KPAM 860 and Victoria Taft Take Top Honors

by lewwaters

Portland, Oregon’s KPAM 860 has received the honor of being selected by the National Association of Broadcasters Education Foundation to receive the prestigious 2010 Service to Community Award for Radio.

KPAM 860, an AM station owned by Pamplin Media is a voice of sanity hailing out of the midst of the far left-leaning city of Portland. In the highly competitive field of broadcasting, being singled out with top honor like this is quite an accomplishment.

Along with this honor to KPAM, Oregon Association of Broadcasters chose KPAM’s Victoria Taft for the honor of being named the 2010 Best On-Air Radio Personality.

Victoria stated at the beginning of her Monday, October 25 show that she was amazed and humbled. We that listen to her program, dubbed “5th listeners” due to a quip made in 2006 by Oregon’s Secretary of State spokesperson Anne Martens of Victoria only having 4 listeners, are not the least bit surprised or amazed at her being selected for this honor.

Victoria, although living in and broadcasting from across the Columbia River in Portland, Oregon, remains the lone broadcaster paying attention to and giving a broadcasting voice to conservatives in Southwest Washington.

All of our candidates are welcome to call her show and she will make time for them so that we in SW Washington are able to hear what our local and state candidates stand for and have to say.

To say Victoria is a classy lady is an understatement. She is often seen at our public events on this side of the river as well as those in Portland.

Her daily program is heard on the dial at AM 860 or streamed online from 11:00 AM to 3 PM, Monday through Friday.

She also maintains her own blogsite at

I invite you to tune in and see for yourselves why we 5th listeners agree that being selected as the 2010 Best On-Air Radio Personality by the Oregon Association of Broadcasters is a well deserved honor.

Congratulations and thank you KPAM and Victoria Taft. Your voice is what keeps us informed.

2 Comments to “KPAM 860 and Victoria Taft Take Top Honors”

  1. Well deserved.


  2. Kudos to a talented host. Keep up the great work.


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