GOP Wins Some, Loses Some

by lewwaters

Nationwide, last night’s election shows that Americans wholesale reject the Obama leftist agenda as Republicans regained control of the House of Representatives and made significant gains in the U.S. Senate.

Locally in Washington State, similar results are shown statewide as the Democrats have lost their lop-sided majority in the House and the state Senate is within reach of the Republicans, depending on a few still too close to call races.

Locally in Clark County, results weren’t as impressive, although some decent gains were made.

It was very disappointing to see Brian Peck lose to Tim Probst, incumbent Democrat in the 17th legislative district pos. 1. However, with other gains made in the state, Probst will no longer be able to hide his support of the leftist Democrats by voting no on their tax and spend bills knowing they will easily pass without his vote.

Probst will be seen actually siding with Republicans on his pledge of not raising taxes or he will show all what a phony he is with that pledge now.

I was very pleased to see Paul Harris win by the margin he did over Democrat Monica Stonier in the 17th legislative district pos. 2 race. With her declared admiration of Barack Obama, her loss points to a repudiation of the Obama agenda, I feel.

No surprise in the 18th legislative district as Republican Ann Rivers easily defeated Democrat Dennis Kampe for the seat vacated by Jaime Herrera as she continues her climb up the political ladder to further her career.

I expect some good things from Ann as she joins other Republicans in bringing more common sense to the state legislature.

Very disappointing to see the results in the heavily Democrat 49th legislative district as both Republicans, Craig Riley and Bill Cismar were defeated by incumbent tax and spend Democrats, Jim Moeller and Jim Jacks.

I was confident the GOP would win at least one seat in the 49th, but it wasn’t to be had. Maybe if the Clark County GOP hadn’t been so heavily invested in ensuring Herrera’s climb up the political ladder was met, they could have spared a few more resources to gain a seat in the 49th.

No real surprise seeing Democrat Tony Golik defeat Republican Brent Boger for County Prosecutor as the Columbian ignored several allegations against Golik for prosecutorial misconduct and marginalized them. Even to the point of publishing a Grant County Prosecutor claiming to be “offended” by Bogers’ campaign mentioning the allegations and calling them “meaningless,” voters did not receive the truth of just how serious they appear to be.

Tony Golik may have won, but the allegations won’t go away because of it.

Bart Hansen, Democrat Vancouver City Council Member won his race easily over Republican John Jenkins whose campaign was less than stellar. With Hansens’ win, the council remains left of center oriented.

Peter Van Nortwick appears to be headed for a win over Democrat Janet Seekins as County Assessor, despite the Columbians several attempts at tainting Van Nortwick. Their hit pieces might have worked in other races, but it did not work in this one, Van Nortwick clearly having the better experience and certifications for the job.

Too close to call yet is the race for County Clerk between Republican Scott Weber and Democrat incumbent Sherry Parker who has been under fire for her continued use of illegal campaign signs. Weber, who campaigned on eliminating the office as an elected office, trails by only 84 votes at the time of this writing.

Alan Svehaug, Republican challenger for County Commissioner against incumbent Democrat Steve Stuart still trails in that close race. That he remains so close and had a mostly silent campaign until towards the end speaks loudly of the county voters’ attitude towards Stuart’s performance on issues like C-Trans and the Columbia River Crossing.

Should the final count give a slim win, it would be a definite repudiation.

Garry Lucas remains our Sheriff by a wide margin. A good choice as he has been a very good and effective Sheriff.

Democrat Doug Lasher held off a challenge from Republican Mike Appel for County Treasurer, easily defeating him by a significant margin. Appel might have done better had his campaign been more visible.

Democrats push at class envy by approving an income tax on higher wage earners went down in flames, as well it should have. Hopefully Governor Gregoire and her Democrat cohorts in Olympia will see that we voters are tapped out and meaningful spending cuts must be made in non-key areas as well as in entitlements. Public Unions too must begin tightening their belts as we continue to struggle to recover from this deep recession that seems to have no end in sight.

Clark County Republicans are elated at helping Jaime Herrera continue her climb up the political ladder, but they may end up regretting that choice once she is back home in Washington D.C. and it is seen how ineffective she will be. She will have to actually perform now; talking points will no longer get her by.

Denny Heck would have been no better, though. His ideas were too close to the Obama agenda that was repudiated last evening.

It remains too close to call for the U.S. Senate seat between incumbent Democrat Patty Murray and Republican challenger Dino Rossi. Rossi’s late entry might have hurt his chances as well as the reputation he was given in his two unsuccessful runs for governor against Democrat Christine Gregoire.

Nationwide the Obama agenda received a fairly sound thrashing, regardless of how he tries to spin it today. I find it quite hypocritical that today he comes out calling for “an honest and civil debate with Republicans to solve the nation’s economic problems,” after shutting them out of the process these last 2 years.

Washington State could have done better, but we get what we get and even though the Democrats remain in control in the state, their dictatorial march has ended.

10 Comments to “GOP Wins Some, Loses Some”

  1. Bart Hansen is a democrat? News to me and all the other supporters who were with him last night at the Quay?

    As a PCO for the party I’ve been a huge supporter of Mr. Hansen. May want to edit that?

    The Republician party need to unite around our young politicians as they grown into their seats. We need more people like Bart or else we will be in for a mess in the future.


  2. Councilmember Hansen has huge support from the Republican Party! The concern I had this year is supporting one issue candidates. Time for our party to focus and re-adjust if we want to be relevant in this community. Ann Rivers proved that when you don’t support one issue and have a broad base you win big. She also rejected money from notolls pac, good for you Ann!


  3. If the Republican party position now is to support people who have no appreciation for free speech and treat it so cavalierly as he, Tim Leavitt and Jeanne Harris did with the Special Events Ordinance, then R Hart is right when he says “Time for our party to focus and re-adjust if we want to be relevant in this community.

    A move left will not make the party more relevant.


  4. Right, there was only one Republican Candidate running, right? The GOP’s sweetheart.

    Jaime Herrera could not attend the ROCK THE REPUBLICAN VOTE with Victoria Taft. She could not be with her base. Not a wise political move to snub the ONLY Conservative voice in Southwest Washington. All the free advertisement, no doesn’t matter, the fact that her constituents were there, not a big deal. She had to be with her family. That is so much more important in her political career.

    Good job GOP, you finally got a win. Too bad there was no one else in the race.

    This is only the beginning of how you got a true career politician. Thanks GOP, you are not worthy of good candidates.

    It would be nice to find out how to run without the GOP’s interference. There must be a way.


  5. Why didn’t anyone ever ask Herrera how she felt about splitting the GOP ticket after Castillo had been running for almost a year? Why didn’t anyone find out why the GOP was behind her before she was in the race? Very calculated, the people were decieved into thinking there was only one candidate for Congress, the candidate that jumped in after heavy nudging. DIRTY POLITICS, and a hate filled and selfish group of people behind Herrera. One goal, Washington, nothing else.


  6. As she split the vote to gain the only advantate & brinksmanship she played, she got the win. And a wonderful, thoughtful, considerate & willing to put his family into political harms way, all I can say is that I am ashamed right now that this woman won.

    And to miss a party that could help her into the future, with free air-time? Honestly, I am not sure what is going on with Herrera. Maybe and many things will come back to bite her in the next election? Maybe someone more bold & ready to take her to task will kick her butt & she won’t have the same tools in her box to beat up people. She’ll be the one being kocked around.

    And onething I want to mention, who was it that did not want to debate Denny Heck in Clark County? Yep, the same suit that now occupies the office. And yes, she said so publicly ON KGW TV near the end of the mini-debate she had. If she had actually did a debate here, I bet that win might have been not so big or maybe she might have lost & might have been a key reason why she would have not debated Denny down here…

    Guess its more spilled milk from the political cheerios. But next election, we shall see.


  7. Jaime called into Victoria’s show yesterday, where Victoria congratulated her and the usual stuff. Victoria also mentioned, during the call, that several SW Washington people had come to the Rock the Republic event expressly you meet and thank Herrera and were disappointed they did not get the chance.

    Instead of acknowledging and apologizing in any form for the no show, she talked about something else.

    The most laughable part of the call? Hearing Herrera say she wanted to hear from constituents once she is there.

    Since receiving the seat in 2007, several people have tried to contact her over matters and were ignored.

    Just another bought and paid for career politician.


  8. I need to hear that call in to the show that Herrera made. I know she didn’t say that Baird had already been briefing her on things, did she? UNLESS Baird had been briefing both Heck and Herrera, otherwise it doesn’t make any sense to me. There is no way Baird or Herrera could have known before the ballots were in that Herrera was the win, right?


  9. So okay, she did say that he called her recently, after she was about to win.

    BUT Victoria gave her a chance more than once to address her base that she did not make time to visit, neither opportunity did she acknowledge them. Many people and grass roots groups are upset with her for being a no show at her own ROCK THE VOTE Celebration. Oh and when Victoria told Jaime to not forget us the people, she glossed over it and repeated it. “Victoria you said to not forget you, I don’t want you all to forget me.” She wants people that she didn’t have time for to forget her? How so? In what context?

    Is there something wrong with the Christian right that prevents them from apologizing, or being able to see their own wrongdoing? Honestly, I am beginning to wonder.

    How about a plain old, I am really sorry to all of you that came. This is a good opportunity on air to do it. Better yet, didn’t her family know she would need to see this through to the end of her campaign? THEY would not understand that?

    Like Victoria said, PRIORITIES Ms Herrera, PRIORITIES. Or is that no longer applicable? Are you and your sheople now done?

    I want to know.


  10. “Ann Rivers proved that when you don’t support one issue and have a broad base you win big. She also rejected money from notolls pac, good for you Ann!”

    Ann Rivers has sense enough to ignore the Republican Party’s petty antics, and take care of her own campaign. The filth that came out of the Jon Russel campaign made me embaressed to have ever associated with the Party.

    “Time for our party to focus and re-adjust if we want to be relevant in this community.”

    I thought that is what happened when the Republican Party took in all the angry Ron Paul Independents. Now Democrats as well? Sounds to me like it is time for a house cleaning. The “Party” is out of touch, to think we want bridge tolls.


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