3rd Congressional District Candidates on KGW 8

by lewwaters

Video at the link, Straight Talk: Denny Heck and Jaime Herrera

Someone’s been coached, apparently.

3 Comments to “3rd Congressional District Candidates on KGW 8”

  1. Closet (D) Herrera: “I would re appeal this bill and replace it with free market solutions like association health plans, purchase of health insurance across state lines, opening up the healthcare market bringing in competition and reducing costs immediately without raising taxes or growing government,”

    Hm, me thinks she was coached too, I’m not buying she knows what these ideas even mean.

    Closet (D) Herrera: “This is America. Everyone deserves access. The way we go about it is key.”

    Everyone already has access. It’s called you get a job and pay for it yourself. Its not even governments role to impose on the uninsured to get health ins.

    Herrera is a freak show. Half democrat and half ‘New, independent voice for Congress’ I’m a conservative. I can’t conscionably vote for this freak show.


  2. You’ll get no argument from me.

    I also detect some of David Castillo’s ideas coming out of her mouth lately as well.

    What is real scary is that she just might win. It’s all about Jaime and no one else, in her world.


  3. I just wanted to give KGW a serious thank you for posting that video online! Not every one is able to find time to watch the news or political affairs or public issues.. Thank you for doing this wonderful service for Vancouver and Clark County!

    To everyone else, if you watch Jaime’s performance at the LCC auditorium, it was not half bad. But you are right, she does sound coached, though not one-dimensional as some other local political newcomers got stage fright in other forums from my memory of the past.

    But I can tell you that from what I watched, Denny outclasses her so had, he had masterful control over the whole debate. Evening asking repeatedly to give his opponent her due because the moderator looked like he was not doing his job. (Though I have to add, the TDN – Longview cut out all of the moderators and the other moderating participants that asked questions out of the video and cut it into small snippets of consumable video.)

    Now to go watch this thing at 1am and get see how Jaime and Denny did in front of Russ Lewis. 


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