Hedrick’s ‘the Liberal Clause’ Destined for New York Times Best Seller? Giggle, snort, snicker

by lewwaters

In spite of my earlier reservations on the existence of failed congressional candidate David W. Hedrick’s book, the Liberal Clause, HERE and HERE, originally advertised as being shipped July 15, the book does in fact exist and even though months late, is finally being shipped to those who pre-ordered the book.

One of several people that contacted me with their reservations and worries about the book was gracious enough to scan the 43 pages and emailed them to me, with the comment, “What a waste of $20.00. It should not have been sold for more than $4.00.

After struggling to get through the short 43 pages it was easy to see why ‘Bob’ felt it worth only $4.00. The works of a literary midget, the pages are filled with spelling and grammatical errors. Hedrick would have served himself well by having someone review the pages before sending it to whoever he paid to print it.

I see absolutely no imagination in the rambling story that has more unrelated insertions into the story than is worth counting and would be incomprehensible to a child. Come on David, “stoically,” in a children’s story?

Elf Peloosi? Ox News? Studge Report? Elf Liden? Sneed? Christmastution? Hineese?

And, a drawing of yourself placed in the pages with the caption “Camas man’s rant goes viral?”

Ignoring my own personal disdain for the young man, I find initial endorsements for the book highly questionable, such as one from Robert, Washington saying, “This book has New York Times best seller written all over it!

I seriously doubt it would even make any sellers list at the Daily ‘Couve or even the Vancouver Voice.

Particularly vexing is seeing on that same page out of context words lifted and quoted from two sites as if they are favorably endorsing the book. A simple review of what was written and comments left by readers shows that not only are they ridiculing Hedrick’s lack of literary ability, they are tying the book to the entire Tea Party movement to paint all of us as radical racists and illiterate buffoons.

For example, Hedrick’s page quotes, “too good not to be illustrated and published for all children to enjoy.” -Dave Bow, “The Portland Mercury”

Looking at Dave Bows post we read,

“I think I was the only person to buy a copy of The Liberal Clause last night because Hedrick came over personally to shake my hand, talking excitedly about what he’d created (the book costs $20 so I’m not surprised a lot of people passed). The story, he told me, came naturally one night as he was making up a bedtime story for his children (the book is dedicated to them with the warning ‘Never forget that free goodies from liberal elves often come at a price’). The satire where Obama steals Christmas that Hedrick came up with on that fateful night was too good not to be illustrated and published for all children to enjoy.” 

Hedrick is quoting his own thought related to Dave Bows as if the words are Bows endorsement of the book!

Hedrick also supplies, “powerful political satire,” by Adrian Chen at Gawker.com

Again, actually looking at the post written by Chen we find mid way down the post in describing a page from the book,

“The Liberal Clause hangs out with Chairman Mao and the evil ‘Rev. Blight.’ (Hedrick skillfully uses the literary device of ‘changing a few letters of real people’s names’ to produce his powerful political satire.)” 

Yes, you see that right. Chen is being sarcastic about Hedrick’s lack of imagination.

Hedrick has done neither himself nor the Tea Party movement any favors with this book. He might brag on facebook about media sources “picking up his book,” but anyone with half an ounce of brains can clearly see it is an object of ridicule being used to taint the Tea Party and conservatism in general as knuckle dragging, backwards, uneducated buffoons.

A search through Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble and Borders Books came up with a big fat ‘zero’ by title, author or ISBN. Apparently the only way to obtain a copy, unless you have a friend like ‘Bob’ is to order it through Hedrick’s own site or buy one directly should you catch him out and about at any political gatherings.

It is doubtful he will run out of books any time soon.

2 Comments to “Hedrick’s ‘the Liberal Clause’ Destined for New York Times Best Seller? Giggle, snort, snicker”

  1. Interesting this “Bob” is in favor of breaking copyright laws. Then he emailed this electronic copy to you. In fact you may be in violation yourself for accepting it as you quoted yourself saying you had a hard time reading the 43 pages.

    I guess you are a Liberal as you wanted or accepted it for free.

    It’s just like stealing something but I guess you will try to find a loophole in the law. You read it you owe the author for the book and the person that scanned it and sent it to you broke the law.

    Did you know you can’t scan a book for your own purposes as that violates copyright laws.


  2. LOL, and I bet you believe all that too, right? But, I do find ‘shit house’ lawyers to be quite amusing.

    I bet you are a riot down at the library where all read books for free.


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