Marine Corporal David W. Hedrick Arrested, Pleads Not Guilty to Assault Charge

by lewwaters

Breaking news from the Columbian, the loud mouthed brash GOP candidate known for confronting retiring congressman Brian Baird in Washington State 3rd Congressional District and highly praised by Clark County GOP officials for running such a grand campaign, Marine Corporal David W. Hedrick was arrested from his Camas home early Sunday morning, October 10, 2010 for assaulting his petite wife.

Hedrick, who continually claimed to have “kept my oath” yet never openly discussed his brief career in the U. S. Marine Corps pled Not Guilty to one count of fourth-degree assault domestic violence, that could result in his serving year in jail and a possible $5,000 fine, if convicted.

Hedrick, who has been stumping throughout the 3rd Congressional District for GOP candidate Jaime Herrera, claimed he did not hit his wife, but pushed her to the floor when she tried to strike him with a folding chair.

His petite wife admitted to charging towards him with the chair only after being knocked to the floor by the Marine Corporal.

Hedrick quickly became a favorite candidate of some fringe elements of Tea Party groups from Southwest Washington after reneging on his word to support conservative Republican David Castillo. It rapidly became apparent that his goal was running interference for the establishment candidate that he immediately jumped behind the evening of the primary election.

Supporters of Hedrick’s often smeared Castillo on the comments section of the Columbian claiming he was a violent hothead and he was seen inciting a fight in a Centralia parking lot, some saying Hedrick was present and others claiming he wasn’t.

Hedrick who was shown to have displayed somewhat of a paranoid attitude on concealed carry of a weapon during an interview with Seattle’s alternative media, The Stranger in July, entered his not guilty plea and was released on bond is due to reappear in court for a pre-trial hearing November 2, election day.

Hedrick won praise from the Columbian’s managing editor Lou Brancaccio and was lauded by Clark County GOP chair Ryan Hart as “an asset to any campaign he chooses to support.” Past Clark GOP chair Anna Miller, although claiming to be a strong supporter of his eventual GOP nominee Jaime Herrera, urged Republicans to give Hedrick a “serious look” during the campaign.

Ironically, Hedrick’s review article ran by the Columbian was titled “I like to fight for what I believe.”

After a surprisingly good showing in the primary election, Hedrick quickly got behind former opponent Herrera saying of her, “I like Jaime. I have a lot of respect for her.” He was also quoted at the time saying, ““we need to return to the values that our nation was founded on.”

Respect for his wife is currently questionable and spousal abuse is a “value” I never learned growing up.

A Sheriff’s Department Spokesperson said that possible charges against Hedrick’s much smaller wife were referred to “Clark County Domestic Violence Prosecution Center for review.”

The Herrera campaign has not released comment on the matter or whether or not they will continue to use Hedrick in promoting Ms. Herrera at public events.

Hedrick, known for witty quips during the campaign, has not made any comment to the media when contacted.

I look forward to comment from the former Marine, who never saw a single day combat according to his DD 214, on this, his second marriage.

Hedrick is the second Republican candidate in recent days to face arrest, the first being former 18th Legislative District candidate Anthony Bittner, arrested and charged on multiple felony counts of drugs, home invasion and possible counterfeiting.

Clark County GOP chair Ryan Hart stated in August concerning Hedrick, “He’s passionate with his beliefs. I love his energy and enthusiasm, and we want him to stay involved.”

Party chair Hart might want to reconsider his thought now.

UPDATE: Hedrick was acquitted, February 18, 2011. A jury of 10 felt the prosecution did not make their case, given that for some reason, Hedrick’s wife recanted her story.

23 Comments to “Marine Corporal David W. Hedrick Arrested, Pleads Not Guilty to Assault Charge”

  1. Does the expression….”a flash in the pan”..apply here?


  2. I think that along with a “We tried to tell you all” fits here.


  3. What a douchebag. He should have left the spotlight when he had the chance, but noooooooo.

    This is what the GOP thinks we want, they backed him unofficially “of course”. A supposed Ron Paul independent, running on the Republican ticket.


  4. Yes, we tried to tell folks he was a dirtbag and they wouldn’t listen. Not only is he an alleged wife beater, he actually came in second for a political office. Sure am glad we have a great vetting process in place.


  5. Well, let us see how this young man plans to deal with his hot headedness. Nothing is worth going after your wife, nothing. Maybe ayear in jail with jail bait might teach him a few lessons.

    Now the question I would love to learn. While he is in this pre-trial hearing and if he is convicted, will he be able to carry his Concealed Weapon?


  6. I am with you jn, was this douchebag vetted? If so, by who?

    Looks to me like the GOP needs a shakeup. They are not doing south Washington justice. Listen and learn you mucky mucks over at the GOP, NO CANDIDATE can say he is a Tea Party candidate. THE PEOPLE are the ones that say who their choice is. NOT even you can say who we want. Besides all that, Jaime Herrera the GOP’s sweetheart, has made a deal with Hedrick to work together with her on her campaign.

    I agree Jeremy, what sort of a man can hurt the mother of his own children. Or, maybe Hedick is right, she was beating him with a chair, and it is all her fault. Pitiful. I can just see him trying to bullshit the police.

    Don’t we women have a Constitutional right to not have to put up with douchebags? Just asking.


  7. What goes around comes around. I’m surprized he hasn’t put out a youtube video yet – Stay Away From My Kids and Wife. But that wouldn’t work because it seems he has to stay away.


  8. I was thinking maybe he could begin a whole new cheering section.

    Wife Beaters for Herrera.


  9. Nice Job Lew, you cheap shot scum, since when do you punish a man that has not been tried or found guilty. You even added your own blog comments! As if it was not you that wrote this piece of garbage with a poisonous snake hiding behind it. You seem to think your smears of everybody in the GOP deserve some positive response. Why? You have just violated every basic American value and principle of justice. You are not conservative at all. You have shown that you are just a nasty self centered old goat who hates everyone. You can’t wait to find fault with others and rub their nose in it, even if your words turn out to be lies. But, why try to hang this around Jammie Herrera’s neck on the eve of an election? You sir are the perfect example of a RINO. Please stop smearing the true conservatives in Clark County by claiming to speak for us. You don’t.


  10. If I was any good at photoshop, I’d stick him in a wife-beater for the picture up there.


  11. Why Brad Palmer, I should be surprised at your vitriol, but I’m not. Not after what I saw the GOP do to the best conservative candidate to come along in many years.

    You can attack me all you wish, it won’t help you win elections.

    You know, those little things that come along every so often that your style of Republican has gotten so adept at losing?

    Now, run along and play so the grown-ups can talk. Good boy.


  12. If Mr Hedrick is convicted he will not only lose his concealed carry permit, he will lose his right to own or purchase a firearm.

    My question is why didn’t we know about the no contact order that he has with his first spouse? Where was that info in August? I went through a pretty rough divorce 20 years ago but it never came to a restraining order.

    I really do feel bad for those folks who got on the bandwagon with this guy. From the first time I saw him and then met him in person I knew that there was something amiss but nobody would listen to me. Sad truly sad that the conservative movement takes another one on the chin because of a hotheaded childish person like Mr Hedrick. He was childish when he “took on Brian Baird” again when he chastised the Governor and now with his wife. Something tells me that we are going to be finding a lot more about “Marine Corporal David W Hedrick” in the coming weeks and I pretty sure it’s not going to be positive!


  13. Believe it or not, Kirk, we did try to get out much questionable information on Hedrick. Efforts by his supporters, who organized themselves really well and some sitting on the board of a couple county GOP’s ensured any negative information on him and Herrera was marginalized.

    And they wonder why they continue to lose elections?

    I tried warning not only the Clark County GOP, but Campaign for Liberty, Pacific County GOP and Vancouver We The People.

    No one wanted to listen.

    I too soured on him when I first met him face to face and tried pulling that tired old “classified mission” nonsense to explain his injury.

    Sorry, I spent too many years active duty to fall for that one.


  14. “But, why try to hang this around Jammie Herrera’s neck on the eve of an election?”

    Oh the web we weave, or the GOP weaves. Nobody has done this to her. Herrera was all too willing to align herself with this worthless human that calls himself a man, with the GOP’s blessing no less. It is all for the advancement of Jaime. Nothing, nor anybody else mattered.

    The people a person is willing to associate with, is usually very telling. Uhm, birds of a feather. Herrera stated on live radio that she had spoken to Hedrick and he would be helping her in this election.

    As long as shit like this keeps happening, we as Repulicans are no better, and even worse than the Democrats. THIS is the reason I left the GOP. I want nothing to do with this sort of filth.

    Lew is not at fault here. He has no power over anyone. He just reports. Plain and simple, the facts is all.


  15. If these are the kind of people Herrera aligns herself with I find it very disturbing to think about who she will align herself with in DC. We have already seen her rub shoulders with SEIU. Although I still believe she is better than Denny Heck it is by a slim margin. All we can do is put a dot beside her name on the ballot, hope she makes some better choices if she wins, watch her like hawks during her reign as princess in DC calling her out on every move she makes. We need to find a credible person to replace her and vote her out the next chance we get.


  16. The only problem finding a credible person to replace her is we will once again have the full weight of the GOP establishment machine fighting us, like they did against Castillo.

    Oh, and if she wins, don’t expect her to listen to constituents. She is well known for turning her back on constituents when she doesn’t want to be bothered by the “little people.”

    As I’ve said elsewhere, this is the least inspiring election I can recall. Tweedle Dem or Tweedle Dumb.


  17. Hey Lew,
    Just Wondering…….
    Is this the pregnat wife he left his pregnant wife for?


  18. I don’t know for a fact, but I do believe she is.

    Regardless, whatever went on at their home was totally uncalled for and over the top. SInce he had all that ?Marine Training,” he should have known to back off, cool things down and resolve it.

    After all, it was his wife, in their home with small children present (hopefully in bed asleep) and not a beachhead


  19. Kirk Says:

    “October 12, 2010 at 10:03 pm
    If Mr Hedrick is convicted he will not only lose his concealed carry permit, he will lose his right to own or purchase a firearm.” and so on and so on blah blah blah…

    Well well well, Mr Parnham! Your facebook page is absolutely riddled with religious rhetoric yet you are the first to cast stones without even knowing what really went on? What you say Hedrick is doing to the conservative movement, I believe YOU are doing to the Christian movement. Oh wait, you and Lew must have been there together and saw the whole thing! Far be it for someone as high and lofty as you to spread rumors or be a slanderer!

    You remind me of the bumper sticker that says, “I love your Christ, but hate your Christians”. Maybe you should actually read that Bible you say you read and follow that Christ that you say you follow! Maybe you read a different bible than mine, but the one I read says, “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.”


  20. Uh, Stoner, perhaps you should reconsider trying to quote the Bible. Your accusatory tone negates the very scripture you cite.

    After you finsh an old Sunday School lesson, find a dictionary and study intently the meaning of the word “if.”

    You and sister Bertha Better than You drive more people away from the GOP and Churches than all others combined.


  21. Lewwaters,

    While I appreciate your efforts at keeping the posts coming by throwing in whatever you think will incite an argument, you should probably send a thank you card to those of us that do post on this otherwise graveyard of a blog.

    Also, while you accuse me of being accusatory, maybe you should talk to Jesus about HIS accusatory tone as well. I don’t think he was happy when he referred to the Pharisees as “You brood of vipers”.

    A+ in getting me to re-post,
    D- in hermeneutics.


  22. How droll, Stoner. Is that the best you can do? Why do you support a hothead accused of Domestic Violence? Do you approve of such conduct?

    Oh, and for that “Brood of Vipers,” he first said, “Why do you look at the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye?”

    Sorry, but you get a ‘F’ on this one.


  23. “A gentlemen always removes his gloves before hitting a lady.”

    j/k But it is kinda ironic he’s showing what he’s all about in time for Domestic Violence Awareness month.


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