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October 23, 2010

Clark County Needs Brent Boger as County Prosecutor

by lewwaters

November 2 is rapidly approaching and we have several candidates running for various offices. One, County Prosecutor due to our long time Prosecutor, Art Curtis, retiring. I have written before that I support and will vote for Brent Boger, Republican instead of Tony Golik, Democrat.

Party affiliation is not why I chose Boger, but because he continually shows he has ideas to reform and improve the County Prosecutor’s office, while Tony Golik basically sees no problems there, in spite of our violent crime increasing in Clark County recently. As you will see in the video below, Brent Boger, without a lot criminal prosecution experience, realizes there is a great deal more to the office than plea bargaining simple crime cases or even prosecuting crimes in a trial.

Additionally Tony Golik currently is facing allegations of prosecutorial misconduct that if confirmed, could result in a guilty criminal being freed. He continues to make light of it, claiming every prosecutor faces such charges. Not so. While appeals are frequent, allegations of prosecutorial misconduct is not.

Is campaigning to climb the ladder in the Prosecutor’s Office more important to Tony Golik than addressing such serious allegations?

It’s time for a change all throughout local government in Clark County and that change can be with someone from the outside coming in to run the Prosecutors Office.

That someone is Brent Boger