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October 11, 2010

Jeanne Harris Accepts Ethics Report, Council Passes Reprimand Unanimously

by lewwaters

The Vancouver City Council met this evening and after expressing complimentary remarks on Jeanne Harris and her years on the council, all 6 council members accepted the ethics report recommending issuing her a letter of reprimand and removal from council appointed boards commissions.

Mayor Leavitt first read an email he received from Ms. Harris, who is still traveling in Germany and not expected back until late in the month. The email read,

“I’ve read the recommendation of the ethics committee. This has been a very difficult time for everyone involved and its most important that we move forward and move on. The ethics committee has spent much time reviewing the facts of this incident and made its recommendation to council.
“The decision of council will be the appropriate action. There are no words to describe how I feel about what happened. How I reacted was unacceptable and I take full responsibility for my actions.
“To my community, my family, my fellow councilmembers and mayor and to the employees of the City of Vancouver I’m asking you to accept my sincerest heartfelt apology for my actions at the council meeting on September 13, 2010.”

Read more from the Columbian HERE and HERE

Online Polls show nearly 70% of citizens preference is she should resign.

Council members seem to feel this apology is sincere, unlike the previous apology followed by a terse email blasting those who filed the ethics complaint against her, accusing them of making her life “a living hell.”

Council member Jeanne E. Stewart, one of the targets of her verbal assault September 13, remained mostly silent on Harris’ latest apology but did add, “I look forward to completing this business tonight, and hopefully looking forward to the future,” indicating the council has other important matters yet to move on to.

Harris’ meltdown has gained national fame as the video captured by of her attempts to silence David Madore, followed by her demands of Mayor Leavitt to “gavel down” Steve Herman then trying to expel him, before storming out of the meeting herself, only to return to engage Jeanne E. Stewart verbally after adjournment was picked up by Fox News and other media outlets.

It remains to be seen how effective of a council member she can be without any board or commission appointments or whether or not another melt-down will occur when citizens speak of what she doesn’t wish to hear.

I can only remind our city council that we elect them to represent us, not dictate to us. We elect them with the idea that we will be heard and listened to so they may know what the community desires.

Jeanne Harris’ action September 13 and several times before only reinforces the notion that citizens’ voices are being ignored.

When elected officials no longer listen to those who elect them, we cease being a nation “of the people, by the people and for the people.”

October 11, 2010

I-1098 Tele-Town Hall Wednesday!

by lewwaters

Washington Policy Center is sponsoring a Tele-Town Hall discussing I-1098, the initiative that would enact an income tax in the state of Washington, Wednesday October 13 at 7 P.M. From an email received from Washington Policy Center,

“If you would like to listen in to the call, you can access the event by clicking on the link and filling out the requested information at 7:00 pm October 13th. This will allow you to listen and participate in the tele-town hall through your computer.”

I-1098 is said to only apply to top wage earners. But, let there be no doubt that it would not always remain that way.

The class envy and stick it to the wealthy attitude seen coming out of Washington D.C. and Olympia, by politicians that only know how to spend our hard earned tax dollars to the point that we have little left, stands only to hurt the state as those top wage earners are also the job creators.

Don’t Fall for I-1098’s Claim of Lower Taxes

Lies by omission: the slimeballs shilling I-1098. Did they mention it’s an Income Tax?

More on I-1098, the income tax scam: massive tax increase.

Even the Columbian comes down in opposition to this ill-advised measure No on I-1098

I hope you will take the opportunity to tune in to the Washington Policy Center Tele-Town Hall and learn what you can on this proposed massive tax increase on Washington State citizens.

Additional information: Citizens’ Guide to Initiative 1098: To Establish a State Income Tax

Legal Analysis by Former State Supreme Court Justice says I-1098 Income Tax is Unconstitutional

October 11, 2010

Will the Columbian Report on Tim Probst “Breaking the Rules?”

by lewwaters

Tim Probst double standard is once again on display for the community to see. In 2008 he railed about slinging mud while posting mudslinging posts all over his campaign page. As can be seen below, he eagerly shows a headline of “Peck Continues to Break the Rules,” an article from the Columbian pointing out his opponent, Brian Peck having made some mistakes in his campaign.

The only problem is, up until last evening, Probst himself was “breaking the rules” by posting the article completely and without a hyperlink back to it, a clear violation of copyright rules that bloggers and others are held to.

Clark County Conservative first pointed out this disparity in a previous post Peck, Harris Really Frighten the Columbian in the 17th Legislative District and brought it to the attention of the Columbian editors and Political Writer, Kathie Durbin.

I find it unfathomable that the Columbian had never visited Probst’s website or never noticed that he was infringing on their copyright prior to my contacting them about it yesterday. But, I will grant Probst credit for correcting his own “mistake” of copyright violation.

Likewise, Brian Peck, who clearly bested Probst in the primary election, also corrected mistakes he made, being a novice at politics.

The Columbian though, found it proper to blast Peck in the pages of their newspaper over his making a mistake, while claiming “Probst is mistake-free” in their endorsement of him.

Will they withdraw their “mistake free” claim? Will they publish an article lambasting Probst for making such a huge error in judgment?

Or, since he’s a favored Democrat, will they just sweep such a “mistake” under the rug and adopt an “all is forgiven” attitude?

Aren’t voters entitled to know of such “mistakes” by Probst as well as by Peck?

I will watch and see if the Columbian publishes about Probst’s “mistake” as well as watch and see if Probst comes into copyright compliance on the Reflector and Vancouver Business Journal articles he posts of theirs in violation of copyright law.

Tim, you really ought to clean up your own act before pointing towards others. As has often been said, when you point a finger at someone else you have three pointing back at you.

We’re waiting, Columbian.

October 11, 2010

Janet Seekins, County Assessor Candidate is Just Now Registering to Vote?

by lewwaters

Janet Seekins, 53 year-old Democrat candidate for Clark County Assessor has opened her eyes and finally realized she should take part in the very political process she decided to be part of back in June. The 30-year employee of the Assessor’s office has finally decided to join the rest of us in the voting booth (mail-in for us) by finally registering to vote this past April and announcing it Friday, October 8, 2010.

Seekins states on her facebook page about her recent decision, “I hope you will join me in registering and voting this fall. It’s easy. It’s important, and it makes a difference.”

So important that a 53 year-old never bothered to participate before deciding to run for office herself?

Explaining why, Seekins states, “Before this year, like many individuals, I was consumed with the responsibilities and commitments of family and friends. It seemed like there weren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done. I never followed politics and neglected to register to vote. But this year, something different happened: I felt the need to step up and run for political office.”

Am I correct in assuming that had she “not felt the need to run for office,” she most likely still would not be bothered to take part in what she only now sees as “important, and it makes a difference?”

Who amongst us hasn’t had a life “consumed with the responsibilities and commitments of family and friends,” yet made the effort to exercise our free will by casting votes for candidates and measures that affect our everyday life?

I wonder too, what triggered this sudden revelation after decades of never following politics or registering to vote? Did she receive an epiphany suddenly or did her campaign manager wake her up?

The Columbian has embraced Janet Seekins over her Republican opponent, Peter Van Nortwick and endorsed her for office. Little doubt they had no clue they were choosing someone who had never bothered to vote, even though they say of Janet, “Her lack of management experience has been offset by an effective performance in her first political campaign.”

Uh, what is “effective” when you are the only Democrat running out of a field of 4, the other 3 all being Republican?

And, I’d lay odds that all 3 of the Republicans have been registered to vote for some time now.

Little doubt the Columbian will run some sort of damage control over this oversight of their chosen candidate for County Assessor. But to me, it shows me a person who doesn’t take responsibility very serious. And, when it comes to assessing our properties for tax purposes, we need someone who is responsible and serious about the job and their part in it.

We need someone who has effective management skills go beyond collecting more votes than 3 individuals, whose combined vote tally outnumber hers.

Above all, we need someone who isn’t so easily distracted that they just don’t pay attention to the community until they decide to run for political office.

The Columbian has never hidden their disdain for Peter Van Nortwick, but he takes responsibility, has the management skills and pays attention to the community.

Oh, and he’s voted before now too.

The Columbian can run whatever damage control they desire, my vote will remain for Peter Van Nortwick.