Is the Columbian Promoting Tony Golik on Bethany Storro’s back?

by lewwaters

By now we all have heard of the tragic and infuriating story of 28 year-old Bethany Storro, the woman who claimed to have had acid thrown in her face by an unknown assailant, only to be revealed days later t hat it was all self inflicted.

The community was up in arms over the thought that someone either from the community, or who might have come in from outside the community, would harm one of our citizens in such a manner. Once revealed as a hoax, the community rightfully became outraged over the incident with several calling for her prosecution.

Enter Deputy County Prosecutor Tony Golik, candidate to replace retiring County Prosecutor Art Curtis, who will be stepping down in January 2010 and handing the office over to whoever wins it in the November election.

Golik, a Democrat, wasted no time in grabbing a hold of the case that has incensed the community and has even appeared on national television to discuss it. Clark County Politics has outlined Golik’s attention grab HERE and HERE.

Golik, a very capable attorney I am told, is also very much the politician in seeing political opportunity in latching onto what might be a local high profile case, even though prosecuting and convicting the young lady will change nothing in the community, but will only assuage some angry citizens who are angry over being duped by her.

A true opportunist would be ashamed of themselves for passing up such an opportunity to shamelessly promote their candidacy, as we saw in the lead-up to the August 17 primary election.

And, how much better is it to have the local newspaper of record promoting your candidacy for free?

Although they have yet to openly endorse Golik, there is little doubt in any thinking person’s mind that the ‘left of center’ Columbian will endorse anyone but the Democrat in the general election, evidenced by the favorable coverage they have given him to date.

Since she has admitted to her allegation being a hoax, the paper has wasted little ink running story after story on Ms. Storro. They have run it to the point of readers beginning to show hostility towards the paper for “beating the story to death” and “draining every drop of blood out of it they can.”

Some examples of the latest comments on the story are,

“I am tired of this story everyday, please move on,” “And now that we know what she did to herself, how about moving on. There is other news out there that could/should be reported,” “Enough is enough. You have bled every single drop of blood from this story. This is now becoming the theater of the absurd,” “The lady has mental issues. We get the point. It’s time to move on, Columbian,” “I’ll visit in about a week to see if it’s over the Storro fixation,” “Lou you have milked this story enough to the point that it is a complete joke,” and “Is this the story that won’t die?!? For crying out loud, LET..IT..GO!,”

for just a sampling from the community in the over 50 comments left so far.

Why would our local paper continue beating such a story while ignoring others local stories equally as outrageous? Stories like he city council member lashing out at citizens and fellow council members, now facing an ethics violation investigation and the unfolding story of a teen legislative candidate who fooled a lot of people, only to be arrested on drug and other felony charges this week as well?

I think the answer lies within the excess of articles published in the Columbian. Several make sure to mention “Deputy Prosecutor Tony Golik,” but make no mention of “Deputy Prosecutor Tony Golik, candidate for County Prosecutor.”

Also not mentioned in the articles is current County Prosecutor Art Curtis, who although retiring in January, is still the County Prosecutor. Brent Boger, the Republican candidate for County Prosecutor is also not made mention of, not even to inquire what he thinks of the case he might have to prosecute should he win in November.

Shouldn’t quotes on the case coming out of the County Prosecutor’s office be from the County Prosecutor’s spokesperson, if not the Prosecutor himself, instead of a Deputy Prosecutor, who coincidentally, just happens to be running for political office?

How shameful is it that both Golik and the Columbian decides to climb onto the back of a mentally unbalanced person to further a political career, all the while placing real ethics violation and felony crimes on the back burner?

Little wonder violent crimes have increased in Vancouver when the safety and well-being of our citizens is secondary to political opportunism.

I’ll be voting for Brent Boger to see some real changes come to the County Prosecutor’s office. We’ve seen enough opportunism. It’s time for someone committed to the citizens, not their career.

It’s time for someone who cares about the people, not just dancing on their backs to get ahead.

That someone is Brent Boger.

6 Comments to “Is the Columbian Promoting Tony Golik on Bethany Storro’s back?”

  1. Vote none of the above. Neither of the two guys would be handling this case in the right way given the media attention. Both candidates are political hacks.

  2. Well, Mike, while I can sympathize, since I have much the same stand in other races, I do think Boger will at least try to make some much needed changes.

    If you disagree, that’s cool.

  3. Pat, is there a particular reason you wish us to know violent crimes have increased in Vancouver?

    I ask because I link to that very article in my post.

    Just curious.

  4. Very well done post Lew.

    I just wanted to give you a heads up that this “same idea” of news slamming was done on the former representative Richard Curtis debacle a couple of years back. Just incessant hammering over and over again. (same editor, same need to get attention from the national media, same need to be up in the front? see a pattern here since then?)

    Honestly, I would like our “paper of record” for our community to move on, move this story to the back pages of flattery and lets get back to the news stories that need the full attention.

    Meaning, what is Monday going to hold for Citizen’s communications and their opportunity, what new rules will be imposed by the city to control dissent? (now that web pages have been pulled down?) What are the new light rail snippets of information Steve Stuart, Tim Leavitt and the columbia river crossing project?

    What are the new snippets from the C-tran Board that will be operating (through an operational agreement with Tri-Met) the line from Jantzen Beach to Clark College? How is East Vancouver doing with new businesses bring brought into the City?

    Are there any new Land Use and Hearings to bring in more land via Annexation within the next 5 or 10 years in the Orchards area? in the St. Johns area east to Orchards? How will this effect service delivery to the community that was just brought into Vancouver, 15 or so years ago? (Cascade Park and Camas West – 192 Avenue)

    How is the Business & Occupation taxes hurting local software and hardware design companies? local businesses? Do local businesses find ways to create new business that isn’t locally oriented but brings in new dollars? How is this done from a not so new idea or perspective?

    I could go on and on guys! Maybe I should be the new story guy over there because it seems there isn’t any fresh ideas flying or frying on their pan except the same old tired story lines……

  5. I very much recall how they hammered on Curtis, Jeremy. He did not break any laws, never any charges filed or anything, but you wouldn’t know that by the incesssant hammering from the Columbian.

    There is a lot of news being missed by the Columbiabn and from what I read in articles, Lou doesn’t like that we bloggers at times bring up that news they choose to ignore.

    Funny how such ignored stories seem to benefit the left or those who stand to grow quite a bit of wealth off the loot rail boondoggle being shoved down our throat.

    Pravada couldn’t spread the left’s manure any better.

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