Boeing, Boeing, Gone Means False Murray Attack

by lewwaters

Once again, the “Mom in sneakers” has mud all over her tennis shoes.

4 Comments to “Boeing, Boeing, Gone Means False Murray Attack”

  1. If you have been watching Murray’s little scream-a-thon over the Boeing tanker contract and other issues, you’ll know exactly why they are working slowingly, but surely to move each and every plant out of Washington state.

    Why would a company want to spend 100 of billions on idiocy and lack of government interest in their company and doing step by step moving their company out of state? They are now slowly closing old plants and canceling old plane designs, shrinking their commercial air plane group need for hanger space here in Washington state.

    Its like death by a billion cuts and companies are getting sick of it. I say its time that there is new fundamental leadership from Washington state, not just state level but federal as well!

  2. Another thing that makes me chuckle, Jeremy, is hearing them cry Boeing is American made.

    They never admit just how many parts are built in China and elsewhere for Boeing.

    Since Murray is always crying about “outsourcing jobs,” I wonder why she never mentions that in her haste to save Boeings Union jobs?

  3. After that last round of strikes by the unions, Murray and other political operatives (Gregoire’s name comes to mind) to tell the local unions to knock the hell off with the strikes and other politics shenanigans.

    And you know, I think the unions up there are going to learn more and more valuable lessens when their become fewer and fewer jobs at those nice rates they have so long enjoyed up there.

    And what happens if Boeing finally just has enough, comes up with a plan to off-state (similar to off-shore but to other states) move the commercial plane work? They tried creating supply side chains with the 787 which has failed miserably but what happens if they just move all of the work slowly, generation plane after another generation of plane designs over the next decade or two?

    If you go read the Seattle and Puget Sound papers, guess what Boeing is doing? Yep, they are heading that direction.

  4. Unions and Politicians have yet to figure out this is not a socialist country and business are in business to turn a profit. When costs get too high, they fold or move operations to where they can afford to manufacture their product.

    Either way, the jobs disappear.

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