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UPDATE: For those arguing it is improper for Obama to Salute, here are two links to video of him saluting as he enters Marine One.




A moment of national pride took place recently in the White House when an American soldier, Staff Sgt. Salvatore Giunta, received the Medal of Honor for bravery above and beyond the call of duty in combat in Afghanistan.

Sgt. Giunta became the first living American soldier to receive the Medal of Honor since the Vietnam War. He is now one of only eighty-eight (88) living holders of the Medal of Honor.

As modest and self-effacing as he is brave, Sgt. Giunta brought further honor to himself by his humility in receiving the nation’s highest medal of valor. While he made no comment in the ceremony, Giunta said before the ceremony that he was “not at peace” with being “singled out” for the honor as so many other soldiers did so much. And after the ceremony, he said he would trade the honor in a moment if he could bring back those whose lives he attempted to save under enemy fire but was unable to save. He definitely showed that he was an American in whom America could be proud.

In contrast, there was another “first” at the ceremony involving the Commander-in-Chief, President Barack Hussein Obama, in whose conduct the nation cannot and should not take pride: As far as is known, Obama became the first President, the first Commander-in-Chief , not to salute the living recipient of the Medal of Honor after presenting the medal.

It is a tradition in the military for all military personnel, no matter how high their rank, including the Commander-in-Chief, to salute a holder of the Medal of Honor no matter how lowly his or her rank. If General David Petraeus was to encounter Sgt. Giunta, it would be the General who would salute the enlisted man, as a sign of respect for that soldier’s extraordinary bravery, but also to show respect to all those who have received the Medal of Honor.

At all gatherings of veterans of the American Legion, or VFW, or other veterans organizations, if a Medal of Honor recipient enters the room, even a National Convention involving thousands, the proceedings stop to render military honor to that holder of the Medal of Honor. All veterans rise, come to attention, and salute. It is a matter of pride, of respect, of tradition.

And, as far as is known, it is tradition that every President who has had the honor to present the Medal of Honor to a living recipient, has shown humility, respect, and national pride in that recipient by stepping back and rendering a salute.

It was missing in action in the Obama presentation. He is apparently above all that; “like a God,” as an editor of Newsweek once wrote.

Instead of rendering the traditional salute, after fumbling as if all-thumbs in trying to affix the blue-ribboned Medal of Honor, Obama, equally awkwardly, tried to “hug” the Sergeant. Yes, a “hug” for the soldier who remained at attention with eyes front in military bearing.

But a “hug” is not a “salute,” even in the Age of Obama. While there may be some comedic value in Obama’s pathetic display, it was more emetic than comedic. I didn’t write about it at the time, so as not to distract from Sgt. Giunta’s receipt of the Medal of Honor. But days have passed, and it needs to be said.

Why? Is it naught but petty carping of poor President Obama? I think not. He is the “Commander-in-Chief” who has in his power the lives of those who serve in defense of the country, which he himself did not deign to do. It is pointing out this man, this professional politician, repeatedly evidences contempt for America, for America’s traditions, and for Americans who respect those traditions.

It is as if he loathes the nation he was so desperate to lead, and be loved by, Messiah-like. It is of a piece with his constant misquoting of the Declaration of Independence by leaving out the words “endowed by their Creator” when speaking of “unalienable rights.”

Perhaps more aptly: It is of a pathetic piece with Obama’s penchant for declining to abide by the U.S. Flag Code when the Flag passes to place his hand over his heart. Instead, he drapes his arms down and enfolds his hands at his crotch Michael Jackson-style. It is now mocked as Obama’s “crotch salute.” But it isn’t funny. It is contempt by Obama for the Flag, for America.

Perhaps it is unfair to criticize this President of the United States for displaying such contempt for American traditions. Perhaps it is too much to expect an American President to salute a recipient of the military Medal of Honor when that president never served in the uniform of his country; has said that the Rules For Radicals of the America-hating socialist revolutionist Saul Alinsky are “seared into my [his] brain;” who launched his political career in Chicago from the living room of the revolutionist Weather Underground rich-brat-bombers Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn; and who sat for twenty years in a pew of the church of Rev. “God D…n America” Wright, being marinated in hate-filled, grievance-filled, self-defined “anti-white” and “revolutionary” Black Liberation Theology .

Then again, perhaps it is not too much to expect anyone who would be America’s president to at least respect American traditions, including honoring the Flag, and saluting those who receive the Medal of Honor.

(Rees Lloyd, longtime civil rights attorney and American Legionnaire, is the director of the Defense of Veterans Memorials Project of the American Legion Department of California and the Alliance Defense Fund.)

Curiously, towards the end of the full length video supplied by the White House HERE and during the Chaplains closing prayer, Barack Obama is briefly seen raising his eyes with his head partially bowed as if looking at a clock to see if the ceremony is over yet.


  1. Another disgraceful display by our President. I will forward to all veterans on my email list so they can see his lack of respect.

  2. Despite being Commander in Chief, Barry is not in the military. A salute is an exchange of formal greetings between military personnel. The exchange is from the subordinate to the superior and is held until it is acknowledged or the superior has past. ALL military personnel, regardless of rank, salute MOH holders FIRST, acknowledging that they are subordinate to the heroism, valor and fidelity of the holder.

    Barry will not salute SSG Giunta because barry would have to acknowledge that he is inferior to him. A fact that Barry very well knows.

  3. Very true, Canis. Obama, in his mind, is a messiah and will subjugate himself to anyone, except maybe Muslim leaders in the Middle East, who he has repeatedly bowed before.

  4. Why no salute? Maybe because Presidents haven’t been in the habit of doing so during the MOH ceremony?

    After all, the medal has not been presented to a living recipient since the Vietnam war, and neither President Johnson nor President Nixon (at least) were known to be in the habit of saluting recipients during the ceremony.

    Don’t take my word for it, scroll through some of the old videos here:

    What nonsense.

    Actually, it’s not unprecedented at all.

    As we know, the Medal of Honor has not been awarded to a living recipient since the Vietnam war.

    Well guess what, Presidents Johnson and Nixon didn’t seem to be in the habit of saluting MOH recipients either.

    Don’t take my word for it, scroll through some of the old videos here:


  5. A salute rendered is a sign of respect to someone who actually did something for his country, unlike Obama.

    That you fail to see this and go back over 40 years to support your defense of Obama speaks tons.

    For a man who will bow before Muslim leaders, his failure to show a little respect for someone who went through what SSgt Qiunta did on behalf of his fellow soldiers and our country also speaks loudly.

    A little note for you, “The tradition of saluting recipients comes from an Army tradition of having them take part in military parades, during which they would stand with an officer during the “pass in review,” and both would return salutes from commanders as they passed by, according to the society.

    Air Force Col. Leo Thorsness, president of the [MOH] society, said he has been saluted by superior officers since being awarded the Medal of Honor. A few years back, he was even saluted by President George W. Bush.


    Keep defending the poseur if you wish, but quite frankly, he isn’t worth it.

    It is a sad day when the President of the United States shows more respect to foreign Muslim leaders than to the brave troops of our country who earn the nation’s highest award for bravery.

  6. Yes, Thorsness was saluted by Bush more than 30 years after he received his medal…most likely from a President who didn’t salute him during the ceremony.

    You are welcome to your opinions, but you are not welcome to your own set of facts. To claim that Obama broke some sort of long-standing tradition of saluting during the award ceremony is simply – and demonstrably – untrue.

  7. “Most likely?” You have no idea, but can’t resist throwing in something that is a full blown canard on your part?

    As usual, Obama’s devotees grasp at straws to defend the indefensible.

  8. I have posted a link to many videos of both Johnson and Johnson awarding the MOH to various recipients during the Vietnam war, and not once did I see them salute the recipient after presenting the medal.

    The fact is that Thorsness did not claim Bush saluted him while presenting him with a MOH, so I’d say relying on his anecdote to support some sort of insinuation that doing so is a tradition is a canard. Of course your mileage varies.

    And the fact is you cannot produce a single piece of evidence to support Mr. Lloyd’s claim, which you repeat approvingly, that: “As far as is known, Obama became the first President, the first Commander-in-Chief , not to salute the living recipient of the Medal of Honor after presenting the medal.”

    Well, now we know for a fact that Obama is NOT the first President, the first Commander-in-Chief,” not to offer such a salute. Yet you have yet to acknowledge that.

    Who is defending the indefensible here?

  9. Correction:

    videos of both Johnson and Johnson = videos of both Johnson and Nixon

  10. Strain all the gnats you want, Bush still saluted him.

    That Obama can show no respect to a brave soldier, but will show respect to foreign Muslim leaders by bowing before them speaks loads and that my friend, is indefensible.

    Argue all you want, throw up whatever smoke screen you want, it is there for all to see.

  11. But, as it turned out, Bush did NOT salute Ed Freeman when presenting him with the Medal of Honor in 2007:

    (Yes, it turns out that the medal has been awarded to living recipients more recently than the Vietnam war, though evidently only for actions performed during that war.)

  12. “Obama … will show respect to foreign Muslim leaders by bowing before them ”

    And George Bush kissed and held hands with that same foreign Muslim leader.

  13. LOL, I kind of like the smell of desperation in the morning. For your enjoyment, “In a ceremony in the East Room of the White House, Bush awarded the medal to 73-year old Edward W. Freeman of Boise, Idaho, fastening its light-blue ribbon around his neck. Medal of Honor recipients are entitled to a salute from superior officers and Freeman got his first one from the commander in chief.

    ‘This moment is well deserved and it has been long in coming,” Bush said.”


    “Freeman was back at the White House a few months later for the premiere of We Were Soldiers, a 2002 feature film that depicted his role in the Ia Drang battle. As he was filing out of the small White House theater,the president approached him, saluted, and shook his hand. “Good job, Too Tall,” he said.”


    Say what you will, Bush did not bow before those Muslim leaders. Obama did. Bowing before them is a sign of subjugation, in the Middle East, a kiss or held hand is a sign of friendship.

    Even the Bible mentions greeting each other with a kiss, but not a bow.

  14. Thank you for correcting me on that last. I am always willing to listen to verifiable facts.

    So I will concede that Bush saluted a recipient during the ceremony if you will concede that it was he, and not Obama, who broke tradition in doing so. And that Lloyd’s claim – which you repeat – that Obama was the first President not to salute a recipient during the ceremony is an outright falsehood.

  15. Give you actual facts and you still wish to twist and defend Obama.

    Sorry, he is not my messiah, even though he might be yours.

    Keep researching, I don’t feel up to doing more for you.

  16. Wow, I thought you might disagree with other people, but were at least honest.

    My mistake.

  17. Like I said, keep doing your research. I’m not doing it for you any longer.

  18. Salutes are generally not given by anyone not in uniform, even active duty military. President Ronald Reagan began the practice of saluting in 1981. It certainly wasn’t any kind of tradition before then.

    No American president before Reagan had ever returned a salute, including former five-star Army General Dwight D. Eisenhower. A salute is a MILITARY sign of respect. Obama, while the commander in chief, is a CIVILIAN. If Eisenhower’s behavior, as retired military, was not disrespectful to the military, how can we say that Obama’s failure to salute, as a civilian, is disrespectful today?

    Military regulations appear to state that a salute is not required when one is wearing civilian clothes. Therefore, Obama would not be required to salute, but it appears that as Commander in Chief, he MAY salute if he chooses to do so, given the change in tradition made by Reagan.

    Frankly, I can’t stand Obama, and I think he’s one of the worst presidents we’ve had recently. That said, this is stupid. There are so many legitimate things to criticize him for (let’s start with health care, and my list could go on for miles) so I don’t understand why people continue to make things up. It undermines the credibility of Obama’s critics and causes people to stop listening.

  19. Kristy, Medal of Honor recipients are “entitled” to a salute as a sign of respect for what they went through and did. It’s not really a matter of required, but “entitled to it.”

    A salute in the Military, even out, is a sign of respect and even all Veterans are now permitted to salute during the Pledge of Allegiance or playing of the National Anthem, instead of placing their hand over their heart when in civilian clothes.

    It really doesn’t matter what others did prior to Reagan, it is a matter of Obama not willing to show respect to a man (in this case) who is awarded the highest honor in the country for bravery. If he can bow before Muslim Royalty, can he not also show some respect to Americans who have faced the ultimate in battle for the nation and survived?

    Is it big major issue? No, just another sign of his lack of respect for those better than he is. I say better because no matter what, he can never be awarded such a medal, nor can Bush, Clinton or any other today.

  20. You know what the scariest thing is to me? Someone who is obviously well spoken, displays an ability to think critically, knows how to research and still, so evidently, misses the main point. The contention made in this entire article was that President Obama was the first President to part with tradition by not saluting the MOH recipient

    “As far as is known, Obama became the first President, the first Commander-in-Chief , not to salute the living recipient of the Medal of Honor after presenting the medal.”

    This was demonstrated not to be true. There is a sleight of hand taking place here that is unacceptable to me, a current member of the military, conservatively inclined, but mostly just a logical American Citizen. Once the demonstration was made that Obama was, in fact, not the first President to break with this “tradition” the conversation shifted, imperceptibly to the arguer on the far right, to what it has really always been about: Obama is evil incarnate and this article was not really about fact so much as it was a sermon from the pulpit thinly veiled with pseudo-facts that the average reader will not take even one moment to discern. Furthermore, even an objective, logical refutation of those facts used is tantamount to drinking the proverbial Kool-Aid and branding oneself an “Obama-lover.” I’m not an Obama lover. I’m an American Soldier, who is sitting 8000 miles away from my family five days after Thanksgiving. Further, I’m a man who can tell when someone is spewing rhetoric. The reality is, the rhetoric that has become so commonplace in the dressing-down of President Obama has become nothing more than hyperbole. One sees little fact and logical criticism and sees much exaggeration and innuendo. It’s almost as if simply saying, “I think Obama is scum” isn’t enough. We must inflate every step into a colossal injustice and woe betide those who point this out to us. They are the minions of the evil-doer.

    “A salute rendered is a sign of respect to someone who actually did something for his country, unlike Obama.

    That you fail to see this and go back over 40 years to support your defense of Obama speaks tons.”

    This person went back 40 years and found what? That the initial claim made by this article, see above, was false. Even as long as 40 years ago. There was no elevation of his platform. There was no condemnation of your dislike for Obama. There was only someone saying, “hey, this has been happening for 40 years.” But, the fact remains this article is not about Obama being the first to break this tradition. Not REALLY, anyways. It begins with the outlook already that Obama is evil and these pseudo-facts only serve to inflame and perpetuate that notion. Regardless of their veracity. Isn’t that convenient?

    I know of a method of information dissemination that uses hyperbole and exaggerated rhetoric with the intention of winning over the minds of those who will not apply a critical lens to what they see. Can anyone help me with the name of this technique?

    Arguments are thus, in Standard Form for the logically impaired:

    1. Every president since the MOH was created in 1862 has rendered the hand salute to awardees during the ceremony.
    2. The hand salute is rendered to MOH Awardess as a sign of respect for the sacrifices made for their country.
    3. Obama did not salute SSG Giunta during his MOH Awards Ceremony.

    THUS: Obama, being the first President to not salute a MOH Awardee, does not respect SSG Giunta or his sacrifice.

    This is the argument made in the majority of this article minus the inflammatory rhetoric. This is, by the way, the proper way to criticize an argument. Not by how it makes you feel, or how it parallels what you ALREADY feel.

    It has been demonstrated that Obama was not, in fact, the first president to “fail” to render the hand salute during a MOH ceremony. So, the reality is, this ENTIRE argument fails after an examination of the first statement. Everything else is rhetoric and speculation based upon your pre-conceived notions. Case closed.

  21. Justin, your entire attempt at defending the Poseur in Chief is moot, rendered so by your own comment.

    I refer you back to the first sentence you quote which begins, “As far as is known.

  22. Even Bill Clinton knew the protocol. This impostor demonstrates once again that there are numerous duties and responsibilities that are above his pay grade.

  23. Here are links to two videos of Obama boarding Marine One. In the first, he salutes then shakes the Marines hand. In the second, the one where he bumped his head, he returns the salute first.

    Someone educated him enough to know to return a salute, but apparently forgot to inform him that a salute to a MOH recipient is also in order, except him saluting.



    What was that about all of the naysayers on a civilian not saluting a member of the Military?

  24. What else did you expect from someone who holds his crotch during the pledge of Allegiance ?

  25. When I served in the Navy in the 1950s I was taught it was improper to salute while in civilian clothes. I was startled when Ronald Reagan started it and Bill Clinton followed his lead. Maybe I’m old school on this but I think the salute should remain to those in uniform.


  26. Linton, if this were two members of the Military passing each other in the street, you would be correct. No one would expect Obama to salute every Military member he passes outdoors.

    However, this is a special event and circumstance.

    If Obama has no trouble bowing before Muslim Royalty and so readily returns the salute of the Marines boarding Marine One, the least he can do is salute a Medal of Honor recipient, who is entitled to a salute from those of superior rank.

  27. Linton, perhaps you should read this. http://usmilitary.about.com/od/theorderlyroom/a/salutechange.htm

    Aside from that, the Commander in Chief is the head of all of our military. Ronald Reagan only did what should have been being done long ago. And Bill Clinton had enough common sense to understand that.

    As it stands, Barack Obama would rather stand with hand folded over his crotch while the National Anthem plays, so it’s no surprise to me that he demonstrates daily, by his acts and omissions, his utter disdain for this nation and its military.

  28. Lewwaters,
    Granted, you stand by your statement “as far as is known” (I assume you mean by you alone, as the facts were quite widely known previous to your posting) when you dismiss Lewis B’s well-written reply, but it remains a fact that your thesis- that “there was another “first” at the ceremony involving the Commander-in-Chief”, referring to his lack of a salute. In fact, your main arguments seems predicated on that fact, unless you hold former presidents to the same standard.
    However, even when provided with photographic evidence, I have not heard you address your (intentional or otherwise) lack of research when preparing your posting. It is a fact, now well established, that Obama was indeed not the first to do something other than salute a medal of honor recipient. Do you at least acknowledge this fact?
    I’m actually apolitical. I don’t care at all if you’re a republican or democrat. That gives me the benefit of being able to evaluate a situation on its own merits, without political bias. I don’t believe that is shared by this blog.
    For example, you mock obama’s “crotch salute”. Do you have the same mockery for Bush’s “gut salute”? http://www.thepresidentialcandidates.us/falsehoods-about-barack-obama-not-putting-his-hand-on-his-heart/178/
    Like I said, I’m not defending Obama’s outward patriotic “movements” or lack thereof. To me, I’d rather focus on one’s actions, rather than how I interpret their actions relative to their patriotism.

  29. First and formost, Mark, you show you either did not actually read the post or lack skills in comprehension. The very top of the post says, “By REES LLOYD.”

    You scream you are “apolitical” and not defending Obama, but do just that.

    Rees Lloyd wrote this pertaining to Obama’s lack of respect shown a recipient of the Medal of Honor and you people drag every other aspect into it to divert away from Rees’ point.

    It matters not what others did, but what Obama does.

    All of your attempts to denigrate Bush are moot as he did not bow to foreign leaders like Obama does. If Obama can make himself, and our country, subserviant to them, why can he not show a small degree of respect to someone who actually sacrificed for the country? Is that not “focusing on one’s actions?”

    Otherwise, if you desire to complain about attorney Rees Lloyd’s research, perhaps you should contact him.

  30. My error in attribution.
    But I ask you where I “defended” Obama, rather than noting the double standard?
    I take great offense at the statment that I “denigrate[d]” bush, a president that I served proudly. My question remains- is it wrong when Obama does something, but right when Bush does the same thing?
    Or do you, at least, apply the same standard across the board?

  31. And, also, I disagree that in the original article that “It matters not what others did, but what Obama does”, as the author’s primary point is that Obama somehow broke tradition. Even that premise is based on what “others did”.

    Simliarly, Obama’s very embarassing gaff, when bowing to a foreign dignitary? Terrible. Do you believe that he was –intentionally– making our country subserviant to another?

  32. Bush’s “gut salute?” That’s pretty funny. Ever seen a photo that was snapped as a movement was being executed? Kind like smoothing the front of your jacket? As that was obviously what Bush was doing when the camera snapped that one.

    cute….but no cigar…..

  33. I don’t know if this message will get out, most of mine seem to be blocked by the moderator.
    You’re supporting my point. You find no problem with the photo taken of bush, but you somehow are able to judge the obama photo differently?
    I never did get an answer- do we at least all agree that Obama was far from the first to “not” salute a MOH recipient?

  34. The President – any President – is not in the military. Also, the ceremony was indoors.

    A salute would have been incorrect, and therefore LESS respectful than behaving correctly, which is what happened. Additionally, the ‘all personel salute an MOH recipient’ is fiction, neither law nor regulation, so says the MOH Society president in recent press interviews. As a veteran (or if I was still active duty), I would be honored to salute a recipient, but it would be an informal and respectful gesture, NOT a regulation.

  35. Mark, your intent is all too obvious. I did not begin blogging just yesterday, you know. You whine about a ‘double standard,” yet cannot see that this post is holding Obama to the same standard applied to Bush during his 8 years in office.

    If you have forgotten, we were treated to daily reminders that he was an “illegitimate president,” “Stupid,” “dishonorable,” you name it. It was either in print or on leftist webpages.

    How you served is of no concern to me, that is your business.

    As for Obama bowing before foreign Muslim Royalty, you ask do I think it was “intentional?” That he was placing our country subservient to them?

    What was in Obama’s head as he bowed hasn’t been let known. The effort to deny an obvious bow was glaring. But, you should know that bowing before them is far different that greeting with a kiss or holding hands.

    You’ll have to figure that out for yourself.

    Oh, and your comments have not been blocked, I just approve when I get around to it.

    Whiners don’t count much with me.

    Oh Please, Oh Please. Whether in the Military or not is a moot point. A Medal of Honor recipient is “entitled” to a salute. It is an honor for a president to be the first to give such a salute to an MoH recipient.

    Indoors or out, there are several times a salute is appropriate indoors.

    Where in Military history has a hug ever been appropriate from a superior? Is this the new “kinder, gentler Army?” Instead of a salute, hug an officer when passing them?

    I can see it in the Orderly Room now, “Private Jones reporting as ordered, Sir. Give me a hug!”

    You can strain the gnat all you wish, Obama is an embarrassment and should have had the wherewithal to honor Sgt Qiunta with a salute.

  36. Lew,

    I don’t really understand how you feel the need to turn what could have been a friendly conversation into a confrontation. But that’s your business, and of no real concern to me. But, it’s your blog.

    My point is very simple, and yet you’ve been so far unable to address it. I’m not talking about other people, I’m in your blog talking about your blog. I’m pointing out the fact that you, personally, are holding Obama to a certain standard. That is a fact. My question is do you apply your same standard to presidents which share your political affiliation? If you can’t answer it, that’s fine, just say so and I’ll stop asking.

    But you may notice that your argument shifts over time. Before, you were decrying the fact that Obama failed to give a salute. True, he did. But when, again, do you also criticize the former presidents that also gave something other than a salute?

    And yes, you did not approve my post where I showed Bush violating the US flag code, and asking what you thought of that. Again, only asking if you have one standard or two.

    So, kindly point out where “this post is holding Obama to the same standard applied to Bush during his 8 years in office”? I only see you criticizing our current president while refusing to discuss the same actions committed by others.

    Sir, I hold that you do apply a double standard designed to attack our current president, and are a very active party in the horrifying partisanship that is truly undermining our democracy. I really don’t care if you’re attacking Bush or Obama, or Washington or Clinton. My point is that if you’re applying a double standard- one that you don’t hold for former the former or next president- then you’re a part of a very active faction that is undermining our great Country in the international arena.

  37. Mark, you try my patience with your banal defense of Obama.

    If you would clear your head, you would see that I am holding Obama to the standard set forth for Bush by Obama’s party during his entire 8 years in office and it is you who wishes to give Obama a pass by straining gnats.

    If you weren’t so heavily invested in your defense of a poseur, you might see that.

    Just remember, the standard was set by daily attacks against any and everything Bush did.

    Obama deserves no less today, including his failing to render honor to a Medal of Honor recipient.

    Argue all you want, whine all you want, obfuscate all you wish, it does not change that I will hold Obama to the same standard set forth by Democrats for Bush.

  38. You can’t show me where I “defend” Obama. You can’t seem to actually admit that Bush or any other previous question was “wrong” for doing the same thing that you so gleefully attack Obama.
    My only point, that you cannot grasp, and I will not repeat, is that you are part of the problem with politics today. You have a double standard and can’t quite address or explain “why”.
    So, you can adopt a political title and defend it to the death, but I hope you can at least see why those that think like you in Washington are tearing this country apart. It’s sad, and I would even say entirely against the intent of our founding fathers.
    You say it yourself: “I will hold Obama to the same standard set forth by Democrats for Bush.”
    Exactly. You’re doing the SAME thing they do. And they’re just as wrong for it. But you just can’t seem to hold Obama to the same standard that YOU set for Bush. And that’s why we have nothing left to talk about. Your mind is certainly made up- I’ve read your other posts. I’d bet my bottom dollar that you vote along party lines, regardless of the issues. My mother-in-law is the same way, which is why we don’t talk politics.
    So, in closing, you certainly can grasp the PRACTICE of politics, but have voluntarily discarded the patriotic INTENT of politics. You’re a part of the problem, and that’s by choice.
    Good day.

  39. Mark, you are boring me to tears with your incessant defense of the poseur.

    And, you are damned right I am doing the same as they do. Hey, none of you had a problem with it for 8 years and 2 more since, so why the problem now?

    Go away, liberal. You will receive no more attention here.

  40. Lol, owned. Lew, you’re whole argument is that you’re doing something because “they” do it. Nice argument, used successfully by schoolyard children for years.
    Best part? When you pin a label on mark because he dared to question your intent and exposed your double standard. Classy.
    Fact is doesn’t matter what Obama does- you’ll oppose it, just because it’s from Obama. Case in point, did you oppose or support his stimulus? How about when bush did it?
    Or are you one of the many that criticizes obamas appointment of “czars”? How about when Reagan first did it?
    I really hope that someday politics in America can evolve past attitudes like yours.

  41. And, another liberal heard from.

    Sorry, BD, but if you were really worried about “politics in America can evolve past attitudes like yours,” you people would have stood up during the Bush or Reagan years to put a stop to it from your own.

    Never forget, you all set the standard. Recant your own stance first.

    Strawmen also don’t fly with me.

  42. I love conversations like this. Eight years of daily calling Bush everything but a Christian? And suddenly not only is that standard of political repertoire somehow above this posers pay grade? But worse, every criticism on any level is somehow considered tripe or ridiculous or my favorite (unfair)..

    Sorry, but comparing a photo of Bus with his hand across his stomach at the moment a photo was snapped? Ain’t exactly the same as the more than several photos of Obama refusing to cover his heart during the National anthem and at more than one venue in the past three years.

    The man’s history is replete with instances of his body language, clearly signaling his feelings and intentions of the moment captured. Kinda like the one of him scratching his nose with his middle finger, while answering a question from a less than favored reported at one of his pressers.

    No, there is no need what so ever for comparing Obama to Bush. Unless of course those in the Obama camp are seeking to justify Obama’s failures by blaming Bush. (As Obama has done at every opportunity for the past two years). We are two years into this now and that weak and idiotic ploy is completely worn out.

    At some point, Obama has to man up and take responsibility for what he has done to this nation and what he has failed to address, while pursuing his socialist agenda. The America people are already all too aware of his record now. And they voted their conscious on the matter last month. So whether Obama and Pelosi want to cry and whine about obstructionism is a moot point to those of us who have identified them as the disease that afflicts this nation.

    Come hell or high water, there is change coming to Washington next month. And there will be more of the same come 2012.

    And in the interim, the naked emperor had better get used to the criticism, for it will rightfully be launched and aimed where it should be. Directly at the white house.

  43. Of course, the white house, and all politicians, should always be criticized. It’s just the weak minded that criticize based on petty observations, versus a serious analysis if the actual politics.
    What’s more, you even admit that you’re applying a double standard. Therefore, either both bush and Obama are unpatriotic, or both had other reasons for hugging/shaking hands, rather than applying a military courtesy.
    I’m going back to arguing with the scientologists- it’s more fun when they don’t outright admit a petty double standard.
    You’re in s position of power. You run a blog that’s been indexed by google- that’s quite a feat. In such a respectable position, I believe you could do better.
    Rather embarrassed to consider myself a conservative.

  44. You make Chubby Checker proud with your twist and spin.

    To give Obama a pass on everything, as you lefties do after not standing up against the silliness for the past 10 years is the double standard.

    And again, I will reiterate, Obama freely bows before Foreign Muslims Royalty, a definite sign of subjugation. He salutes the Marine boarding Marine One. He has staff that is to inform him of protocol and tradition.

    That he cannot, or will not, present a simple salute to one who has proven himself a better is an embarrassment and will be brought out, whether you phony conservatives like it or not.

    Petty? Maybe to someone like you. But to those of us who have been in harm’s way on behalf of the country, it is not so petty.

  45. Where you’ve been Is your business.
    So I imagine your outraged at bush’s flag desecration? Or not saluting an moh recipient? Or is your outrange only reserved for those who don’t share your party affiliations? I’m hoping you’re not a hypocrite.
    Do you consider everyone who holds the same standard for both parties to be a “leftie”, or have you abandoned debate in favor of name calling?

  46. Debate? Is that what you call flying in here like gangbusters to tell me off? Is that what your type calls denigrating the previous administration and giving a pass to someone who was elected solely because he has some African blood in his veins and can read a teleprompter?

    As for “lefty,” when you act like one you are labeled one.

    I didn’t just fall off the turnip truck.

  47. Yeah, how dare I come in here and disagree with you, on the Internet of off all places?like I said, I’ll spend time with the scientologists- I find the weather here too hypocritical and cranky.
    I’m still serving the army, and will do so under the next president. Conservatives and liberals thar are wiling so hard to to divide this country are just horrible.
    You, my friend, are such a person. A hypocrite is the worst type of crusader.

  48. Cry me a river, son.

    If you are really in the Army and can’t see why some of us older Veterans might be a bit perturbed at how this poseur in chief so often insults and dishonors those who actually serve, you didn’t learn much in basic.

    Or, were you one of those who asked for a time out card in basic?

    ” A hypocrite is the worst type of crusader”

    Take a good, long, close look in the mirror.

  49. I can. And when I do, I don’t see someone a hypocrite. You’ve been rude, hypocritical and childish. Frankly, my barracks mates and I rarely agree completely on anything- but we agree that you’re the opposite of what a patriot should be. It’s not just you, it’s all die-hard partisans, and you really can’t seem to admit that. For every slam against Obama, you can find another for bush. Or Clinton. Or Reagan. Or Lincoln. But you focus on the one you don’t like and somehow ignore the similar actions of the others? I just don’t get that. Maybe this generation of soldiers is just more open minded, but you’re free to bash Obama because he’s Obama, if you need to. I prefer to keep one fair standard and work from there. I’d Obama wrong for failing to salute? Yes, it’s the right thing to do. Was bush? In your mind, I don’t think so. Am I wrong?
    Me, I don’t care if he hugged the man instead of saluting him. Just like I don’t care that Nixon would shake their hands. I care that Obama is pushing a pay freeze for Feds ?which I think is wrong), and appreciate that he’s exempting military. I care that bush brought us to war, and truly believe he had the strongest of convictions when doing so. What do you call those things? Oh, yeah… Actual issues.
    I hear your only argument- that he should have saluted- and agree. I only put forth the factual point that this is systemic of a much larger issue involving many presidents, and singling one out is indicative of an ulterior political motive. And it’s that ulterior motive, all to common today, that holds this country back. Both parties working together could do wonderful things for this country, and the partisan infighting has only harmed the American people. I am always very upset when I see people perpetuating those dangerous notions at the expense of the people.

  50. You’re almost convincing, almost.

    “Barracks mates?” LOL, what book did you find that one in?

    Go back to Moveon.org or Organizing for America or Democratic Underground, whichever one you receive your talking points from and tell them you bo loed.

  51. I will, thank you. Your superior debate skills have truly humbled me. Thank you for your very insightful, well thought out and accurate statements. I am truly in awe of your laser-like political focus.
    Out, off to my sekrit liberal agenda planning meeting, I’ll warn them not to cross you.

  52. At least we can end on a positive note… Nite!

  53. Nighty nite, sleep tight and don’t let those ‘Barracks Mates’ bite, LOL

  54. Presidents do not salute Medal of Honor winners. They shake their hands. There is existing film footage of both Johnson and Nixon making presentations and in neither case did they salute. This is a rumor that conservatives would do well not to continue spreading. Like most rumors, it makes us look like idiots.

  55. And, there is just as much film showing presidents saluting MoH recipeints.

    Far removed from “rumor” as much as your phony claim of “we” conservatives.

    And, I refer you back to footage of the poseur in chief BOWING before foreign Muslim Royalty.

    Next time, try reading through the several comments. You won’t look so foolish.

  56. I’ve been watching the back and forth of comments on this post for a few days, but have not yet chimed in.

    I note that you posted an “Update” atop this page with the videos of Obama saluting as he entered Air Force One.

    Why do you not post an “Update” to state that paragraphs 4 and 7 in your posting are incorrect? (based on the video footage already cited by others.)

    You make a number of valid points in the post in total. The piece would have additional credibility if you simply called out the mistake.

    Also, here’s another video. This time President Truman. Multiple Medal of Honor recipients, one at a time. A handshake for every one. No salutes from the President.

    And here’s President Eisenhower in this next one. Again multiple recipients and no salutes from Eisenhower. And there, of course, is a man who would certainly know the proper military protocol.

    To be honest, I’m having trouble coming up with a video example of a US President who did salute the Medal of Honor recipient upon awarding him the medal. I’m sure you’re right that it has happened. But I think perhaps it is the exception rather than the norm. Am I wrong?

  57. If, as you claim, you have been watching the back and forth for days, then you should have seen I supplied links to documented verbal claims of MoH recipients being saluted by presidents.

    What was done by some 50 years ago is of little concern to me.

    What does concern me is that Obama has no problem bowing before foreign Royalty of Arab Muslim Nations, salutes Marines as he boards Marine One, but gives a brave American Soldier a hug.

    If that satisfies you, that is your concern. A MoH recipient deserves more than a hug in my book.

  58. Lew, is this statement in the Rees Lloyd column you posted true or false?
    “As far as is known, Obama became the first President, the first Commander-in-Chief , not to salute the living recipient of the Medal of Honor after presenting the medal.”

  59. When you figure out what “As far as is known” means, come back and ask your question.

    Oh, feel free to present any photos, video or verbal documentation of other presidents bowing before foreign Muslims Royalty, if you wish.

  60. For those of you who are somewhat ignorant of the facts, President’s Reagan, Clinton, George W. Bush have all issued MOHs to living recipients for actions that occurred in previous conflicts. In those cases, the Medals were received for actions in which the recipients race or religion may have played a part in the original recommendation being denied, except for MSG Roy Benevidez whose original recommendation had been lost and was later discovered and was verified by living witnesses.

  61. Any US president while presenting the Medal of Honor to a recipient
    that didn’t render a hand salute after the presentation, not respecting
    it and the recipient to me should never be himself be respected even
    as our president.When anyone that shows any disrespect for our
    men and women in the service, and particularly one who has never
    served in the military should be chastised for this kind of out ragious
    behavior by the public.

  62. My earlier comment is regards to any and all past,present and future
    presidents. The members of the military should be given the same
    respect short of sainthood. Politcians come far short of that and it is
    a disgrace. I could never honor our politcians as much as I greatly honor
    our military. How we honor them now doesn’t compare as to how we
    were treated coming home from Vietnam. May GOD bless our service
    members and their families.

  63. I’m no fan of Obama. But a salute here by him would not be appropriate. For one, he is not in the military. For two, they are indoors. Salutes are rendered at military awards ceremonies, when the person presenting the award is also military. Obama saluting when he enters Air Force One is irrelevant. He is being saluted there, outdoors, by the military personnel and is simply returning the salute. Presidents never salute when presenting the Medal of Honor. Watch Forrest Gump. That video of Johnson giving Gump the Medal is just edited. It was a real Medal of Honor ceremony. No salutes there either.

  64. Whether we approve of who is in office or not, all sitting presidents are the Commander in Chief of the Military due Military Honors.

    Salutes are rendered indoors at times. Where you never in the Military?

    Saluting is a sign of respect, not always for the person, but the office, rank or achievement.

    Hugging is touchy feely.

  65. Maybe Pres. Obama just likes Marines more than he like Soldiers.

  66. If so, at least he might like ONE thing about the Military.

  67. Really people. Have you nothing better to do? I have watched all three Medal of Honor Ceremonies by President Obama in their entirety. Not sure what you all watched. The pride and honor felt by all could not have been greater. Odd how those who find fault in other Americans’ displays of patriotism are lacking in that themselves in this website. Makes me terribly sad.

  68. Really Tracy, are you so bored to drudge up an old post just to whine because Veterans who have served in war for America take exception to a hug?

    A hug is sign of affection, not patriotism.

    But, I assume you never wore the uniform or served in war on behalf of the country, so that thought is foreign to you. All you have to stand on is claiming to be sad over a Veterans ideas.

    Thanks for all of your support.

  69. Lewwaters, boredom is hardly my issue. Because I was at work during Sgt. Meyer’s MOH ceremony, I was looking to watch it online yesterday when Google showed me your ‘old post’ – one that others also recently seemed to ‘drudge’ up, comment on and you continue to monitor. You’re correct, I’ve never worn a uniform nor did I pretend to. Does that make me unworthy to participate in the discussion or be less patriotic? Love of our country knows no bounds and I would never presume to question yours. I recognize the sacrifices of those who served, like my grandfather, father, uncle, brother, and husband. I’m concerned that your posts seems to question the patriotism of the Commander in Chief, the President of the United States and that, in my humblest opinion, makes me sad. Thank you for your consideration.

  70. You are allowed to act as sad as you wish, Tracy.

    I find it rather hypocritical that anyone questioning the current poseur in chief makes people as you ‘sad,” after over 8 years of demeaning, denigration and bashing every move of the previous president.

    No one has said you may not participate in any discussion due to not having served. That is a right granted you by our founders, in giving us free speech, my grace in allowing comments on this site, but mostly thanks to men and women who have fought and died for the country since its founding. Not having worn the uniform yourself, you do not understand the degree of respect we that have place on it and protocol. A salute is rendered in the Military as a sign of respect. Hugs are reserved for our children and wives when we return. Medal of Honor recipients are due the highest degree of respect & Honor as they have performed an act meriting the highest award for bravery in the country. Most are given posthumously.

    While you are free to act sad, please afford those of us who have served, lost buddies in battle and returned home, the same privilege of feeling offended when our respected protocols are diminished, regardless of who does so.

  71. You make an excellent point. We both seem to be saying the same thing but in different universes. I apologize if you think I’m hypocritical, butI think you are presuming things about me. I hold myself, as well as all Americans, to the same level of respect when it comes to The President of the United States no matter which side of the aisle they sit. Wish I could say that for all Americans. Hard for me to swallow the comment ‘poseur’ when referring to any United States President and it makes me [insert appropriate emotion here] when I see the office disrespected. I’m hoping you, as a citizen who stepped up and put on the uniform, will understand. Emotions such as fury, p o’ed, disgust, rage, hatred come to mind. But these days the hatred I see between Americans makes me extremely disheartened and worried for the Republic. Surely there is a way we can disagree without denigrating each other. I’ve never worn the uniform, but those I love have. I’ve listened to their experiences in the middle of the night when they wake up from a dream, comforted them as they wept, or remained silent, or rejoiced in their pride. I thank for your service and hope you will afford me same respect. And thank you for replying and helping me understand your position.

  72. Presiden LBJ and Nixon shook hands with a MOH recipient only. It was President Reagon who started the tradition. It’s not regulations(Including the President) for a superior office to salute a MOH recipient. Nice, yes, but not regulation. In fact, it is a breach of discipline for a superior officer to salute a lesser ranking person first.

  73. Who started the hug?

    I realize Obummer has ended DA/DT, but is was still in effect when this occurred.

    And, when saluting an MOH recipient, you are not saluting a person of lesser rank.

    Personally, I’d just as soon Obummer not salute anything with the way he demeans the Military.

  74. Lee, I served 4 years in the USMC and am happy to say, you are a jackass. Probably unemployed and have nothing better to do with your miserable life than to besmirch the President of the United States. I have and will continue to agree or disagree with my leaders, as is my right as an American. But I have better things to do than create falsehoods and ridiculous propaganda about them when their own mistakes are fodder enough.

  75. Well, you proved your a Marine alright. The name is “LEW,” not “LEE.”

    Obviously, you weren’t taught much about thinking in Basic. You bleat that I, “have nothing better to do with your miserable life than to besmirch the President of the United States.” Then, you immediately follow that with, “I have and will continue to agree or disagree with my leaders, as is my right as an American.”

    Guess what, I have the same right and am exercising it in regards to Barack Obama, as I see fit!

    As for your “4 years in the USMC,” sorry, I was active duty in the Army for 8 years, 1 month and 4 days. 18 months boots on the ground in Vietnam followed by 3 years in Germany, there for the 72 Olympics and the Baider Meinhoff gang and then to Ft. Bragg, NC.

    Whether I served or not, I have the right to speak out against Obama just as much as you probably did against Bush.

    Others have right too.

  76. Bush is sorry and he might not have known about about it but Chenney sure did. I am referring to the Murder of Pat Tillman. Also, there are videos and links that you can check out on Bush and Obama where they didn’t salute or showed some forms of disrespect to our flag or to vets. I’m not at liberty to tell you my specifics but served in the military myself and yes, we all fought for each others rights and freedom to speak how we feel. However, all Americans need to realize that this two party system is corrupt and needs to be overhauled. Too much money from billionaires and major banks that are paying for campaigns and in doing so, they expect and receive tax breaks, and or insider information on public stocks, etc. We all better wake up and realize that it is poor against rich now! The black and white innuendos has long been taking a second seat to what’s really going on.

  77. After all we have seen and what obamma has done who would vote for the leader of the blue jackass party ever a again.

  78. Lew waters shut up

  79. May I suggest instead, that you fully exercise your constitutional right to go jump in a lake?

  80. Shame on you, Lew Waters.

    President Obama went well beyond what was required for Sgt. Giunta and this ceremony, consistent with his pledge to look out for veterans and servicemen, a pledge he’s fulfilled at nearly every turn and well beyond most presidents since Lincoln.

    Obama made sure this was a big ceremony, not a little one. Obama opened the White House to Sgt. Giunta and his family, entertaining them for a private breakfast that morning and spending several hours with them. To be certain Giunta got the honors he deserved, Obama got every living Medal of Honor winner who could make the trip into the White House that morning for the ceremony (when one looks at the video, one cannot help but notice the dramatic number of baby-blue MOH ribbons holding medals around the necks of audience members).

    If you notice, in the photo you posted, Giunta wasn’t saluting, either. Perhaps, most likely, it was not an appropriate time for a salute.

    Plus, I’m sure if Obama had saluted, you’d have complained he was out of uniform.

    By the way, there is no clock in that room. If you watch the video, you can see somebody taking a Blackberry picture of the prayer, and there is noise from that side of the room. Obama wasn’t looking at a clock, but he may well have been giving “the glare” to others who were not offering the silent attention they owed. If you view the entire video, you can see the great appreciation and honor in which President Obama holds Sgt. Sal Giunta. View it here, if dare: http://timpanogos.wordpress.com/2011/01/12/medal-of-honor-for-staff-sergeant-salvatore-giunta/

    No pleasing you sourpusses who try to take a day of honor for a great soldier, and twist it to your paltry political ends.

  81. Yes Ed, Obama ensured he received a hug. We were big on hugs in Vietnam [insert eye roll here]

    Does it escape you that the size of the event had more to do with Obama than honoring Sgt Giunta?

    It isn’t up to the Medal of Honor recipient to salute first, it is up to the one presenting it, in this case, Obama.

    Obama does whatever to promote Obama.

    Shame on you and your party for foisting this phony narcissist wannabe dictator on America.

    Hey, how did you like the shout outs he gave first when he spoke of the Ft. Hood terrorist massacre?

    That was really cute, wasn’t it?

  82. Does it escape you that the size of the event had more to do with Obama than honoring Sgt Giunta?

    Yes, it escapes me, as the facts appear to elude you. There’s not a hint of evidence that Obama did it for anything other than Giunta — honoring the first, surviving Medal of Honor awardee of these current wars appropriately. Of course, I’m just an American citizen with no particular hatred of the President, so I don’t impute petty intent without evidence of it. I wish you’d stick to the evidence, too.

    It isn’t up to the Medal of Honor recipient to salute first, it is up to the one presenting it, in this case, Obama.

    It isn’t up to the commander in chief to salute, period. Bad enough you appear to make stuff up to complain about Obama, worse that you ding him when he’s done exactly the opposite of what you claim, and honored veterans effusively.

    Obama does whatever to promote Obama.

    Waters does whatever he can to make up pejorative stuff about people.

    Shame on you and your party for foisting this phony narcissist wannabe dictator on America.

    You’re the one playing politics with the heroism of a great young man. If you’re a loser at the polls, be an American about it, and organize for the next election. Character assassination doesn’t benefit the nation.

    Hey, how did you like the shout outs he gave first when he spoke of the Ft. Hood terrorist massacre?

    That was really cute, wasn’t it?

    Is there nothing you won’t prevaricate about? Why don’t you tell the whole truth: At a ceremony opening the Tribal Nations Conference, President Obama cut short his remarks to make a statement on the shootings. The “shout out,” I would note, was to a Medal of Honor winner. Once again you slight the Medal of Honor winners in your unholy drive to make political hay where there is no real, fertile ground to grow it.

    Being President means one is President of the United States, and the schedule frequently puts the Commander in Chief in a position where he can only appear awkward in dealing with a crisis. I suppose that you also criticized George Bush for reading children’s books while the World Trade Center burned — just to be consistent, no?

    I liked the shout outs. Medal of Honor winners should be honored, even in times of great crisis. What do you think they won the Medals for?

    Obama is a man of infinite grace compared to his spitting, spiteful and hateful critics who work to sully the tributes to Medal of Honor awardees, in an ugly drive to get at the President.

    I hope, for the sake of the honor of the MOH wearers, you’ll reconsider your position.

  83. You didn’t serve very long or did you serve at all, Ed?

    Whenever Medals are presented, especially for Valor, the one presenting the Medal always salutes the recipient.

    After the Medal is presented is a different story.

    It is a sign of respect for the sacrifice the individual made that merited the award of the medal.

    You didn’t attend many Medal Award ceremonies, did you?

  84. I saluted plenty — and was always conscious of the etiquette, since I didn’t serve militarily. I learned that a lot of people who did serve got real cocky about their views of what should be the saluting protocol, though.

  85. Apparently, you never picked up on that we take our traditions very seriously.

  86. I said I picked up that right away — tradition over protocol. You’ve made that quite clear. Your love of unfounded tradition doesn’t diminish Obama’s honoring of a Medal of Honor winner. It makes you look rather petty in my eyes, though, in that you appear to diminish the Medal of Honor, and the guy who earned it, in your mad rush to smear Obama unfairly.

    Apparently you missed that the ceremony was for Sal Giunta. What could blind a person so?

  87. Apparently you miss your own words from your website, “Lessons of Vietnam: Honor the people who serve” July 5, 2012

    In case you miss it, I am a Vietnam Veteran and your tone from your first comment has been anything but honoring or respectful.

    If you don’t like Obama being confronted and held accountable, that’s your problem.

    A hug is not SOP in the Army.

    Show me one other president presenting a soldier the Medal of Honor that hugs him instead of saluting him.

    Giving the recipient is a sign of respect for what that person endured and survived, given that most are awarded to next of kin posthumously.

    But since we all know Obama has no respect for anybody but himself and he has a team of ready at the jump followers to try to parry his every blunder, in his world a hug will suffice.

    Sorry, it doesn’t in our world and we are the ones who served in harm’s way, not him.

  88. I figured you’re a veteran. Thanks for your service.

    You served honorably. You have a right to kvetch about politics. You don’t have a right to make up lies about our President, however. I expect more out of veterans, and so should you.

  89. More disrespect, Ed?

    What lies? Did he salute? No. Did he substitute a hug? Yes. Does that go against our long held tradition of showing respect, both to the medal and the person who went well above and beyond in combat? Yes.

    You can cover for him all you want, it’s there and it doesn’t set well with us. That is something you will never be able to understand.

    I notice you failed so far to give me an example of one other President awarding someone the Medal of Honor and giving them a hug instead of a salute.

  90. Look at the entire video again: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RG-XAJiho5c

    Look at the “thumbs up” sign from the Medal of Honor Society at 3:56 of this video.

    Mr. Waters, it’s clear you were not there.

  91. You’re grasping at straws to protect the poseur.

    Where you say to look at the video shows ONE member of the MOH Society giving a thumbs up PRIOR to Obama giving the hug.

    It’s obvious our long held traditions mean nothing to you, but they do to us.

    Much of our society relies on such traditions for clarity and appreciation of how fortunate we are to be born Americans, to live in the land of the freest nation (I only hope it can remain that way) and be entitled to pursue our dreams.

    Tearing down our traditions, going all touchy feely only teaches those coming up behind us that our traditions have no meaning and not worth upholding. It’s a beginning of unraveling what has made us a great nation. So yes, those traditions mean something to us, even though you and BHO will just cast them onto the scrap heap.

    You can supply all the cover you want, circle the wagons, make any excuse and denigrate anybody you wish, until you can show any other president giving a hug instead of saluting one of our Bravest of the Brave at a Medal of Honor Ceremony, you got nothing!!! Just hot air.

  92. Saluting has never been used by the president until Reagan. So he is not the only recipient not to have been saluted. Frankly as a non prior service pres I think it was proper NOT to administer a salute. Even Eisenhower a former five star never saluted for anything as a symbolic standing that the government is NOT run by the military and that no emphasis should be placed on the title of commander in chief. It really embodies the post Reagan symbolism of the militarization of the USA gov and overstates the presidents actual control over military operations and detracts from constitutional government that says only congress can declare war or move America’s military at the will of the people.

  93. AnOther thing is that these ceremonies ARE rehearsed and the medal of honor society instructs officials of proper protocols and etiquit and most likely advised him NOT to salute as he never earned the right to salute by serving, just as during the national anthem only service members and vets salute.

  94. Here is a video of president Eisenhower awarding the medal of honor without saluting!

  95. And for the record it’s not a contest they are not winners, they are recipients.

  96. Here’s a discussion of the actual protocol. Some one NOT in uniform does not salute — there is a serious question about whether anyone not in uniform should ever salute: http://blogs.reuters.com/talesfromthetrail/2008/12/24/to-salute-or-not-to-salute-thats-obamas-question/

  97. On the video — Truman, not Eisenhower. Truman served, of course. The famous story is that he had to cheat on the eye examination to get in. Leading troops on the front lines in Belgium, Truman lost not a single man under his command.

  98. You really shoot yourself in the foot with your own words. “Saluting has never been used by the president until Reagan.”

    In case you missed it, Obama came well after Reagan.

    It’s a tradition and a custom and if true that it wasn’t established until Reagan, so what? Obama still came after Reagan.

    You can drag out any video you want, make any claim you want, yell as loud as you want to protect your boy, you will be hard pressed to find any American medal ceremony where the recipient receives a hug!

  99. So it’s not in the regs, and it’s not a tradition in the military. It’s not a tradition any of the military men in the White House ever took up with — but you decide out of nowhere Obama did something wrong when he gave a hug to his friend Sal Giunta.

    Giunta didn’t complain, was happy with the hug, and you’ve got no ground to question the Medal of Honor awardee.

  100. Face it Ed, you’d be happy had Obama whipped it out and took a piss on Giunta. I’m sure you’d have a reason to defend that as well.

  101. No, I do not agree with you at all about Sgt. Giunta. I think he’s deserving, and as he said, so are many others he knows. Your urination on his ceremony, cyber, and separated by 3,000 miles, still bothers me.

    Sal Giunta performed heroically for our nation. President Obama honored him in a moving and touching ceremony. I regret you don’t like it. At length I’m confused at whether you dislike Obama or Giunta, or America, more.

    When heroes are honored, honest patriots join in the honor and don’t kvetch about irrelevant nits.

    I regret you couldn’t just honor the man who got the medal and leave it at that.

  102. You just proved what I said by twisting what I said.

    As expected, Obama can do no wrong in your eyes and if he had pissed on Sgt Giunta, you’d find a reason to defend him for it.

    I said nothing about Sgt Giunta.

    I regret that you choose to so strongly defend a poseur who doesn’t really give a shit about our Troops.

  103. Giunta didn’t complain. You have no ground to stand in his place, to say the ceremony was not satisfactory.

    Let the man get his honor.

  104. Sgt Giunta has his honor intact.

    But it is reprehensible that you continue to try to make the most dishonorable, disrespectful Poseur in my lifetime out to be an honorable person.

  105. As I said until Reagan meaning its not a tradition or ettiquete. The president can salute at his own discretion as there is no regs against it. And whether he hugged him or not was not the point of the blog article. I disproved your claim that no other recipient in history has not been saluted by the president which was what the outrage of the article was about. I also disproved that it is a tradition for a president to salute. Presidents since Reagan did not even do it all the time. Just when they knew they were on camera while media emphasized “commander in chief”. It’s subliminal messaging that the pres is commander of the civilian population as well which is not the case. And no I’m not defending my bud or the president, merely calling into question and disproving your false claims about the presidential salute lol. Personally I think obama is a douche and should be impeached for the destruction of the constitution. But I have integrity and don’t take to false claims about MOH recipients and ceremonies to try and make Obama look bad, he makes himself look bad on his own in truthful issues rather than lies like this blog article.

  106. In your dream you did.

    But anything to protect Il Duce, right?

    You contradict yourself with your own words and keep returning to protect Il Duce, no matter how much to try to deny it.

    It just goes to show Il Duce has no respect and you have no credibility.

    Just for once, it would be nice to see him acting honorable towards another instead of take all glory to himself.

    You keep those wagons circled, the rest of us know better.

    Oh, and by the way, what Reagan began was returning the Marines Salute. That is nowhere near the same as showing honor to a Medal of Honor Recipient as they are awarded the medal.

  107. Mr. Waters, you might presume it beneath your station to listen to a janitor, but I think you could learn a lot from this guy. Well, not from the janitor, but from one of his disciples. Seriously, you might learn something from this guy. See the lessons from the janitor, numbers 2, 3 and 8, especially.

  108. Nice tale, but what does that have to do with Obama hugging Sgt Giunta? There is no mention at all about anybody ever hugging him.

    I refer you to point number 6, especially.

    The “Leader” did not show respect by hugging the hero.

  109. Nice tale, but what does that have to do with Obama hugging Sgt Giunta?

    A leader knows his team members. In this case, the Commander in Chief knows his soldier.

    Other than that, it doesn’t have anything to do with the Giunta Medal ceremony. It has to do with how we conduct our selves, day to day.

    Regret you found it a waste of time.

  110. LOL, desperation now?

    You glossed right over Leaders Should be Respectful.

    But as expected, you spin to protect Il Duce.

  111. I said nothing to “protect” Mussolini, and shame on you for stooping to such lows.

    But then, I suppose I could be indicted for expecting better of you. I should have known when the pig got up and left this thread.

    Your hateful displays, I find, do not bring honor to anyone. And that’s a shame.

  112. Still with the spin, Ed?

    Mussolini is dead.

    The new Il Duce sits in the White House and has lackeys like you running around trying to throw out smoke screens to hid what he really is.

    He’s not quite der Führer yet, just Il Duce.

  113. You can’t make up your mind, can you. Do you malign Obama (falsely in both cases) as a fascist, or as a socialist?

    You’re a walking billboard warning from George Santayana, not knowing enough about history to know when you need to duck; or worse, mis-knowing history so much that you’re so inured you don’t even duck any more.

  114. Spoken like a true Obamabot, so mesmerized by a man that you cannot see what is happening right before your very eyes.

    Or, you are just as bad as he is.

    It is you who refuses to see history as it unfolds again right in our country or that decades long very gradual move that has taken place to get us here.

    Check out some of Obama’s “heroes” some day.

    By the way, fascism, socialism and communism are not that far different from each other.

    I label Obama as “Il Duce” due to many of his photos being reminiscent of several of Mussolini, nose in the air poses.

    That and his similar actions bypassing congress to just do as he pleases, violating the Separation of Powers that remains unchecked.

    But what do you care, right? All that matters to you is he is to be protected and defended at all costs.

  115. Where has Obama bypassed Congress? Most of the time Romney accuses him of not doing anything (because Congress won’t go along) — where is it you say Obama is getting around the Do-Nothing-Republican House?

  116. Where has he bypassed Congress? His move towards amnesty for illegal aliens for one.

    You say “congress won’t go along” with him why? Because they don’t give Obama a rubber stamp? That is what congress is supposed to do, stop Presidents from just doing as they please.

    I suppose your tenacious defense and approval of BHO indicates you would rather a one party rule dictatorship?

    Hate to tell you, but the “do-nothing House” has passed several Bills, budget and otherwise that just get killed when they arrive at the Harry Reid led Democrat Do-Nothing Senate, who hasn’t written a budget since BHO has been in office.

  117. Obama’s Homeland Security secretary asked for prosecutorial discretion to go after criminals instead of college kids without papers. That’s not going around Congress, especially when Congress limited the funds Napolitano has to execute the law. That’s called “leadership.” (It also provides a huge lift to our economy, but you don’t care about that, right?)

    So the question remains without any substantial answer: Where has Obama moved on without Congress?

  118. Yes, an incremental step towards throwing open the borders to illegal aliens that will undoubtedly be registered and encouraged to vote Democrat!

    Your smoke screen will not work here.

    There is also his refusal to seek congressional approval for Military action in support of the rebels in Libya. Even though not ground forces, he thumbed his nose at congress anyway.

    By what right does he choose to issue executive orders directing what written laws are to be followed or not, as in the case of DOMA? Whether you disagree with the law or not is immaterial, it is written law and the President does not have the right to just willy nilly choose what laws will be followed or not.

    He decides to ignore immigration law while closing down several inner immigration check points?

    Where does he get any right to declare documents related to Fast & Furious covered by “Executive Privilege” unless they are his documents? That privilege is not granted to any documents he so pleases, but documents related to him. Is that an admission he knew of Fast & Furious while denying it at the same time?

    Or is he just trying to cover for Holder being under fire for their ill thought out gun running scam resulting in over 300 murders, including Border patrol Agents?

    Obama’s Imperial Presidency “When Congress won’t do what he wants, he ignores it and acts anyway.”

    Dress that pig up anyway you wish, it’s still a pig.

  119. Non-citizens don’t vote. Your paranoia overcomes your better sense.

  120. Non-citizens are not supposed to vote.

    Or have you missed all of the Obama administrations efforts to counter any move to seek Voter I.D. or proof of citizenship to vote or obtain drivers license, even though the administration requires I.D. to enter their events?


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