Honest People of Character Don’t Stand a Chance

by lewwaters

David Castillo, former candidate for Washington States 3rd Congressional District has released his statement urging his supporters to elect Republicans. David continues to shine as a man of true honesty and integrity with character that is seemingly non-existent in politics today.

My Statement on the Results of the Aug 17th Primary Election

I applaud David’s stand as he continues to show the state he is a man of integrity and that it was never about him, unlike others. I have very serious reservations as to whether or not, if the situation were reversed, any such statement would have come from his opponent.

Although I was often accused of being on David’s staff or working directly for him, that just isn’t true. I do consider David as a friend today as from when I first met him his true character was easily detected and what I saw in him is something we have needed in political office for far too long, and apparently, something we may never see.

David says to us,

I respect, immensely, the feelings expressed by those of you who have determined to ‘vote your conscience’ in this campaign, but I want to implore all of you to set aside any notion of sitting out this election, conducting a write-in campaign or, worse, voting for Denny Heck.”

This is the very rift I have spoken of that party insiders ignore and act as if it doesn’t exist; having ensured the establishment candidate of choice won the nomination.

I have made no bones of the dirty tricks and underhanded tactics I witnessed in this campaign. My trust in the GOP leadership was shattered as I saw it all unfolding and last evening, in an effort to sever my ties with the local GOP, it became all the more apparent as I was basically informed that I did not see what I saw and even when confronted with the emails that stirred much of it up, they were marginalized.

The corruption within the system that drives many voters away from the polls and convinces potential voters that there is no difference between the parties will never be corrected as long as you are not willing to stand against it, expose it and squash it.

The task cannot be laid on the shoulders of one person and then not stand up behind them. As Irish philosopher Edmond Burke has long been credited with saying, “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.

Both prominent political parties have sold us down the drain again and we are once again faced with candidates more interested in self than actually serving the public. We are reduced to a choice of Tweedle Dem or Tweedle Dumb.

David Castillo has stood up and for his effort slapped back down by the establishment political machine. And still, he stands up showing style and class in urging unity to mend a rift, caused not by him but the very political establishment that slapped him back.

His former opponent posts a facebook comment.

That’s the nature of an arrogant career politician.

As for me, I have seen the dark underside of partisan politics and am walking away from it for a while. I can not at this time support political parties having seen the corruption and dirty tricks used and the excuses and efforts given to deny it exists, even when confronted with the dirty trick.

In many ways I have fought to try to save a country whose people don’t want saved for over 40 years. I’m tired and overdue a vacation.

It’s time I went camping with other Vietnam Veterans, unwind, tell a few war stories and maybe get a little bit drunk for the first time in many decades.

When I return I’ll weigh my options and decide what to do. But I still think it will not amount to a hill of beans difference who gets elected.

Good luck, America. You need it.

16 Responses to “Honest People of Character Don’t Stand a Chance”

  1. Go have some rest Lew. You of all people deserve it!

    When you get back, let me know and lets talk if you want. I have similar issues with Jaime and other politicians, so I’m always interested in hearing another side, even if you need to reasess your blogging prowess.

    Any time, you know where to catch me.

  2. I’m actually looking forward to meeting my fellow Viet Nam Vets this weekend.

    I was given an idea last evening for a new blog that might even be some fun.

  3. Lew…an honest & forthright post. Please don’t leave the arena. We need you to continue to hold their feet to the fire & expose them for who they are. You have opened my eyes to alot of the “garbage” that’s in the Party, and I’m sure others feel the same. Go & have a good camping trip & come back with both barrels aimed & ready!

  4. Susan, I won’t just drop it all, I’m just very disillusioned right now with all that I witnessed.

    The truth will prevail eventually and when it does, there is going to be some very embarrassed people.

    The only way things will ever be cleaned up is if we do it ourselves and stop depending on others. Screw the parties, it’s people that count.

  5. Lew,
    Your voice is an important and necessary one in WA state politics. The insiders in the WAGOP and the local GOP spend so much time patting each other on the back and puffing each others’ egos, they have no idea how others see them. If they did, they would feel humiliated to their core.

    I hope you will continue to be the conservative voice in Clark County, Lew. Your blog is a consolation to those of us who share your frustration with the current leadership of the Clark GOP and WAGOP. I, like you, feel betrayed by the party that I’ve been supporting and working in for 30 years.

    I am comforted in knowing that I can hold fast to my conservative principles, but without needing to serve the agenda of those who apparently have no convictions or principles of their own. Herrera won’t get my vote. I’ll sit this one out or write in the name of a conservative that I respect. Maybe I’ll write in your name, Lew!

    Enjoy your time away. I look forward to reading more of your blogs in the future. Take heart!

  6. Thank you, KayLee, I really appreciate that.

    You are right, also. When I confronted them with the very actions they took in making it an unlevel playing field, they dodged andenied and marginalized how they favored one candidate over another. Personally, I also think measures should be taken against Pacific, Wakiakum and Cowlitz for issuing endorsements in a contested primary months before the candidate filing date had even arrived.

    That just isn’t the way to do things and claim to be providing a level playing field.

    And do not worry, I will be back.

  7. “Lew,
    Your voice is an important and necessary one in WA state politics. The insiders in the WAGOP and the local GOP spend so much time patting each other on the back and puffing each others’ egos, they have no idea how others see them. If they did, they would feel humiliated to their core.”

    That is the same thing I have said to Lew. Notoriety seems to be what fuels some in this GOP. You really hit the nail on the head. Amazing. So, as a result when you really do try to give a hand, jealousy ensues, as though you are intentionally trying to move in on their territory.

    Humiliation, well, I will have to show you the email I sent in hopes of mending fences. The only problem is, guess what? There is no problem, we are mistaken. Lew is lying.

    I think it would be grand if Lew ran for office. He would have to go up against this GOP, so maybe not after all.

  8. It’s time I went camping and maybe get a little bit drunk for the first time in many decades.

    This comment has cut me to the core.

    There are many people out there that love you, what you do and provide. The GOP refuses to acknowledge you as an important part of the political arena, and that is their loss. So be it. As the Bible says, stop casting your pearls before swine. Perhaps there really should be a level playing field, and bringing Democrats and Republicans to the fore of the news is what this blog truly needs. After all what is important is that the voter decides, not any one of us, or the GOP.

    If there is anyone at the GOP reading this, can you contact Anna Miller and tell her to leave Lew alone. I for one do not appreciate her constant harassment of my husband. Borders on stalking. The primary is in, what you all have worked so hard to achieve is done. Instead of focusing on Lew, you should be using your efforts towards helping your home girl beat a giant like Denny Heck. This is not furthering your cause.

  9. It is nice to see a Republican as pissed off about the Republican Party as many Democrats are about the Democratic Party.

    In the meantime, Rome continues to burn…

  10. As I see it, Jon, I am no longer a Republican, but an Independent Conservative.

    We all need to come together and get the major parties more interested in country than party agenda.

  11. Lew this is precisely how many of us felt two years ago after the state Republican establishment stabbed the Delavar for Congress campaign in the back, even after he beat the Republican machine’s chosen (light as a feather) opponent in the primary. Nothing new here IMO, and it is precisely why many potentially outstanding candidates don’t even bother. If you’re active in the private sector instead of a career politician or political machine functionary, you could reasonably conclude that you don’t stand a chance with these people.

  12. Tom, you and I will undoubtedly disagree over Delavar’s qualifications for the House, so no need to even discuss it. I liked Michael and think he will do well in the city council, should he get away from Russell.

    If C4L or other Ron Paulie groups still have designs on a takeover, they are welcome. The GOP has committed suicide in my estimation and it can’t be saved.

    Sadly, how many of you blindly supported David Hedrick not realizing how quickly he would sell out those constitutional principles to get behind the princess? Everything points to he was doing little more than playing all ends against the middle.

    So, whatever happens in November is what happens in November. I’ve written Wa. 03 off as it isn’t going to make a darn bit of difference whether the RINO or the Liberal wins.

  13. No doubt we would disagree about Delavar’s qualifications, but my point was that even those candidates with whom we may be at odds are entitled to a level playing field in the primary. Lord knows, Delavar certainly wasn’t given that courtesy in 2008, so should anyone be surprised that, this time around, Castillo wasn’t either?

  14. As I said, Tom, on a personal basis I really like Michael. I had my differences with him on his candidacy, but I was up front about it.

    I agree too that it should be a level playing field and it wasn’t. The difference I saw was that while Delavar was largey ignored by the party, Castillo was actively opposed by the party (at least in 4 counties).

    Another difference is the chasm opened up by the dirty tactics actively used against Castillo that the party seems to feel will just close up.

    Ultimately though, we are in agreement that both men were not treated fairly.


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