Let the Head Butts Begin

by lewwaters

Now that the dust has settled from the primaries, we will next be faced with deciding who to vote for to actually send to office. We now have to decide if we really want change, or in some cases, hold our noses and vote, hoping for the best.

For me personally, this past campaign has been a real eye opener causing me to decide to distance my self from the GOP, but retaining my conservative leaning. I left the Democrat Party long ago over similar corruption and dirty dealings and just because they feign conservatism is no reason to support such dirty dealings as I saw coming from board members of the Clark County GOP and other county Republican Parties in Southwest Washington.

Be it their over eagerness or elation in the Democrats polling so poorly nationwide, whoever decided to go ahead with the TV ad released the day after the election screwed up badly, handing the opposing party an FEC complaint on a silver platter.

The ad itself isn’t what is bad, but the obvious coordination between the GOP and American’s for Prosperity, a section 501(c)(3) organization that can only engage in limited lobbying and is prohibited from any political campaign intervention is glaring.

From the use of people that have openly supported or endorsed the establishment candidate that gained the nomination, some of whom actually engaged in the dirty tactics against a fellow Republican that has resulted in my distancing myself from the GOP, to Ryan Hart actually calling around to enlist “volunteers” to appear in it and telling me that Kirby Wilbur of AFP was producing the ad, the FEC complaint filed against them by the Democrats is their chickens coming home to roost.

Not a smart move by any means. Even if they are exonerated, it will be long after the November General election. Whether or not it has any bearing come November 2 remains to be seen.

While the establishment candidate sits around waiting on handlers to provide ideas to express, Democrat Denny Heck has released an ad attacking, not his opponent, but Wall Street and some of the problems actually facing the country. I can’t honestly say I agree with his ideas, but at least he is expressing some and not waiting on handlers to give him some.

The dough boy seems to have slipped back towards obscurity after making all of his noise and helping slander and vilify the only decent conservative candidate we have seen run for Washington States 3rd Congressional District in several years.

He never did come clean on that “Marine Service” he always boasted of, but I am now in possession of the public portion of his Military record and still have some questions to ask him about it, should he come slithering out from behind the rock he crawled behind.

Moving on to the 18th Legislative District, Ann Rivers and Dennis Kampe will be facing each other in November. After all of the belly aching over David Castillo not immediately getting behind the chosen establishment candidate in the 3rd CD race, I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised at the silence coming from those same party insiders at GOP sleaze ball and muckraker, Jon Russell not endorsing Rivers.

In spite of Ann’s receiving some nice endorsements from State Attorney General Rob McKenna and others, including her NRA endorsement, rumor has it that Jon Russell is holding out for a specific thing before endorsing her, even though he tried and failed to start rumors against her or create a link to her and fellow blogger Kelly Hinton to harm her chances of winning.

My advice to Ann Rivers is to give that slime ball the middle finger.

Many eyebrows are raised currently over Vancouver City Manager, Pat McDonnell’s sudden decision to resign and obtain a job with SEH, a corporation his decisions have benefited more than once financially.

I have not seen any word from current city council member Bart Hansen, running for reelection on this seeming conflict of interest, but his opponent has made his view clear to voters on any potential replacement for McDonnell. In an email, John Jenkins said,

“I’d loose no sleep in appointing Eric Holmes to fill the top slot.

Having said that I hope the Vancouver City Council will not perform a national search for a city manager and here are a few reasons why:

A search will only cost money. We don’t have an abundance of that right at the moment.

A search will only cause resentment in the staff here who thought they were qualified.

A search will only produce an individual who has to play catch-up on every issue.

A search will only produce an individual who will bring ideas to the city of Vancouver who knows nothing about Vancouver and its problems past or current.

And, don’t fill the assistant city manager’s position. It would be bad form to the rest of the cities employees.

You have it from me what I’d do if I was in the seat today.”

Will Hansen release any such comments? Or, will we have to wait to see his views as the replacement process unfolds, if he is still on the council?

The Columbian seems to have already picked the Democrat for endorsement in the 17th Legislative District position 2 as they ran an article “exposing” Republican Paul Harris’s failure to register his vehicle in Washington State. In spite of over 100 comments left at the article, many just a bit too anti, I seriously doubt this will amount to any significance in the November election against his opponent, Monica Stonier, who the Columbian doesn’t seem interested in looking into her background.

With the vote count in the primary, Harris received nearly 3,000 more votes than both of the Democrats combined. He owned up to his mistake and paid the necessary fine. Now, move on to something of significance, if you can.

We still have 2 months before the general and with some high stakes seats open this time, we can expect to see some amusing shenanigans in many of the races.

As an Independent Conservative now, I have my popcorn at the ready and lawn chair set up to watch it all unfold.

It will be interesting to see who actually earns our votes versus who sits back and just expects it.

Candidates, to your corners and at the sound of the bell (or checkbooks opening), come out swinging.

8 Comments to “Let the Head Butts Begin”

  1. Its good to see you back into great form with great wisdom and great poise. Doubt many of the 3rd congressional district will write with such ability?

    Honestly, I’ll get back to what I do best and encourage more civil discourse which I feel Vancouver lacks so dearly. (and the local news media seems to turn the biggest eyes away from.)

  2. I am sure there will be those who now don’t care much for what I say, but regardless, I intend to maintain honesty and say it how it appears.

    Thanks, Jeremy. You give me much encouragement.

  3. Maybe Russell is holding out for an overdue apology from the Rivers-Hinton campaign.

  4. Maybe Russell is an idiot who’s sleaze tactics backfired on him and who owes Ann Rivers an apology.

    A little reminder for the Oh So Christian, Jon Russell, Luke 16:10 “Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much, and whoever is dishonest with very little will also be dishonest with much.”

  5. Your observation that people are not addressing the lack of Jon Russell’s endorsement is accurate as far as I know. I would not have addressed Didier’s lack of endorsement either except for his followers’ decision to follow his lead. Perhaps I’ve missed it, but I did not see an equivalent ground-swell of supporters follow Jon’s decision. Also, as a Didier supporter I felt I had a more valid platform from which to disagree. Since I supported Ann Rivers all along, I really have no platform and no influence in what Jon Russell supporters decide. Obviously, I hope all will now support Ann.

    There is also the confidence I have that the 18th District will elect a Republican. I have no such confidence in the 3rd Congressional district. It is a swing district and even a few swing votes can make a big difference. Back to other campaigns and excellent candidates.

  6. Jon has gotten just too ambitious and doesn’t mind stepping on people to get ahead.

    That is a sure fire way to end up losing and all alone.

    As for the 3rd, you are right. It is not a sure thing and that fact seems to be missed currently. There is a huge rift with many all along the I-5 corridor that so far, no one is addressing. It is pure folly to just expect voters to get behind someone because they got the nomination.

  7. As much as Russell’s winged monkeys would like to think that I was writing what I wrote as part of the Rivers campaign, I’m here to tell you: it was not.

    I started hammering on Russell 8 months before he finally realized the obvious: that he was a terrible congressional candidate with, well, as much chance of winning a congressional seat as he did a state representative seat… or precisely none.

    Russell is unfit to hold any elective office. In Oregon, had he been running for office, he wiould have been subject to arrest for lying about his “degree,” a lie most people were unaware of.


    Russell’s problem here is that everything I wrote was the truth as I understood it. And at the end of the day, Russell has provided nothing in terms of evidence to challenge my positions.

    “I’ve always said I earned my degree… I’ve never said I obtained my degree.” Well, he didn’t EARN a nonexistent degree, either.

    Not only will I not apologize to him, I will remind him… and you, Mike, that what I’ve written will be on the internet as long as the internet exists. Anyone looking him up will find my comments and my proof.

    Further, I’m beginning to hear that he’s not only not going to endorse Rivers, but that he might just endorse Kampe… the democrat.

    How Christian and forgiving of him.

    As long as I live, I will be watching the political scene. And as long as I live, I will do what I can to remind everyone of the truth of Jon Russell… the REAL Jon Russell, as opposed to the fake, badly marketed version beaten so badly in the last election.

    He should have listened.

  8. I am also struck now by the princesses campaign tactics.

    Remember how we were attacked for “smears” by writing about her record and when Castillo brought up her record in the robo-call and debates?

    Look on the Columbian Politcal Beat and guess what they are now doing with Heck?

    Yep, linking him to Pelosi and complaining about his record.

    Just more hypocritical double standard. And, as we know, honesty is not her strong suit.

    Russell & Herrera are two peas in a pod in my estimation and neither should be sent to elected office.

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