Columbian Hits and Misses in 49th L.D. Endorsements

by lewwaters

As usual, the Columbian issues their endorsements of candidates running for office and as usual, not all will be agreed with. In politics it is a given there will be disagreements over who to choose and why, but this time the Columbian really leaves me scratching me head on some of their picks, especially in the 49th Legislative District races.

Over all, the community expects to see primarily endorsements of Democrats from the Columbian, with a token Republican or Independent thrown in for good measure. 2010 is no different. Conservatives cannot help but be pleased to see them choosing to back Craig Riley over incumbent Jim Moeller and citing Moeller’s “reluctance to pursue reform-minded solutions to budget woes” as their primary reason.

Craig Riley is a real good candidate with much experience in business. Or, as they say, “The financial acumen and fiscal pragmatism of Riley.”

What boggles the mind of any thinking person who actually follows our political races is their endorsement of incumbent Democrat Jim Jacks in the position 1 race against challenger Bill Cismar.

While they did not choose Moeller due to his “reluctance to pursue reform-minded solutions to budget woes,” they did readily chose Jacks who, in his first term in office, has followed Moeller lock-step in legislative votes in that “reluctance to pursue reform-minded solutions to budget woes” and telling us “Jacks’ expertise in business issues makes him clearly superior.”

“Expertise in business issues?” Like, raising taxes on them and imposing more fees, creating a hostile business environment in the state?

Much ado was made in September 2009 over Jacks’ claim of “plans to visit 50 businesses in 50 working days, to learn firsthand how state government can help them generate jobs.” Yet, every legislative step he has taken since was in lock-step with Jim Moeller in creating a hostile environment for job creation and imposing more taxes on voters seeking those jobs.

Having worked in the private sector, Bill Cismar has some ideas to actually benefit business and taxpayers.

Jacks, on the other hand, boasts of his background as a representative for Governor Gregoire and other government functions. His main claim he repeatedly makes is how well he “listens.” But, what of accomplishments?

From Jim Jacks Webpage we read,

“As your State Representative, I have listened and learned from you, and then took action to make our community a better place to live, to work and to raise a family.”

“During the last two years I worked hard on our community priorities like jobs and economic development, protecting our most vulnerable citizens, and advocating for local schools.”

Unemployment is higher, education funding is lower, more homes are in foreclosure, the budget deficit is higher, violent crime has risen and we have a whole new slew of taxes that Jim Jacks supported and voted for alongside Jim Moeller.

Asked about supporting I-1098, imposing a new state income tax, Jacks is understandably vague, not really wanting to take a strong position while admitting he hasn’t even read the initiative, while also saying much of it sounds “appealing.”

CVTV coverage of Jacks & Cismar can be seen here and clicking on “Election 2010: 49th Legislative District Representative, Position 1 Candidates.” Jack’s dancing around the income tax issue begins at about the 22 minute mark.

In 2008 Jacks openly admitted he had no idea how to solve our growing tax issue and decreasing revenues, after blaming voters for the problem.

In 2010 I don’t see where anything has changed for the better with his “assistance.”

If the Columbian feels it is a bad idea to return Jim Moeller to Olympia, how can they support Jim Jacks who followed Moeller around like a lost puppy dog, voting lock-step with his every call?

Bill Cismar is not a polished politician or an incumbent. But, he does have extensive experience and sound ideas on turning around our floundering state.

Jacks can only offer more of the same and blindly supporting the Democrat agenda that has plunged our state into this economic morass and threatens to plunge us even deeper.

We don’t need an advocate for the governor or for government in Olympia. We need an advocate for us, the taxpaying citizens of Washington State and the 49th Legislative District.

In my opinion, Bill Cismar will represent us, not the governor.

My vote is locked in for Bill Cismar and Craig Riley.

2 Comments to “Columbian Hits and Misses in 49th L.D. Endorsements”

  1. Nice article Lew. They both have my vote.

  2. Thanks, John. You would have my vote for city council if I lived within city limits.

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