Monica Stonier Declared Her Dedication to Obama, not Constituents

by lewwaters

Yes, that’s right, in 2008 Monica Stonier, Democratic candidate for the 17th legislative district position 2 seat, stated, “I know I will be asked questions about Obama and will approach those questions with a balance between my educator responsibility to provide balanced information about government and civic responsibility with my dedication to Obama and his ideal that getting active will lead to getting informed.” (emphasis in original)

Shouldn’t our next legislator be dedicated to constituents and not a single human? Especially one who has exacerbated the economic woes he claims to have inherited when he came to power?

Do we really need someone else in Olympia who has publicly declared their “dedication to Obama?”

I think not.

Paul Harris will go to Olympia to represent constituents in the 17th district, not wait for marching orders from the party or Barack Obama.

We cannot afford a starry eyed Omabaite sitting in Olympia seeking to further the policies that has plunged the country and state into the worst recession since the Great Depression. We need someone who will travel to Olympia to work at actually turning the country and the state around.

Vote Paul Harris, Republican. His dedication will be to his constituents.

UPDATE: Although the flyer says Ms. Stonier supports creating an income tax, I have not ever found anywhere she says she does.

One Comment to “Monica Stonier Declared Her Dedication to Obama, not Constituents”

  1. Brilliant. And true.

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