we get. Both Rossi and Herrera are prolife. That issue alone should tip the scales for anyone who worries about the wrath that is to come to those who shed innocent blood. Please think about it. Better yet, pray about it.


  11. There is much truth in your words, dem. It’s too bad some party chairs, board members, candidates and their supporters didn’t consider that before they embarked on the course of personal attacks, smears and slander that they did.

    Corrupt and dirty is corrupt and dirty, whether 20% or 50%.

    As long as a couple of us keep doing for others and get crapped on, others won’t do their part.

    It’s no longer up to me. Ryan, Anna, Nansen, Keath and so many others created this rift by not providing a level and non-favored playing field.

    It’s their problem, not mine.


  12. Who is the “dough boy”?


  13. If an enemy of my enemy is my friend, what is a part time enemy/part time friend of my enemy?

    I love what Didier is doing to Rossi. Thats not called sour grapes dem, thats called principle. Thats called true grit. Thats called fighting for what you believe. Go Clint Go!

    What do we have now? Murray! So Murray cant be any worse than Murray! Maybe thats the catalyst the real republicans need and the real democrats who value their freedom! Oxygen is never so popular until you are lacking it!


  14. Who is the “dough boy”?

    aka Judas.

    While I think what Didier is doing is futile, he is standing on his principles.

    Shouldn’t you be asking why didn’t the dough boy do the same instead of automatically latching onto the Princesses skirt tail?

    Sorry, pant suit hem.


  15. The difference between a pragmatist and purist is that the pragmatist makes progress. I was a purist when I voted for Carter. I sent my message loud and clear about Nixon being as culpable as the man next door and then I lived with the consequences.

    I had four years of regret and some of the consequences could not be corrected. Carter gave away the Panama canal. We will never get it back. He withdrew support from the Shah of Iran and allowed the radical Ayatollah to take over. Iran went from ally to antagonist and their hatred has escalated. Carter ‘trusted Russia’ and gave away leverage without anything in return and then admitted he was naive to trust Russia. Kind of like Obama giving away our ballistic missile defense without getting anything in return. Even though Putin bragged that they gave nothing in exchange, Obama is too arrogant to see, much less admit, he was wrong.

    I could argue had Carter not been elected, we might live in a totally different world now. Radical Islamic attacks started with Carter and he was weak and ineffective in dealing with it. was the beginning of the realization that our country could be a paper tiger. Even Reagan failed to respond to the attacks on our barracks in Lebanan and instead brought our boys home. Islamic radicals have been at war with us for the last 30 years but we just kept putting our head in the sand. Since 9-11, we have returned to our politically correct method of dealing with this and the current administration has banned reference to our enemy as Islamic terrorist attacks in favor of human caused disasters.

    You can blame others but the decision is yours. Vote or not, but when I compare Carter’s administration to Obama’s, Carters actually looks more sane. That is why I am so concerned that conservatives think they can sit this one out. Obama is surrounded by radicals, the democratic party leadership is controlled by radicals, and we have this one opportunity to reline the brakes that can stop more insanity.

    Consider cap and trade. If that passes, our energy costs will skyrocket. Everything we produce that uses energy will go up in price, even if it’s just to deliver the goods to market. We will be at a disadvantage on the world market because other countries will not have cap and trade and it is all so preventable.

    Treaties trump even our Constitution and you have dangerous people in power. What if we sign a treaty respecting Sharia law? We have at least 2 more years of damage to try to mitigate and unless we have enough from the opposition party to stop this administration, there is no end to the damage that can be done and most of it will not be reversible.

    Our country has been changed over 30 years because those now in power realized their radical actions in the 60’s turned people away from their cause. They learned and have taken the slow and steady route towards transforming our country and have been very successful. Are we so ‘hurt’ by division within that we want all or nothing? Can we not learn from their tactics that any progress in the opposite direction is still progress? Remember the tortoise and the hare? We may not have the perfect candidates this time, but we do have better candidates. Be pragmatic and we can still win. It just may take us longer.


  16. Like I said, Dem, you’re arguing with the wrong person. I didn’t cause the problem, others did.

    Snake oil is still snake oil, regardless of who or what side of the mouth it comes from.

    You ask, “Are we so ‘hurt’ by division within that we want all or nothing?

    That’s a good question, but shouldn’t it be asked of those “Republicans” who labeled me “the enemy” because I supported a Republican?

    As I said, had it been a level playing field I wouldn’t be so angry over this. Ask those who sit with you why it was the GOP fought against a Republican and pulled every dirty trick they could against him.

    Ask them why a Republican did not receive a fair shake from the Republicans. He is hardly the first candidate I have supported not to win. But, he is the first one who had the Republican party organized against a Republican candidate to ensure he did not win.

    You’re arguing with the wrong person.


  17. I hope I am not arguing. I thought we had a difference of perspective and I was offering mine. It is for you to accept or reject.

    I can only control me. I just want to know I tried my best if Murray is re-elected and Heck gets in. I am not asking that anyone who lost to jump on an opponents’ campaign. I do, however, hope that you do not abandon all Republicans. There are some outstanding men running for the state legislature. I am only trying to convince Castillo and Didier supporters to vote Republican. I’d be thrilled if they decided to help on other campaigns. Voting is huge and the stakes are just too big to not vote as Angela said she would do.


  18. I use the word “argue” in a general sense.

    As far as my vote goes, I intend to vote my conscience.

    I’m here to help what candidates I can, but after what the GOP did to me to discredit Castillo, who will want either my help or what readers will be willing to listen to me?

    Several locals basically cut off their noses to spite their face.

    Whoever it was that decided that was the tactic to get the Princess the nomination, hurt the GOP much worse than I ever could.

    What came out of the GOP was dirtier than anything any Democrat ever threw at me. And, as I said, they don’t care.


  19. I understand. Voting your conscience is all anyone could ask.


  20. I am sorry, Lew. I am sorry this happened to you and Castillo. Neither of you deserved this sort of hatred. You are both good men, honorable, and decent. As a new friend of mine has said, Castillo is too good for this party, and so are you.

    Let the candidates come to you…….. if they dare. Or you can always retire from blogging.

    My sister had been trying to tell me for years that both Democrats and Republicans are dirty. Stupid me, I always tried to convince her that she was on the wrong side, and she should vote Conservative. Well, turns out she was right. Sour grapes is one thing, I would not have a hard time getting over, but this, no. Like Lew says, they have done this to themselves. They don’t approve of his blog, neither do they approve of the little 10 minute segment he has on-air with Victoria. The GOP does not deserve what Lew brings to the table.

    Remember there is always your go-to guy, Gary Wiram.

    Lessons are sometimes hard to learn, but we will be better people for it. In the end we have found several good folks to hold dear to our hearts. Life has a way of teaching us who the good guys are.

    You guys keep rooting for the home girl. As someone told me recently the hatred they felt was very dark. Sad to say, I don’t want to, but I have to agree.


  21. Lea, just packing it all in is very much on my mind.

    As I said elsewhere, I have been fighting for what is right now for over 40 years and in return I receive a swift kick in my ass.

    Why continue fighting to save a group of people who don’t want saved?


  22. Dem,
    What youre failing to mention is that we voted for REAL REPUBLICANS. Now there arent any left in the race! The dough boy and the princess cannot fix this problem! Weve already lost, no matter who wins!

    Picture this, youre all alone at night and a three time convicted killer/rapist has escaped from prison and is breaking in to your house to get you. You call for help and they send one scrawny little policeman who doesnt believe in fighting but only negotiating and convincing through encouragement and working together and prides herself in being able to cross over that sacred line between police and criminal to help find a better way. She considers herself a friend to all and while shes preparing her speech that shell give to the killer, hes now made it into your bedroom.

    Wouldnt you rather have the cop who maybe doesnt speak as well in public but will kick in your door run into your house and shoot the killer right between the eyes without hesitation?

    See the problem now?

    Like I said, the REAL REPUBLICANS were voted out already. Sorry, but youre not convincing me.

    Lew, the fight is not over! Never give up! This isnt about you or me, this is about freedom. Never give up!


  23. PUzzl3d, it isn’t about me “giving up,” but being crapped on one time too many.

    You were sold a bill of goods on your “real Republican,” and it will come out in time without any assisatance from me. They always trip themselves up along their climb on other people’s backs.

    I have no intention of trying to convince you of anything.

    You want to fight for “freedom?” Time for you and others to pick up the flag and run with it.

    Like I said, I’m tired and from now on, I start taking care of me.


  24. Lew, Pretty serious acusation about dough boy. Do you have proof that he cheated on his first wife? You say it’s something you didn’t use, but then you come out and say it anyway. Just because he is divorced and re-married doesn’t make him a cheater.


  25. The election is over, Bruce. You won.

    Now, shove it up your ass.


  26. Lew, You brought it up, that’s why I wanted to ask about it. If it were true, it would affect how I feel about him. It would cause me to not support him anymore.


  27. Go play your silly-assed game elsewhere, Bruce.

    NOTHING would make any of you question the dough boy or the Princess.


  28. If you want information on someone, you could go to the source…….. Hedrick instead of coming here. Better yet, ask the GOP about it, I am sure they know all there is to know about Hedrick. I do believe he is vetted and all. As clean as a whistle.

    Reflecting back to the time Delevar ran for whatever the hell he was running for. We were at a PCO meeting, and it turned into a Ron Paul meeting. The Campaign for Liberty group was pretty vile towards Lew. A disrespectful, bullying group, that would not let up on Lew. He could not even move, they surrounded him and demanded he support Ron Paul. All of them, one at a time, attacking, with the last one, being very dark and demanding, he was trying to start an altercation with Lew the whole while with a child in his arms.

    My question is who allows this sort of thuggery into the Republican Party? WHO? And Lew is the bad guy. Oh hell no.


  29. “If it were true, it would affect how I feel about him. It would cause me to not support him anymore.”

    LOL, sorry I just find that funny. The race for is over for Hedrick, doesn’t really matter at this point in the game if you support him or not.


  30. PUzzl3d – I see by your example that you think that Rossi and Herrera are equal to Murray and Heck when it comes to defense issues. I do not accept your premise.

    I believe that both are supporters of a strong defense. I know there will, however, be issues where I will wish they were stronger. I am concerned about Jaime with regard to labor issues and hope that I am wrong. However, I know without a doubt that Heck will be lockstep with card check and anything the unions request along the way. Murray has already spent, spent, and overspent and I know from Rossi’s voting and performance as a state legislator that he is a fiscal conservative.

    A real Republican is a label that needs a definition because if you take our Republican platform and line up either of these candidates and their positions, they will hit a lot more than they will miss. They will definitely support what we believe more than their opponents. We do not have the choice of your “real Republican” on the November ballot. Our only choice is who more closely represents us.

    Perfect match or nothing is the purist approach. As I’ve said previously, I am a pragmatist. I push for what I want, take what I can get, and push for more. That is how the left brought us to this place and that is the only way the right is going to get us back.

    Since I have other campaigns with great Republicans running who need help I am going to have to bow out of future debate. We all have been clear about our feelings and now it’s up to each of us to examine our conscience and do what we think is best. My best for now is work for those in whom I believe. I hope you have some left that you can support.


  31. My conscience tells me it is best to chuck the whole damn party idea and vote my conscience for an individual.


  32. Amen to that Lew! Its been a fun ride brother!

    dem, I have no freaking idea what you just said except for hit more than they miss? Wow, you really know how to set the bar low for a candidate. You get what you pay for!

    leaortiz…naah, aint worth it. You wouldnt understand!

    Have fun storming the castle! Im outta here.


  33. Bruce the fact that you can try and say that I have fabricated this incident, only tells me one thing. The incident with Castillo is true.

    All this time I had wondered what happened to Campaign for Liberty. I had it all wrong didn’t I? None of you are upset that your boy Hedrick is now in bed with Herrera.

    As Americans we do have Liberty, so what is it that your group really represents? There is a certain radical faction of Christianity that has gone eerily quiet, since about the 40’s or 50’s with only a few marches here and a few marches there. It might have even been before that, as I was too young to remember when that group finally disbanned. Mostly they have been banned by the government because of the hate. To even speak of that group conjures up memories of pure hatred. This Campaign, it is for your Liberty, your freedom from the thumb of government, isn’t it? It really has nothing to do with the rest of us. Does it?

    Maybe I am making up history too. Could be, and I might be guessing wrong too. Only time will tell. I only hope and pray, (and I am not a religious person) that I am wrong.


  34. Bruce,
    Sounds like Lew hit a raw nerve with you? You know something we don’t? Youre on shaky ground with Lew. Hes been doing this for awhile and you sound like an amateur.

    Also, I tried to talk some sense in to him over the picnic massacre but he wasnt having any of it. I actually tracked down witnesses Castillo mentioned and they didnt agree with him but that didnt seem to matter to anyone except for me. These blogs and threads are driven by blind passion and rage, common sense gets forgotten most of the time. Why Im getting tired of blogging actually. At one point I thought about starting my own blog but its like banging your head against the wall.

    At least Lew admitted hes stubborn and loyal. Kind of proves my point but dont ask Lew to see it that way. Part of it keeps the blog going. Its an old journalism tactic to wind you up or tweak you just enough so youll keep coming back and lend credibility to this blog.

    What did recently disappoint me was Lews apparent focus on himself and Castillo as “victims”. Thats what really puzzles me. If Castillo was such a champion, why is he acting like a spoiled little kid now? Same as he acted during the campaign though. Thats why I couldnt vote for him, hes too volitile. Things get a little dicy and he melts down. Put someone with that attitude in congress and were would have been doomed. Lew wont admit it though. He cant admit it. Hell just keep slinging. Sorry Lew, but thats what it looks like. Thats why I think youre stubborn.


  35. dem2gop

    As far as being a pragmatist, Jesus talked about people who were “luke warm”. He spit them out of his mouth! Its weakness. Its talking out both sides of your mouth. If you settle for mediocre, thats what youll get and thats what weve got. Stand up for what you believe for crying out loud. You would if one of your kids lives were in danger! Youd transform from a pragmatist to an extremist in an instant. Well, our kids lives are at stake here, thats why pragmatic thinking wont work. Its not fair to our kids.


  36. PUzzl3d, shouldn’t your argument actually be with those from your group that support Clint Didier?

    My Statement on the Results of the Aug 17th Primary Election


  37. I think youre comparing apples to oranges here. Didier said he would support Rossi if he followed three very republican values. Thats like telling a helicopter mechanic he has to be willing to get his hands greasy! It shouldnt be a problem. So no, my argument is not for those in my group that suppourt Clint Didier.

    Castillo couldnt even say “support Herrera”, he said, “support the republican”. I can just see him sitting down in the middle of the floor with his arms folded. Like telling a child to say sorry to another child and the growl out, “SORRRRY!” You can tell their heart is not in it. Not buying Castillo Lew. Thought you of all people could have seen through it.

    Didier gave Rossi an ultimatum that any Real Republican would be happy to embrace. Shouldnt be an issue but Didier knows Rossis record and knows hes a RINO. Thats why its such a big deal. Rossis the one crapping his pants and skirting the issues, not Didier.

    Apples and Oranges, Lew.


  38. Oh, and just a shout out to all my fans out there!!!


  39. PUzzl3d, Castillo did what he should have done. He is calling for unity. Where is Herrera? Where is Hedrick? What are they doing to rebuild unity?

    Rossi has said he stands for all that Didier is demanding. Why didn’t Hedrick hold out for concessions like Didier? If Didier is doing what is right, how is it Hedrick didn’t hold out for anything and he too is applauded for caving, but Didier is applauded for holding out?

    You people simply amaze me. No wonder the process is so screwed up.


  40. PUzzl3d “Oh, and just a shout out to all my fans out there!!!”

    I’m sure he appreciates that.


  41. Thanks for insulting me Lew. Ive been cool to you through this whole thing, even stuck up for you. Ive agreed where I could, and respectfully disagreed where I felt I needed to. Now you insult ME by saying no wonder the process is so screwed up.

    I cant believe you would ask where Hedrick and Herrera are and what they are doing to rebuild unity!

    You are blind to the truth my friend. You were so proud of Castillo and how four newspapers endorsed him. Well, its obvious that the people saw through him and dont trust the media. Just listening to him talk he wreaked of politician! Your rage has blinded you to the very truths you started out to support. If I were you, I would change the name of your blog. You sure dont seem like a conservative to me. I was contemplating being done with this but a bunch of friends of mine enjoyed reading what you and I had talked about, hence the shout out, and had commented to me how they were impressed how we were so civil to each other. Well, now I am done, youll have to find someone else to insult. Im truly saddened that you are blinded and enraged to the point of insulting people you dont even know. I still appreciate what you did for this country 40 years ago, but I dont appreciate what youre doing to it now. You and your hatred have become part of the problem. What we need are solutions. You hide a little bit of truth inside a lot of anger and bitterness and it shows in your writing and in your person. I sat near you during a forum and whenever a candidate would speak that you didnt back you would grumble, “Bullshit” and there was even a lady sitting next to you that was obviously concerned about it. Like I said, the anger and rage has blinded you and youre the only one that cant see it.

    PS Dont bother responding to this, I wont be checking it any more and Im positive you wont have the guts to let it post but thats okay too since its for you anyway. Good luck in the future Lew. I hope one day you can find Peace. I did.


  42. Maybe I should have put the winky smiley after that as it was tongue in cheek. But, you sure do have a thin skin.

    Why shouldn’t ask where the Princess and the doughboy are? Are they above reproach for the rift they heavily contributed to? I’m still proud of Castillo and to the day I die will stand by my comments of dirty tactics used against him in this race. It has brought me to sever my ties to the GOP and go Independent. The district doesn’t deserve a man like him and now, you are stuck with a RINO or a Progressive. Not much of a choice.

    You want solutions? Castillo gave his ideas, every time he spoke. The Princess and the doughboy relied on platitudes and catchy phrases that sounded real good, but had no substance.

    Hate to disappoint you, but I was raised a conservative and remain a conservative. Redefining the meaning of the word doesn’t change what we are. I was conservative long before many today even heard of the word.

    As for any hate and rage, you read into this what you desire to see. If you only knew how at peace I am you would be amazed. Am I angry? Yes, but that doesn’t mean rage. It merely means I have seen the dirty tactics and smears used against a man who was considered well-qualified, until the establishment RINO decided to jump in.

    Although I was a supporter, I was sitting on the Clark GOP Board at the time I began supporting him. I voluntarily stepped down prior to the Princess’s sudden and opportunistic entry for unrelated personal reasons. I was able to see a lot more behind the scene things than most of you could know about.

    What happens comes November is what happens. It is out of my hands and I have no say in it. The Princess and the GOP establishment is who needs to reunify the voters, not me or Castillo. I am not blogging against her, as I said I would not. Castillo issued a statement calling on voters to vote Republican and not sit it out.

    The rest is up to the Princess and the GOP.

    I’m moving on and readying to enjoy my retirement more.

    In closing, odd how you heard me utter “Bullshit” in Battle Ground, but didn’t hear what the guys sitting with you said against Castillo and when they said Candice should run instead of him, totally missing she was speaking his ideas and words, not her own.


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