Castillo Continues to Show He Would Have Been the Better Choice

by lewwaters

David Castillo, subjected to dirty tactics, lies and smears from 4 County GOP’s in Southwest Washington may have been defeated in the primary, but he continues to speak out, countering ads recently released by his former adversary, Denny Heck from the Democratic Party.

As mentioned in an earlier post, Heck has released an ad playing to his base that I am sure will resonate well with them. While the establishment candidate sits around waiting for talking points to be provided, Castillo has posted on his new blog why Heck is wrong.

Castillo wrote in part,

“The other night I had the opportunity to see my first general election ad broadcast in the 3rd Congressional District. The ad was put out by Democrat Denny Heck. Notwithstanding the odd timing of the ad (the last week in August), I was struck by the complete lack of any true understanding of the problems confronting the people of the 3rd Congressional District.”

“Heck’s ad (available here) was striking in its tone deafness. I was stunned that his first ad for the general election, the one that will presumably introduce him to voters, focused on Wall Street reform! Wall Street reform! Seriously, is there anyone in the country, outside of the progressive enclaves of Berkley, CA, or downtown Seattle, discussing Wall Street reform around the kitchen table? I highly doubt that. Especially when we are living in a country that has nearly 10% unemployment, and a district where unemployment is 12%. We are living in a country that has $14 trillion in debt. A country that, in 10 years, will spend more on debt service than China does on its defense budget. And, Denny Heck is focused on Wall Street reform.”

Please read the rest at The Color of Things.

Throughout the campaign, David Castillo has maintained the race was never about him, but about correcting what has gone wrong and is hurting Southwest Washington. He never wavered in that and this post countering Heck’s ad is further proof.

After ensuring he was stunningly defeated by several dirty tactics, some from within GOP boards, only Castillo is speaking in opposition to Denny Heck’s campaign. The establishment candidate and doughboy are sitting in silence, ready to throw away an early 14 point lead in the polls.

The GOP’s that promoted the establishment candidate and engaged in the dirty tactics to ensure Castillo’s defeat also remain quiet, after releasing their own ad that was little more than handing the Democrats an effective FEC complaint on a silver platter.

Castillo could have easily and justifiably gone back to work and just got on with his life. Who could blame him after the ill treatment he received at the hands of the leaders of the party he sought to represent?

But, he chooses to remain engaged and counter the Democrats, even if it means electing the ditz that would not even acknowledge he was a good guy on a recent Victoria Taft interview when asked.

It will not do any good to write in Castillo’s name, other than to make your self feel better. FEC rules prevent his name being written in from being counted.

We are stuck with who we are stuck with to choose from, Tweedle Dem or Tweedle Dumb.

But, as far as I am concerned, there are at least 4 County GOP chairs that owe David Castillo a very public apology for their ill treatment as well as several Board Members from the Clark County GOP who knowingly engaged in such underhanded tactics against him.

David knows he was screwed over by these counties and the tactics initiated by supporters of two of his opponents.

And still, he remains the only one actually standing up to counter this misleading ad by Denny Heck.

Castillo not only shows he would have been the better choice. He shows he is also the better man.

Hang your heads in shame, Republicans. If this election is lost to the Democrats again, you have only your selves to blame.

7 Comments to “Castillo Continues to Show He Would Have Been the Better Choice”

  1. Note to Lew: You lost. Get over it.


  2. Note to Greg Owens, Your doughboy lost too and sold you out in the process.

    Live with it.


  3. It’s refreshing but not surprising to see that David cares more about his country than his personal experience. He realizes the bigger picture and what the stakes are in this election. It is too big for us to lose. He is rising above his feelings and doing what he feels is best for his country and for the future of his son whom we have all grown to love.


  4. David maintained all along it wasn’t about him and still, he was smeared, lied about and slandered by some fellow Republicans.

    His concern for the country and his sons future is obvious. I cannot say the same for many other Republcians, sad to say.


  5. Assuming incorrectly, as always, never let the facts get in the way. As a matter of fact, Lew, everyone I voted for made the top two.

    Also, don’t let the facts about Castillo (and you, and others) did their fair share of smearing (or attempted smearing) as well.

    You just don’t come off as a believable person. I would even venture to guess that your support of Castillo probably hindered more than helped.


  6. No one has to believe me, Greggy boy. Everything I said was linked back to state records or news articles. It wasn’t my words, but recorded facts that were ignored.

    I never want to hear again how people are tired of mudslinging. Obviously, they are not.

    That you and others chose to ignore documented facts is on you and and shows why our government is non-responsive an why we have such shitty representation.

    Feel good, son, it’s what you all chose.

    Just don’t come back whining.


  7. I’ll also add, Greggy, the lengths many went to in smearing Castillo and to a lesser degree, me, shows that your claim of my being “unbelievable” fall flat.

    Unbelievable people of no credibility are simply ignored.

    What you actually do is show why so many people no longer bother voting as we are only given lousy choices, thanks to your ilk.


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