The Columbian’s Coverage of David Madore

by lewwaters

This blog no longer supports David Madore and calls upon him to resign immediately!

Highly successful Clark County businessman David Madore, owner of U.S. Digital has caught the attention of many citizens as well as that of the newspaper of record, the Columbian. It was Mr. Madore who took the initial brunt of Vancouver city council member Jeanne Harris’ verbal assault weeks ago in early September.

Since he stood up and began supporting conservative candidates and, he has made frequent mention in the pages of the Columbian, lately for his philantrophical support of the FastNav system, resulting in the Columbian putting forth a poll on a private business owner.

Bearing that in mind, this poll will remain stuck at the top for the next week to see what others think of the coverage the Columbian has granted David Madore. Multiple selections allowed.

10 Comments to “The Columbian’s Coverage of David Madore”

  1. The whole point of the exercise is to weaken him publicly to lessen his impact in elections coming up in 12.

    Rule 5-ing him, much like they did me and were going to do to Boger until Lou got his block knocked off, is all they’ve got.

    Has Madore had competent political and media help, he’d have knocked off Stuart, and these guys would have feared him. Because he failed so spectacularly, now they just ridicule him.

  2. KJ, do you not think that all of this wonderful coverage is going to help him? I know they’ll try the overexpose him in a marketing type of way, his name or, it will basically make the voters not want to hear what he has to say.

    One thing I DO hope that he does is run himself? Though with his business interests, that might not be possible. Or he might find some good political council that can advise him of how to run an effective campaign, PAC and other things. And I seriously hope he become a force in this community like Royce was for years.

  3. So the Columbian is bed fellows with Tim Levvit and his side kick, Ms Gavel Down Harris. Surprise!! That alone was a scandal to the rest of America, yet not to the Columbian. There is no way they can effectively bring anyone anything that is newsworthy. Can they interview Madore and give his ideas paper and ink? No. Hence the reason we don’t subscribe to that crap.

    The Columbian has dumbed down what was once the news. Want the news? Type Clark County into your search engine.

  4. Lea, if you type “clark county” into any search engine, do you know how many of them are in the United States? (Way too many to count.) I bet there is a bigger misconception of Clark Counties within the US than Vancouver BC and Vancouver USA. Ever been to Las Vegas? You just entered another Clark County!

    As to the David Madore – columbian connection and what passes for news here in America’s Vancouver, I will pass that rung to Lew. I’ve all ready written enough manifestos on subject. Especially since Social media, mediums and blogs are going to eclipse them soon enough. And do they even have ANY decent Facebook presence? i’ll chew my mcD paper hat if they do.

  5. Not to be a nitpick Lew, but the Madore incident with Jeanne Harris was on September 13, 2010. so your blog post should be written with it happened a couple of months ago in the last part of the first paragraph.

    Wonder if she is on AWC or one of the other outer boards representing the city still.

  6. Jeremy, as far as I know, she is only on governor appointed committees. What input she may still have on council appointed committees is unknown.

    As for the time line, I added in early September to the sentence.

  7. It would be a mistake to ridicule Mr. Madore.

    With competent help he could have avoided some of the problems he ran into … and he was not totally unsuccessful.

    Money in itself doesn’t translate into folks getting elected despite what many partisans believe. It also is not the sign of blessing some Prosperity Doctrine christians think.

  8. I cannot disagree with you, Pat.

    David Madore is a good guy and very undeserving of much that was thrown at him. I have no idea of any future plans, many thinking he might run for office himself, but I think he would be worthy of consideration if he did.

    Money has become very necessary in elections but you are correct, that alone doesn’t guarantee a win.

    What I like most about David Madore is his willingness to stand up and express a position without anger or malice towards any, just well thought out and relevant information.

    Our community has and will continue to benefit from his selection of us as the base of his business and involvement in the community.

  9. David Madore is an affront to the community with his silly campaign against a bridge that is long overdue for replacement. His claim that he has no special interests to pursue is laughable. His radical fundamentalism poisons his thinking and his wealth gives him far more influence than he deserves. Hopefully the community will see through his confusing and counter- productive influences in our electoral processes. Give our Mayor support in standing against this most arrogant and powerfull man.

  10. An American citizen, exercising their free right of expression, voicing a concern on an overly expensive project that will harm many Clark County residents is an “affront to the community?”

    If there was so much community support for this boondoggle, there would have been another vote on it from county voters. Since there is no vote allowed, that tells me that David Madore is on the right side.

    The arrogance is from elected officials that refuse to listen to the people who voted them in and impose their will on making fatcats richer the priority.

    The only real confusion in the issue is the lies and reasons for extending a faniacially bankrupting Loot Rail system across state lines and not up front letting Clark County citizens know they will be paying years to come for freeway improvements in Oregon.

    I hope people see through the facade from Leavitt and make him a one-termer.

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