Breaking News Alert: Herrera Paints Toenails and Draws Office Too

by lewwaters

If there was ever any doubt that this last election was only about Jaime Herrera and not what might be best for the 3rd Congressional District, Herrera’s attitude over drawing her office back home in Washington D.C. as well as her sorority antics over the selection today should put that at rest.

A photo taken by the AP’s Harry Hamburg captured Herrera’s juvenile antics over drawing what she must consider a prime office location.

An earlier article appearing in the Columbian, Herrera hits the Hill has Herrera expressing concern over the office she might draw. “I’m hoping the people of Southwest Washington who come to see me, can find me. It may be a closet,” she is quoted as saying.

Apparently she can put that dire concern to rest, judging by the AP Photos taken.

Somewhat perplexing is seeing the Columbian devoting space to Herrera draws for office space and managing editor, Lou Brancaccio defending this as news as he commented, “Sheese! Any chance she could have a moment to enjoy the office space she received?” as critical comments began being posted.

Sorry, this is about as much news as if she were to paint her toenails, which I have no idea or interest in.

I have been unable to find any mention in the archives of former 3rd CD representatives Brian Baird or Linda Smith making news over office selection.

As I have felt from the time Herrera couldn’t wait to jump at the opportunity for an easy run by jumping in the race less than 2 hours after Baird announced retirement, after saying for months that she did not have enough experience and it was her time yet, it’s all about Jaime and her personal climb up the political ladder.

I do credit her, and her former attack dog for opening my eyes on the dirty antics and corruption prevalent within the Clark County Republican Party as well as the Washington State Republican Party.

It is all about what is good for Jaime and the Republican Party, not the citizens in the district or community. It is the pure essence of what continues to go wrong and why the situation in the country has degraded to the level it has.

Regardless, Jaime got her way with the win by hook or crook and now must have a prime office to visit occasionally, when she isn’t on taxpayer funded junkets to exotic locations. It’s hers for the next 2 years at least, along with her $174,000.00 salary and near one million dollar budget for her office.

We, on the other hand, will continue to struggle in caring for our families and hoping for a few morsels to fall our way.

It is my deepest hope that come 2012, a conservative party will rise in Clark County and front a conservative candidate and voters will vote with their heads, not their Johnson’s.

10 Comments to “Breaking News Alert: Herrera Paints Toenails and Draws Office Too”

  1. You know the one thing that I notice that there is a difference between Jaime, Denny, Brain Baird, Linda Smith and other former congressional district members that I have come in contact with in the state of washington (other than 3rd congressional district) is the wisdom, poise and stoicism that comes from living life for some time.

    Most of the virility, energy and vivaciousness – high energy level has worked itself out of the average older adults. Though some may still be workaholics or have a high energy level, most have worked out the tounger day kinks in their lives.

    Jaime has now been elected. She now has to prove to us all that she ready for this job. She got an office, she’ll be getting her committee assignments soon and in January, she will be sworn in as the 3rd congressional district representative representing us.

    NOW the questiont to ask, if you went to Washington DC and called on her, what kind of reception would you get?

  2. An office assignment is an office assignment. She is now an elected Public Servant, not a middle school football cheerleader.

    From her initial concern over office location to her exuberance in drawing the one she did, it is less about serving the people and more about her ego.

    This is exactly the type of candidate that caused Tea Party rallies to spur up across the country.

    It isn’t about the one elected, it is about serving us. Or, at least it supposed to be.

    From the promise made to me personally during her phone call to my home the evening of February 9 to her lackies labeling me a liar even though I documented claims, it is only about Jaime, not the people of the 3rd Congressional District.

    Several people that were her constituents in the 18th expressed disappointment that she was much less than receptive to them when they contacted her.

    I have seen nothing yet to tell me she will be any different in Washington D.C.

  3. Nice Carbon Copied coverage eh? Hey Kathy its nice to see you here on the blog. 🙂

  4. I know you are reading this. Way to go GOP. I hope you are impressed. Wait, I forgot, I know you all are impressed with yourselves. Good going.

  5. Very little is happening in DC for freshmen besides training, about which I admit I have no idea what takes place. The same thing goes for our state legislators who are freshmen. My hope is they are learning procedures and processes and not lock-step politics of what their respective parties want from them. Aside from training and an office assignment, what can a newly elected congressperson talk to the press about? They have no power, they can take no action. Come January all citizens welcome scrutiny of our elected officials but criticizing for wanting a good office assignment is silly. You’re criticizing human nature.

  6. Ordinarily, I probably would agree with you, but 2 articles in one day all about getting a preferred office is a bit over the top. Likewise is the undignified reaction of a college sorority student. Is that what we have lowered our expectations of elected representatives to, the antics of a middle school cheerleader?

    We both have been following politics for a number of years and can you honestly say any other junior legislator received this sort of attention over an office selection? Neither Brian Baird or Linda Smith garnered such coverage.

    I make no bones about my personal disdain both for her and her attack dog. It has never been personal with me until now, they made it so by their lies, distortions, dirty tricks and underhanded moves not only against a good man, but me personally. That goes for Anna Miller, Ryan Hart and a few others as well. I do not appreciate being lied to or about and is why I distanced myself from the party. I know it will make no difference to anyone on the board, but it means all the difference to me.

    My blog was not named Clark County Republican, but Clark County Conservative.

    I’m sure you and many others will disagree, but those mentioned threw away a perfectly good conservative supporter.

  7. Give the young lady a break. She was a congressional staffer and has shown rubber meets the road intelligence in her dealings that I’ve been familiar with.

    So she gets excited about her office assignment and paints her toenails? If your wives are no longer getting excited or care about their appearances, you don’t wonder why?

  8. Pat, the toenails comment was to show how un-newsworthy 2 articles in a single day on her office selection really are. I can think of no other elected official to receive such attention.

    As for “intelligence,” that remains highly debatable.

    But, the efforts undertaken to ensure she received the nomination, underhanded and dirty as they were, did open my eyes to our local GOP and is why I resigned my PCO position and distanced myself from the party.

    Still, she has the position for at least 2 years and has moved up to the big leagues. She deserves no less scrutiny than any other official and in some ways, considering the questionable process in her obtaining the 18th legislative district seat in 2007, merits a bit more.

    I will cut her no more slack than any other. If that upsets the likes of Ryan Hart or Anna Miller, they have only themselves to blame.

    They made it personal, not me.

    As I have said, I’m a conservative, not a Republican. A conservative Democrat is as worthy of my support as any other conservative.

  9. My guess is that all new legislators are getting a few articles in their local papers.

    I dropped my R PCO position and left when Brent Boger was the leader … and doing a good job in my estimation.

  10. True, but not all are receiving such glowing coverage.

    Andy Harris learns a lesson

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