Is Hedrick’s Book, ‘The Liberal Clause’ Just a Scam?

by lewwaters

Updated after post

I have not kept it a secret that I lost all respect I once held for “Marine Corporal” David W. Hedrick due to his trying to foist off a canard of his being injured on “a classified” mission when I first met him back in February and even more so once he reneged on his word given to the campaign of then 3rd Congressional Candidate David Castillo and surreptitiously ran interference for the establishment GOP candidate.

This blog and others called upon him to come clean on his claimed Marine service and upset a lot of people that I, a Viet Nam Veteran who served a little over 8 years active duty in the United States Army, with 18 months boots on the ground in South Viet Nam, had to audacity to question Hedrick’s claims of service, some supporters even qualifying him a “war hero,” even though he never saw combat or a combat zone, according to copies of his official Marine Discharge Document received.

Clark County Politics discusses his record at the link and shared them with me.

A lot of questions came up about this person and through the efforts of mesmerized adherents to his flashy but bombastic speaking style, were poo pooed and never answered. One such highly questionable matter was revealed after several people contacted me about ordering the book he says he wrote and finding out they were actually making a campaign contribution to his campaign only after ordering the book, a definite FEC violation, covered at Hedrick’s Children’s Book, A Hidden Campaign Donation.

If you will note in the post above, from early August, the book had a release and shipping date of July 15, 2010. People ordered it months before the initial release date given and by early September, had not received their copy. Efforts at contacting Hedrick have been ignored, they tell me.

The books website actually disappeared for a while and everything led back to the campaign website shortly after a story broke of a highly questionable poll sharing certain cyber fingerprints with Hedrick’s campaign and book page. That I recall an excuse was given by followers of consolidating pages or some such nonsense.

Funny thing, though. The book website is back up directing people to order by mail with a promised shipping date of October 15, 2010 now. No explanation shown as to why the original July 15 shipping date has been pushed back to October 15 or why the price has increased.

Given that Hedrick began taking orders for this book back in May and several people claimed to have not received it and cannot receive a refund either, plus the books website going down for a while and now reappearing with a new shipping date given, I’d be very leery if I was thinking of purchasing a copy.

Adding to my wariness was finding a YouTube Video advertising the book with comments disabled. Wouldn’t an author love to hear reviews and compliments on their work?

A search for independent reviews of the book was disappointing as I only found one review and it isn’t exactly what I would call “independent,” given the person claiming to have read the book back in early May also authored a wildly unbelievable claim of battle heroics attributed to Hedrick and posted here.

This person claims to be “one of the few individuals that was blessed with an advanced copy” back in early May 2010. Yet, several other people have claimed to have never received a copy of the book they ordered around the same time and 4 months later, after the initial release date has passed, a new date is given?

I wonder too where the reviews of the other individuals to have received an advanced copy are? The “reviews” listed on the order page above are very vague and questionable given that several sent money and received nothing in return. Supposedly, those people are from all over the country and claim to have received and read the book long before the original shipping date.

So, why didn’t others receive their copy and why have their calls for refunds for not having received the book been ignored?

It all sounds quite shaky to me.

Given that his Dad is facing similar troubles in Central Florida, sued by Seminole County over accepting money for services and not performing those services, it all looks even more suspicious.

Right after the August primary election, Clark County Republican Party chair Ryan Hart said of Hedrick, “[he will be] an asset to any campaign he chooses to support.” Hart goes on to say, “He’s passionate with his beliefs. I love his energy and enthusiasm, and we want him to stay involved”

Perhaps Hedrick could apply some of that “passion, energy and enthusiasm” towards manning up and sending refunds on book orders never shipped.

Just what kind of an “asset” is someone to any campaign that offers a product and leaves buyers feeling ripped off?

Man up, David. Send those people refunds or their books they were promised months ago.

UPDATE: November 1, 2010 people are finally beginning to receive the book they were promised in July. Reviews on the book itself are quite dismal, though.

It’s a crappy (although hilarious) book that has quite a few grammatical and punctuation errors in it.”

What a waste of $20.00. It should not have been sold for more than $4.00.”

Sorry David, but that is what people have said.

19 Responses to “Is Hedrick’s Book, ‘The Liberal Clause’ Just a Scam?”

  1. I think this pisses me off more than lying libs… stealing valor and using children. Mr Hedrick? what’s up? You owe us suckers an explanation!


  2. Standal you sure talk a tough game. Be pissed, who cares?


  3. I care. And if Hedrick hopes to have any political future, he should care as well.

    But then, after his military record scam, it’s pretty clear that he has no future.

    Since you asked.


  4. And you can document that these people asked for a refund?

    I did verify with PayPal (how you pay for book) that not one person has asked for a refund to date!

    If Hedrick was running a scam like you say they would shut him down.

    Also, Money for the book is not and has never been a contribution to his campaign. Get your facts right before you speak.

    In fact, anyone that ordered a book was sent an email offering a full refund and not one person asked for one.


  5. As a matter of fact, I can document refunds were requested and will present the documents to any of the appropriate authorities should they need be.

    The email letter sent to purchasers speaks for itself and is a true copy of what they received, stating they were contributing to the campaign.

    Moreover, there should be a record of who purchased the book, what date it was purchased and what date it was shipped, or that it was not shipped, if records are being properly kept.

    It would be all too easy for whoever does Hedrick’s records to know who they shipped it to after the July 15 release date or who did not have one shipped.

    All he needs do is man up and either ship the books or issue refunds to those people he did not ship one too.

    PayPal is not the only way to request a refund.

    I find it a bit odd that you claim “anyone that ordered a book was sent an email offering a full refund,” yet you provide no documentation nor any proof that any books have ever been sent out after the July 15 release date.

    No notice of delays in shipping or anything, just a new webpage with yet another date for shipping.

    You have records of who ordered and who was shipped to. Likewise, you have record of who wasn’t shipped one, if on the up and up.

    Just send people their books or refund those who for whatever reason, you did not ship to.


  6. Point is NO ONE has asked for a refund. If they don’t get a book then that would be the thing to do. You saying you can document refunds were requested but I’m sorry that is impossible as PayPal says none were requested and not one email has been recieved asking for one!

    If they wanted a refund or book so bad they would have contacted David by now so this is just another game David is not playing.

    I see why people hate you so much. You are worse than the tabloids.


  7. LOL, I notice you carefully avoid saying any books ordered were shipped on their release date back in July.

    And, as I said, PayPal is hardly the only method people request refunds.

    It’s really quite simple. You know who ordered and sent payments and who the books were shipped to and you should have shipping records of who they were not shipped to. PayPal maintains that information on your account too. Just send those people their books or a refund.


  8. He is his father’s child. His father, David also, makes a living in Central Florida by conning others out of their hard earned money. It happened to me personally. He is currently facing several charges including grand theft and perjury. Him and his wife Susann have been doing this for years and it looks like he is finally going to get his.

    The apple sure does not fall far from the tree!!!


  9. Freddy, I used to live in Clermont, (1983 to 1987) but never ran into any of the Hedrick clan that I recall. I was out and about in Apopka, Howey In The Hills and all over.

    Something that might interest you, the son out here screwed up,

    Marine Corporal David W. Hedrick Arrested, Pleads Not Guilty to Assault Charge


  10. It’s real. My parents work at a book factory. I have a copy of it on my desk right now. It’s such a depressing read.


  11. I am pleased if it is indeed real, Atalaya and you actually ordered and received a copy.

    However, that doesn’t clear up why others ordered, paid for and have not received their copy nor can they receive a reply when requesting a refund after waiting for so many months.

    Perhaps with all of Hedricks other troubles, he has just been too busy to properly conduct business?


  12. You misunderstand me. I have a reject copy direct from the factory. The order of books hasn’t yet officially shipped to those who purchased it online. They will probably be available within a month.


  13. Atalaya, the book was scheduled for release on July 15 first. It was taken off line and came back scheduled for October 15.

    It is now October 21 and you say it will “PROBABLY be available within a month?”

    It looks like a fairly simple book, according to the description. What could possibly cause it to be delayed for such a lenght of time?


  14. Wasn’t this suppose to be a great idea for a Christmas present? By the time if (and when) it is ever sent Christmas will be over. What a scam!


  15. Look, lewwaters… this book just got off of the press in our local book factory. When books jobs are finished and shipped that are new releases, they can take up to a month to reach the shelves. Don’t ask me what caused the delay, I am just letting everyone know that the books have actually been printed.

    I don’t know what the deal is, though. It’s a crappy (although hilarious) book that has quite a few grammatical and punctuation errors in it.


  16. Atalaya, perhaps you should have looked over the previous posts written on this book showing the earlier shipping and release dates, as well as hidden campaign donation (something that has no connection to the book printer).

    You may not know why it was delayed, but you must see the concern for those who ordered a copy almost 6 months ago and those who receive no reply from the author and seller of the book (also beyond the printers control) who sought a refund over the delay.

    I also take your word on the description.


  17. It could have been delayed due to mistakes and it being sent back to editors. There might have also been a conflict with another company that might have taken it on. You are correct in that people should be told what is going on about it. If I can get another copy, I might be able to send it to you.


  18. I appreciate your offer, but my intent is not to obtain a copy, but to see people who contacted me with their concerns treated right.

    That is on Hedrick, not you.



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