Why Should I Care What Stephanie Rice Says About Alan Svehaug?

by lewwaters

It appears like the Columbian’s Stephanie Rice has either been delegated or self appointed as the Columbian’s “attack dog” to continually denigrate conservative candidate for Clark County Commissioner, Alan Svehaug. Svehaug filed in June to run against Democrat Steve Stuart, favored by the Columbian for quite some time now.

From the beginning Ms. Rice seems to have had a bone of contention against Mr. Svehaug that showed very slightly in her initial post in the Columbian’s Political beat blog, Commissioner challenger dislikes tolls, questions fees.

Successive articles by Ms. Rice show outright disdain.

She took exception to Mr. Svehaug saying her September 14 hit piece, Clark County commissioner candidate Svehaug largely a no show so far Stuart’s opponent avoids interviews, raises little cash, was “outrageous.”

A large part she bases upon “Asked to point out anything in the article that was inaccurate, he said there was never a press release issued about his candidacy. The article had referred to a June press release that described him as a contractor when he didn’t have a valid contractor’s license.”

At the post where she made this assertion I reminded her,

“I wrote that press release as you acknowledged back in June. I wrote it from memory at home after meeting Alan and being asked to by another party.
I wrote one out in longhand at the Hilton, but apparently it was misplaced, so I was asked to rewrite it and I did so from memory.
I did not run it past Alan and sent it straight to the Columbian’s Metrodesk.
You acknowledged back in June that I had written it and if you had made any effort to contact me I would have told you how I came to write it.
And yes, apparently I used some wrong wording in describing Alan as a contractor. But, that was me, not Alan. Hold it against me if you must hold it against anyone.”

To date, after the bellyaching over Alan Svehaug not contacting them, no one from the Columbian, especially Stephanie Rice has yet to contact me about that press release I sent in nor any of my subsequent comments after that it was my assumption, not Alan’s claim that he had been a developer and a contractor.

I guess accuracy only counts if you are defending a Democrat, not trying to bash a conservative.

In articles and Political Beat posts, Ms. Rice appears hung up on Alan Svehaug not submitting to her or the Columbian’s so called “Editorial Staff” for an “interview.” She also alleges he made an appointment for a “scheduled interview” with CVTV and then did not keep it when she wrote, “Svehaug did not appear for his scheduled Sept. 9 interview at CVTV,” when Alan Svehaug never scheduled any such interview in the first place.

He did appear at one that she acknowledges in a somewhat reluctant way, but does post a link to the side by side videotaped interview of Alan Svehaug and Steve Stuart that can be viewed HERE by clicking on the link, “Election 2010: Clark County Commissioner Candidates.”

You will also see that not only does Alan have some decent ideas; he is not the single issue candidate he is being made out to be.

Alan Svehaug is a novice when it comes to running for office. His resources dwarf alongside of a political insider such as current county commissioner Steve Stuart. Yet, he made a respectable 43% showing against an entrenched incumbent in his first ever election, the August 17 primary. No, that is not enough to win in the general but there is apparently a good chance he stands to turn that around, hence the onslaught against him from the Columbian and others.

One such is a short conservation I overheard Friday, October 1 after the Ann Coulter broadcast from the opening of KINK AM Bing Lounge with Lars Larsen. I rode over in the same vehicle with Alan for the broadcast, hence my standing nearby when he was engaged by well known and well-liked Liz Pike, Political Affairs Director of Building Industry Association of Clark County who had recently endorsed Democrat incumbent Steve Stuart.

Liz approached Alan and basically said to him, “no hard feelings” after she was quoted by Stephanie Rice as saying, “he’s not ready to lead Clark County,” “he didn’t seem to grasp issues concerning land use and it appeared he had not done his homework.”

Perhaps Liz didn’t realize I was standing to her right, but I overheard Alan complain to her that she had not been completely truthful with the Columbian, not telling them that she worked for Steve Stuart’s campaign and that he had seen the PDC reports to prove it (paraphrased).

Again, paraphrasing, Liz answered with words to the effect of “she wasn’t working for Steve yet, so there couldn’t be a conflict of interest and it couldn’t be on the PDC report because Steve hadn’t paid her yet.”

I asked Alan about that riding back to Vancouver and he said he was speaking of the last PDC report when Stuart ran, but that Liz seemed to be admitting that she was already working for him now at a time the group she speaks for issued a “unanimous endorsement” of Stuart. Unless of course, Liz misspoke too.

Liz misspeaking seems highly unlikely as I was given an email she sent out saying that Steve Stuart had retained her agency, Pike Advertising “in the last few weeks” for a series of advertising. She also commented how she wished Republicans were “smart enough” to hire her.”

If Alan had also hired her agency, does that mean he would have received at least a co-endorsement from the BIA or maybe his grasp of issues would have suddenly gotten much better in her quotes to Stephanie Rice?

Left unsaid is just why does Stephanie Rice single out Alan Svehaug for attacks while ignoring Steve Stuart who has had some questionable doings over the years evidenced here, here and here at Clark County Politics.

In her latest screeds on Svehaug, Stephanie Rice seems to be goading him into submitting to her for an interview. Perhaps if she tried a little different approach, tried treating him a bit nicer in her articles he might be a bit more willing.

As it is, I wouldn’t be in any hurry to sit down with her either for an interview knowing she is all too ready to twist whatever is said and misrepresent it.

Little wonder we have such a hard time enlisting good, decent people to run for elected office.

3 Comments to “Why Should I Care What Stephanie Rice Says About Alan Svehaug?”

  1. Liz Pike is a money grubber. She got her lunch handed to her in 2007 by Paul Dennis, Camas Mayor. The BIA better let her go from her position. Oh wait a minute, the BIA PAC board are all men. Long legs, bleach blonde hair, flirty personailty. No she is not going anywhere.


  2. Leaving the Columbian editorial board out of the loop can be a campaign tactic, but you need to keep their professional journalist staff informed so mistakes are corrected and facts keep straight.

    The journalist is ultimately responsible for the veracity of what they write. The editorial boards and bloggers may not be.


  3. Pat, credible bloggers own up to and correct their mistakes as well.

    When I let the Columbian know months ago that it was i who made the wrong assumption on that, my only press release ever written, I assumed they would correct their stance as well.

    I guess I was wrong.


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