How Best To Improve Education in America

by lewwaters

At the Wednesday October 13 debates held in Longview, candidate were asked the following question, “Almost all candidates everywhere say they support a better educational system. What particular measures do you support to get us there?”

The answer?

Additional video clips of the debate can be seen at the Daily News

7 Comments to “How Best To Improve Education in America”

  1. Clueless idiot.


  2. If you want, there is a way within YouTube to create a slideshow of all of those LCC snippets that were recorded by The Daily News of Longview. It was an interested debate to watch. Follow the link Lew provides above.

    Here is a link to some “Interesting” video from KGW “straight talk” show.–Herrera-face-off-on-Straight-Talk-105082324.html

    One of the great things is you find out WHOM is holding up a debate in clark county. Its seems that our own little miss barbie can’t decide if her own home county can’t handle a nice debate right before the election.

    Russ Lewis came straight out right near the end fo the taping and asked Jaime wouldn’t commit to it and Denny Heck said, “yes!”

    What does she have to lose if she debates Denny here? Maybe enough votes against her to actually lose this election. Is that why she won’t debate down here? That this county is either the biggest source of her votes or her downfall?

    Maybe Kathy Durbin can hammer her about that comment one of her stories?


  3. I just wanted to add that the Straight Talk 30 minute talk – debate is going to be on Tonight (saturday) 6:30pm or Sunday 8:30pm.That was a wonderful video bit put on by Russ Lewis, Pat Dooris and Joe Donlon.

    Even Kathy Durbin got in a 15 second comment.


  4. Good clip Jeremy.

    Too bad we don’t learn anything new from it from the candidates. Well, we’ll see what else happens this evening, I guess.


  5. *Growls* Got tied up in a phone call and miss this interesting video. Hoping KGW will post it off their website. That way people can watch on their own time or leisure.

    Going to try to catch it tomorrow evening when its going to be shown again.


  6. Let’s get some specifics on the table. On the assumption that conservatives will gain power in November, I prepared a 10-point list of things to do to improve education.

    Feel free to use/edit any items you like. Make your own list. Badger your politicians. Here’s the list:

    Point is, the Education Establishment talks, in my opinion, nonsense and sophistry 95% of the time. To counter that, we have to come back with highly specific proposals.

    Bruce Deitrick Price


  7. Nice list, but I don’t expect either of these two to follow them.

    Hopefully, we will do better in 2012


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